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  1. I keep forgetting that there's a PS5 and a new Xbox out now. I also keep forgetting the new Xbox's name. This has been the least exciting lead up to a new generation in probably my entire lifetime so far. 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Gaming graphics have practically peaked already, so the only thing left to improve is making good looking games easier to make. And that's exactly why there's no actual good games this new generation.


      Frankly this new generation blows, period. Humans can now die just standing next to each, and the non-human future is nigh. Mother Nature has finally won

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      The PS5 is a myth! Don't believe in Sony's lies!

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Not really, lol. For a start, graphics are still improving. It's not as gigantic a leap as PS3 to PS4, but it's still happening. Ray-Tracing provides far more realistic and stunning reflections and lighting effects, graphics are reaching a point where they can remain high while not taking major performance hits, far, far better rendering techniques for things like fur and environmental effects. Literally just a look at Rift Apart or Miles Morales on PS5 would show you that there's clear graphical improvement, they certainly have not peaked.

      And even at that, it's not all about graphics. The big push this year isn't just graphical horsepower (although it's still a clear part of the equation) - it's both choice, and performance. The gigantic leap is having a balance where you can have games running at incredible performance on console based hardware, without sacrificing much of the graphical horsepower. You can barely get 4K on a PS4 Pro, yet a PS5 is capable of 4K 60fps, and in the case of games like Spidey Remastered and Miles Morales - 4K, 60FPS, AND RAY-TRACING. That is an absolutely nutty leap in performance and graphical power. 

      As someone who's recently made the leap from only a PS4 Pro to a gaming laptop, and a PS5 that can handle higher framerates, I sincerely, genuinely can't begin to explain to you how much of a leap it feels like, and how absolutely difficult it is to go back.

      This frankly has been one of the most exciting generations for me so far because there's an actual focus on providing smoother gameplay and new console functionality via haptics and adaptive triggers. It's a change that's been a very, very long time coming, and it's an important one. That alone gives this generation a reason to be here. 

      Finally, I claiming this new generation sucks is actually kind of silly. We're at the start of a new console cycle. Newsflash, it always - always takes awhile to get going. I know that for a fact, because I was still using my PS3 for a full year/year and a half when I had my PS4, solely because PS4 didn't have a ton until the generation truly got going. Switch started out with only one exclusive, and that was 1, 2 Switch. Vita, 3DS, so on, so forth. 

      And even at that, this generation alone so far has not only very substantial upgrades to previous gen titles to bring them up to snuff with the new hardware (Ratchet 2016, Crash 4, Ghosts of Tsushima, etc), but a fairly strong library due to come with Returnal, Rift Apart, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Deathloop, and more on the horizon, and that's already highly bolstered up by free PS5/Series X upgrades, plus BC on both consoles, leaving them in a far, far better place than previous generations in terms of first year usability. 

    4. Nix


      My Xbox makes Sleeping Dogs run at 60fps on a console finally so this generation of consoles has already redeemed itself.

