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  1. Dr. Detective Mike

    A question about the Classic characters

    Another thing I'd like to mention is that while its true that the Sonic CD ending didn't have him talking it also didn't really require him to talk either. If that scene had taken place in a Modern Sonic game where the characters talked, you could have kept Sonic either silent or his words extremely minimal to the point of him merely saying "What?" or "Come on...!" and it would have worked fine. I don't feel like any of what was animated there or expressed by his face or body movements would have been sacrificed had that happened. There's a balancing act at work here and should you have people with talent behind your stuff you should be able to make the dialogue come about when it's necessary and keep it from being obnoxious while still animating it well and keeping the characters expressive. There's so many siths here dealing in absolutes. It's odd. Unless the mere act of speech is something people find annoying than I can't really see why that alone would be an issue. I just figured the issue was that, like with everything else, Sonic Team and SEGA suck at handling it. Forces and Heroes aren't really what I would call the desired outcome of talented writers putting the best possible foot forward when it comes to these characters. I've read fan-fiction that had better dialogue than whatever the hell Forces was doing half the time.
  2. Dr. Detective Mike

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Probably the Sonic Toaster.
  3. Dr. Detective Mike

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Now entering Silent Green Hill"

    If it is, then they seriously got the wrong idea about what I liked about those things. I love Sonic X but it isn't because they went to the real world. The entire third season even takes place in Sonic's dimension. I've hated a lot of things that Iizuka and SEGA have supervised or had control over too.
  4. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    My dudes, we need a horror themed Sonic game! Not only with demonic eyed humans but Tails as a vampire. And Willem Dafoe is back as Ryuk. Yeah.
  5. Dr. Detective Mike

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    I really, REALLY wish I could see Sonic Central again. Even back when I was a tot, looking at that site, I knew they were off base with Fang because he clearly wasn't around. I also REALLY want to see those old Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic 06 sites again. The layouts are still fresh in my mind but they had some interesting info on them that I can't see anymore. As well as some weird descriptions for the characters. I remember Amy's profile in Shadow the Hedgehog saying that "this girl knows what's hot and what's not" like she's the goddamn Archie version of Honey the Cat. People say the internet is forever but apparently not the old internet.
  6. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    It's sad that when I saw Frozen Junkyard, the first thought that came to mind was "Neat. It'll be fun playing as Espio on that track. His purple color would contrast that level well."
  7. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Because, unlike some companies out there, when I can't do something, and I know I can't do something, I don't just do it anyway and charge $40 - $60 bucks for it.
  8. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    My only issue with this is the fact that, if that is their intention, they're really bad at it to the point where its hard to view that as fan-service rather than laziness. I hate using that word so much because I know it's tough making games and stuff but even if Forces wasn't mediocre, the biggest issue with the "fan-service" in Forces was that it was largely stuff we'd seen done to death already. Those three classic zones had appeared in games prior to Forces release plenty of times already. Both Green Hill and Chemical Plant were in Mania and Generations before then. The Death Egg might have had more of an impact had it still not been fresh in my mind from Lego Dimensions and the Death Egg Robot fight from Generations. Mentioning Seaside Hill wasn't a very good idea either. That's another stage that gets used in spin-offs way too often. It's getting used yet again in this very game. It just felt like a retread of Generations. And this game using Spagonia, Seaside Hill, and Planet Wisp kind of makes it feel like this is where they're dumping the other Generations levels. Also, if they really want to explore new ideas with the main games, it might be a good idea to not lean so heavy with these kinds of stages period then. I'd rather they go all out with fan-service like with their mobile games or just do something completely new. But re-using stages over and over again doesn't feel like fan-service anymore. It's certainly no longer nostalgic. Whatever method they're using, they could do it a lot better is all I'm saying.
  9. Dr. Detective Mike

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I mean, that's kind of how all the Sonic mobile games operate. They always throw their big guns with the call-backs and the heavy-duty rosters for the mobile games while the 3D ones (the ones people care the most about) get the shaft. I don't entirely know why that's the case. The only thing I can think of is... I guess it's just harder work doing that for the 3D games. I don't want that to be the reason since that's such an incredibly lame and maddening excuse but as someone who isn't a developer for this stuff and doesn't know why they do what they do, I can only speculate.
  10. Dr. Detective Mike

    Has "Solo Sonic" been detrimental to the series?

