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  1. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #111: Kids of the Spider-Woman Nice cover. It’s always nice to get a cover that looks nice. I like the little plague at the bottom saying “Plus, these characters” to complete the image. Nothing much else to say really. This issue was delightful from the second story onwards. The Rob story was the best drawn and also the cutest thing ever. He’s such a good boy that the naivety of him keeping watch over this guy he was told was now legit is endearing and the fact that all it takes is him being invited to hang out to change his mind is even cuter. The story with Sonic and Tails talking about girls was much less worrisome than I figured it would be, in part, because the final stories are usually reserved for Penders and that wasn’t the case this time. Still, Sonic’s insight into girls and what it means to have a girlfriend is amusing in how underdeveloped his thought process is. The first story, however, feels like something that was strung together from fiberglass and duct tape. I have no clue what the point of most of it was except to allegedly try and get rid of the sword in the weirdest and most irresponsible way you could. Like after all the time of trying to recover that thing, it gives Sally powers, and she tosses it to the first collection of people that want it like it's nothing. It’s baffling. I doubt it’s gonna last too. We’ve hit a point where all the plot lines are just done. The stupid misunderstanding with Sally and Mina is done. The High Sheriff has his memory back. Sally just gave away the plot macguffin bullshit magic sword. Robotropolis has been blown up and apparently, they think Eggman is dead. What’s gonna happen now aside from all the Knuckles stuff that I don’t care about? I guess I’ll find out. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #112: Mistaken Identity Crisis! This is another excellent looking cover. I’ve seen this image of Antoine before so I’m guessing it’s a pretty well liked picture of him. It’s very dynamic. Also, I’m still enjoying the little bobbles at the bottom that say who else is being featured in the book. It’d probably ruin some other covers depending on what their style was but it hasn’t yet. This was a very short and simple issue. I appreciate it a lot for that. There wasn’t anything super deep about them. These were just cute stories about the days in the lives of these characters with some fun and heartwarming moments. I was right about it feeling consistent thanks to having the same writer and artist throughout all of it. Penders most likely was too focused on the interlude of data files and lore he stapled into the middle of the book but thanks to that the quality of the issue wasn’t dragged down by anything. So yes, this was a good one. Stay losing, Evil Sonic. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #113: From the Freedom Fighter Files: Cry of the Wolf Ah hey. I just had to go and open my big mouth about the Wolf Pack eh? If it’s any consolation though, it would seem we’ve only got one consistent story to pay attention to throughout it so this should go by fairly quickly. Can’t say I feel I’ll have too much to say about my feelings regarding the time the Freedom Fighters first met the Wolf Pack. This is a nice enough cover. I really like the sun’s flare in the background. Who knows though. Maybe I’ll be taken by surprise by something either shockingly good or something racist again. So it’s actually kind of a good thing that this issue was as absurdly badly drawn as it was because without it, I feel like this recap would be at best maybe a paragraph or two long. It’s all so incredibly basic and uninteresting. Perhaps this would have worked better as what it was intended to be, a script from the SatAM cartoon show, but it certainly doesn’t work here. Especially when you grab unpaid interns out of the broom closet, hand them some crayons, and say “Hey, you do this now. You’re Many Hands. Get it? Cause you’re more than one person.” I’m not entirely sure why a filler issue was needed. Perhaps there were a ton of arguments happening at this point about the direction to take the comic now that Robotnik was dead again, Robotropolis was destroyed, The Sword of Acorns was sold on eBay, and the love triangle nonsense has ended. Oh, I know. We can make them all go to school. Oh wait a minute, we did that? Well what happened to that plot line? Oh, it just sort of… stopped and didn’t get brought up ever again? Huh. That’s weird. I have no clue where the comic is going from this point on and I don’t think the comic does either.
  2. This is all just good fun. The scrambling of everyone's motives and how their clashing is very entertaining. I delight in seeing how the Eggman intervention comes into play seeing as how it stands as a surface level excuse to see the plan go awry but with the plan already ruined it can now circle back to being in Starline's favor. This feels like the story about an evil Tails. A scientist whose not quite all there and is developing towards either being better at what he does, or losing himself entirely thanks to his poor life choices. Its fascinating seeing how he felt so much more right about his method of handling things than Eggman before but Eggman's flare for the dramatic and his willingness to take risks is what ended up working to stop the virus in the end. Hopefully the Ian problem of the rushed finale doesn't plague this story because its been a really nice surprise.
  3. Oh my God! That's a fantastic idea that would have put a lot of things into perspective and explained so much. No wonder Penders didn't want to do it.
  4. Holy shit! Kazaam is on Disney Plus! Should I green egg and ham it?

