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  1. It just hit me that the end of the E3 trailer said "Join the Uprising" instead of "Join the Resistance" that time. Since it's the villain's trailer I'll assume it's asking me to join the Eggman Empire. Where the fuck do I sign up?!
  2. Because I'm not basing this off of what species the characters I play as are.
  3. No. It's just not something I'd personally like to see.
  4. I've said this before but I don't hate Zavok. I absolutely can't considering he's responsible for making me FEEL something for one of the characters in a Sonic game since Unleashed came out in 2008. That scene where he confronts Sonic with the awesome dark version of the Deadly Six Theme playing in the background, where he walks around him, calmly talking to him like they're having a nice chat and then just drops the bomb that he's going to turn Tails into a robot was fantastic. Lost World has a lot of really damn good individual cut-scenes that shamefully don't manage to make up a very good, cohesive narrative when strung together. And some of the other cutscenes are just awful on their own too. However, I won't ever forget that moment because, even though what ended up happening stacks up there as one of the most disappointing resolutions to a proposed conflict in a Sonic game, the initiating emotional connection it got from me stuck, and following that up with a stage with such a beautiful yet urgent piece of music like Dragon Dance just made it sink in even more that what was happening could finally be taken as a bit of a big deal. It wasn't in the end but I felt it if only for a fleeting moment. However, I too did think over how he'd fare on his own and to be honest, in the hands of a good writer, I think he'd be fine. All the characters in that villain line-up, including him, have some sort of context or baggage that makes their inclusion relatively "interesting" to think about on a surface level of thought. Zavok's is mostly something that could be played up as a complete mystery due to how little was told to us about the specifics behind him and his group in Lost World. That was mostly an unintentional thing but it's something they could take advantage of in a big way going forward should they plan to keep him around. The fact that we know so little about Zavok despite also knowing that he has a lot of tidbits about him that are interesting is a position that grants him a more open opportunity to be a lot more interesting. We know the Zeti are hundreds of years old because of their profiles. We know that they live on the Lost Hex, which is a bunch of hexagons in the sky, but we don't know anything about it or how it got there or what it's functionality is. We know that Master Zik used to be their leader before Zavok took over, which is one of the most interesting things about the Zeti. I really love the fact that they have a Master and the Master isn't the actual leader. One day when I was bored at work, I was actually thinking about this dude and how a conversation between him and Eggman would go. And I got pretty far into it in my head. There was a lot of back and forth, some interesting reactions to what the other person was saying, and general conflicting ideologies that I felt I was able to dig up. Like the fact that Zavok cares for his group but doesn't really give a shit about an entire planet of people living below him and doesn't hesitate to destroy it just because one dude really pissed him off versus someone like Eggman who does care for the well-being and preservation of his planet but merely wants to take it over. And he's not afraid to cause a ton of destruction to it for the greater good despite that. So yeah, I personally think he could stand well on his own so long as he has someone to bounce off of. It may not necessarily be his own team but it doesn't have to be. Especially considering that any other character in the Sonic universe for him to react to would probably be more inherently interesting than anyone on his own team. And I say this as someone who liked Master Zik, Zor, and Zazz. Not so much Zeena and Zomom but... you know... there are some stereotypes I love and some that just bother the shit out of me. Although I did love that scene where Zavok tricked Zeena into going out into battle. And the look on his face when he said "Well, you sure seem to be taking your time..." As a character he's got enough going for him that his appearance alone isn't a decisive waste. It really only makes a difference when it comes to how well they decide to handle him. And that depends purely on how much of a shit the team over in Japan gave when they wrote the story. I'm feeling a bit better about it than Generations and Lost World but those weren't exactly high bars...
  5. Even if they did try and get mileage out of DLC there still wouldn't be any SatAM assets. Honestly, I wouldn't want to see those anyway.
