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  1. Issue #38 - The Rise of Robotropolis... The Fall of Sonic! This is a terrible issue but not for the reasons you'd expect. The reason this issue is bad isn't because of the plot. The script itself is the usual fare, only Sonic's behavior is doing odd things again but we'll get to that. The actual reason this issue is bad is because of the art and the formatting of the characters on the panels. This is not only the wonkiest I feel these characters have looked but in a few cases, the perspective of the panels was so strange, it was hard to read. It's a shame because, when they're drawn correctly, the backgrounds at least look pretty good. I wish the characters matched a bit more but this style is not only sharper and edgier it's also stiffer and weirder. The issue begins with Sonic, Antione, and Tails on a mission, invading Robotropolis while it's raining. There's a very sinister purple sheen used that sets the mood and makes it look cool. I got distracted from it when Sonic shows up with Jay Leno Chin Syndrome. He's cured of it the next time he shows up though but that begins to highlight one of the other problems with the art; it's inconsistency. One panel, he'll look smooth, the next he won't. Size changes are really hard to get a handle on too. Sometimes it's just a matter of borked perspective, but that's still an issue. Sonic calls Antoine and Tails slow when they catch up to him. Sonic: What took you guys so long? Yuk! Yuk! Antione: Very Funnee! I didn't embellish those lines in anyway. That's exactly how it's written in the book. Anyway, they get ambushed by, gasp, Combots. This surprises Sonic because he "thought they were all destroyed!" Well, yes. Fortunately, Dr. Robotnik had a brilliant idea after they were all destroyed. He just made more. Oh no. They fired a blast that saw Tails grabbing Antoine and taking to the skies with him. It was in this panel that I noticed Tails' nose was blue. I thought to myself that this must have just been a single coloring error but nope. Apparently whoever was coloring this just didn't know the color of Tails' nose or intended on coloring it blue because it was blue in the panels before and it remains blue in all the panels after. Except for in the extra story at the end of the issue. Which is strange because the person coloring for the first story also has a hand in the last story. Whatever! Tails' nose is blue for the duration of THIS story for whatever reason. He's Tony Tony Chopper now. I'm only 3 pages in and so much is wrong. I'm sorry to keep stopping but I have to, yet again, in order to showcase what I mean when I say the perspective is fucked. Look at this image. Okay, so what's happening in this image is supposed to be that Sonic is hopping over the Combot in front of him to presumably get to the one behind it. The one behind it is supposed to be shooting upwards at Tails and Antoine as the fox is carrying him in the sky. However, when I first looked at this panel I got significantly confused because the second robot's back is drawn at a downward angle. It's hard to see it at this size but in the book it's drawn to look as though you're looking at it from above while it's shooting ahead. It doesn't look like it's positioned directly behind the other robot. As such, the wavy purple background looks more like the ocean, or the floor. It looked a bit like he was shooting eye beams at the floor... but no, the two shadows are there and they say that Tails is actually in the sky. It also doesn't help that they're floating right above the shadow of another Combot who isn't angled downward but is instead angled straight ahead. My eyes adjusted and eventually I understood what was supposed to be happening but it was really odd. Tails eventually just drops Antoine like an asshole after Sonic shouts at him to use Maneuver S-461. Tails renders the point of naming the maneuver useless by flat out saying what it is by calling it the "Atomic Drop". So he drops Antoine on the Combot. Sonic kicks it. Then the next panel it explodes. I thought it was weird that it did that but then Sonic mentioned he was going to let the Combot's buddy destroy it. I then looked at the two panels again and both of them had a robot in the back pointing a missile cannon at it that wasn't emphasized well enough for me to spot. Again, I had to do a double take before I realized what had happened. Sonic had kicked the robot into the other robot's launched missile. Okay. Then the battle rages on and we get a strange, random number of boxes where there's suddenly a narrator. "As the Storm and Battle rages on... Mother Nature miraculously responds to the summons... but whose side is she really on?!" The ellipsis separate the three panels this narration was used in. This is the