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  1. Dr. Detective Mike

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    Preservation for the sake of having an interesting historical case study is something I'm definitely in support of. I don't think 06 is technically going anywhere though. Maybe one day copies of it might run out but at the moment, that shit is still sitting on the racks at Gamestop so no one should be too worried about it. Rise of Lyric would be one that I think would be A-Okay to just let fade away though. As bad as that game is, it's badness is something comprehensible. I can look at that game and see why certain decisions were made, recognize why they were made in bad faith, and leave it at that. To this day there are things about 06 that still baffle the hell out of me though. 06 belongs in a museum.
  2. Dr. Detective Mike

    Try and Predict What the Next Main Sonic Game Will Be Like

    I really do feel like this period of waiting between games is the most... unknown we've had in quite a long time though. I'm actually really not sure of what the direction will be despite throwing that prediction that it'll just be more of the same out there. Mania really did throw everything out of whack. If I recall those old interviews correctly, they were kind of banking on Forces being one of those games that helped get Sonic's reception back on track. Why they thought it would do that, I'm not sure. I guess they either hoped everyone was stupid or they themselves just truly didn't know that what Forces was would largely be deemed unacceptable. However, things panned out differently and Mania ended up being the heavy hitter. I also recall sentiments saying that they wished to incorporate what translated into Mania's success into their stuff going forward. I remember my reaction to that being "I hope that doesn't just mean making sure 3D Sonic has even more 2D in it". And then someone else brought up the restructuring going on over there. Plus, I don't even know if the next Sonic game was being worked on before or after all this was even being considered. This is also on top of the fact that I have no clue what possible story ideas they could scrape the bottom of the barrel for now. They did the thing you do when you're out of ideas (and failed at it) so now I'm just at a loss. I probably should just expect it to be the same regardless of all this stuff but this is an interesting position we're in, regardless. I can't help but feel things should be more open to speculation I guess.
  3. Dr. Detective Mike

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    Not just the fans. SEGA and Sonic Team can't let it go either, to the point where the direction of the games is still being affected by what it wrought. Not including spin-offs like Rise of Lyric and TSR, I'm pretty sure it was the last mainstream 3D Sonic game where we could play as Tails. It's been so long since then. How sad. Although, it's not like counting Rise of Lyric would make things any better.
  4. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Oh neat. They actually did the "Interview the characters" idea I had. Though not in video form but that was a bit of a stretch anyway. But yeah, that's charming. It's telling that they do suddenly recall certain relationships between the characters when extra material outside of the games is made. Tails: Huh? Knuckles, don't you always care about what Team Dark is doing? The team Rouge is in? Knuckles: Sh-shut up! I never cared about them, ever! *sweats* Tails: Oh, is that so? Sorry. I'm a little worried about Amy's team. We kind of dragged them into the race, so...
  5. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Whoops. Yes, I'm well aware that a lot of what was done was done out of necessity and I tried to make mention of that when I could recall it. Even though I tried to choose my words carefully something like that still slipped through. Oh well. Either way, it doesn't change how I feel about the roster or the game but thanks for clarifying that.
  6. Dr. Detective Mike

    [ARTWORK] - Dr. Detective Mike Showcase!

    Knuckles - Operation Big Wave! Brilliant Military Strategist, Knuckles the Echidna reporting for duty. Let's let the guy isolated from society for the majority of his life command of an entire army. We're lucky Eggman has to lose to Sonic, or else we'd have been screwed. I love you Knuckles. I just wish Sonic Team could remember who you really were sometimes. https://www.deviantart.com/doctordetectivemike/art/Knuckles-Operation-Big-Wave-794873432
  7. Dr. Detective Mike

    Try and Predict What the Next Main Sonic Game Will Be Like

    That doesn't really matter to me. Faith and good will? I don't care. That's already gone. Which game might have more of it doesn't matter. They either have the ability to make a good game or they don't. What you're talking about affects the way people might feel about the game when it's announced and aren't impressed by the footage they see leading up to release. However, at the end of the day, how good the game is the only thing that matters. If they can't make good games now, then they can't make a good Adventure remake either. An "idea" of what to expect would probably just leave you more open to being disappointed when Sonic Team does the Sonic Team Shuffle and fucks it up anyway.
  8. Dr. Detective Mike

    Try and Predict What the Next Main Sonic Game Will Be Like

    If the Sonic Team of today had the ability to remake Sonic Adventure and do it in a way that would please people, improve upon what was outdated about it, stay true to the spirit of what it originally was, and refine it so that it was a game that could be reasonably impressive for a game coming out in 2019 and beyond... than I'd tell them to take that talent and focus it on making an impressive, original Sonic game instead. Because if they have the talent to do all that, then why aren't they making anything good when they aren't focusing on remakes right now?
  9. Dr. Detective Mike