  6. You know what's strange? Despite all my complaints about it, it's currently coming off as a game I'll like more than Generations. It's just very odd to think about, because I love Generations but I complain about it so goddamn much. And a lot of what I had an issue with in Generations is actually being addressed here in some way. Whether or not it'll be executed well is still up in the air but the characters are at least talking to one another, they have actual dialogue written for them to say, the story seems like it's getting enough of a focus that there's actual objectives Sonic's trying to achieve by running through the levels (like the whole thing with trying to find Shadow) instead of just "Run and the worlds restore themselves", and the plot itself is the kind of plot I've wanted from a Sonic game for quite a long time. Stuff like putting the Egg Dragoon in Green Hill and mixing the elements from the different eras is also something I complained that Generations didn't take advantage of either. They've also got that Hedgehog Engine 2 thing going for them, which is already making it look better than Generations (though whether or not it'll look better than Unleashed isn't something I'm convinced of yet). With it using the Generations style, should it function properly, it'd be at least on par with it for me. So with all these extra elements I'm sure I'll end up liking it better too. I don't fully understand why these games occupy the space that they do. Where I don't hate them but at the same time they make me extremely passionate whenever I find something to complain about them. Perhaps it's just a thing I have in relation to the Sonic series in general; a labor of love that drives my fingers to type about something every time I feel they could have done something better.
  7. I'm in a position that's very hard to explain. Because I don't trust them and I do expect the worst. But at the same time, there are things I do and don't expect them to do on both the positive and negative spectrum when it comes to these games. There's things I expect them to do and things I know they won't do. When it comes to the characters, I expect them to screw up story details and continuity issues regarding them. However, their personalities are usually sprung from a well of following along with what's been established before. At least to a small degree. And I'm not talking about how Tails was written to be a complete asshole in Sonic Lost World. The writing there was terrible but the consensus they wanted was for Tails to still be a good person who was just going through a bad time. And that came across as the thing they wanted to do but it's execution was poor. So basically what I'm saying is, I expect the execution to be misguided. But not necessarily the intention. If that makes any sense. I feel like I know what they're trying to do with Forces, and some of it is actually stuff I'm happy to see be done again (at this point I'm actually convinced I'll like it more than Generations, which I did like), but at the same time I can't exactly fault anyone for taking the super hard stance that EVERYTHING they do is to be put up to scrutiny. You're not going to see me say you're outright wrong for believing that they'd suddenly make Shadow evil with no explanation. I'm just saying that based on how they've handled him in the past, it's more likely that he isn't and that this is just a cheap marketing tactic to make you think he is. And it's working on a lot of people so... I guess it worked? Sort of?
  8. It isn't a trust thing that kept me from buying that Shadow was not suddenly evil personally. It just screamed of something they'd use as a cheap marketing tactic. Because, the actual, literal truth is that they haven't had Shadow just be straight up evil with no explanation in any other game before this in the main continuity. Not even in any of the spin-offs. I have a lot of disdain for the logic and follow-through with a lot of their decisions but I don't believe they're AS random as the hyperbole towards their decision making makes it out to be. But again, keeping my fingers crossed. They may one day prove to actually be that ridiculous. Branching pathways in Shadow the Hedgehog count as an explanation by the way. I agree with that but to be fair, there are a number of people who are seriously mad at this because they expect no explanation.
  9. The thing with Shadow was definitely purposefully revealed the way it was as a marketing tactic. That's the first thing that came to mind for me, which is why I don't buy "Oh, he's evil now". It just feels like something done to easily trick people. And if it is just a marketing thing, then it worked like a charm considering how many people jumped to believing they actually made him evil. Although they were probably hoping for a more "Oh no! Why is Shadow on the bad guys side?" kind of response rather than a "Of course those morons would put Shadow on the bad guys side and completely ignore his backstory." because sometimes they seem a bit ignorant to how the fanbase reacts when they see something off from them nowadays. This is something that was only going to be pulled off well with enough goodwill built up within the base to rely on. And even still it might not have worked. I remember when the Archie comics did something similar with Shadow in the Shadow Fall arc. I didn't buy that he'd turn evil so seeing the one cover where it showed Shadow having "betrayed" everyone, beating up a G.U.N soldier with Rouge and Omega "defeated" at the side with his eyes NOT glazed over in a hypnotized stare I took to be a straight up marketing lie. And it was. In the book he was just hypnotized. I never underestimate their ability to lie. So I laughed when it said "New evil" and cut to Shadow's face. ... Then again, Iizuka might be going a bit crazy considering the whole human dimension and animal dimension thing. The whole thing with Classic Sonic being from another dimension I'm on board with but his insistence that the humans are somehow separate... like it just rams a finger in the ass of the logic of the series. For no reason. Which is why I totally understand why everyone else reacted the way they did. Because not for nothing, there's still a part of me that's thinking "But what if they DID make him evil despite what Iizuka said about there being answers for the question as to why he's on their side?" It's never a sure fire thing with these guys. Because they don't ever seem to know what they're doing even when they say what it is they're doing.