second issue in the row to talk about Mother Nature too. Sonic says he was going to have to give her a kiss last issue for summoning a random Earthquake that destroyed Robotropolis. Here though, Mother Nature sends a lightning bolt down to strike a Combot that explodes right in Sonic's face. The explosion is different because it's all red and glowy now though. Again the perspective is weird because it looks like Sonic is being blown back while also super close to Tails. I think it's supposed to imply that Sonic is actually further ahead than Tails but it honestly just looks like Tails is way bigger than him in this panel. Anyway, it knocks Sonic the fuck out (as this comic loves to do, thankfully) and Tails flies off to get help, making the worst face ever. Also, there's a weird green leaf... on his head? Or it's supposed to be apart of the ground but it goes OFF-panel for some reason and it's shaped differently from everything else? I think it's supposed to be apart of the ground but it's shaped differently and looks really weird. Also, Blue-Nosed Tails. HNNNNGHH~! Seriously what is that green leaf looking thing? If it's supposed to be apart of the ground why is it going off panel and why it specifically shaped that way? Who drew this? Sonic is seeing stars when the other Freedom Fighters come to help. He then sees more stars when he angrily tries to go after Robotnik and immediately trips and smashes his chin on the ground. So, Sonic is seeing stars again and then proceeds to run off again. Bunnie is running after him and catches up easily. I get confused because, again, the perspective isn't quite right. I know that Bunnie is supposed to be next to Sonic but they're not that far apart so in this panel it just looks like she's fucking huge. Why is he so tiny?! Well, anyway, Sonic is running and Bunnie caught up to him so Sonic is surprised she has super speed. Bunnie says she doesn't. Sonic has lost his speed! Oh noes! Sonic realizes this while doing another ugly face. While Sonic is bemoaning the fact that he's not even fast enough to swat a mosquito flying around him, Rotor proceeds to lay out what happened in probably the biggest spew of bullshit techo-drool that I've read yet as far as this comic is concerned. Did you get all that? Good. It doesn't matter because it's complete, utter dreck. Sonic gets mad at Rotor for saying all this, which showcases his first shift into asshole territory this issue. He responds to Rotor by gritting his teeth, angrily, and with a storm cloud over his head says, "Y'know, if I had two brains, you'd be dangerous!" Which... I don't understand? I don't get what it was he was saying there. It... sounded like a threat? I guess? Sally treats it like one when she's like "Sonic! He's just trying to help!" I get that they're going for the whole thing where the hero snaps because he's in a bad place because he lost something important to him but Rotor offering an explanation as to why it happened and Sonic getting mad at him for it seems a little too simple of a trigger. Also, what he said to snap at Rotor makes no sense. Like, am I missing something? If I had two brains you'd be dangerous? What does that mean? Sonic says that his speed has been with him since he was a child (we're shown a picture of baby Sonic sucking on a bottle, wearing a shirt that says "I'm cool") and he laments that it was also one of the best weapons against Robotnik. He doesn't say sorry to Rotor by the way. Anyway, they go to try and take care of this anyway and head into the woods. There they get ambushed by Combots who were using cloaking devices to make themselves invisible. I assume they can't do that and fight at the same time otherwise, what even? They decide to stop being invisible to attack the Freedom Fighters so I'm going to assume that's the case. The ambush works and they knock out everyone with knockout gas and kart them all away. Sonic ends up diving into a nearby lake to escape an explosion but... he can't swim so he's borked. He's than saved by a purple duck, a pig, a porcupine, and a very realistic looking armadillo. I know these guys as members of the council that gets formed later but here they're trainees who worked for Sally. Only now, I guess, they're full fledged Freedom Fighters. That pig I know is named Hamlin and boy... he's going places, that one... I'm not bothered by the fact that they showed up out of nowhere because it's explained that they've got their own network of people monitoring what's going on. They plan an attack out in an abandoned shack outside of Robotropolis and thanks to a dude who looks like a giant bug superhero, manage to sneak into the city. They also plan to fix Sonic's speed by making sure he gets his hands on enough golden rings. They power him up so I guess they assume that if he gets enough