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  1. God dammit... in any other context this would sound arrogant but Jesus Christ I'm so happy I'm a much better artist than him. I could make that woman not look creepy, or old, or like her head is made out of sedimentary rock.
  2. Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 5 Available Now)

    That smash-cut to the ending with the stage results music playing fucking killed me. They used it like you would use some wa-wa music or something. Excellent comedic timing. I love that so much. This whole thing was proof that Sonic's still got an action-adventure spark with a dash of comedy in him somewhere. It exists. Just gotta get the 3D games there and I'm golden. There's only so much I can rely on comics.
  3. Okay, so, did any of you guys actually watch the stream? Because Aaron most definitely did not "confirm" anything about seperate universes. When someone asked which continuity was the correct one, he said something along the lines of "I don't really know. Pick whichever one you want." Like, I kinda of figure it doesn't really matter too much unless the outcome of the story is drastically different from "We beat up Eggman again, hurray~!"
  4. Dr. Detective Mike

    Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁

    I won't say its outright impossible for Silver and Blaze to get in over Eggman due to the fact that stranger things have happened... but its highly unlikely. It doesn't make any sense for Dr. Eggman, the main villain of the series, to be left out of the game or be DLC because of an arbitrary reason like, "It feels weird to have him team up with Sonic in a freeplay or multiplayer race". It doesn't. Multiplayer and free play games do this all the time; with fighters especially. You can have heroes and villains team up to fight one another and what not all the time. They usually don't restrict you based on whose good or bad. What you're saying is only relevant as far as the story mode.
  5. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah. I guess. We're so divided right now, it sucks. Even worse is that the people in charge don't have a problem dividing them even more. "Looks like people are fighting over our polarizing new direction with Sonic Lost World. This is the perfect time to cleave them in half yet again by announcing Sonic Boom. Fix the main series before we try new stuff? Then we wouldn't be in the NEWS! Man, we're good at our jobs."
  6. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well, that I agree with. It's nice to care about what's happening. I just kind of wish talks about the tone considered the middle-ground a bit more than they seem too. It feels so obvious yet it gets ignored so often.
  7. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Whenever the subject of tone is brought up, people always jump to extreme examples on both sides to support their arguement. It's always Dora the Explorer vs. Edgelord. I don't get why no one suggests something that everyone can enjoy. Like Pixar. I like Pixar. Marvel's a good example to use too. I liked that Infinity War. There were tons of children and adults enjoying that one. I just like examples of things that entire familys can enjoy rather than just one demographic. Feels like Sonic would be right at home there.
  8. Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Jim Carrey? Alrighty Then!"

