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  1. Is Sega of Japan going to have any significant involvement in the Sonic series going forward still? If so, I feel like that... might change a few things. Maybe. Not enough to be largely significant, admittedly. I dunno. I guess I just really want things to change.
  2. Dr. Detective Mike

    What are the worst things that happen to the franchise?

    Absolutely. Some characters can hang just fine with long-term appearances like Sonic, Tails, Amy, the Chaotix, Rouge, Eggman, Metal Sonic, and the like. They don't really require too many hoops to jump through to include them in a plot aside from "We need someone to steal this thing" or "we need someone smart to figure out this thing". However, others like Shadow, Blaze, and Silver have very significant appearances that ended in ways that didn't seem too flexible for multiple appearances. The worst part about that is that they ended up being some of the more popular ones too. Shadow fucking died. Blaze's situation was set-up so that it would be incredibly hard, nay almost impossible, for Sonic and Tails to easily see her, and Silver is from a ruined future that no longer existed when time was reset. It's actually the most baffling in Silver's case because, as I've stated before, he was designed specifically to be used again. They WANTED him to be popular and they knew he was going to be sticking around because he was already slated to appear in 3 Sonic games before Sonic 06 even came out. Trailers for Sonic Rivals and news that he'd be a playable character in Sonic and the Secret Rings' party mode were circulating at the same time trailers for Sonic 06 were out. It's actually kind of incredible how dumb they were when it came to Silver. Like almost everything they did in the 2005-2007 era for Sonic was some of the most drooling, brain-dead, moronic, eye-bleedingly stupid things they could do but the Silver situation still fascinates me. They wanted another popular hedgehog character like Shadow and they wanted him to stick around so they thought that their best bet was to have him come packaged with a story that reset itself and became obsolete at the end of his debut game. Have his actual, real introduction be a much less sought after title exclusive to the PSP. Have him fuck up the backstory of another popular character, Blaze, just so he could score some instant brownie points due to knowing someone who's also popular, made him a hedgehog (because those are the most popular animal in the series), and ripped off the Trunks story from DBZ but left out the parts that kept the time travel BS from fucking up the plot. They fucked Silver's introduction so hard, it's unbelievable he's still around. That I disagree with. Focusing on Sonic, The Avatar, and Classic Sonic doesn't at all make it hard to juggle the supporting characters. In fact, because you have three playable characters it's actually far easier. You have a decent range of three separate points of view to follow for one. Different connections between different characters could easily be made with that. Team Dark seemed like it had something going but that fizzled out and wasn't capialized on at all. Tails could have easily replaced Classic Sonic and had his own self-discovery story dealing with the fallout of losing Sonic. The Chaotix are detectives and had there been better use concerning any number of Eggman plans and strategies, missions including them and the hardships they could have been through, with the aid of whatever character you're playing serving as the bridge to witness it, could have easily been included into the mix. Basically, you just need to completely re-work the story the way it is now into something that can actually support the large cast. Plenty of games, anime, books, and movies have managed it, sometimes through the lens of just ONE character you're following, much less three. To this day I remain shocked that Marvel managed to do it so well with Infinity War. Games are obviously different, of course, but I really don't think it would have been that hard to do. I brainstorm this stuff all the time, because of how frustrating it is knowing what they could have done with something like Forces and the cast it had. Unleashed could have done it as well, if they felt like it. Though the approach I would have used would be much different than the one in Forces. I'd have taken that chance to have them go through more relaxed and simple subplots with each area they visited. Chun-nan did that a bit with the bird that turned evil due to Dark Gaia's influence. They don't really do anything like that with the other countries though. It's a bit of a shame. Sometimes little side-stories where you just get to have some fun with the characters can do a lot as well. Sometimes even more than an intense war setting. But yeah, if the question is "How are they supposed to do it" then that's not an issue for me. I think there's plenty of ways to do it. The issue is that they're not talented enough or don't care enough to try so they just shove them all in there without attempting anything. I don't know if that's really a catch-22 the way you've described it since you added the caveat "but in an unsatisfactory way". The solution there would be to just do it in a satisfactory way right? If they had established early on that Silver was a character who they were going to use moderately and only when they needed some time travel bull-shit, people would probably be less inclined to complain when he didn't show up all time. Some still would, but having a general pattern and an actual handling on the characters creates a different expectation then the lazy, hap-hazard way they currently are using them. As it stands, there is no set standard so people are probably more antsy when someone is left out of the loop. It wasn't because Silver was a character with a role to play. It was because Silver was treated like a character who could and WOULD just... show up. Whenever. Without reason. Without a purpose.
  3. Dr. Detective Mike

