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  1. hey athena/trips! how have you been?

    1. Athena Cykes

      Athena Cykes

      Hey man, I've been pretty good thanks, just going through life lmao, never go on here anymore, what about you? 

    2. Milo


      @Athena Cykes Currently pushing away some sort of fever and I'm near buried in classes, but I'm doing okay otherwise.

      (Sorry for the late response.)

  2. Beat Danganronpa V3. Man the game was so good, so fucking good and then LOL, the ending happened.
  3. Wow, apparently there's only 3 games in the series, right right. For some reason I thought there was way more.
  4. Well, Sonic Forces (as Forces stands right now, it doesn't seem like a good game) isn't the only bad game in the franchise but we all have selective memory it seems.
  5. Saying it's not too popular because it has low votes is hate propaganda?
  6. It's not about the reception, it's effectively about whether people give a shit about the game and clearly not many people care.
  7. Extra Destructoid details but you guys will be too busy talking about Azoo or whatever.
  8. A may-be leak reinforced by Jeuxvideo? I only care about Chunners, Strider and Chris on this list
  9. I personally think 6-5 takes over as my favourite case now because man oh man, if Apollo wasn't my favourite character before that he certainly is now. He went through so much shit leading up to that and it was resolved so well.
  10. Yooka-Laylee reviews seem all over the place right now.

  11. Embargo's up. As for places not on OC or MC yet (this was before aggregators caught up and I found the larger average scores): The Escapist - 4.5/5 Forbes - 8/10 GameSpot - 6/10 The Guardian - 4/5 IGN - 7/10 The Jimquisition - 2/10 Polygon - 5.5/10
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