    Try and Predict What the Next Main Sonic Game Will Be Like

    It was actually pretty easy to predict that they'd return to the boost after Lost World. When the initial Forces trailer came out and we saw all that cool shit at the start and then the smack upside the head that was the "reveal" of Classic Sonic, thoughts of Generations 2 rang about the net in a way that should have clued everyone else in as well. It still didn't stop some people from being surprised (or upset) when Modern Sonic gameplay revealed that the boost was indeed back. I guess people were just really holding out hope that it wouldn't be true. For some reason. Predicting what they'll do after Forces feels like it'd be a tad bit tricker. The thing clouding my thoughts on it, is Mania and how well that did for them. They still have that accolades picture on their twitter account. Mania was given so much attention long after it's release. It got a selection of shorts. It got a PLUS version with two new characters added. The fact that they continued doing things for it up to the point of including Amy for the holiday short at the end of last year speaks volumes to how aware they were of it's positive reception. I bring up the reception because when you look at Forces, despite the fact that it supposedly sold well, you don't really see much from it anywhere now. It really does feel like they were done caring about that game the instant it dropped. I don't know how much of that is "shame" versus just making sure Mania gets all the attention in comparison but it doesn't seem like they're proud of that game at all. You'd think Infinite would be something they'd push a bit more after his introduction but... no. Here's Zavok yet again. Remember him from that Wii U game? I mean... I guess Infinite got into Smash as a Spirit. MOST LIKELY, though... it will just be more of the same. If I had to put money on it, I think they'll just stick to the boost. We'll have stages that are somehow even more linear than before. The assets that were actually new in Forces will get reused again. The outdated character models they've been using since fucking 2008 will... STILL be there. Looking like the most unappealing thing ever. God, it REALLY stood out in Forces just how much those models sucked. I'm actually being reminded of those cheap 3D renders on Deviantart, looking at them. Their movement is so unnatural and weird. Not as bad as it was in 06 but goodness me. How sad is it that these cartoon characters don't feel like they're being animated? When it comes to stuff that isn't gameplay though, I'm actually really interested in finding out what they'll do next. I've never been SO interested in seeing what they could possibly have in store on the story front for us because... it's clear they're out of ideas. They have none left. Falling on the idea of Eggman finally taking over the world and turning it into the most boring story campaign since Generations leaves them with very little to impress now. Will they say "Fuck it" and just give us a typical "Go and stop Eggman" story? Or will they try and be weird again and push something like Lost World only this time it's actually in Space. Again. Because that's what the series needs. Even MORE fucking aliens. Whatever we can do to make sure you NEVER, EVER play as Tails in another mainstream 3D Sonic game again. EVER. You ask for it and they'll pull a Don Mattrick and say to stick with Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.
  10. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I actually had a friend over to play both of the original All-Stars Racing games with me. We both came away from it agreeing that the first one was better. At least in terms of what we felt it did the best between the two games. I love them both, of course. I think they're both great and it's nice that Team Sonic Racing actually isn't taking a dump over their legacy like was originally thought to be the case upon first impression of the initial gameplay footage we saw. However, I did always just like how simple and fun the first one was compared to the second. It also had a bit more of what I appreciate about these kinds of games in them. Specifically, the most important thing to me, is the roster. The first game had, and still has, the best roster of all three of these titles. You've got all the expected ones and then you've got weird ones like the Bonanza Bros. and Zombio and Zombiko. I liked them a lot because of how strange and charming they were. It was a privilege playing as Opa Opa too. The second one's roster, specifically on console, really didn't endear me all that much. I actually didn't have much of a problem with Ralph or Danica Patrick. I like Ralph and I thought Danica Patrick was at least funny to see. The strange marketing push being so on display there tickled me a tad.Most of my problem came from all the unnecessary clones. All the cool, obscure characters were taken out so that characters like Gum, Mee Mee, Pudding, and Reala got in. They managed to a few interesting ones like Vyse, Gilius, and Joe Musashi but there being so many clones, on top of the fact that Big was taken out, on top of the fact that those marketing push characters were there to make it more glaring how strange the character selection was made it a very weird thing. Another thing that I found criminally bad about Transformed was the announcer! He was barely in the thing! I was shocked that there was an option to turn him down in the menu! He doesn't SPEAK except for when he has to call out the stages you select! What happened to all the cheesy shit he would say in the first game?! "I'VE GOT SWEAT IN PLACES THAT DON'T EVEN SWEAT!!" You can't do the announcer like that. Then there's the music, which was great in Transformed... but again, I did honestly miss what the first game did where it just gave me a nice selection of tracks and I could switch between whichever ones I wanted and have that play in the level. They can do remixes if they want but removing that feature seemed like an odd step back considering it literally wouldn't have taken much to put it back in. Then there's the game's difficulty