    What are the worst things that happen to the franchise?

    Well, sure. The Sonic characters had significant enough roles to play when they first showed up. Like most characters in a story. An easy way to fix that would be to make sure that when they show up in a story, they're there because they have a significant role to play again. Colors isn't a story with a premise that needs a ton of characters in it, for example. The number of people that were in it was fine for what it was. Forces, on the other hand, had a plot that dealt with Eggman taking over the world. In order to get the best out of a plot like that, having a lot of characters with something to contribute would go hand and hand. Giving each person something to do or something to learn in a tale like that would've been expected. Both of these games tripped up for me though. Colors, I just thought was written badly. Forces, not only was it written badly, but it did nothing with the cast it had on top of that. Just a bunch of wasted opportunities. People having this expectation out of these characters is fine, you just need to be able to handle it. They don't know how to handle it.
  4. Dr. Detective Mike

    What are the worst things that happen to the franchise?

    Yeah, I have to agree for the most part. Maybe if they had actually been trying to properly incorporate everyone in these games through significant gameplay and story changes with each new title and just weren't able to, I could see the issue at hand being just the number of characters in the main and secondary cast. They haven't really, though. Sonic Adventure had 6 playstyles, one for each character. Then in Adventure 2, it went down to 3 playstyles despite there being the same number of characters. Then in Heroes it was technically only really one playstyle. You had a group of three that acted as a singular unit that could run, punch, and fly and that was copy and pasted across 12 characters, double what the last two games had before. And also, despite the number of characters, Heroes' story is considered to be one of the simplest in the series. And this is a game that actually managed to keep everyone hinged on their own motivations for the most part. Knuckles was starting to slip away a bit but at the very least his island and the Master Emerald have a few mentions in the game. Shadow's game is kind of where I liked how the characters were handled the best, honestly. They were off on their own missions and when Shadow comes across them, he gets a taste of what they're trying to do. Their exploits become a part of his experience like subplots to his main story. It was a good formula for creating a beefy adventure, a lived in world, and a war that actually felt like a war. I wish Forces had done this. Neither game had a good story to tell unfortunately. The only game that had multiple playable characters that gave them their own individual styles after the first Sonic Adventure was Sonic 06 actually. That method of making sure everyone played completely different from one another was time-consuming and unnecessary. I actually rather like the speed, power, flight dynamic they have. Or at the very least, do a Sonic Mania and change very little but keep the core of who they are relatively the same. Most of these issues just come down to bad planning and decision making to be honest. I can't speak for anyone else but for me, when it comes to the cast, their problems hinge mostly from how they're being handled. Not from how many of them there are. Seeing Charmy sting that one clone made me happier than it should have. Only really because I felt in my bones that there might be a chance where he and the Chaotix could be apart of something that mattered or have some general focus that meant something again. Brainstorming plot and story ideas is fun but when you see just how much of a good thing is being wasted on them just standing around in the modern games, it doesn't make a very good case for them sticking around in the eyes of other people, this is true. All Sonic Team is doing by shoving them in and having them stand around is validating the criticisms against them that say they're useless. A lot of people really like these characters and you're never going to endear these characters to the people who don't like them by having them do nothing and shouting meaningless nonsense. "It looks like a homing shot" indeed. I will say that I still don't feel like the cast being huge has contributed much to the different gameplay thing as much as some people claim it has. Again, the only time they've felt the need to make sure every single character played completely differently from each other was in Adventure and 06. Sonic 06 was the prime example of "what the fuck are you doing" since it tried doing this with 9 characters when Sonic Adventure barely managed with 6. Not to mention, Sonic being the only character in Unleashed didn't stop them from changing the gameplay styles either. I think when it comes to that, they're mostly just making dumb decisions. I'd still be fine if they stuck with what Heroes did and assigned each character a slot in speed, power, and flight.
  5. Dr. Detective Mike