    If Forces was indicative of anything it's definitely that having all those characters around didn't immediately mean the game lived up to its potential. Especially not when it came to it's premise. If anyone over there seriously thought that their story was immediately going to feel more epic because there was more people around to do nothing than we're in a deeper rut than I thought. Whether a game has two characters or twelve, it's not going to feel like it's been handled much better than the other if the method of storytelling is the same. That is, Sonic runs through stages and the others spout interchangeable dialogue that tries and fails to give the illusion that they're being useful. Playability isn't really my number one concern at the moment. I'd be fine if they were skins with one specific ability to differentiate them should that be necessary. I've always been of the opinion that characters need to serve the story first. Otherwise, there's no point in having them be different characters. You could get a similar feeling playing as Tails by just making us play as a Robo-Sonic that can fly. There's a reason people would want it to be Tails though. That's usually how I approach it though. I'm typically not the person to go to when it comes to discussing how to make game mechanics work.
  11. Dr. Detective Mike

    What are you willing to sacrifice to make Sonic popular again?

    I'm not sacrificing shit. Especially not the characters. Speaking of Thanos, Infinity War made a really good, goddamn movie with a ton of characters more than any movie should reasonably have with a point of view split in pretty much three ways. Yeah, put Sonic on Titan, Knuckles in that place where the axe is being made, and Tails on Wakanda. Then let everyone do their thing with only three playable characters while the story happens. Yeah, fuck sacrificing stuff. How about we get rid of the laziness? Let's try that. Can we get rid of the laziness and the assertion that the problem is any one element and not their inability to comfortably lie in the bed they've made? Maybe they should get to cleaning and sterilizing that mattress so those bed bugs stop infesting it.
  12. Dr. Detective Mike