    1. Strickerx5


      and Wander Over Yonder is still no where to be seen

      *deep breath*

      internal screaming

  5. I mean, hey, the contrast in writing from 160 onward is why I always read those whenever I felt like reading my collection over from the beginning, even though I have issues spanning back to 142. This was before I even knew what a Ken Penders was. There was just an obvious point where the book both looked better and read better. Oh yes, I'm aware. I'm way past that issue. I called it out as well when I read it. I remember having a pretty long rant about it. I never stopped talking about the genocide either because its simply amazing seeing a "heroic" Sonic character trying to justify it. It'd be like if Sonic stopped to give Eggman's idea to make the Lost Hex implode the benefit of the doubt. Then Tails goes "Yeah. Fuck all the living creatures on these hexagons!"
  6. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #109: I Herd It Through the Pipeline I like this cover. It’s very amusing and it uses big empty space efficiently. That’s the way to do it. “Ice-solation” is also a pun that works rather well. I’ve no clue what this is going to be about but I can only guess it may have something to do with that everlasting, never-ending plot line concerning Rotor’s fucking family. This is all very bland and stupid. The first story really feels like it only happened because someone at Archie was like “Yeah, I guess we should wrap that Rotor story up” and then just did it in the most half-assed way possible. It happened in a story so short that it was compiled in an issue that had two other stories in it instead of just one. What a fantastical waste of everyone’s time. The second story was good only really because of the art and how it worked towards getting Sally back on a more likeable track. She shouldn’t have been on the track she was in the first place but at least the ignorance of that dumb plot point is over now. Hopefully. The final story was more Penders garbage. Thank goodness the time travel wasn’t as confusing as it could have been and at least Dimitri is sufficiently interesting to me with his actions here. So there’s that. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #110: Station Square Attacks! I certainly hope this isn’t another instance of a group of people who were previously established as being good turning to a bunch of assholes to fabricate conflict. The cover is fine. It’s often hard to make the covers where you show a bunch of characters on screens look dynamically pleasing to the eye for me. Yes, this type of cover happens more often than you’d think. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this issue. This was an incredibly monumental sequence of events but the way it happens makes it feel like just another issue I read and it shouldn’t. The destruction of Robotropolis should feel like a much bigger deal than this. It should have more build up than this. No, instead it just happens through the actions of a third party. It almost feels like a waste of time caring about it up until this point. Then the fucking sword takes this opportunity to tell Sally that she’s got no control over her life or her decisions going forward but this time it isn’t because of her dad, it’s because of the remaining magical bullshit that resides within it. This is just what her character needed more of right? For God’s sake. Sonic X - Issue #16: Valentine’s Fray *Heavy sigh* Yup… THIS fucking issue. My God. The last one was full of traced and copied art, sure, but THIS one I remember being far more blatant and obvious about it during the first half of the book when I read it. Why? Well, because this issue features the Chaotix so you’d best believe I had seen the images copied from Sonic X multiple times before I ever got around to reading this for the first time. Oh, I’m about to have myself a lovely time comparing and contrasting these images for you guys. It’ll take forever but it’s gonna be worth it just to get this silent rage off my chest. I think by the second half of the book, the copied and traced art either slows to a crawl or stops almost entirely. Todd most likely started to do the thing he should actually do and use the images he had as a reference to draw up his own images properly (or found a different source to steal from) but by then it was too little, too late. This guy was not put on any more issues of Sonic X after it was discovered what he had done for the last two issues and thank God because it’s quite the insulting thing having to witness other people’s art just being shoveled lazily into an officially licensed book like this. The really cute story of Sonic and Amy going on a date was ruined by such a huge, insidious distraction. How shameful.