it'll return his speed... yeah, sure. Why not? While they're scaling a skyscraper together, Sonic falls off and is grabbed by the Porcupine. Without his speed, he's basically useless. Sonic proceeds to be humble and kind and thank the porcupine for saving his life... except no he doesn't. He does the opposite of that. The porcupine says that hedgehogs and porcupines are related so he wouldn't want to lose a family member. Sonic growls at him and says "You're no cousin of mine, PORKY!" which also makes no sense as an insult. He was saved by the porcupine, not the pig. Anyway, this makes the porcupine a bit sad and the duck tells them to not fight while they crawl through some vents. Except they weren't fighting. Sonic was just being an asshole for no reason. He gets his life saved by this dude and his response is to shout at him. He also never thanks him. What a dick. So they reach Robotnik's main room and surprise, surprise, he was wise to them the whole time. We see him there, looking the largest he's probably ever looked so far with the Freedom Fighters still alive and in glass tubes for reasons that are never explained. He must want them dead because he tells the Combots to destroy them. Through the coarse of this fight Sonic manages to get three rings and suddenly, I guess, he's got his speed back...? I think? Sonic says he does but this isn't emphasized by anything. Not really. He grabs the third ring, kicks the Combots off him, and spins around so that they get destroyed. I suppose that's the moment where you realize he's got his power back but I feel like something else could have been done to make that more clear. It just goes by so fast and with so little fanfare. You'd think they'd make a bigger deal about it. Also, all the combots just immediately get eviscerated when this happens and the fight's over. Just like that. Then the WEIRDEST thing happens in terms of paneling when Robotnik decides to escape and blow the place up. He does it so casually, it's almost cool, but it's strange because again, it happens so incredibly fast. The book clearly isn't interested in this plot anymore. It's doing it's damnedest to wrap up. Robotnik basically spews a ton of dribble from his mouth in the span of two panels while he's escaping into the floor with Snively, "Oh you've destroyed my combots, what a pity. Anyway, I'm leaving now but just so you don't take any of my shit I'm gonna blow the place up. I'm suddenly a sporting man (his words) so I'm giving you a 60 second head start. Bye~!" The next panel underneath these two panels is just a panel saying "KA-BOOM!" The final panel underneath that panel is everyone suddenly outside overlooking the city with Sonic asking if everyone made it out. There's no wrap up to the story. It just ends with Sonic saying he'll get that dang ol' wabbit Robotnik. A very badly drawn and structured issue with a so-so plot that was rushed to hell at the end. I have a feeling this comic felt like it was severely on its last legs here. Issue #38 - Bedtime Tails The second story of this issue was cute. It also isn't drawn very well but at the very least it retains a more consistent style. Sonic is sick in bed and Tails, now that he has a captive audience (his words) decides to read Sonic his shitty fan comic. It's a story where Tails blatantly rips off the Fantastic Four by saying the Freedom Fighters got hit by galactic rays while in space. They wear blue space outfits that say "FF" on them for Freedom Fighter when it looks exactly like the Fantastic Four outfits. Also, Sonic's spines look hella weird. There's a cute moment where Tails says the heroes crashed their ship and Sonic, being a critic, wonders how they all lived. Tails says you gotta take somethings on blind faith which... I mean, sure. Surviving a ship crash is the least implausible of what happens in your own book Sonic. Robotnicus (parady of Galactus) comes down from on high and says he's gonna eat the planet. The Freedom Fighters say no he ain't. Sonic buys a bunch of "Twinkles" (cause we can't say Twinkies) and feeds them to this villain. He than leaves in defeat saying "Curse you Freedom Fighters, you've spoiled my appetite and given me an ache in my tum tum!" Tails finishes his story and Sonic is asleep by the end of it. Tails assumes he fell asleep cause he's sick and not bored. The next day, Sonic is fine but Tails is the one sick in bed. So Sonic hurriedly prints out a comic where he and Tails are dressed as Batman and Robin and says he's gonna read it to him, to which Tails groans at. What a hypocrite. So, this issue was... um... I would have liked to have seen this had it been drawn better, structured better, and paced better. There are issues with the writing too but those don't go beyond the typical haphazard writing of the book at the time. It's