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  1. Happy birthday!  You are close to big 4-O, if that means anything to you.  You can be like Jack Benny and say you're 39 every year from now on though!  Haha!

  2. happy birthday, and congratulations on the completion of sonic mania!

  3. The Google+ popup is a drawback of the Google Play API. Google Plus is required to use the service, and it's used for 2P vs mode, achievements, and leaderboards, and it was being a bit finnicky about when and how it was activated. You don't actually have to log in to anything just to play the single-player game, though Google doesn't seem to want to let you know that you can skip login, but yeah, you can. You don't have to disable the internet, though. Just using the back-button puts you into a position to get around it There's a new build on the way that addresses those. We submitted it before release, but the process for iOS didn't allow us to replace the initial submission with it
  4. I think you'd be safer using the word "they" when it hasn't already been specified who did what

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