  10. I can, yeah. Some banter comes with exposition. I don't have a problem with it. Even if they actually do start to shout what they were saying later on (so far they haven't which I'm still grateful for) I've been so starved of anything resembling exposition from any of them that I'd gladly have it on loop if I could despite that. That and it saves me from getting mad when Tails says some dumb shit like "That must be the Lost Hex. Cool!" And proceeds not to exposit what the fuck that is or why its cool.
  11. Alright. I just speed blitzed through literally all the other soundtracks. Finally I can finish this. Round 28. Interesting bits here and there. Not particularly memorable on the whole. Knuckles' Chaotix 1. Mightnight Greenhouse 2. Door into Summer 3. Child's Song 4. Seascape 5. Tachy Touch 6. Take a Nap 7. Destructive Power 8. Speed of Sound 9. Crystal Nightmare 10. Surprise Round 29. Super cute old as fuck 2D game sounds. I dig it. Won't ever listen to it again though. Tails Sky Patrol 1. Rail Canyon (Go figure) 2. Dark Castle 3. Ruin Wood 4. Bearanger 5. Title 6. Wendy Witchcart 7. Metal Island 8. Carrotia 9. Fockewulf 10. Training Zone Round 30. Sounds a bit better. Still not for me. Glad Tails is having fun though. Tails' Adventure 1. Boss 2. Caron Forest 3. Volcanic Tunnel/Cavern Island 4. Final Boss 5. Poloy's Forest 6. Battle Fortress Part II 7. Polly Mountain/Green Island 8. World Map 9. Coco Island 10. Title Round 31. Sounds like music you'd be trapped in a maze with I guess. Sonic Labyrinth 1. Final Boss 2. Boss 3. Credits 4. Level Theme 2 5. Level Theme 1 6. Level Theme 3 7. Bonus Stage 8. Title Round 32. Now this music was really kick ass. Holy-moly. It's like it took steroids before it started to fight. Really cool! Sonic the Fighters 1. Advertise ~ K.I.Y.O 2. Sunset Town 3. Sonic Vs. Knuckles ~ North Wind 4. Giant Wing ~ Fire Stone 5. Aurora Icefield ~ Black Bed 6. Death Egg's Eye ~ Never Let it Go 7. Death Egg's Hangar ~ Hurry Up 8. Flying Carpet ~ Back to Soul 9. Super Sonic ~ Everything 10. Dynamite Plant ~ Try Again Round 33. I didn't know there was more than one Sonic 3D titled game. Huh. Sonic 3D: Flickie's Island (Mega Drive) 1. Volcano Valley Act 2 2. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2 3. Volcano Valley Act 1 4. Diamond Dust Zone Act 2 5. Gene Gadget Zone Act 1 6. Puppet Panic Zone Act 2 7. Green Grove Zone Act 1 8. Puppet Panic Zone Act 1 9. Boss 2 10. Credits Roll Round 34. Introducing... SEGA SATURN. Sonic 3D: Flickie's Island (Saturn) 1. Boss 2. Panic Puppet Zone Act 1 3. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1 4. Puppet Panic Zone Act 2 5. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2 6. Gene Gadget Zone Act 1 7. Diamond Dust Zone Act 2 8. Gene Gadget Zone Act 2 9. Green Grove Zone Act 2 10. Diamond Dust Zone Act 1 Round 35. Sonic Blast sounds like it'd make a great name for a Sonic themed energy drink. Or a series of Gum flavors. Also the naming of these stages is cute. Sonic Blast 1. Red Volcano Zone 2. Final Boss 3. Yellow Desert Zone 4. Boss 5. Blue Marine Zone 6. Silver Castle Zone 7. Green Hill Zone 8. Bonus Level 9. Title 10. Staff Roll Round 36. This music is phenomenal to me. It reminds me so much of stuff my parents would listen to in the 70s or 80s or something. It's got so much Soul. Sonic R 1. Super Sonic Racing (Main Theme/Super Sonic) 2. Living in the City (Radical City) 3. Number One (Credits) 4. Work it Out (Reactive Factory) 5. Diamond in the