and the manner in which you unlock things. I gotta admit, I straight up didn't like this. I think it might just be that I have more of a Smash Bros, party game mentality for these games rather than a competitive racer one. As such, all the extra hard missions and the stars you had to collect in order to unlock these characters just felt extraneous for no real reason. The missions where you have to drift and the ones where you've got to go through timed rings can go fuck themselves. It took longer than I would have liked to unlock Eggman and AGES. I did it, so I'm not bitter at the game or anything, but that's a mode that I know I won't be able to fully complete and that sours things a bit. I did vastly prefer the original game's system of "PLAY THE GAME... and that's it." You get SEGA Miles for playing the game and then you can cash those in for characters. I liked that better. Then there's the All-Star Moves. Those were WAY better in the first game. They felt way more distinct and unique. Whenever one went off it felt like a big deal. They weren't so overpowered that they'd completely overtake everything though. It was perfect. The fact that they were so nerfed in Transformed was a shame. I understand WHY they did it but I never played the game online so it was only a detriment for me. The items were a lot cooler and felt more impactful in the first one as well. I honestly can't really even remember the items in the second one. The first one, I can remember pretty much all of them. The traffic cone bombs, the star that turned the screen upside down, the rainbow that covered the screen in colors, the rolling blue bombs, the red rockets, the green boxing gloves, the air horns, and the speed shoes...! Also, the design of the cars I again liked more in the first game. They took out a lot of what made the vehicles in the first one unique. Shadow rode in a tank in Transformed instead of his G.U.N bike. Eggman's awesome monster truck was replaced with a weird, little dinky red... tank? I dunno. The cars just weren't as cool. Certainly nothing like Opa Opa was there. The thing about Transformed that I liked more than the first one was the stages though. Goodness, what a massive overhaul for the better that was. They were a lot more varied due to there being no repeats. It was cool that you could do mirror versions of them as well. I remember the After Burner stage in particular being so full of fucking HYPE. When my action/adventure story-telling chills get going from simply going through a stage in a racing game, you know you've done something right. That music reaching its highest point the instant I take to the skies is something magical. The way all the laps in each stage change depending on the scenery was incredible too. Just magnificent. The lines in Transformed were better from the characters too. I remember in the first All-Stars, there was a lot of awkward recycling of dialogue. Shadow, for instance, would start a stage by saying "WHO ARE YOU... and how do you know my name?????" which is an out of context line from either Shadow or Sonic 06. One of those. Now, if the announcer had said his name and that was Shadow's response it would have been funny. But since that doesn't happen it just made Shadow sound like a crazy person. Team Sonic Racing is bringing back the chatter but it's going to be from the characters this time. I do actually prefer that to the announcer despite how awesome the announcer is but if the writing doesn't turn out to be any fun than there'd probably be little point in the long run. It's doing the thing that the original game did by having three tracks based on a single location but instead it's making sure all of those locations look completely different from one another instead of variations of the same area. So that's neat. The roster sucks. 15 is way too small for a game like this. Maybe if it were Nickelodeon Racing or some other piece of shovelware like that, then sure. I don't find that acceptible here though, customization or not. Speaking of customization, that looks cool as hell. It's a feature that neither of the other two had. Looking forward to it. Also, this game HAS a story-mode. It won't be Sonic Riders level of storytelling but it's there. I probably shouldn't be taking it into too much consideration though. It's most likely not going to be ANYTHING remotely special. At all. But... it's there. I'm also liking the music a lot. These remixes all sound great. They all sound appropriate. I actually don't mind that I can't switch out songs here... but I'd welcome that back still. So that's my two-cents. Well, considering the length of this post it's more like 50 cents but whatever. By the way, on the topic of a racing game where the characters are on foot, I don't really care either way. If it happens, cool. If it doesn't, I'm fine sticking with the cars.
  11. It really does baffle me that Archie lasted as long as it did, looking back at some of the older issues I actually did manage to get my hands on. At the time I just made a conscious decision to only read from 160 onwards because the 10 or so issues I had before it were all awful. The story was some bullshit and the art made me want to vomit. I couldn't look at it. I didn't know a thing about Penders or Ian at the time those back issues hit my porch though.
  12. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Just watched the video above. Pretty wholesome. That one track where they're riding around at night was interesting. It didn't... look like a place I've seen before, even though I'm assuming it's Final Fortress. If it is a familiar area than I guess it's more of a testament to how well they're utilizing these assets yet again. Like, all three of the Spagonia stages look completely different from one another. It's actually kind of amazing. This is how you breath life into stages we've seen before. Definitely on board for that. Acknowledgement of their existence would be appreciated honestly. No matter what, I don't think I'll ever fully get over the fact that Vector's never allowed to be with his team in these spin-offs unless it's a mobile game.
  13. Dr. Detective Mike