  2. I'd gladly say yes to including more villains. I've no desire to see even more heroes joining the cast unless they were explicitly just supposed to be NPCs important for a story-beat or the world building of a location. Paulie can't be a Straw Hat but he's important to the story of Water Seven. That's why I tend to be more open to the idea of including the Eggman's Dozen, or Scourge, or Finitevus. Maybe Sticks in the main series can be a villain. I dunno.
  3. If they're gone for half a decade and we end up with another Forces, that'll be the official word on it being time to give up. That'd honestly feel almost worse than the time during the mid-2000s where they were relentlessly pumping out game after game after game all in the span of a single year. Some of those were good and all of them had more replay value than Forces if you actually liked whatever game it was. This opposite period where things are taking longer, there's less playtime, less characters, less story, and no update to the art-style or art-direction just feels worse. I know I shouldn't have to choose between the two but at this point I think I've lost the last fuck I can give so I'll just say it; I'd gladly play another Shadow the Hedgehog if the only alternative was another game where its most interesting feature was the fact that it technically functioned well. Maybe one day I'll regret saying that. I left the monkey's paw in the other room so I didn't see if it curled or not but they've made these 2.5D Sonic games so boring now. I can't stand it.
  4. I think I get it now. I suppose I was just trying to figure out what the big deal was. Whether or not I believe he had a reasonable stance sat behind shitty intentions or you believeing he has neither, fact of the matter is he's wrong and we both agree on that. Also, I don't see how both can't be true. As I kept saying, my point had nothing to do with talking about his intentions. He can still be using the state of affairs on Angel Island as an excuse to convince Knuckles to return just because he wanted the Brotherhood back (which, by the way, I did say were his actual intentions as well) but also explain a plan that I feel is worth examining and talking about. I just chose to do the later. Most of the stuff I want to say about Locke's intentions I'm saving for later because I know what's coming and I'm going to be saying a lot of words about it there. Although, I'm sure our interpretations on how big a douche he is will end up being different.
  5. Um, alright. I'll be honest, I'm not sure what it is you're disagreeing with me here on. I guess I didn't talk enough about why Locke sucked this time. I was just trying to compare and contrast the ideas they had. Plus, I came down to agreeing that Knuckles' position was the correct one to take anyway so...?
  6. It's probably sad that I'm having no reaction to this at all. Like, I'm perfectly content just waiting and waiting for some reason. Probably because it allows me to live within a span of time where I don't know what the next game is and thus I can't be disappointed by it yet. There's a part of my brain that's just like "Why push for them to hurry up and announce another 2.5D Sonic that you'll beat in a day" most likely. No playable Tails or Knuckles allowed in these mainstream games still after 15 years. Background fodder and pom poms to cheer on Sonic again for everyone... I'm not eager to rip that band-aid off again. I'm more excited for that encyclopedia honestly.
  7. Cool. I was mostly arguing about which action to take was more practical and explaining why I found Knuckles' side to be, ultimately, the better idea though. Also, considering that Locke may have had a fair point isn't me saying I think the story was trying to literally be about that. That was just what I wanted to talk about. It also didn't have anything to do with Locke's reasoning for doing it. I'm aware that Ian knows of Locke's true nature and I definitely never defended anything regarding his motivations. I guess I could have gone into what I felt Locke's motivations were a bit more but I didn't really need to. I talked a lot of shit about his motivations in there so it shouldn't be necessary. Suffice to say, my reaction to the story was more about discussing the proposed actions that should be taken and not about whether or not Locke had good intentions. With all the mean shit I said in there, it should be obvious I don't think he's got good intentions, right?
  8. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #164: The Darkest Storm, Part 3: Downburst We’ve reached the end of the Darkest Storm and it’s about to get super crazy in a super fast way. I’m excited to observe just how different the book is by the end of it all. This connected image is also pretty good. Everything gets appropriately cluttered and hectic the further down the line we go. I also love the choice to have Sonic running along the heart monitor line and how the orange glow of whatever’s burning in the distance glistens along his body. Very nice. These covers are classic. The Darkest Storm is still excellent. Nowadays it’s good for different reasons. Instead of being an exciting romp that feels like a bunch of cool and important things are happening that I have zero clue as to the original context too, it’s now an exciting romp that feels like a bunch of cool and important things are happening done for the sake of shitting on what the original context for all of it was and ushering in a new clean slate for the much better and cooler state of affairs down the line. It just feels good reading this. It feels great reading this and being given assurance by the book that “No, you’re not crazy. All that weird Ken Penders shit was awful and bad and we’re correcting it for you here today”. It feels weird being so happy that the old context being awful made the story better but it’s true. This was excellent and Ian Flynn accomplished what he needed to do in a satisfying three issues. That’s truly impressive. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #165: Leak It’s time for some aftermath. I remember being pretty excited to read this one when I got to it, if only because I really love Rouge the Bat and this anti-hero space she occupies. She’s easily my favorite female Sonic character because plotting out how to properly utilize her is extremely fun and always calls for something more nuanced than “Good vs. Evil” for it to feel like she’s being used correctly. This is probably supposed to be a good cop, bad cop thing but far be it from me to tell which is which. It’s funny how Sonic and Knuckles’ shoulders are literally pressing into their cheeks the way they’re standing. That’s kind of funny. Sonic’s eyes on the cover though. Again with the irises. This issue was fantastic. I love everything about how the set-up and pay off for both stories was handled. There wasn’t a badly drawn story in the bunch and intense moments were really intense in ways that made sense and didn’t come across as mindless drama for the sake of it. The events that are unfolding are unfolding for the betterment of the book’s narrative and not for the sake of tricking children into believing something well above their years is going on when it isn’t. What a healthy relationship I and these comics are forming once again. Sonic X - Issue #30: Big Top Terror! This is one of my favorite covers, if only for how Eggman is posed and dressed. He’s a showman of the highest caliber and any chance he gets to really show that off is an instant win. The sanity of the monsters that run the circus is already questionable so might as well have it held up by the most lovable evil bastard in all the known universe. This was fun, of course. It stands on it’s own as a clear gimmick issue. Someone had an idea and was like “What if Eggman but the circus” and they did it exactly how you’d expect them to do it. There was a lot to actually show you guys but that’s because issues like this tend to rely more on the visuals than the story they’re telling. The absurdity of what’s going on is what matters the most which is often why there's so little to really say about issues like this. That in turn, usually makes covering these stories a lot easier which I can’t complain about.
  9. We just got done with Mario's funeral, now the internet's making preparations to bury Crash and Spyro. 

