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  1. Interesting idea, I wonder if that would involve Blaze. I do think though that if Eggman were to be 'screwed over' in the end, that it would have happened sooner. From the looks of things, however it happened, Eggman is in complete and total control. With the amount of heroes on Earth, I'm just curious to know how it got so bad and the only thing I can think off is somehow Sonic and Co weren't present for a significant period of time for some reason. I mean whatever power Eggman got a hold off, surely the combined might of Sonic and Co, the chaos emeralds and the human resistance (i.e. GUN) would at the very least mean things wouldn't have gotten this bad?
  2. Just a question but if Infinite is the power that Eggman used to enable world domination, what was (according to earlier descriptions) the 'strange power' that brought classic sonic to the present? So far there's been no mention of timetravel/distortion whatever (that I know) so given the links to Generations I wonder if what were seeing is some off the consequences of Eggman' manipulation of time. Infinte doesn't initially look like just a 'generic monster of the week (e.g. biolizard, doom, iblis) given his design. If he was, why help Eggman take over the World to this extent? No previous villain (betrayed or no) has actually helped Eggman to the extent that he has ACHIEVED his ambition. Looking at the trailers it looks like Eggman has been in control for quite sometime (How was he able to get this far? were was Sonic?), he may have an ulterior motive but right now I can't see it
  3. Therefore, would this go down as more of a act of war or a murder? Either one would be handled very differently.
  4. If that were solely true, why is Yakuza HD Collection now coming to Wii U? its market and its fans have always been on the PS3, there's no need for it to be on the Wii U. Methinks, there's a been a bit of Ninty coercion going on.
  5. To the above, that is shocking. Have no idea why they decided to port it over to the Wii U (although i guess to investigate the potential market (if any) for that type of game). Not to mention is available on the PS3 already, but i would have assumed a PS3 European release before a Wii U release. As for the latter, makes sense I guess considering the success of Football Manager and Total War.
  6. Haven't really been paying attention to this, but if from what i'm hearing (UKIP getting a fair amount of gains), the public mood appears to be going further right.
  7. So how is the difficulty of the game (world tour) now in comparison to what it was before? Is it SASAR easier?
  8. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/feb/05/falklands-under-our-control-argentina Apparently they'll get in back in 20 years and that no country supports what the supposed "British colonisim". Whats worse is he then goes on to say, that if they were (unlikely) to get control of the islands they'd respect the interests but not the wishes of the islanders?!. Erm, So basically, no we don't give 2 shits about the them.
  9. blackherox

    PS Vita

    Is there anymore news on the price cut that Sony said would be coming for the vita this year?
  10. It really doesn't work like that. A safer bet (if any) would be to release the original on PSN/XBLA or something, see how it sells, and if there sufficient numbers to warrant a sequel, then by all means.
  11. But we need to know who/where the bad guys are to supply the good guys with more guns!
  12. Just read through through the entire script. Not only does he get the number that were killed wrong, its as if i'm reading the script from a holywood movie. So yeah, put armed guard in schools, great plan. Who's going to pay for that, then NRA? The taxpayer, oh I see... So a "good guy with a gun beats the bad guy with a gun huh", So whats happens when said good guy has a bad day or goes rogue. Equip the teachers with guns? But what about when the teachers go rogue? Equip the Children! Why stop there! Equip Cinema staff, mall staff, university staff or hire a private security force. Oh I see....
  13. So, http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/dec/21/nra-lapierre-armed-guards-schools Basically NRA logic, is that in fact Americans schools need more guns, armed guards in fact! Because the only way to "stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun" Dear lord...
  14. Indeed, I thought I was the only one with this issue, but it only occurred when the new patch installed. Literally nothing works. No aracde mode, versus, online. What on earth were they thinking?
  15. Recently changed my PSN (wanted access to Jap PSN store). PSN Name: ShadowYakuza99, feel free too add. Games (well) Both Sonic & all Stars Racing games Binary Domain (if anyone still plays that) Wipeout HD/Dead Nation
  16. Because it doesn't make any sense? Spend more money to get less of a return or spend less to get more. Its pretty obvious, why most companies would choose the latter.
  17. I actually think the HD collection is more likely as they've already translated the scripts already, so it shouldn't take nearly as long as translating and localizing 5.
  18. Any word on the Yakuza HD collection? Some news of a western release date for both 5 and HD would be great.
  19. Interesting. I'd say something between £199 and £225 probably with various trade in deals (Ps3 slim, VITA ETC) And I'd be up for it, but i'm really not a fan of the design.
  20. And when you do, your blamed for being part of the problem. Its a no win situation.
  21. I think someone needs to establish the difference between Dark, Deep and just childish. Because I don't think I've ever played a Dark Sonic game.
  22. Lol I'm from the mainland UK dude, hell given your profile says your from Scotland I'd thought you'd have more sympathy with my statement Oh anyone know where I can get a concise written round up of the democrat concentration?
  23. Romney never really been clear on the above, unlike other more right wing conservatives. To be fair, domestic issues should be his priority I mean, during out elections Cameron and Clegg weren't trying to pander to the US or other nations. Having said that in an incredibly unstable economic world, Mitt would be foolish to think that 'America' can handle everything on their own.
  24. Anyone else watching the republican national convention (first time watching this stuff btw). Standard politician jargon, I guess. Say things that will tickle the ear of the voters, but with not actually detail on how said things will be implemented or the context. Same with the dems I guess, even over here. Its no wonder most people are so apathetic.
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