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

    I've played one match with this Joker character and immediately just went out and bought Persona 5. I don't know if that's normal behavior but right now I don't care. I need whatever the fuck is happening with this music and this Mementos stage. I need it in my life. I know from just looking at it that I do.
  14. Dr. Detective Mike

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    Yeah. It's tough. Everyone is really on edge, angry, upset, sad, and frustrated with the state of the series right now. Having SEGA and Sonic Team to blame is absolutely fair and understandable but some do tend to take things a bit further and are looking for any one individual to find at fault for all their grievances. It can sometimes be hard to keep from becoming part of the mob that just sees Iizuka as this machiavellian super villain when all they really know about the guy is that he's the head of "Sonic Team". It's hard to even see that as meaning anything at this point. A lot of this comes down to your perception of things and how they've been going lately. Someone like me whose all but given up all hope but at the same time is still grateful for the good things that do come out as a result of the situation we're in has often found themselves very conflicted. Would the comics be happening if the management was different? Would those awesome shorts on their Youtube channel exist is things were different? Would Rise of Lyric had been farmed out to someone else? Would it have been worse? Then you think about the good stuff and how it appeals to you as an individual. I really don't like Sonic Colors and Sonic Mania isn't a game that appeals to me. However, the positive push the series got from them saw some life come back into the fold of things... and yet it doesn't feel like it on the whole. Sonic's still a joke. Everyone still says that the series has been nothing but crap for 25 years. Whenever he does something good, it NEVER sticks with people because right around the corner is something shitty. It's an up and down roller-coaster that's being treated as though it's only just a bunch of bad things. I'm not the only one who's noticed that too. I remember when Jim Sterling said "Sonic Mania was so good it made the people who forgot Sonic Generations happened say that Sonic was good again". He's right. People just... forget that anything good happened as soon as something shitty comes along. The amount of times I've heard people say "Sonic is back!" and "Sonic is saved" versus how many times after that I hear "Sonic has always been shit" is just ridiculous. You'd think people would cut their losses and just admit to the up and down, inconsistent nature of the series and it's quality. Sonic is incredibly inconsistent. It's so inconsistent that it can't even be consistently bad. Now a lot of that has to do with what you care about the most in a series. I, for example, care the most about the story, characters, and good 3D and... that ain't something I got from Colors and Generations. I do largely just want things to be all around good again. I want the 3D games to be 3D again and I'd like for the 2D games to continue to please people. Can Mr. Hiroshi Nishiyama help with that? Maybe. I hope so. I'm at the point to where I'm willing to latch onto anything positive right now. After Forces, I feel like I've been nothing but extremely bitter about everything.
  15. Dr. Detective Mike

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    A large part of me doesn't seem to have too much of an interest in unanswered questions within the actual narrative. I've found that most of my questions are relegated to the real-world, behind the scenes stuff. I desperately want to know the answer to a lot of questions pertaining to how the people in charge of overseeing the series view their actions and why they do what they do. I really want to know everything about what goes on over there, so bad. I want to know the real reason why they're so stingy when it comes to utilizing the characters, even in things where the point is to play as a roster of characters. For so long I've been left to just assume it's because they're afraid of a Sonic 06 repeat but after so long maybe it's morphed into something that's just routine. Or maybe not. I don't know. Why do all these decisions to change the story and the set-up happen so haphazardly? Why wait so long to tell us something that was apparently the situation the whole time but then continue to not put that in the narrative? I know they have to care about the story somewhat because they keep messing with the details of it, like a child who keeps erasing and re-writing things for a school project that was already submitted to a teacher. What exactly was going on during all the time between Lost World and Forces? What's keeping the really outdated look of the character models around? What's their opinion the characters? IS there a plan? How comfortable are you guys with Modern Sonic, really? These are all things I can speculate on and they probably have easy enough answers floating around but I just want to know them. I need so much about the behind the scenes situation confirmed. I didn't even ask all the questions I have because so much is floating around in my head.

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