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  1. When is Mickey Mouse and Batman getting into Smash?

  2. Sora is gross, no body wants more weebs in Smash Brudas. Chorus kids when fam?

    1. Strickerx5


      Right after Viridi.

    2. KHCast


      Right after Sora

  3. I like how Linkle looks like Hilda in Link's clothing.

  4. Mmmmhhh I love the smell of salty.

  5. I've been playing Undertale all day and I can't put it down, like holy shit. It's soo Gud  ^_ ^

  6. I really don't think Peridot's gonna last after next week's Episode, they'll probably send her off like they did with Lapis when she first showed up.

  7. If anything good came out of Sonic Runners, It's the music and that new Tikal render.

    1. TCB


      This music is kinda a miss for me


      Except that new Tropical Coast track that one is fire

    2. KHCast


      Basically lol

  8. tbh Sonic is licensed game tier at this point.

    1. Celestia


      The last pair of games and the only upcoming one are literally games tied in to a TV show, so that's kind of stating the obvious.

    2. Victoes


      Doesn't help pointing out what is obvious either, hunty.

  9. I find some people just so entertaining. ^__^

  10. Movie Night was such a wild ride! Lets All Jam yo!

    1. Penny


      well you aren't wrong lol

  11. Last week before I start my second year in college, hopefully this one will better then my first.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Word of advice from a college senior:

      Work hard at the beginning of the year, and the end will be easy.

    2. Victoes
    3. Kiah


      Hope you have a great second year of college! :)

  12. Hi Jude, hope your doin' well. Let me know on SSMB when we're doing that mini Pokemon tourney, okay. Thanks (y)

  13. Rude People Never Prosper....

  14. That feel when the only reason you have a high content count is cause all you do is post statuses...

  15. People that write in cursive make me so jelly. -_-

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      I write in cursive, problem is it's nice but a lot of people can't read cursive

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET




    3. gato


      I know, my 7 year old niece has such a nice writing it's freaking surreal for me.

  16. That new SU was so meh

  17. Love coming out of the shower feeling fabulous.

  18. WOOH! Steven Bomb 3
    Heres a sneak Peek of today's episode.
    (Major New Fusion Spoilers)

  19. Don't be a Le Toucan't, be a Le Toucan!

    1. Mil-O-Lantern


      Welcome back Victoes!

    2. Victoes


      Thanks Gabe ^_^

    3. Komodin


      Toucan do it!

  20. Why...  SSMB, did you do something with your hair?

  21. What if SSMB Does another Hard reset?

    1. goku262002


      our first one was forced on us, we would still be the same board from 2003 if it wasn't for that fuckup.

    2. Victoes


      What caused it?

    3. Mil-O-Lantern


      but then we will have to rebuild him

      from scratch

      we can't do that again we'll run out of tape and baking soda

    4. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Dreadknux spilt his drink... SSMB exploded.

    5. goku262002


      We didn't make personal backups of the forum and instead relied on the server which turned around and screwed us over by saying that they never did when an outage happened.

      I think thats the jist, its been awhile...

  22. Remember how the game no one liked had this in it?

    1. Da Blu Hedgie

      Da Blu Hedgie

      Nope. Even so I prefer the sound of the original DS version honestly.

  23. Bootylicious has been stuck in my head for the pass few days. :/

  24. I forget how good Sonic Chaos is

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