    Can Christopher Walken be Tails? I mean, so long as we're not giving a shit, why not? I'd love that.
  9. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    There isn't too much more to say on this other than that I disagree. I've exhausted explaining and re-explaining why I like this version of Sonic and don't like the other one. Sonic being certain of his position, on it's own, doesn't reflect badly on Shadow's character. They're two different people with two different clashing ideologies. I also don't agree that he was "calm". Sonic made quite a few worried facial expressions and was pretty frantic when he was trying to convince the guy at first. When he got in a good enough argument and started to convince Shadow, that's when he started to look a bit more on top of things. Though, it went away when Shadow did the Chaos Control thing. Not only that but Sonic himself is still worrying about the conflict. They straight up told us that he's still thinking about it in the back of his mind at the very end. Someone on here took that to mean that the book was treating us as though we didn't already know that but it was actually there to let us know that Sonic is still conflicted about it himself. This isn't being treated like a black and white scenario and I appreciate that a lot. I don't know if I necessarily agree that he's always gotta be calm when he fights Sonic. I feel it's fair having an open mind when it comes to situations he considers more urgent than others. Eggman was fine because it missed him too. He carried his momentum enough that got them out of the way. That isn't even something that's up for debate. You can clearly see it happen. Tails straight up thanked Eggman for the save, so Tails acknowledged that he was in danger. Eggman jumped into action to save him, so Eggman acknowledged he was in danger. Sonic said he could have been killed so Sonic acknowledged he was in danger. The implication was definitely that he could have been killed there. I also don't have a problem buying that a close range, bludgeoning from a robot crab claw to the back of the skull, if it's struck hard enough, would be able to burst Tails's head wide open. I think that's fairly easy for me to buy.
  10. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well, again, I'm not questioning them being proud of the "justice" being served or them being supportive of the verdict. My issue is with his conduct and the odd shift in tone. I'm thoroughly on the side that believes that just because something is "justifiable" it doesn't mean the character reacting a certain way isn't going to rub me the wrong way depending on how I percieve the situation. If you'll notice, my issue has only been with Sonic here. I didn't say anything about the reactions from everyone else who were supportive of the verdict and their positions are irrelevant to me. This was a situation that I don't believe called for the typical, one-note gloating on Sonic's end. It sticks out in my mind as a particularly interesting example of him being a douche in that book.
  11. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I agree to a certain extent. That's something I've always recognized whenever it comes to Sonic and the cast in other mediums. Sonic in Aosth is different from Sonic in Sonic X whose different from Sonic in Unleashed whose different from Sonic in Black Knight whose different from Sonic in IDW. Despite recognizing this, I like them all for for who they are and for different reasons. However, I can also recognize that there are situations where a certain portrayal of a character will stretch a bit far beyond what I'm used to and realizing that, will be honest with myself that "Hey, what they've done here, I'm not a fan of it." By no means would I ever say that a character acting differently then what I expected would ruin them for me. I was able to get into Sonic Boom despite how different everyone acted after all. It's very rare that a line ever gets crossed for me and when it does, it's not usually because I feel a character would never act a certain way, it's usually because the writing centered around it was pants and didn't justify the reaction towards me. Either the sequence of events led things towards the tone being confused or they missed a grand opportunity to capitalize on something. In the case of Archie Sonic, he was a little too consistent with the asshole moments. It always felt to me that he was being flanderized in a sense when it came to his more playful side. Stuff like that led to things that I do personally believe Sonic would never do, like that infamous moment from House of Cards (Haha. NOW I'm using that as an example!) Either way ,I was never supposed to be an arguement or something where I was gushing out hatred. I was expressing how grateful I was that Ian was writing Sonic and all the characters in a really well done way and it just turned into an argument somehow. Or maybe I just got rambly when it came to trying to explain why I thought that way.
  12. I love Rouge more as the kind of character who always looks like she's got a secret agenda under the hood. She's got a plan of action you're unaware of. Her actions are confusing at first and when you ask her what she's about she narrows her eyes and gives you a sly non-answer. Then at the end when it's revealed what she was doing you get the revelation of a lifetime. Due to her nature and her ability to play both sides, when she's shown doing something bad, you'll have been led astray because all the bad she was supposedly doing was actually for the greater good. Or maybe it wasn't. But even if it wasn't, it turns out it was. She'll hang with Dr. Eggman, tease him a bit, then jump ship and peace out when they're about to get blowed up by the Meterex. She'll contact the heroes to warn them about the Scarship that supposedly killed Eggman but afterwards, cut the communication and not force her hand to play hero. She'll start off on her own. Hang with Eggman a bit. Hang with Shadow a bit. And then somehow end up with the heroes at the end of things because that's how she rolls. Did she betray us? Oh but she just saved us actually? Why do it that way though? Oh THAT'S why! Neat! What a smart and crafty woman. We won't even know what that sly smile means for us. I love characters like Rouge. I care more about them playing up that side of her then whether or not she's the leader of Team Dark. Honestly. She'll always be a member of Team Dark to me, regardless of whether or not they're currently huddled together. Having them act independent of one another is always nice to see too. Also, she's Catwoman.
  13. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    No, I literally did not ignore all of that. I brought up in the response a couple of times that I wasn't calling for Sonic to forgive him, or be on his side, or to forget all the bad stuff he did. The point in what I was talking about was his conduct. Just his conduct. I can't for the life of me buy that any version of Sonic would be presented with the information he was and react to it like that. I understand that this is an incredibly odd and unconventional opinion to have but I honestly only believe it's polarizing because, like with Eggman here, the person we're talking about is technically a villain. It's incredibly easy to point at an example like House of Cards because Tails is not only a hero character but also Sonic's supposed best friend. However, I'm pointing out his behavior regarding Geoffrey because I don't believe in saying that because Sonic's reaction at the trial is technically justifiable doesn't mean it's the way I feel he would have reacted. I never tried to argue that Geoffrey had the moral high ground so I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about there. I never tried to argue that Sonic didn't have a reason to not like Geoffrey. And I wasn't saying that Geoffrey was justified in his