  7. Sonic X - Issue #15: Bad Eggnog Uh-oh! It’s FINALLY time for the issues of copied and traced art. Ho’boy. Merry Christmas to me! Unfortunately, because these came out once a month and I’m doing these reviews at a much faster pace, I won’t be able to match up my review of this issue with Christmas time. Though, if you look in all the malls, you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s already Christmas time anyway so I guess it still sort of works. That said, this is yet another fantastic cover. The references from Bark the Polar Bear to Samba de Amigo are one thing but the image of Eggman attempting to go down that tiny chimney with Sonic strapped to his back makes me laugh. What a card. As good as THIS drawing is, things are about to get very controversial within this issue because of a certain “artist” named Todd Wahnish. Betcha his favorite Overwatch character is “Tracer”. This took an infinitely long time to get through but it had nothing to do with the ridiculous and simple story of the issue I just read. No, instead, it’s because I had to drop what I was doing every time a new image appeared in this book in order to find the original image it was traced or copied from and put it in to provide a neat comparison. I felt it my duty to locate and show off as much as I could and even then, I didn’t show all of them because I’d be here for hours longer if I did. This book was a Christmas story. It’s a fucking CHRISTMAS story and it’s literally stitched together with traced and copied art. I don’t even know if there’s a single original image in this book. Even the super tiny background character images were still copied from Sonic X screenshots. Like… I can’t even imagine how pathetic of a person you’d have to be to not at least try to inject a SINGLE piece of your own original artwork in a professionally released comic book. I can’t even get into how weird and silly this was because it’s so insulting and awful as an example of a visual medium. Fuck this. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #107: Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Dragon - Part 2 Fear not everyone. We may not have an Adventure 2 arc but we get to experience Sigma-Alpha 2. At last! Finally! … FINALLY! Well, that was crap. It made me feel uncomfortable and it really didn’t need to. I’ve no clue why the book felt the need to randomly touch upon subject matter like that and then drop it 2 pages after it was introduced literally so that it could have an excuse to murder the problem they had on their hands. I guess the subject matter was too complicated to find a resolution to without just killing it but then that begs the question, yet again, of why they bothered in the first place. I gotta give Bollers a massive thumbs down for this one. Meanwhile, the Knuckles story is just doing that thing it does where it abandons plot lines when it gets bored of them. Absolutely nothing worthwhile became of that plot point of the island being trapped in another dimension. It left for a few issues and now it’s back. Green Knuckles is something that happened completely independent of that. He just transformed, beat the shit out of a little boy in a red cape, and then wandered around crying about the horrible thing his terrible father did until he managed to calm down. It would seem the only remaining plot line actually directly attached to what happened is the Dark Legion stuff here and it’s still very odd considering it’s their fault this all happened in the first place. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #108: Robotnik x 2 = Trouble! Say it isn’t so indeed. We’re apparently about to get two Eggman’s up in this bitch. Strange title aside, there’s other things of interest about this issue. For example, a “new” writer as well as three stories instead of two. Curiouser and curiouser. This issue was… okay. Just okay I guess. The second story was the best looking and best written of the three. The first one took a mildly intriguing idea and disguised it as something potentially infuriating only for it to be revealed as something that existed just to be light-hearted and goofy for the sake of maybe challenging a critic who’s probably no longer relevant in 2020. Meanwhile, the third story was an easily ignorable Penders story. Overall… it’s whatever. Be sure to leave comments so I'm not just talking to myself here.
  8. The only bad feeling I have is that the 4 year wait time won't have been spent on making the actual game but instead in figuring out how to make the game work for next gen consoles or some NEW, new engine. Then the actual game will be made in like 6 months or something, using whatever assets from Generations and Lost World they didn't use yet. That's the only fear I have. If they are indeed using all this time to work on the game, then please, take your time.
  9. The Japanese version of Palmtree Panic's Bad Future sounds like it has the haunting wails of dead, robotized children glitching out when they go "Yay!" in the background and I'm here for it. I love being creeped out like that. 


