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  1. Can't believe it's almost been 6 years without you.

    You continue to influence me. I may falter sometimes, but you still give me strength. I owe you for that. Wish I could pay you back.

  2. G, I miss you.

    1. goku262002


      We all do, Aoi.

      We all do.

    2. Aoi
  3. Happy Birthday, hope you're enjoying yourself right now wherever you are, may we meet again in another life.

  4. Happy Vaginal Exit Day, man. Have fun playing among the stars, and sorry I was 1. late on wishing you a happy birthday 2. never knew you when you were around. See you Space Cowboy...........

  5. Happy Birthday to you, fellow. I may not have known you that well, but I'm sure you were a good person.

  6. Happy birthday, I'm so sorry for not knowing you when you were alive.

  7. I hope you're having a good time chillin' out in those clouds, bro. We all miss you. Happy birthday. ♥

  8. Hatched a Wopper and named it after you. Happy birthday man.

  9. Happy birthday you PIZZA SHIT

  10. Happy birthday (even though it's not midnight in my timezone so it's technically not your birthday, but it's close enough.) I regret not knowing you until your passing. Rest in peace.

  11. Happy Birthday baby, rest easy in those glorious clouds, we all miss you

  12. I am sorry about your death, i would have liked to have met you. :(

  13. I'm sorry I wasn't here gunther. You were a good friend. R.I.P. :c

  14. baka weeaboo come back here and play with your transformers and aigis figurines

  15. You fought well. I regret not talking to you more than just a couple of times on Skype tbh, take care man, Rest in Peace

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