    What are the worst things that happen to the franchise?

    Technically, especially nowadays, we don't need any character aside from a hero and a villain. The characters, their personalities, and their motivations are supposed to serve as tools necessary for telling different kinds of stories. When you're telling a story and you need a jewel thief, a government agent, a group of detectives, or (heaven-forbid) a bridge to the future, that's kind of what they're supposed to be there for, for the most part. Sometimes they can stick around just to enhance a story or develop the thoughts and relationships that our main character has too. There's plenty you could do with them. They just don't. So you're just left with a pool of characters that don't do much. Honestly, having a ton of characters in and of itself isn't an issue. All the games you thought were bad would have still been bad had you just been playing as a bunch of meaningless avatars or Robo-Sonics. Characters in games, aside from providing an excuse to tweak the gameplay slightly, are mostly just for story and if that's not something you care about then it's not going to matter. The story isn't something the games have cared about for a long time so the issue surrounding the characters is mostly just what the fandom desires. In that sense, at least as far as I'm concerned, the problem is that they're not being used anymore. Also, I'm still baffled as to why people act like Marine is an actual character that gets used. She isn't. She appeared once as a non-playable NPC, got mentioned once later in a throw away line in Colors DS, and was given a Mii costume for the Olympics. Even if I agreed with this, it doesn't matter now because they don't do anything even remotely close to this anymore. The pre-release to Forces stated that they were going to have a more serious plot and I was hoping for something that felt like a cool, action-adventure, anime/action-cartoon again. Like Adventure 2, Unleashed, or Black Knight but hopefully done a bit better. But no, it was just another Colors, Generations, Lost World with a coat of cheap paint. There was barely anything there. They reused ideas. All the cool new ideas they did have were wasted. Important scenes and explanations were skipped over. Sometimes things would contradict themselves like the bullet-points behind Infinite's backstory. I don't care about "edgy" or whatever overused word people are using as a placeholder for narratives with conflict. I just appreciate having a sincere story. The hero's journey and an adventure that sees the characters doing things, facing hardships, and overcoming the odds isn't something that happens by just having the character prattle on about military tactics and barf out garbage about "Heart, soul, and the bonds of friendship". That's earned by showing it to us. I get more out of that then cheesy dialogue of Sonic acting like he's in a goddamn after-school special. I'm not too sure why there being death, ancient demons, aliens, and revenge is an issue though. Those seem like fairly common troupes in children's media. They show up fairly often in plenty of Disney and Pixar movies. Or stuff like Transformers, TMNT, Sly Cooper, and even some Nintendo stuff. If the argument is that Sonic Team doesn't know how to properly utilize those in a mature of satisfying way than I can agree with that. I feel like it's only really a problem because these developers just aren't up to the task of handling a large cast. Not necessarily because there is one. Now, as far as the fandom goes, it's too late, especially for me. It's already in my head that the main and secondary cast is comprised of all the characters who appeared in Heroes + Silver and Blaze. Orbot and Cubot too. It's a good thing they stopped adding to the pool of heroes after Silver's debut and have seemingly stuck with just introducing new villains since. That's honestly the better way to go. People typically don't expect villains like Orbot, Cubot, Zavok, and Infinite to be playable outside of a spin-off. New NPC characters that are important to a specific plot aren't unwelcome either. I don't know about anyone else, but for me, one very simple solution would just be to hire a writer who knew how to use these characters in a story and just rolled with it. It wouldn't fix everything. There'd still be people out there who'd want ALL the main characters to be playable at once or something like that but I feel like a good first step towards fixing the issue with the characters would be to utilize their ability to enhance the story first. Games where Sonic is the only playable character may lower some of their chances to spread their wings a bit but it doesn't completely destroy it. There's plenty of games and stories out there where you go through the narrative through the point of view as one person and manage to flesh out your world and the people you come across. It's only a problem because there's no one over there who wants to truly give that a shot. We're stuck with them being used as trophies in Generations and "interchangeable dialogue distributors" in Forces. Nowadays, they all have the same goal, they all have the same motivation, and they're all huddled together doing the same stuff. The ones who sometimes aren't huddled together doing the same stuff, like Team Dark, usually have whatever they're doing be completely superfluous.
  6. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    We shall see. Bringing in the characters one by one this way was just a specific method chosen for the introductory arc most likely. It'll be up to what happens now that we're over the hump to see if it stands or if it changes. I feel like it will. I figured the intro arc might have been something like this regardless. I enjoyed the majority of it for what it was too, aside from that climax, so I don't feel there's much to worry about at the moment.
  7. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    There were three versions of Seaside Hill in the first All Stars Racing game so why not do it again? I mean aside from artistic integrity. As for the art-style, I've concluded that I think it looks fine. It's not my preferred style. I really wish for everything to just look like it did in Unleashed again. I still like its art. I love the models more. I'm forever saddened by the loss of it's excellent lighting despite slow-down. I seriously don't care about that at this point. But whatever. At least this isn't making me wretch like Lost World did. And somehow the laziness vibes still aren't as strong as they were with Forces. That's almost certain to change once the game comes out and is forgotten about when Crash Team Racing hits a month later. Then the movie will hit and they'll get to work on production of the latest Sonic merch, the Sonic Coffin. So look forward to that I guess.
  8. Dr. Detective Mike