    1. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      I like the "3 2 1" intro.

  10. Issue 34 was a-okay. I don't have much else to say about it. I like the manuvering thats being done to keep Team Dark as the shady group that does things the true heroes don't in order to get the job done. I'm also a sucker for more Sonic and Tails bonding time. Thats all really.
  11. The idea of making a sequel to the Croods and expecting it to do well two years short of an entire decade after it came out already seemed like a weird move but putting it out in theaters in THIS year of all years?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The price Dreamworks has to pay thanks to Universal buying them. I don't place full blame on them just yet, but if it weren't for that, this film would've been out three years ago. How does Disney know when to fold'em for Soul and not them?

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      But they already put Trolls sequel out on TV much earlier in the year, surprised they didn't o that again.

  12. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #104: Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy, Part 2 Eggman is Galactus. The dream of a life-time hath come true. I can die happy now. Seriously though, they went all in on this non-canon elseworlds story. I’m actually not complaining. I appreciate the break from whatever was going on in the canon I’m supposed to care about. This issue started off fun but it ended up being very odd. The first story’s ending was fucking astonishing. This thing started off as a semi-serious post-apocalyptic tale and ended on a gag that still, also, had very horrible implications attached to it. I’m not sure why Rotor-27 cheering on the genocide of an entire species was seen as the proper reaction for a superhero to have. The second story isn’t even really worth discussing. These characters that I don’t care that much about got attacked by a monster and dragged into the ocean. Then the last one came across a dam and screamed out DAM when he saw it. I think I’m ready to continue the canonical story proper as it were. It was nice having a break with a different writer but this did do a lot to remind me that Gallagher has his own problems too... Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #105: You Say You Want A Revelation? What an icky cover. This style looks awful on Sonic and his posture and face makes it look like he’s doing something incredibly indecent in front of Hope rather than laying there unconscious. I also don’t like Sonic with flesh colored eyes. It’s always been creepy to me. Even in Adventure 2. Can’t say I enjoy looking at this one. It’s making my potato chips taste bad. HOT DAMN! That was a really good issue. I wasn’t expecting the return to the main series to be quite as good as that was but perhaps Bollers simply needed a bit of a break. The intense nature of that situation was well done on all fronts and Eggman was on point in both his expression of menace and his dialogue. The imagery of the Overlanders becoming robotic was used to haunting effect, even on Snively, and the resolution, while quick, felt reasonably so due to being intentionally bittersweet. I also like how the Downunda Freedom Fighters story was just a happy little tale. Easily ignorable and nothing that felt up it’s own ass like all of Ken Penders’ bullshit. These characters may not be the most interesting but it’s also worth noting that there’s nothing here to hate, which is more than I can say for a lot of the other characters in this book. So yeah. Another success to add to the pile. I enjoyed this one a lot, surprisingly. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #106: Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Dragon Kaido has invaded the comics… except not really. God, I wish though. This cover is… odd. It’s not… drawn badly, I don’t think. However, it’s very overly detailed and strangely set-up. This looks like it should be a connected cover… but I checked the next covers and it’s not. I really don’t get the idea behind this. There’s a Dragon’s Lair reference so… that’s good? This issue was fairly bog standard. There’s nothing about it that offends me on a visceral level. The kind nature of the Overlanders in Station Square continues to be a neat breath of fresh air. I do rather enjoy the President and how quickly he’s come into acceptance of Sonic and his character. It happened far quicker than it did with King Max, which is both hilarious and sad at the same time. The Penders story, while initially confusing, managed to steer clear of anything convoluted due to being mercifully short and painlessly easy to ignore. Next.
  13. Orange Man Mad.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Orange Kool Aid Man with Trump toupee, angry face, and the words "OH NO!" above him.

    2. Polkadi~☆


      hoes mad

      hoes mad

  14. It'd get announced, take a decade to come out, and when it did it'd be the best damn Sonic game I've ever played probably.
  15. I just read Bad Guys #2. I love Starline but Zavok is stealing the show in this mini-series. My word. I admire that position he took on having subordinates quite a lot. I'm wondering what Starline's conclusion is going to be when this is all over because of that heart to heart.
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