Sky (Radiant Emerald) 6. Back in Time (Regal Ruins) 7. Work it Out (Instrumental) 8. Super Sonic Racing (Instrumental) 9. Can You Feel the Sunshine? (Resort Island) 10. Diamond in the Sky (Instrumental) Round 37. I couldn't begin to tell you the difference between these songs. Sonic Pocket Adventure 1. Neo South Island Act 2 2. Gigantic Angel Act 1 3. Secret Plant Zone Act 1 4. Secret Plant Act 2 5. Boss 6. Aquatic Relix Act 2 7. Aquatic Relix Act 1 8. Neo South Island Act 1 9. Chaotic Space Zone 10. Knuckles Boss Round 38. Very strange sounds in this one. It wasn't bad. Just mystical in a way I wasn't used to. Sonic Shuffle 1. With Go V-Train 2. Dark Sharpener 3. How Are You? 4. Sort Out 5. Miss Conduct 6. Iron Wings 7. Fourth Dimension 8. Mystic Asia 9. Pig City 10. Ravine Flyer Round 39. First time hearing anything from the Advance series. The verdict is, it's alright. Sonic Advance 1. Secret Base Zone Act 1 2. Ice Mountain Zone Act 1 3. Secret Base Zone Act 2 4. X-Zone Boss 2 5. Cosmic Angel Zone 6. Egg Rocket Zone 7. Metal Knuckles Battle 8. Moon Zone 9. X-Zone Boss 1 10. Zone 7 Boss Round 40. Advance 2 is better. These aren't bad at all. Sonic Advance 2 1. XX Zone Final Boss 2. Egg Utopia Boss - Pinch 3. Egg Utopia Act 2 4. Techno Base Act 2 5. XX Zone Final Boss - Pinch 6. Techno Base Act 1 7. Ice Paradise Act 2 8. Boss 9. True Area 53 10. Versus Mode Round 41. Neat fight music but not as good as the tunes from Fighters. Sonic Battle 1. Holy Summit 2. Central City 3. Colosseum (Phi Stage) 4. Crater Area Stage 5. Club Rouge (Rouge’s Stage) 6. Crater (Chaos’ Stage) 7. Gimme Shelter 8. Death Egg 9. Metal Depot (Gamma’s Stage) 10. Tails’ Lab (Tails’ Stage) Round 42. Now these were great. Specifically the end game stages. Sonic Advance 3 1. Chaos Angel Zone: Map 2. Chaos Angel Zone Act 1 3. Altar Emerald Zone: Map 4. Ocean Base Zone: Map 5. Chaos Angel Zone: Boss 6. Ocean Base Zone Act 2 7. Cyber Track Zone Act 2 8. Cyber Track Zone Act 1 9. Ocean Base Zone Act 1 10. Chaos Angel Zone Act 3 Round 43. Sonic Rush's soundtrack is a goddamn masterpiece. I don't own the game but dear God, this lovely, Jet Set Radio music. Sonic Rush 1. Wrapped in Black 2. Medley Rush #2 3. Vela Nova 4. What U Need (Blazy Mix) 5. Wrapped in Black Part 2 6. Ethno Circus (Blazy Mix) 7. Get Edgy 8. Jeh Jeh Rocket (Blazy Mix) 9. Raisin Me Up 10. What U Need Round 44. This one was a nostalgic track that I missed too. Oh well. It was nice hearing this stuff again. Sonic Riders 1. Catch Me if You Can 2. Theme of Sand Ruins 3. Theme of Digital Dimension 4. Theme of Egg Factory 5. Theme of Green Cave 6. Theme of Babylon Garden 7. Sonic Speed Riders 8. Theme of Metal City 9. High Flying Groove 10. Theme of Splash Canyon Round 45. The music in this game surprised me a bit. It was better than I thought it was. Sonic Rivals 1. Forest Falls Zone Act 2 2. Crystal Mountain Zone Act 2 3. Forest Falls Zone Act 1 4. Crystal Mountain Zone Act 1 5. Final Boss 6. Boss 7. Meteor Base Zone Act 2 8. Meteor Base Zone Act 1 9. Death Yard Zone Act 1 10. Colosseum Highway Act 1 Round 46. Not as awesome as the first Rush but still a fair amount of cool tracks. Sonic Rush Adventure 1. A New Venture 2. Haunted Ship 3. Windmill Village Mode 5 4. Big Swell 5. Submarine 6. Boss: Whisker and Johnny 7. Deep Core 8. Waterbike 9. Deep Core (Allegro) 10. Sky Babylon Round 47. They must have put all their effort into the awesome Race to Win song because the rest of this soundtrack is pretty phoned in. Sonic Rivals 2 1. Blue Coast Zone Act 1/ Race to Win 2. Mystic Haunt Zone Act 1 3. Neon Palace Zone Act 3 4. Mystic Haunt Zone Act 3 5. Blue Coast Zone Act 2 6. Mystic Haunt Zone Act 2 7. Final Boss 8. Chaos Inferno Act 3 9. Frontier Canyon Zone Act 3 10. Neon Palace Zone Act 1 Round 48. Zero Gravity has the best soundtrack out of all the three Riders games. It's also the best Riders game. Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity 1. Gadget Round 2. Dive into Gravity 3. Ungravitify 4. Blast Town 5. Catch Me if You Can 6. Aquatic Time 7. Sealed Ground 8. The Core 9. Multi-Attack 10. Through Traffic Round 49. The badness of this fuck awful soundtrack is legendary. Thank goodness it wasn't made by Sonic Team... then again, it might have actually turned out better if it had. Never thought I'd say that. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood 1. Central City (THIS SHIT IS SO FUCKING BAD IT MAKES ME LAUGH EVERYTIME I HEAR IT! BEST ONE HANDS DOWN!) 2. Boss Battle 3. Angel Island 4. Mini-Boss 5. Ix: Mini-Boss 6. Battle 4 7. Ix: Final Boss 8. Battle 2 9. Metropolis 10. Battle 3 Round 50. The return to form everyone wanted right? Ugh. It was a dark time to be the kind of Sonic fan I am when this was announced. That goddamn insulting as shit character elimination bollocks... Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I 1. Boss: Dr. Eggman 2. Splash Hill Zone Act 1 3. Mad Gear Zone Act 2 4. Mad Gear Zone Act 1 5. Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 3 6. Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 2 7. Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 1 8. E.G.G Station Zone 9. Casino Street Zone Act 1 10. End Roll Medley Round 51. This game has three really good tracks and the rest are flat as flapjacks. Sonic Free Riders 1. Free 2. Metropolis Speedway 3. Rocky Ridge 4. Final Factory 5. Forgotten Tomb 6. Frozen Forest 7. Magma Rift 8. Dolphin Resort Round 52. OH GOD! I got stuck on that one Eggman boss for fucking ever and that goddamn 10 second loop kept playing over and over and over... and it still made my top 10 somehow...! Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II 1. Boss: Metal Sonic 2. Death Egg mk.II Act 1 3. Oil Desert Zone Act 2 4. Sylvania Castle Zone Act 3 5. Oil Desert Zone Act 1 6. Oil Desert Zone Act 3 7. Sky Fortress Zone Act 3 8. White Park Zone Act 2 9. Boss: Dr. Eggman 10. Title Round 53. The soundtrack in this game sounds more like it belongs in a movie than a video game. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric 1. Dr. Eggman (Boss Battle) 2. Lyric’s Tomb (Tomb Area) 3. Slowpoke Isle (Chase) 4. Shadow (Boss Battle) 5. The Pit (Inside) 6. Lyric’s Weapon Facility 7. Lyric’s Weapon Facility (Battle) 8. The Pit (Boss Battle) 9. Slowpoke Isle Cave 10. Lyric’s Weapon Facility (Elevator) Round 54. This one sounds like it belongs in a movie too but in a supremely generic one at that. Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal 1. Scrapyard 2. Robot Facility 3. Seaside Beach (Vs. Sticks) 4. Lyric’s Airship 5. Ancient City 2 6. Robot Facility 2 7. Credits Medley 8. Shadow Canyons 9. Worm Tunnel 10. Air Fortress 2 Round 55. I remember the first song a lot because it was the only stage that I got to see before I deleted Runners from my phone. That said, this music is fantastic. Sonic Runners 1. Beyond the Speed Of... 2. Theory of Attack 3. Fiery Passion 4. Strange Parade 5. Spring Emotions 6. Power Ride 7. Fly Away 8. Go Quickly 9. Going My Way 10. End of the Summer THAT'S IT! I DID ALL THE SOUNDTRACKS! I'M INSANE BUT I'M HAPPY! Finally I can get my wish for a badge with Vector's face on it. Although, I want the Charmy one too.