    Reflection about past cartoons and new series speculation

    AoSth: The first Sonic show I'd ever seen but not on TV. I experienced a lot of older shows through re-runs on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon or if we happened to have VHS tapes lying around about it. When it came to this show, my parents (somehow) had access to one. It was a single tape with two episodes on it. One was about Sonic meeting a family of sloths and being hit with a slow-slow beam with a gun powered by some sort of crystal. The other was about a washed-up, fat raccoon superhero that tried to help Sonic out but kept annoying him. I only had access to those so I watched and re-watched those a lot. I didn't really get to see any other episodes of the show until I started getting into Youtube. I have a lot of nostalgia for it. I was into Sonic enough that I ended up watching just that one VHS a ton. SatAM: Never saw it when I was young. My uncles had a VHS of some of the episodes of it in New York but for some reason, by the time I became a Sonic fan, the tape only worked when it was re-winded. As in, you could see the picture in reverse but it had no sound. Played forward, it was just a blue screen. Again, I didn't see a couple more episodes of this until way later when I got on Youtube and... I couldn't really get into it. It was tough trying to get over the fact that it was really just Sonic and a bunch of people I didn't care about. This was a much younger version of me who was high off of growing up on a version of Sonic more akin to the Adventure games, Heroes, and Sonic X. I've always meant to go back and give the show another chance but I both don't have the time and haven't been endeared much by them in the comics to feel confident in liking it. But I'm sure I'll get there one day. Underground: This, I had no clue of its existence until Youtube. Ironically, it was the only one of these older ones I watched all the way through. I'm not entirely sure why since it had way more problems than SatAM but I think the main reason was because I just liked the idea of Manic and Sonia more than the Freedom Fighters. Plus, it had a way cooler theme song. The theme song is the only good song that show had. I liked Sleet and Dingo more than Snively (I barely remember Snively from SatAM. I remember him a ton from the comics though), and I was kind of interested in seeing the lengths they'd go to milk the fact that they weren't allowed to see their mom. Old Sonic is a very interesting thing. Seeing Knuckles show up and having him be the guardian of a single Chaos Emerald and having him own a pet dinosaur thing was weird...! Again, this was all AFTER I was already into Sonic X. OVA: A lot of people really like it. I gotta say... sitting down and watching it the whole way through was a bit of a chore. Even when I was young and dumb. I caught a glimpse of this when I was SUPER young. At around the time I had that AoSth tape but I literally only remember one shot of this film. Just a screenshot in my head of Eggman sitting at the president's desk. I didn't even KNOW it was the OVA. It was at a daycare center and some other kid brought it in. I just thought it was a different Sonic thing. I didn't see it again until I went searching for old Sonic stuff on Youtube some YEARS later when I was at an age where I could remember things better. When I finally saw it, I remember liking the fight between Sonic, Tails, and Metal Robotnik. I remember liking the way the dark city looked. The rest is a blur. I skimmed through a lot of it the first time and seeing it a second time didn't do much for me. Not sure why but the stars just didn't align for me on this one, sorry to say. Sonic X: Obviously, this is my favorite. It's the only one of these shows I caught on television. I waited week to week to religiously watch this show. I randomly discovered it while flipping through channels one boring Saturday morning and caught it when it was on it's second episode. I watched Sonic hanging with this kid and saw his journey to save this weird rabbit looking girl. At the time I had no clue who Cream was so I assume this was just before I had played Heroes or I DID play Heroes but I didn't OWN my own copy of it yet so my memory of her was vague since I only cared about playing as those cool detectives guys one of my uncles said were awesome dudes. And he was right. The Chaotix are awesome. Thanks dear uncle. The real hype moment at the end of Sonic X was hearing the propeller spinning outside the facility and hearing Sonic say, "The Tornado". Immediately I was like "... TAILS!" And then he BURST out of the place and landed on the plain and there was MODERN TAILS! I was a religious watcher of the show. I hadn't played the first Sonic Adventure yet so they're adaptation of it was my first exposure to the story. Adventure 2: Battle was how I got into the series so seeing that adaptation was fun and weird. I nearly had a heart attack when the Chaotix showed up because by that time I was knee deep in Sonic Heroes. Season 3 came along and I got into that too. I was digging the Tails love interest thing and was also starting to get into my more Anime side. That's when I tracked down the sub anywhere I could find it and did research about how much was cut and changed. Watching the sub is like watching an entirely different show. The dialogue, music, and uncut scenes REALLY goes a long way to change the flow and energy of the show. All of a sudden Sonic X felt much slower and more atmospheric. The music didn't blare constantly, even when nothing was going on, and when they DID play music is actually sounded really cool and not like odd circus music. I was growing to hate 4kids anyway because of what they did to One Piece and discovering that they removed an entire scene with the Chaotix in the last episode of the show (as well as the reveal that Shadow as alive at the end of Season 3) really pissed me off. I've seen the sub so many times now that it and Sonic Drive (the Japanese opening) are somehow MORE nostalgic for me than the english dub I saw first. Oddly enough, the same goes for the japanese openings of Yu-Gi-Oh. It's weird how that works but I get more nostalgic hearing Kawaita Sakebi, Wild Drive, and Overlap than I do the "IT'S TIME TO D-D-D-D-D-DUEL!" theme. I have no clue why. Over the years I've grown to accept the many faults it has but fuck it. Who gives a shit at this point? It was the most successful of the Sonic shows and ran on TV for more than 11 years. If there was an example to follow, it's that one. Take Sonic X and remove what didn't work about it and try that again. Anything that can pull in ratings for 11 years straight on television with only the same 78 episodes to show was doing something right. Far be it for them to find out what it was though. Might even just be the fact that it was the closest one to resemble anything reminiscent of the games. I know that's a big part of why I love it. Boom: This was the first Sonic show I could actually watch and experience with a critical eye. It's probably the best written of all the ones, speaking purely from the comedic angle it was going for. It has the best version of Tails. It actually did a lot for Orbot and Cubot that I don't feel the games managed to. I appreciate it a lot for what it is and what it tried to do and I do think it's a shame it only lasted two seasons. Not because it wasn't popular enough though. That show was sent to die. It pulled through with that terrible time-slot and when CN realized that wasn't enough to kill the show, they kicked it to Boomerang. I have a lot of respect for this show. The multimedia push that surrounded it can burn in Hell though. Seriously, fuck whatever marketing stunt they were trying to pull there. They dragged the name of Sonic Boom through the mud by trying to kick things off with everything right out of the gate. You don't START with two video-game tie-ins, a toy-line, and a COMIC (that had the nerve to say "Based on the Hit series" before it was even given a chance to be a hit) when you're making a TV show. You make the show, see how it does, THEN all that other stuff happens naturally. You just look gross and dumb when you push so hard right out of the gate. It was to the point where people were actually talking and worrying about Boom replacing the Modern Sonic series. Good God, anyone remember THAT?! isn't that HILARIOUS to think about today?
  13. Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well, as for me, I like fights, and adventure, and dramatic moments, and comedic moments, and down-time for the characters, and desperate times for the characters, and I like awesome character moments and vistas and "Oh no! We'll never win now!" moments and "Yes we will! We just gotta keep trying!" moments and moments where they all work together to get the Infinity Gauntlet away from Thanos. Do whatever you want with your stories. Make whatever parallels you want. If it works than cool, if not then we have something to discuss. I'm not sure why but today I'm just really feeling my love for Sonic. You ever get that way? Just randomly realizing just how much you love something?
  14. Dr. Detective Mike