    When Mario crawls out of that grave, he's gonna be shocked to find out two other mascot platformers were put into one while he was dead. 


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Their sacrifices will not be in vain

      A Soul For A Soul Thanos Meme Template - Meme Walls

  10. So, I chose this month to finally sit down and watch not only the original Star Wars Trilogy but the Prequels as well. Since I saw the new Disney Star Wars movies as they came out in the hopes of maybe becoming a fan (Force Awakens almost did it but then the later ones wrecked that chance) I figured I'd give the older ones a try.

    Empire is fantastic. Easily the best of any of the ones I've seen. Return of the Jedi I mostly remember for the climax in the Emperor's throne room. The rest of it felt like a lot of time wasting.

    However, at the moment, I've only watched the Phantom Menace in the prequels and I... well, everything bad I've heard about it from the Red Letter Media videos and all the discussion and talks online is certainly true. I'm absolutely not going to defend it...

    ...but... I kinda liked it...

    I think I'm really starting to understand how this Star Wars situation mirrors the Sonic one where something with a clear vision, that's different and interesting, but done badly is better than factory standard stuff that corporations churn out on a conveyor belt.

    Well, Rise of Skywalker was that but also literal ass garbage. That movie is worse then the Phantom Menace. I will absolutely stand by that. 

    Granted, I think the things that made me like it despite a lot of it's obvious problems (REALLY bad acting on one end and wooden, boring characters on the other) was the fact that it does two things I'm a huge fan of.

    First of all, the politics was confusing and boring at the start... but then, when Palpatine enters the situation and I started to follow what he was doing and how he was manipulating Amidala I actually started to get into it. I actually love political warfare in media if it's done right. This... probably wasn't done right but seeing chess pieces move I still find to be fun to watch. Especially since I know it's going to lead to the Republic's downfall.

    Second, the climax was what I call "organized chaos" where there's a ton of different things going on and different characters all trying to accomplish a goal against a common enemy even if they're facing down different threats while they do it. 

    I usually can't help but get really into scenes like that. Even if the characters are made of wood. It's too easy to either insert myself into it or imagine it's happening with characters I care about more.

    That said, I also didn't really "hate" any of the characters. Jar Jar Binks was annoying at the beginning but as the movie went on he got more confusing to me instead. Like, he was just in the background and then a scene would randomly cut to him so that he could do something unfunny and then cut back.

    It wasn't until the climax where he got to lead the army where he does something but the stuff he does is also not very funny and would have been better served making him actually semi-competent. 

    There's an overabundance of CGI and needless shit cluttering the screen.

    The Pod Race scene was hella fun though. I especially love that there's no music playing for most of it.

    That's it though. 

    Phantom Menace is not a good movie. However, it held my attention for being interesting at least. I have a feeling Attack of the Clones might not fare as well.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Don't worry, for once you're through with Clones it only goes uphill from there. Not to rush you, but real stuff to gain for being a fan comes from beyond the films.