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th) - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    I have a feeling you have to be a huge fan of these series to get some of their Classic modes. I understood all the references in Sonic's classic mode. It's really creative what they did here. How they managed to pay homage to all those games using other stages and certain characters and colors to emulate them was really cool. Sadly, I'm not too well-versed in any of the other series outside of Sonic so I may not catch any of the references from the others.
  9. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Interesting how I tend to get more excited when its a track that hasn't been done to death. I guess that's just how nostalgia actually is supposed to work. Fancy that. Tails might have a significant lead on the competition here since he did this on a board once.
  10. I can officially say that I live in a world where I got to beat up Dracula as Sonic the Hedgehog.

  11. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah. He's emphasising a lot that this book is an entirely different beast from Archie quite a bit too. Here he says that rather than going in super hard on the lore, he's going at it from a more adventure by adventure basis due to the eyes that are on his stuff nowadays. Which is fine. They approve everything that's in the book. They're okay with new characters and Silver saying Crap and all that stuff. So that's neat. I wish they'd have kept a closer eye on the people working on that fucking movie.
  12. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    If anyone on deviantart needed more clarification, due to lacking common sense,that Ian wasn't at fault for the loss of the saturday morning cartoon characters he lays it out in the Q&A here too. Question: "Can we expect an IDW version of Queen Aleena the Hedgehog to appear in the new comics?" Ian Flynn: "Not likely. SEGA, specifically SEGA of Japan, really, really doesn't like acknowledging previous spin-offs, whether it be cartoons or other nuances of the franchise. Once it's done, they kind of like to keep it done. That's part of why the Archie book was such an oddball thing. A lot of what was in it was thanks to a very, very old contract." He goes on to say that he's not going to straight up say it isn't possible because IDW is a new contract and they're still building up a new relationship with them and that can have potential for new things in the future but... I dunno. Seems pretty done to me. The most I can see happening is more characters inspired by ones from the past. Like Starline.
  13. Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    For some reason, looking at this is giving me an actual, legit, uneasy, horror movie vibe. It was hard trying to pin-point the exact reason why aside from how hideous it looks from the outset but I think the main reason is because it's style reminds me of the cover of a Goosebumps book. So I did this. Yeah, it's making me queasy just how much it fits.
  14. Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    So many franchises would kill to have what Sonic had. There was enough good will under the belt of this series to last him a millenium. You don't get to fuck up this hard this often and still stick around if the makings of something truly incredible with the potential to last pretty much forever wasn't there in some manner. So much of that has been squandered away with each new thing they do. Sometimes they'll accidentally find people who know what they're doing to work on their shit. They'll find an Ian Flynn to write their own characters better than they currently could. They'll find a Taxman to make a good 2D game that fans would readily call Sonic 4 over the actual Sonic 4 the company made. They'll find a Tee Lopes who can