    Which Archie characters were good , and which were bad ?

    Some of the Archie characters I hated out of frustration from how "in the way" I personally felt they were concerning who I personally wanted the focus to be on. Whether I liked them or not was dictated by how well their dynamics with the others felt to me. My opinion on them stayed mostly the same throughout the books run. The few characters where a change for the positive happened, I can count on one hand... which was Geoffery. I didn't care about him before his reveal as a henchman for Naugus and then suddenly I was all about him. Dude went from "who cares" to "when is he coming back" so fast for me when that took place. Same goes for Thrash. Didn't care when he was a hero, loved it when he became a villain. I loved the Post-Reboot Egg Bosses. All of them. It's a crying shame that they're all gone now. I always really like Ian's villains. Dr. Finitevus was a delight whenever he showed himself. Mammoth Mogul was a brilliantly written character. Regina and the Iron King were delightful Power Rangers villains. I even liked Eclipse for what he was. As for his hero characters, those tend to be way too boring or uninteresting for me to get behind. If I had to choose, I actually liked Harvey Hoo quite a bit. Probably because he was leading a faction of people that felt like an acceptable off-shoot from the Acorn Kingdom that I could see existing in some way in the normal Sonic universe. And Silver bumblefucking his way into being apart of it and having to wear a silly outfit to do it felt right. Other than him, I've got nothing as far as the hero characters both pre and post reboot. None of them did anything for me. As far as characters I hate... well, there were a lot. Some of them not even comic exclusives, like Mighty. Wasn't a fan of Sally, at all. I chilled out on her as time went on since the romance shit was petering out and eventually non-existent. Instead of infuriating, she just became bland. However, as far as a character I hated and later on hated EVEN MORE, that honor goes to Julie-Su. I thought she had a shit personality from the get-go and the more I found out about her, the more I hated her and the idea around her. It doesn't help that Mr. Penderp is out there touting the spawn of her and Knuckles' union as some sort of advertisement, pin-up girl for a series that doesn't exist. You know, I've always heard of the legendary hatred for this character. Even Ian himself mentioned killing him off because of how awful a character he was. However, literally the only story I read of his that held any significance for his character was the one where he was killed off... and that was a really great story. So, I don't know anything about why people hate him so much, ironically.
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