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    blackherox got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in CONFIRMED - Yoshihisa Hashimoto has left Sonic Team for Square-Enix   
    Well it has been an established fact that Sonic seems to sell the best on Nintendo Platformers. Actually now that I think about it, he just seems t sell the best on the most popular console of said generation. Which makes sense.

    You sure about that/ I do remember reading an interview that had Sega state (I think it was with that Tetsu guy on BK) that the budget for Unleashed wasn't that high, at lest compared to other Sega games. Unless (I guess) you include the making of the hedgehog engine.
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    blackherox reacted to Chris Knopps in Sonic Forces E3 Trailer "The Next Generations" *Huge Spoilers in OP   
    So we're getting the Classic Sonic from Sonic Underground?
    Can't wait to attack with those sick beats yo.
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    blackherox reacted to MamboCat in NHS Boss dresses as Superman for motivation video divides opinion.   
    Working for the NHS is a tough and largely thankless job. The government and media are constantly assaulting it; wards are being closed, scandals are rife and the newspapers love it, people are losing their jobs and vital services are being sold off. "Motivating" people with shit like this is not going to work, and I can see why people would be upset.
    Just My Two Pence, anyways.
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    blackherox reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F Coming Soon to America and Europe!   
    It's pretty much Shenmue. And it's a glorious series.
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    blackherox reacted to Carbo in Sonic Lost World - Debut Trailer   
    Super Mario Galaxy meets Sonic Xtreme like
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    blackherox reacted to Nepenthe in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    I acknowledged that there's more to writing a story than including a character, and subsequently I agree that merely including a character isn't grounds for a good story. At the same time though, and what my ultimate point is, is that the mere potentiality for bad writing is irrelevant to the act of asking for a character to appear in future games. For one thing, no one wants to change the Sonic series for the worse anyway; any suggestions made are done so under the good faith that a person has the best intentions, which means assuming that people also want good writing to accompany their favorite characters' inclusion anyway. Second, fans can only do so much; once the suggesting, complaining, and bitching is done, ultimately the future of the franchise is in Sonic Team's hands. I can't force them to write well, as much as I'd want them to, so how things turn out isn't my fault, no more than it is classic fans' fault that Sonic 4 turned to shit or Adventure fans' fault that Sonic 06 blew. Sonic Team's responsibility is to parse criticism so they can satisfy an audience, and that responsibility doesn't stop at merely agreeing with the ideas of the fan base.
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    blackherox reacted to Nepenthe in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    How the heck is anyone supposed to express desire for their favorite character being in a game if they have no idea what the story or game design is supposed to be like and thus an inability to "give a reason" for them to be there? In fact, why is anyone responsible for the writers' jobs? They're supposed to make the casts' inclusions meaningful, just like the developer is supposed to make everything else in the game work. Just like my mere Shadow fandom is not responsible for the way ShtH came out, neither I nor anyone else are responsible for justifying to anyone on this forum why my favorite characters need to earn their place in a narrative. They've already earned it through existence and the attainment of a fanbase. Ultimately, I want other characters there because I like them; they give me enjoyment. How they fit in the narrative is Sonic Team's prerogative.
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    blackherox got a reaction from MykonosFan in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    I was never under the impression that the fandom had a unified opinion on the matter.
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    blackherox reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Nintendo Exclusive for Next Three Sonic Games   
    Well looks like I'm not going to be getting a new Sonic game for around 3 years then.
    Sorry but I think this deal is completely stupid in every respect. Just about every other development studio has announce it's dropping support for the Wii-U and Sega goes and announces an exclusive deal with this and Yakuza HD.
    I don't care what the franchise is, there is no way I will buy a Wii-U given it's current state.
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    blackherox got a reaction from Frogging101 in Gun Crime in the USA ~ Shootings and Killings   
    Agree with the above 100%. Whether it be World War 2, to September the 11th, to  the Norway killings, to this. The media in a twisted way glamourises the kills and we remember there names, immortalized in history. Try and name one or 2 of the many people that died? Names lost forgotten to the Wind. 
    Didn't Clinton introduce a law banning these types of weapons a while during his time in office?
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    blackherox reacted to SuperStingray in Gun Crime in the USA ~ Shootings and Killings   
    Our culture is more the problem than the firearms.  Most countries with gun control laws don't really have many oppositions to them because either they don't really see a need for guns or enough trained people have guns that irresponsible or malicious people don't pose enough of a threat.  In America, a desire self-defense makes a lot of sense because we have intrinsically competitive ideologies like Capitalism and Social Darwinism.  And people who hold these stances see guns as a tool of empowerment, something people deserve to have so they can defend their rights, life and potential in the face of challenges created by this paradigm.  Nations like Japan don't see much of a need for guns because their culture is less grounded in standing up in the face of adversity and "reaping what you sow" and more in being a part of a well-oiled machine.  People like Adam Lanza are bred from an environment that values success and influence over responsibility and cooperation, leading one to believe it's better to be a remembered villain than a forgotten hero.
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    blackherox reacted to buba in This Week On PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Free Avatars, Oh Kratos... you continue to goof.   
    So, I installed the new patch and guess what? My game doesn't fucking work! It crashes every time I try to load some menu, can't connect to the online servers and never loads if I choose to play offline.
    If I reinstall the game and load it without the patch it works just like before. Seriously, did they even tested this shit?
    Also, my pre order costumes just vanished, patch installed or not.
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    blackherox reacted to Tornado in HipHopGamer Hears from E3 Reps: Nintendo has Considered Purchasing SEGA   
    That's another thing which a lot of people haven't realized with this. Sega is nothing more than a division of SEGA-Sammy holdings, which in itself is a fairly large company. I'm doubtful that SEGA-Sammy wants to split back up (companies don't spend nearly a hundred million dollars on restructuring plans just to dump the restructured division immediately afterwards, to say nothing about how valued the Sega name and franchises are to other means of business throughout the company. The amusement division has never been the main moneymaker for the company in terms of what it does in sales, but its franchises and brand awareness helps the other divisions immeasurably), nor do I think Nintendo wants to buyout the whole thing (because the capital involved would be well over a third of Nintendo's total worth itself. It wouldn't actually bankrupt them, but they'd have a hell of a time getting the financing for it).