  12. Not as much of an overwhelming workload as it would to create an entirely new werehog system of gameplay. Or to create an entirely new avatar character creation simulator, that manages to do exactly what Iizuka proposed with it's gameplay seemingly well enough on its own. It has it's own advantages as well as limitations. It plays similarly yet differently. It's not even as though they really need to do too much from the get go. I apologize, but I don't buy that it's something they literally can't do. Or so much as attempt. When I look at all the crazy shit the wisps can do and how this avatar functions, putting in a Tails skin and giving him an ability as basic as "You press a button and the little fucker starts to float" isn't going to lead to that being something I'll pass off as an acceptable answer as a consumer. I know there's more to it then just that (like level design and character animations) but it's all pretty basic stuff that they're already doing in this game with three different playstyles. I'm done making excuses for these people.
  13. I wasn't talking about literally giving the Avatar's gameplay to Tails and Knuckles though. I was talking about Iizuka's talk of how he wanted the Avatar character to play "like" Sonic but not be his carbon copy. The obvious solution there is to do something like that with the other characters instead. Like Mania.
  14. This game definitely feels more lively than the past few ones have been so far. Maybe it's because the levels are starting to feel like actual bit parts of a story with all the banter and set-pieces. Putting things into perspective, I can't help but imagine what things would have been like had this game come first with Generations being the one we were reacting to afterward. I like Generations but my reaction upon seeing what it had to offer would have been far worse than anything I've dished out to Forces. These elements... I know these are all first stages and such and I shouldn't judge based on just this but I've missed feeling like we were going on actual adventures for so long. Like I'm going through some sort of withdrawl. And this game is giving me hope again. I'm excited to get my hands on it and see if it's true. But that's story and characters talk. Gameplay wise, the avatar looks fine (and the lightning thing even looks a bit fun) but I still wish it weren't there. It's just too distracting watching it do stuff, knowing they have the models of the other characters in the game. Iizuka in that interview hit on the thing a lot of us were talking about when it came to handling characters other than Sonic but somehow he did a very strange mental leap over the obvious solution and gave it to an avatar character instead of some of the others. Him even saying this game is a sister game to Mania even makes it weirder. I'm imagining someone sitting down with him, setting the Mania box in front of him, and pointing at Knuckles and Tails in the game and then pointing at the Avatar character's gameplay and him just staring at them, not getting the connection...
  15. No matter what my complaints about Forces is, after just getting back from seeing Wonder Woman, I'm ready for a goddamn war right about now. I'm so pumped! I need to see Sonic punch something. Please be a good story.