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  1. I think they're all going down.

    No worries, I'm saving them all to my HD as I speak.

    I only wish Klonoa had enough of a fanbase for a Sonic the Comic Online sort of thing to result from all this.


    I know I was going to start doing that too and maybe some other comics as well.

  2. I'm fucking crying cause this was the only thing keeping the Klonoa series relevant.

    I love the series with a passion, even more then Sonic. Sadly the fandom is shit

    and theres currently no fan site for the series.


    This totally just ruined my day. :(


    Does any one know what will happened to the comics and wether or not they'll

    still be viewable somewhere els once the site goes down?

  3. I just finished watching the trailer and I kept expecting phil collins's music to pop in. lol Any way it looks okay, honestly if they want to get a shot at bring to Tarzan to the big screen in CGI then let them. Who knows, it might actually good. 

  4. Welp, Here I go. 


    Honestly 06 is one of those games that make me question Sega's ability to make games. Even if they were given enough time to complete the game instead giving us the half-assed version we all know and love, I still can not comprehend how they thought taking Sonic & co in this direction was even remotely a good Idea. Assuming this game went in development near the end of Shadow the Hedgehog, it's understandable that sega was still trying to make a more "mature" sonic game, but the way they attempted to do this is totally flawed. Its like sega didn't even bother to answer all the complains of the passed sonic games that came before it. The story is so confusing and ridicules Its jarring to think even about it.      


    The cut scenes don't help either. They feel so lifeless and detracted of personality that it makes it impossible to feel anything for the characters. One thing that completely bothers me the most was the addition of mephiles, it's like an OC somehow managed to slip into the game. He feels so out of place, even more then Eggman's design in that game. I really do wonder WHAT compelled them to make such an uninspiring character, He's basicly "Edger Shadow".  You know, Elise wouldn't of been that of a bad character if the love story had been tossed out, she actually is a pretty nice character. It's just everything els that pulls her down. I'm not going to mention it, but that one scene near the end with sonic was really unnecessary.


    Another thing I disliked was how they tied to cram in as much a possible with like the love interest sub stories or the "BUIS TIGGA". I can only understand so much before my brain starts to short circuit. One thing I did like though was the music, A sonic game a can play like shit but you can be assured that the music will be great. Unless your sonic chronicles.  I feel great sadness thinking about the music, the music really did have a lot of potential. It's sad that the music was wasted on this game, there are a lot of great tracks on here. Its really a pity.    Ugh, the gameplay is so uninspiring. Silver has the most interesting gameplay It's actually pretty nice in till you get further into the game,  Also that one puzzle in the desert level. Sonic's is pretty straight forward, sometimes too straight forward, but when its not Its annoying as fu*k. Shadow has the worst of the three, his game play focuses on combat and gimmicks. His gameplay gets very tedious very fast. 


    I'm so glad that the events of the game never happened, though it's sad what happened to this game. it could of been a lot better but it needs major reworking. 


    Even though I Hate this game with a passion, this is just my opinion, so don't let that stop you from trying it out, who knows you might even like it! I know people like Sonikku-chan who likes this game and you know what? Thats fine, really it is. Just cause your in the minority of people who likes a game the majority dislikes, doesn't mean you shouldn't like it. Never let what the majority likes dictate how you should feel over something. Because everyone has their own perspective over things and those things never change. and so should you.

    "Never change, Never stop" - stevie

  5. An interesting story about Sonic 1 is that it was going to be ported to home computers. So we'd have seen ports of Sonic 1 on the Amiga, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amstrad, etc. Sega decided to give the license to US Gold, so it was probably quite fortunate that this idea fell through. Interestingly, US Gold was going to publish Sonic's Edusoft before it was cancelled due to them not having the rights to use Sonic. I wonder if the two stories are related?

    Reminds me of time Sega tired reworking the game "Popful Mail" into a sonic game staring Sonic's sister.

    I wonder if there would of been any Sonic Underground connections...

  6. I first tired alcohol when I was 16 and I hated it. I heard it was an inquired taste but knowing impatient person that I am I didn't go back and continue. I having been getting into wine though, it's like juice but with a catch. My favorite so far is grape. Any one els out there who's into wine?


    Note: You shouldn't drink under age 21 I'm doing it cause I'm stupid and ignorant.

  7. So I was going to ask this in the status updates, but I thought it would be better to make a topic about it. So what do you guys think of the new characters designs ?
    I wonder if their planning on bringing back any other characters from the series..hmmm 
    Also, they said they now have "unique personalities" ]what do you guys think of this change?
    I personally like Amy's new outfit, it looks really cute, and Tails now has a bit of an edge in his design, I like it. 


    Knuckles's though... I think its okay, I have a feeling I might change my mind later on. 

    Sonic's AKA "LONG SONIC" needs time to grow on me. It's kinda weird seeing him like that. (BLUE ARM) XD
     And Finally Egg-man, I really like his new design, it's fitting. I can't wait to see more of him and his eggy antics. happy.png




    Now for the king himself.


    So beast.

  8. Ooh well, you are fast learner. More then I ever was. haha I see much improvement here. It seems like the book really did help out a lot. I'm really liking the shading that you did here, it really helps bring out the figure. Though it could be a little smoother. Have you thought of geting an assortment drawing pencils?  


    Those could really help you on shading and blending better. Hands and feet are a little hard to get down at first, but once you get them down, you never forget how to do them. Yeah just keep up the good work, your doing great. 

  9. So I'm kinda pissed off right now cause my computer just froze on me, and I lost every thing I was writhing to you. I definitely see an improvement. especially in that last drawing. I see that your lean toward a certain style of drawing, it kinda reminds me of the mother series.


    Have tried exploring drawing something at different angles other then front and side way? Drawing at an angle can help you get a sense of perspective in your drawings. I also see that your going that foreshortening in you're drawing, which is really good. I never started doing that till much later on. XD 


    You know even thought your going for a cartoon style it don't hurt to look at some realistic drawings of the human anatomy body. You can always tone those down into a cartoonish format, i'm pretty sure it would help you.


    Have you ever tried sketching? You should try practicing sketching and shading objects around the house to improve you sense of depth and perspective.  I have tons of old backgrounds of nature for animation I was going to do way back when I was trying to get better. It really helped me out. 


    Over all just keep working at it, i'm sure with practice you'll get a lot better. 

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