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  1. Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.

    You know what I'm starting to realize more and more as time goes on... is that I was actually more interested in seeing Zavok in the game than I was Metal Sonic. Maybe because the formula of what Metal Sonic entails is just so "Whatever" to me now though. I was introduced to him as a character in Heroes. I saw him once before in the multiplayer in SA2 but I didn't really know anything about him. So in Heroes when I found out he had this whole bout with insanity where he actually believed he was the real Sonic I thought that there must have been some enriching stories about him that I was missing or something but apparently not. He's just a metal Sonic. You fight him and he's defeated and sayonara, see you next game, hope they use the Japanese theme again next time. I know I probably shouldn't be interested in finding out what Zavok's deal is because they clearly don't care. SEGA was just like, "Yeah we've got these new marketing tools and potential action figures. They need to be in the game. Write a story for them." And Pontac and Graff wrote the story and just let things exist without an explanation. They were told that they have to be on the Lost Hex so they are... and that's it. No explanation behind what it is or why it's there or whatever. They were told the Deadly Six are villains so they are. No explanation for why Zavok's got such a love for world domination. The angle for their revenge against Eggman is only slightly still around for a few scenes when they have a chance to overthrow him but most of their attention is on Sonic now. It might also be because I've seen some really well written and well drawn fan-comics centered on them that actually tries to give them something a little more than what they got and also capitalizes on some of the more interesting aspects behind their characters. Like the fact that they have a Master but the Master isn't the leader and what Zavok's relationship to the guy is... stuff like that.
  2. The State of Sonic Team

    Ah damn. That's a really good idea.
  3. Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.

    No, I don't think so. We've seen Chaos plenty of times before by this point with Chaos 0 and Perfect Chaos getting plenty of focus. If they're going to bring him back yet again, why not try and do something new with him that takes advantage of something we didn't see before? It's not even like I hold it against Sonic Adventure for not showing all of his forms. It had the time and reason to show 5 of them. A game that only has him as a bit player showing off the last two we didn't get to see doesn't sound like that huge of an ask. There's not really a whole lot to elaborate on there. It's just the form he takes when he eats 3 or 5 emeralds and that's it. The only real issue I see is figuring out how they get that to happen but that's assuming the story is written in an entirely different way that would allow for it to happen, which I'm a-okay with. Playing with the boss fight concept sounds like fun. I'm imagining him being all jittery and glitchy and randomly taking different forms throughout whatever boss fight he gets, with the final phase being Perfect Chaos again somewhere other than the city. Or something like that.
  4. Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.

    Well it also goes without saying that if they had any true intention of capitalizing on the characters they put into the game, they would have taken the opportunity to play around with some of the other missed opportunities we've gotten in the past surrounding them. For example, this probably could have been an interesting chance to see what Chaos 1, 3, and 5 looked like.
  5. The State of Sonic Team

    I certainly don't ever recall saying anything about life being meaningless. In fact I remember pointing out that It wasn't that serious to somebody. SOmebody told me "It's just a game" and I responded by saying "Yeah I know. These are my feelings about the game and the development team. Not my life." I didn't know people were going to zero-in so hard on the word betrayal though. It seemed like a natural way of expressing the dismantled trust one has to have if they're planning on supporting a video game series. It took me a minute to even remember where I said it, so being told I was being dramatic by saying it sounded a little strange. Oh trust me. I've already known and pointed that out before. What little care or feeling of understanding I had left that allowed me to give them the benefit of the doubt when observing what they had for me and anticipating that it might be alright is pretty much gone now. However, it's a very simple prospect to understand. Basic Consumer X Trust is a thing that has to exist in order for people to have faith in your product and play your game. If they promise certain things, if they say certain things, if they build up certain things and they don't commit to anything than that's an obstruction of that trust. I don't have much left after all this garbage so this idea that I should just continue to be sympathetic and understanding of Sonic Team is odd. Yeah. I agree.
  6. The State of Sonic Team

    An expression of emotion and use of specific words to describe how you feel often leads to one sounding "dramatic" regardless. That seemed as appropriate a word as any. But Okay. I'll say that I feel "a different word for when you put your trust into someone or something for an extended period of time and they don't deliver on it, leading to a loss of respect and negative feelings surrounding their credibility".
  7. The State of Sonic Team