actions either. I feel as though you think my issue is with something a bit different from what I'm talking about so I'll quote my explanation in the other response and clarify it a bit more. Okay, so what I'm saying here is that the book did a terrible job of supporting Sonic's behavior with the way it presented Geoffrey's case. In other words, the tone was off. For all intents and purposes, Sonic is totally justified in wanting him to go down for what he did. However, that isn't a justification for his behavior at the trial at all. The bolded part outlines how I desired for him to actually react in that situation. Instead of pumping your fists and hollering in excitement after I, the reader, was fed a sympathy ridden story about how someone's life was thrown out of whack and led them down a dark path, how about INSTEAD you have it CONTINUE to be played up as the tragedy it is by having Sonic's reaction reinforce that. NOT by having Sonic forgive him (because why would he?) but by having him contemplate what happened. I'm imaging the verdict being passed and Sonic's reaction being a straight-faced, eyes half open, no-nonsense, serious expression. He's silent and staring at Geoffrey like he's drilling a hole into the guy's head, trying to pry an answer that he'll never get out of him mentally and trying to figure out how things got so bent out of shape. I wanted Sonic to actually acknowledge both of the situations he was being presented with and take it seriously. Have the fact that the guy could be seen as sympathetic but ALSO couldn't be forgiven as something that's played up and expressed through Sonic's reaction. But instead he just shouts in excitement and I'm left to take that reaction and juxtapose it with all the sad shit the book just told me before and be okay with it. It felt SO fucking weird when I read it at the time and it still does. I don't understand why that was the go-to oversimplified reaction he went with for something as serious as that. It should have been more complicated then that. You said yourself that Geoffry wasn't even acting antagonistic towards him before the supposed betrayal. You'd think after having it happen so suddenly and then getting a smattering of backstory it would lead to a more complicated reaction? I've always hated it. It just came off like a lazy, douchey, dude-bro, simple-minded reaction from a version of Sonic that I didn't like.
  14. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    No. I disagree. I wrote that with the content in mind and I didn't forget it. I submitted it knowing there was a chance someone was going to bring up that Sonic had a reason to be mad at him and that he had the moral high ground to act like a fucking dipshit during the trial. I know that because I've argued against it before. I used that example because it IS what comes to mind when I think about how much of a douche he is. For some reason, it pops into my head more often than that infamous scene from House of Cards that I hate far more than it. I hate that scene from House of Cards so much that I have it saved to my computer so I can whip it out on the off-chance it'll get talked about again but I don't for the other one. They're both scenes of him having an incredibly punchable face on display but for entirely different reasons. The one in House of Cards is far more egregious and anger inducing, but despite that, the one that pops into my head first is still the scene at the trial. Probably because it's the one that has the most complication towards it and it fascinates me in just how much it doesn't work despite the fact that his character likely doesn't have much of a reason to be sympathetic towards him. It's not like I don't get the counter argument either, after all, what the skunk did may not have been anywhere near as bad as all the stuff Eggman has done. But at the same time, it's not like I'm saying he shouldn't have felt that way. The example concerning Geoffery is a detriment to Sonic's character, in my opinion, because of the failure to portray the situation in a way that's actually supportive of Sonic's reaction to him. From a narrative sense the set-up was put forth as an explanation for his actions and the story they laid out before me wasn't being treated as something I, as a reader, was supposed to be seething in hatred at him for. By the end of it I was sympathetic towards him. I felt in my heart of hearts that no matter what Sonic felt towards the guy, his reaction would probably be a lot more serious and straight-faced then what I got. But after all the bad stuff Geoffery did and tragic explanation leading up to why it all happened, you'd think that'd leave him concentrating on how things got so messed up as well as recognizing that, despite that, he still wouldn't be able to forgive him. It felt like one of those instances that would call for a bit more of a mature reaction from Sonic, as few and as far between as those can get. And yet his reaction, despite the bad atmosphere and how shitty things are for everyone on both sides (aside from Naugus) he just pumps his fists up and hollars in excitement, "YEAH! TAKE THAT YOU JERK!" like he wasn't even fucking listening or considering what was going on at all. Like I know he didn't have the best relationship with the guy but just a little contemplation about the severity of his situation or something at least a little less douchey might have helped round out things for me. I like the idea of feeling sympathetic for both sides and it was a situation that called for it. The way the book presented it, by the end of it I felt bad for the guy. If I wasn't supposed to feel that way and was instead supposed to be all excited along with Sonic then why tell me all the bad stuff that happened and present his side of the argument anyway? It just felt like a horrible oversimplification of his character. I don't like people who react to things like this like that. I know I'm probably the only person who'd ever use a nonconventional example like that but I've always felt strongly about disliking that moment, so I'm sticking to it always. EDIT: Good God do I know how to ramble. Jesus Christ.
  15. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think I should take time out to commend Ian for actually writing Sonic in a way that I thoroughly enjoy when it comes to this book. It's no secret that for the longest time my least favorite version of Sonic (that I've personally experienced) was the version of him that was presented in the Archie comics that I read. I thought every negative trait about him was completely overdone and crossed the acceptable boundary I personally had in place for what I figured was a likable depiction of his character. Everytime I think about him, I imagine some underhanded comment made at someone's expense packaged with the excuse that he "makes fun" of everyone and that's why it's okay for him to just be an ass instead of playful. Or I recall his behavior during Geoffery's trial; hooting and hollering with excitement over the scene as the guy poured out his heart over the hardships he faced in life and the regret he had about the way things fell through. I went into this worried about hearing Ian Flynn was going to be writing the book because I desperately didn't want that version of Sonic to come back. He had gotten a bit better in my eyes when the reboot happened but not by too much. However, he's just completely become exactly what I've always wanted him to be here. He's a sweet guy with an obvious big heart but also manages to be playful and jokey without coming off like an asshole. The big meaty grins he has on his face are adorable, in part thanks to the art, but it always gives me a warm feeling seeing him. I like looking at Sonic and seeing a guy I could pal around with instead of just someone trying his damndest to ovesell his perception of cool.

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