      You probably get the political warfare you crave and more with Clone Wars; you can skip at least season one if you wanna get to where things pick up. I'd also reccomend the 2003 Clone Wars for some hot Tartakovsky action. If you wanna read the superior Sequels, try the Thrawn Trilogy, turns 30 this Saturday.


      Don't take my word as I've not played all of them myself yet, but Jedi Knight, Rouge Squadron, Knights of the Old Republic and LEGO Star Wars are the must haves.

    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I actually own the two original LEGO Star Wars games. I've also seen a couple episodes of both the 2-D and 3-D animated Clone Wars series. That's about it though. 

    3. Wraith


      I actually think the prequels get better as they go along. If you already like TPM you might just straight up have a good time with these.

    4. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Perhaps. I think watching them in 2021, where I've absorbed most of the cultural osmosis surrounding their reception kind of helps a lot. I know a lot about what to expect so a lot of what's bad kind of just makes me laugh or slides right off of me.

      Shit like "Are you an angel?" or the virgin birth or the midichlorians chat made me roll my eyes though. There's a lot of groan worthy stuff here but I wasn't in constant pain like I was expecting. I was genuinely having a lot of fun by the end. 

    5. Nix


      The pod race in TPM is so fucking cool. You need to play the N64 racer game based off it; it's available on basically everything right now.

    6. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      I highly recommend just watching exclusively fanedits of Star Wars at this point. Even if you're going for authenticity, the Despecialized Edition edits are more theatrical SW than anything that's ever been officially-released. If not though, hell, I still love L8WRTR's version of Phantom Menace, and HAL9000's versions of the other 2 prequels and the first 2 sequels are much less painful to watch than the original films. There's currently a pretty huge effort to fix Rise of Skywalker going on right now, and the amount of edits proposed is incredibly ambitious (though it's supposedly gonna take even longer to have a version where Rey's heritage isn't Palpatine bullshit), it's kind of amazing to see unfold.


      Prequels are still the fucking worst though. All three of them.


    7. Jack-al


      I've honestly grown to dislike both the prequels and the sequels. The latter are funny movies with no real vision, no cohesion, and essentially everything goes to shit for the original trio, I don't think there was much purpose in them other than cash grab but they could have done it better anyway, by giving... the og trio more stuff before they got older. They also didn't really get Star Wars overall. Lame but at least they were fun to watch as movies?

      The prequels... oh boy, not gonna defend them, they were kinda nice back when I watched them for the first time, I generally don't really care now, for various reasons: poor acting by Hayden Christensen, I didn't like Padme and the love story with Anakin, I didn't like the clones stuff, yeah as predictable as it sounds I only liked Revenge of the Sith. It's really useful for the saga as it is an in-depth trilogy that adds more layers to the original story, but as movies they were executed really badly, in a boring way, there is a lot of exposition, long fights, political senate part which is generally really boring for me, it's like Lucas made his own religious fiction that takes itself very seriously. Maybe too much.

      So my top things in the franchise are:

      1. Original Trilogy

      2. The Mandalorian

      3. Clone Wars and Rebels

      4. Spin-offs Rogue One/Solo

      5. Sequel trilogy

      6. Prequel trilogy

    8. Wraith


      The sequels are easier to watch than the prequels. The performances are a lot better and they're beautiful films. They fall apart under even the lightest scrutinty though(all of them, not just TROS). 

      The prequels are the opposite where they're agonizing to watch in the moment. I find most of the characters genuinely grating and not endearing like a lot of fans do. There's some clever symbolism and worldbuilding hiding under the surface if you give it some thought, though. They also just genuinely get better from film to film so you might leave kind of amused instead of feeling like you need a shower. 

      I don't know which I prefer at this point, but important to note that while I happily consumed most of clone wars and spinoff comics about the PT, youd have to pay me to watch fucking star wars resistance. I couldn't be less curious about that era if they tried. The sequels couldn't even do the job of being good groundwork for spinoffs. 