make really good music for Classic Sonic and not that weird, chicken-scratch synth from the Green Hill Zone in Forces. There's probably even someone out there, right now, who has the skills to make a good 3D Sonic game that's just waiting to give themselves over to them for the sake of the franchise. Even Sumo Digital, despite TSR's shortcomings, are still impressing me more with their ability to create spin-offs for them, despite the ones working on TSR being a group of newbies to this Racing series. However, the overabundance of incompetence from their end just makes it too much of a once in a blue moon situation. Sonic Team is incredibly passionless now. Watching the SGB playthrough of Sonic Unleashed is really putting into perspective just how much Sonic Forces didn't give a shit when it came to level design and presentation. They hand off their shit to people who don't know what the fuck they're doing or meddle with their projects in ways that don't help or don't make any sense. Hearing all the horrible decision making that SEGA had a hand in behind Big Red Button's development of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric made me feel sorry for the man in charge of that development team. And now here comes along Sonic-Man, out from Sonic 06, to bare his ass in theaters nationwide in an example of them not interfering making things worse. It's like they suck at doing anything. When they meddle with someone they make things worse. When they don't do anything they make things worse. It's almost as if they don't know when to do which. If Taxman and the team he worked with are good at making a game, don't force them to put in Green Hill and Chemical Plant so that the only major complaint people had with Mania was an idea that came from the incompetent side of corporate. If Hollywood's turning your gaming icon into an abomination, step in and keep that from happening. I was already shocked when I heard in one of the Iizuka interviews for Sonic Boom that it hurt him to see the characters get redesigned the way they were but now this? Aren't you guys in charge? Did you feel you had no choice? Were you convinced that turning Sonic into something you hated and thought looked like shit was going to be what salvaged him? It's no wonder Forces was just an amalgamation of "Shit we think the Sonic fans like". Someone, somewhere once said they liked Wisps, Classic Sonic, 2D, 3D, Characters, Darker Stories, Light-hearted stories, Serious villains, Deviantart, Green Hill, and Chemical Plant so we're just gonna get the Swedish Chef to toss all of that shit into a blender, regardless of the original context for these concepts, and expect it not to clash at all. It all comes down to me just yelling "Get your shit together" over and over again into the ether. At this point, they're not going to. It's even more far-fetched that Sonic will be given away to someone who could take better care of him. I'll always love the Sonic series. The corporate entity in charge of overseeing him though? Nope. No love lost there. I feel for the people on the bottom rung who probably want to work to make Sonic good but can't because the structure of this thing is too fucked for them to do anything about it. These people in charge are fresh out of the benefit of the doubt from me. I'm just so confused. In what reality does one look at this fucking circus and not try harder to fix it? You're out of passion, you're out of sincerity, you're out of ideas, and eventually you'll be out of time.
  15. Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    "Don't worry. We've commissioned someone who knows Sonic and has worked with him for a long time to design his magnificent form." Ken Penders sits back and smokes a cigar. "At last... my revenge." End scene.

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