    Sega is hurting (though they've cut a lot of costs for next year, and a lot of the money lost by Sega is one-time costs related to restructuring). Sega-Sammy is not, and if they want to they can easily weather this storm that Sega has been going through and try various things to correct it in the process.
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    blackherox reacted to Faseeh in Team Sonic Achievement Thread   
    I'd like to help!

    FaseehRules is the PSN ID but do tell me who you are before adding me!
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    blackherox reacted to Stritix in Sonic's Dark Age: How did you cope?   
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    blackherox got a reaction from Rexeljet in Does Sonic really need a story?   
    I think someone needs to establish the difference between Dark, Deep and just childish.

    Because I don't think I've ever played a Dark Sonic game.
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    blackherox reacted to Winston in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph   
    Only if Shadow appears and says. "You've got thisssss Ralph!"

    Sorry I had to.
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    blackherox got a reaction from DarkLight in Does Sonic really need a story?   
    I think someone needs to establish the difference between Dark, Deep and just childish.

    Because I don't think I've ever played a Dark Sonic game.
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    blackherox got a reaction from Scar in Does Sonic really need a story?   
    I think someone needs to establish the difference between Dark, Deep and just childish.

    Because I don't think I've ever played a Dark Sonic game.
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    blackherox got a reaction from Remynaka in Does Sonic really need a story?   
    I think someone needs to establish the difference between Dark, Deep and just childish.

    Because I don't think I've ever played a Dark Sonic game.
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    blackherox reacted to turbojet in The General American Politics Thread   
    I find it odd how no one has learned a damn thing since 9/11. These "terrorists" aren't just being born. Al-Quada does not hate the West for our lifestyle. The hate us because our continued involvement in Middle Eastern affairs. First, it was Saudi Arabia which caused the 9/11 attacks since the Saudi government refused to do anything about the involvement of the US on their soil(it is what it would be like if Soviet Russia just parked themselves next to Disneyland and our government did nothing about it), then it is our continued bias support of Israel. When Ryan and Mitt talk about taking a stronger stance against Al-Quada, reinforcing our position internationally, and bolstering our alliance with Israel, it makes them sound completely clueless on just who we are fighting. Al-Quada is now a political organization in some countries because of those policies that was long before Obama or Bush came into office. Have they ever considered that maybe they keep coming back because we keep proving their point to the civilian populace? Have they ever thought that more people are joining radical Islamic fundamentalist groups such as Al-Quada in spite of our continued influence? No, going by how they completely ignored the day after the attack where thousands of Libyans had a counter rally apologizing for the actions of a few people.

    At this point, I am sick of Israel. It is a pariah state similar to how South Africa was during the apartheid. Hell, they even have an apartheid of their own with the whole wall situation. Being allies with them has dragged the entire western hemisphere in a millenniums long conflict because they staunchly refuse to relent on anything including basic human rights for the sake of their Holy Land security when they have to outsource to other nation states for support and protection. That is not how you run a nation state and that is not how international relations should be done. If it were any other state that were in the situation that Israel, we would reconsider our alignment with them. Instead of attacking each other about foreign policy about the United States perceived waning influence, maybe we should re-evaluate things.

    I would just let them finish their conflict on their own. Let them kill each other until they are sick of killing each other and then maybe they can reflect on the millions of lost lives on something they cannot even remember anymore and how utterly stupid they are being.
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    blackherox reacted to SuperStingray in The General American Politics Thread   
    This is why the two party system is an abomination- it basically boils down to a game of Rock, Paper. You don't need to be good, you just need to be a hair better than the single viable alternative. Just keep throwing Paper and hope the other guy slips up and throws Rock, because that's really the only strategy. The system inherently promotes cheap tactics because it's easier to be dishonest than honest because making the other guy look bad is simply a better and easier strategy than making yourself look good. The democrats and republicans aren't parties anymore- they're ideological circlejerks. We need at least one more candidate, someone who will force us to think about who's the best choice rather than simply settling on whoever stands slightly closer to your interests.
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    blackherox reacted to Patticus in The General American Politics Thread   
    Global resentment kinda comes with the territory of being a current or ex dominant world power. America has similarly had a lot directed against it these last couple of decades.

    It just can't be helped sometimes. That said, when you're running for president, and you're trying to show your allies that you can be a great statesman, insulting the countries you visit is generally not a great plan of action.
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    blackherox reacted to Scar in Ryan Drummond Almost Returned   
    People are hatin' because their nostalgia was screwed a little.

    Is that what happened?
    Because I was under the impression that he had got the job offer, but he himself backed out, because SEGA told him that he needed to quit his Union in order to get his job.
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    blackherox reacted to Your Vest Friend in Ryan Drummond Almost Returned   
    Hogfather raised some good counter points. It seems it got lost in the crowd though.
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