  11. Yup. All of that sounds like something way, way up my alley. Yet I didn't like it when I read it years and years ago. I'll be able to comb through why when I get to it but I think it really does fall squarely on the fact that I had so little context for why the story was even happening and barely understood what it was even about. Cause like I said, I didn't know that was supposed to be Knuckles. Enerjak Reborn is also one of my favorite Archie arcs. It's an extremely popular one, for good reason, but at the time, the reason I liked it would have been far different from the reason I'll end up absolutely loving it now. I didn't have ANY of the original context for Locke going into it. I heard the weird looking ant man in the Indiana Jones outfit calling Locke a bad guy but I didn't quite get it because I hadn't read any of what happened before. As such there was no way I would have been able to look at what was going on in the Silver Saga and put two and two together about where Locke's influence would have realistically led Knuckles. I didn't know who Jani-Ca was nor did I understand the prelates thing, despite loving the dark atmosphere. Plus, I remember raging at the ending over something that I probably wouldn't give a shit about nowadays. The point is, SO MUCH has changed since then and now. I'm older, I'm smarter, and I've got a mountain of context and the benefit of hindsight on my side. I'm willing to bet my opinion on that arc may end up being the complete opposite of what it was when I first read it.
  12. Ian actually talked about this on a recent Bumblekast. It was the Q&A March 29th 2021. It's a pretty simple explanation he provides for it. Nothing too complicated. Timestamp: 25:35. Navigating through and talking about my complicated feelings on these comics when I was first getting into them is going to be really rough for me. At the time I was getting into the Archie Comics, I was really hankering for something a lot closer to what I wanted out of the games and I would rail on them quite a whole lot to the point where you'd be forgiven for thinking I hated them. Since I didn't start to regularly collect them until #194 onward, my initial opinion on the earlier issues from #160 - #193 was probably a lot less harsh (aside from House of Cards, my eternal punching bag of epic fail) but nowadays, after finally getting that kind of comic I always wanted on top of just having more context and being a different person in general, going back and seeing how big a deal I was making out of something that may not have been all that bad or seeing if I still feel the same is going to be interesting. Like, everyone liked Pre-Reboot Omega for example but I was a huge fan of Omega from the games so I hated him. I thought the origin of him getting Gamma's soul put into him was lame (I still do) and I thought Ian overdid how cartoony he was. I think he's got a perfect balance to him in IDW but I really couldn't stand the weird "Shy around Blaze" thing that happened. Then there's stuff I hated for various reasons that may not turn out to be the case anymore. The Silver Saga I had a huge problem with, especially the ending but now that I have so much new context for things about it that I absolutely didn't before (I didn't even know that particular Enerjak was supposed to be Knuckles) revisiting it might be a complete 180 for me. The Tails Adventure I remember hating the ending to. Most Sonic Universe arcs I remember just having really bad or rushed endings to them and it's sadly a staple of Ian's work that remains to this very day. Contrary to what you've said, I actually don't think he's got a problem with stretching things out. I prefer all the stories he's done where they've gone to 12-15 issues long or whatever. That kind of pacing just feels better to me. Literally, the only thing I'd change about the Metal Virus' pacing is that I'd give it one or two more issues so that the ending didn't feel as quick. I wanted to marinate in that tragedy for as long as possible. That's the real interesting part about going through these newer books. The conversation has shifted from me exploring some truly heinous and awful shit to recontextualizing what I do and don't like about the Archie Comics going forward. Finding out why I hated the stories I did and if I still do or not is going to feel like an emotional war-zone. I say all this because I remember thinking Treasure Team Tango was strange and underwhelming for a lot of reasons despite the covers doing well to depict the kind of arc it was supposed to be. I have no clue if I'll feel the same upon revisit but Rouge's conduct in that arc was a big pill to swallow along the stuff I just talked about with Omega. Pirate Plunder Panic is a Post-Reboot story, and also done by Tracey Yardley, but I recall that one being even worse. I really didn't like that one. Again though, I have no idea what my opinion on them will be now. It's been so long since I've read them. This is another good example of different strokes for different folks seeing as how I could care less if the Freedom Fighters get to do something. It probably contributed to a lot of my enjoyment for these stories back in the day, just seeing the game characters I care more about doing stuff. Also, they really didn't do much of anything for a super long stretch of time before Ian's run either so it seems par for the course here.