    Both. Asking me not to feel is like asking me not to be human. I'm sorry, I'd love to not feel right now but that's not possible. It's possible to feel and think though, and I'm certain I'm managing that well enough at least. Like I've explained above and multiple times before this point, I shared a similar mentality to this for over 10 years. It's been well over a decade. Not too long ago, nay a week or so ago, I'd have been right there with you and the people who've upvoted your comment. It's not just a single game though or a single disappointing product. It's yet another game after a long string of disappointing products. I never thought I'd hit this point but I have and I'm choosing to be honest with myself instead of pretending I'm fine. I'm certain there's people who don't like that but there's really no reason for me to just lie and say it doesn't bother me right now. Also, it's not like this is my reaction to LIFE or anything. This is my reaction to a game, a game series, and a development team behind them. Those are the feelings I have for them. Saying it's just a game doesn't mean much when the subject matter is about the game. Well, obviously I disagree that the only ones allowed to have those emotions are Sonic Team. There are situations where I will feel sorry for a development team should the circumstances behind what's been done to them been made a bit more clear to the public in a way that I feel is understandable and warrants sympathy. For example, finding out what the deal behind Big Red Button was made me feel sorry for them a bit. Not entirely but I did pass some concern their way after learning about how horrible the development process was for them. As it stands, I don't really have much a reason to feel sorry for Sonic Team. I can't exactly take anything on blind faith that the development team as a solid entity is worth any pity. All I can do, as a consumer, is judge their actions and what they've given me for so long and react to it based on that. Unless someone over there suddenly decides to finally get extremely honest in a way a company has never gotten before, the state of Sonic Team is something I'm currently feeling so-so on. I keep mentioning that it's very possible I'll get over it one day but being told that I should isn't something that'll help. This whole farce has led to a lot of bad vibes. Regardless, I still opt for the position that they need to get better. I prefer that over them going away. I don't want people to lose their jobs or anything like that.
  8. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    Somehow, they'll find a way to have it make even less sense in the future too. I don't know how but they'll find a way. The drawing board room for Generations probably didn't look the best.
  9. The State of Sonic Team

    I've spent 10+ years of being sympathetic, understanding, and fair to them... but expecting to actually like my most anticipated aspect of a Sonic game again after almost a decade and having that crushed really disrupted that flow for me something fierce. It's been a long time since I've felt this shitty about being a fan of 3D Sonic. Especially in a year where a heavily praised 2D Sonic and 3D Mario have come out. It's also telling how Mario Odyssey is the first Mario game ever that I've looked at and gone "Holy shit! I actually really want that game! I knew it! I'm not crazy! I CAN like Mario! HA!" Deep down I do still opt for the hypothetical idea that if there's a chance Sonic Team can get their shit together and recover, than I'd choose that option over seeing them drown and die off. When you're being hypothetical about something it always just makes more sense to me to wish for them to get better than for them to go away. I feel that leads to a significantly higher amount of happier people... However, I'm not in a position right now where I feel sorry for them at the moment. It's going to take a lot of goodwill for the stink of heavy betrayal to drain from the black hole Forces and it's narrative created in my heart this year
  10. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    So, you've worked off the idea that the dimensions do share the same timeline. That's why it doesn't confuse you. That doesn't change the fact that it's not something that's been explained. I can't help being confused and thinking it might be something different when so many things about the world don't make any sense and aren't given any clarification. Like not only does Modern Sonic also sometimes take place on a human world and an animal world but also Classic Sonic is a different dimension from Modern Sonic. One of the levels in that game was erased from time. Also, Blaze has dialogue mentioning how she remembers being in Crisis City even though the events of 06 were deleted, which would only make sense if time wasn't affected by being sent to another dimension but if that's the case then the human and animal dimensions both being affected doesn't work. Either way, it relies on something that the game doesn't tell you in order for it to make sense. I refuse to do that. Either tell me something that makes sense or I'm just not going to bother with your nonsense. Iizuka can take his headcanon and shove it.
  11. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    To answer the question of the opening post... I don't exactly like how this game looks in all honesty so it's going to be a "No" either way. Nevermind the fact that I'm not a fan of Classic Sonic or 2.5D.
  12. Should Sonic the Hedgehog be a silent protagonist?

    It sounds like an action that would only serve to piss a lot of people off and not fix anything crucial or important enough for the series to side-step any of the negative reviews and press that'll come it's way. You'll hear a bunch of snide comments from people about how great it is that he's shut up and that'll be about it. Sonic's not annoying to me because he can talk or because of his voice. When the dribble coming out of his mouth is juvenile nonsense without any charm or wit, then it's an issue. It always comes back to how things are written or localized for me. You can solve the problem by just not having him talk anymore but the act of giving up on a concept instead of working to fix the issues they've created is something I'm really tired of them doing. It's like how they "resolved" the issue of the alternate playstyles by not allowing us to play as anyone other than Sonic and variations of Sonic. All it did was piss a lot of people off and it didn't save Lost World or Forces from any negative reviews or bad press. The focus should be on actually fixing your stuff. So fix it.
  13. What new level tropes would you like to see in future Sonic games?

    I dunno why, but the idea of running through a run-down city that instead of being on fire but was just really thunderstorm heavy and raining all over the place kind of intrigues me. I like damaged areas and I like the rain so... Also, more haunted house themed levels would be cool. I know that requires more creativity than what they're willing to do nowadays but whatever.
  14. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    No, this still makes no sense to me. Unless both dimensions also have the same time-line associated with them. Does it count as a timeline for all dimensions? Is that why Water Palace is in the 3DS version. Does it count timelines that were erased too since Crisis City was there? There's a chance there's an explanation for this but I'm not submitting to any of Iizuka's nonsense unless I get a clear one.
  15. Well, I'm not a Megaman fan but based on what I saw it... looks like something I suppose. It looks fairly simple. Nothing really blew me away when it came to the graphics or what was happening with the gameplay there. Can Beck be the main villain though? I'd appreciate that a lot.