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  1. Finally more movement mechanics return! Double bump!
  2. Just bumping this quote since nobody answered poor ol' Pharaoh.
  3. I don't get the hate some people are having for the 3DS version. What were people expecting? At least it isn't another Generations 3DS with no 3D segments. Although we have yet to see how many 3D stages are actually in the game so I could be wrong.
  4. You got that right bro! Man I really can't wait to get my hands on this and see if what people are saying about the controls is true. For people that have played it, would you say it controls more like a polished Adventure 1, or is Sonic as fidgety as he was in 06?
  5. I was half joking. You can upload it if you want, probably the worst thing that could happen is Sega taking down the video, but I myself wouldn't risk it. Especially since someone on another Sonic fan forum has already done so, wink wink nudge nudge.
  6. Look at this kid, worried about what may happen if he uploads a video Sega doesn't want him to upload! I laugh in the face of danger!
  7. Anyone else get the glitch where mid jump Sonic's ball renderer and Sonic himself running are visible at the same time? Was quite hilarious and proves the jump isn't part of Sonic's animations, and is literally a ball that appears and disappears.
  8. What do you mean? When I do my sets and reps at the gym everyone's talking about Sanic.
  9. As much as I love the guy, I make fun of Jun Senoue more than I should:
  10. I partially agree with you but I'll safely bet the Wii U version will be better. Not just graphics, but level design, mechanics and controls.
  11. Colors doesn't even look like that on real Wii hardware, Dolphin is a different strory.
  12. 3rd Nintendo exclusive: Sonic the Emohog.
  13. I was writing this post on a Wii U and the RAM dedicated to the web browser ran out, mods please close.
  14. Don't worry Joey I shall!
  15. I'm bored so I'm going to write my version of Sonic Lost World's story before the game is even out. Sonic: "Ahh, it feels good riding on top of a plane even after all these years." Tails: (Murmuring) "Probably because you aren't the one who has to pilot...." Sonic: "What was that BITCH?" Tails: "Nothing, nothing. Hey real talk, what's that crazy planet over there?" Sonic: "Whoa it looks like a giant puzzle, I've never seen anything like this before!" Tails: "What about in Sonic Unleashed?" Sonic: "Oh, right. Sorry I have too many repressed memories." *Sonic and Tails fly towards the planet* Eggman: "HOHO! If it isn't the hedgehog and the fox! And not the good Isaiah Berlin kind!" Sonic: "Looking for the nearest intergalactic Pizza Hut Eggy?" Eggman: "SILENCE PINCUSHION! It's you that will be eating! Here, have a snack!" *Fires missile* *Sonic dodges, it hits the tornado and Tails is sent plummeting into the ocean* Sonic: "Whoooa SA1 flashbacks. Eggman! You realize you may have just killed my source of trans- best friend!" Eggman: "Hohoho! You're lucky I'm low on fuel or you'd be toast too blue boy!" *Flies off* *Sonic, standing on a conveniently placed floating rock* Sonic: "Looks like I'll have to find a way to get to that crazy planet on my own!" TO BE CONTINUED
  16. Did anyone else picture this for a second? But seriously that dialogue, wasn't expecting that.
  17. It's Sonic Dash. Not photoshopped, just blurry. The right pane is just a side on camera view. You can even see the blue GUI template objects in the top left corner, as the game isn't running.
  18. I'm not talking about any of the replies here, but I don't get how some people think this game being like Colors = BAD. Besides the Wisps and the overall tone, it looks nothing like Colors to me. In Colors Sonic controlled like shit in 3D...
  19. I must try this! I used to play a bit of Decade Duels on XBL, is this better?
  20. Haha honestly everything about this game just looks well thought out and RIGHT. Now let us rave until its release.
  21. I wonder why this isn't on Android yet. No code has to be changed when exporting a Unity iOS project to Android instead. It's literally like 3 clicks.
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