  13. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #161: Birthday Bash! Part 2: Birthday Boys Mmmhmm. This is a great cover. The green really works well for Scourge here, I gotta say. Nice to know that Master Emerald energy instantly heals wounds on the chest too. The only hang-up I have about this cover is the eye situation. It looks fine at first but if you start to stare at it for too long, you start to wonder why they seem to have eyebrows inside their irises. I know it’s an art thing for the sake of expression but there’s different and more effective ways of doing that so I can’t help but be a bit distracted by it. Shadow in particular looks really weird with them. This was a wonderful conclusion to that introductory story-arc for the new state of things. Scourge and Rouge’s relationship is starting to unravel, as it should, Fiona’s finally becoming a character, and the writing for certain characters has seen a noticeable improvement along with the art. Now that this fun little romp is out of the way, we have the most epic house cleaning ever put to print to get to so let’s jump right into it. Janitor Flynn’s got some shit to clean up. Oh, and I didn’t even notice it at first because it was exactly as it should be but, Sonic’s eyelids are finally blue. Thank God. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #162: The Darkest Storm, Part 1: The Gathering Tempest Darkest sketch! Darkest sketch! Darkest sketch! Hell yes! For those of you who don’t know, there have been a number of stories I’ve been practically frothing at the mouth to revisit after gathering together all the context I wasn’t aware of upon my initial read of them. Darkest Storm is most definitely one of them because when I initially read this arc I fell in love with it because of how grand in scope and important it all felt. Now that the context is on my mind, I can not wait to see how it all stacks up upon a re-read. I’m slightly worried but I’m mostly excited. Even the cover here is depicting a racing heart monitor. Things popped off shockingly fast here. I don’t remember the events unfolding the way that they do this quickly but I’m here for it. I figured the Ancient Walkers would die in the second issue because I remember one of the issues ending with Mogul at full-power as a result of something monumental he did… but I think it’s obvious now that I had the events mixed up in my head. His release is definitely still important and it highlights one of the big things about Ian’s run during this time concerning his heavy duty house cleaning. The Snively story in particular was really well executed and it’s great that the underlying tragedy of him returning to Eggman managed to be mined at all from the terrible decision that got him there in the first place. It’s hard to put into words but it can’t be overstated just how much better this all feels. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #163: The Darkest Storm, Part 2: Onset Of The Squall Obviously, because the image is three parts, it’s still incomplete. I do really like what we get on the cover though. Not only is it well drawn but the lighting and colors are wonderful, especially on Mecha and Ancient Walker #3 at the bottom. This is all the kind of stuff someone like me aspires to be proficient at one day. Let us continue with the next part in our journey through the redemption arc of the Archie comics. Ian Flynn is FORCING things to actually happen in this godforsaken book now and it’s great. We’re not pussyfooting around with promises of things that may, one day, eventually happen some 200 issues into the future if you squint a little bit. No. The status quo is changing. People and things are facing eradication. The curse that most long running comics face when plagued with seemingly endless time has been broken. Now that the book is being forced to change, it’s finally being allowed to evolve. It’ll only get better as things go along too. Some of my favorite stories within the book, bar none, are coming up in this span of time. We’re in for a huge uptick of seemingly endless awesome shit for quite a long time and I’m all in for it. What a glorious reward for having to read through all that garbage. It’s not finished being washed away just yet. The miraculous conclusion to both these new stories is upon us.
  14. Maybe if they made it like a Kingdom Hearts situation where the different worlds were all different SEGA IPs or something. I could see that happening if they ever went on another space adventure. Might be a good excuse to celebrate a SEGA anniversary but still have it be a Sonic game.
  15. Nothing so far makes me think we'll get more than one Chaotix member. Cream was a given though. She's a part of the group that gets one every year. The ones that get switched out seem to be Big, Omega, Espio, Charmy, and once in a blue moon, the Babylon Rogues... or at least Jet. Eggman and Metal Sonic seem to swap places every other year. So expect a Shadow, Silver, Blaze, and Rouge story for sure. No use even speculating on those. However, since Sonic doesn't have a slot for just himself that means there's technically room for one more. Unless in June he has a story to himself or with Classic Sonic or something.
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