really not that bad when it comes to that despite significant hiccups here or there (like ubber asshole Sonic and his insults that don't make any sense) but the majority of the issues here really does come down to it's failings as a visual medium. That's kind of odd. If it was a Roboticizer than it might help to refer it as that instead of calling it a De-Roboticizer as though it's a different device. However, the thing in the spoiler tag does make sense. At least when it comes to writing a story that was meant to continue. As it stands, it feels obvious this was supposed to be the resolution to the Roboticized mobians plot. I did in fact forget that Sonic's parents become a thing later and I didn't know how, why, and when. That'll be interesting to see.
  2. Issue #37 - The Day Robotropolis Fell Oh dear. That's... quite a cover. It's going to be hard to refrain from making jokes about how Sally is naked. Right off the bat, I have to say that the writing in this issue is very weak. It's so loose it feels like its held together by silly string. This feels like an issue where things are just happening to the characters and they're reacting based on what the plot is calling for. It's not infuriating or anything but these little ticks in the set-up were getting to me after a while but I'll explain that in a bit. Anyway, the issue starts with Sonic and Sally waiting in a junkyard for Uncle Chuck, who if you'll recall, is an undercover robot dude stuck in Robotropolis. We get our traditional Sonic slapstick moment when Chuck opens the secret door that Sonic was sitting under and launches Sonic into the air where he then lands hard on his butt. It's great. Chuck leads them to his hidey-hole and shows them seismic waves on a screen. Then this exchange happens. Sonic: If that's your heart rate unc, you should see a mechanic! Uncle Chuck: I wish it were, Sonic... I know what they were going for here but it really does sound like Uncle Chuck just wished he had a heart attack. So it turns out that Robotropolis is about to suffer an EARTHQUAKE! Robotnik knows this and is evacuating himself, Snively, and all his SWAT Bots into a spacecraft that'll hover over the city until it passes. During that time, the city will be defenseless and crumble. Boy howdy~! That sure is lucky! I couldn't help but think how much it would suck had that Earthquake hit Knothole instead. Or if it turned out Robotropolis was so advanced that a regular earthquake did nothing to it. Or if a random Earthquake didn't randomly happen at all. All of those would have sucked. Phew~! Robotnik is shown evacuating and we get a scene where Snively shows concern for the roboticized people they left behind. Robotnik's response is "Who cares, you idiot! They're just MACHINES!" Most of the ones left behind were roboticized people which infers that they are indeed no longer mortal because of his cruel actions. How very sad. Not to worry though because Uncle Chuck has a plan. See there's a De-roboticizer in Robotropolis (???) and Uncle Chuck plans to lure all the robots in the vicinity to it. Then, in his own words, he says that he's going to override the De-Roboticizer's circuits and when it explodes he's counting on it to have a blanket effect... So they do that. They reach the city, a tremor happens, they get lucky when a hole opens up that allows them to get through (Boy, so lucky this issue) and then Uncle Chuck deliberately sends a signal to all the remaining robots that tells them to head right where they are. Then he pulls the lever on the De-Roboticier, it explodes, and shoots a blanket effect out at all the robots... except him... apparently? Sonic points out that Uncle Chuck is still a robot and Uncle Chuck says that he'll get his chance one day and that it's better for the cause that he stay like this. Then a regular Southwest Airlines plane arrives, out of nowhere, all of a sudden, at that very moment, and lands with Rotor coming out and saying he's gonna fly all the people away. Interesting. We didn't SEE them contacting Rotor and telling him to show up with Southwest Airlines but I guess that's something the audience is expected to just assume happened. It's here where I have to stop and ask... What even? There's so much about what I just wrote that doesn't make any sense or just seemingly comes out of nowhere. I need to stop and analyze this for a bit. THINGS THAT DON'T MAKE SENSE ABOUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED: 1. Why is there a De-Roboticizer in Robotropolis? What does he need one for aside for it being something to eventually be stolen and used against him by the Heroes? I understand that you never know when a tyrannical monster whose goal is to roboticize everyone to do his bidding might need to do the opposite of that but I gotta admit, I can't think of a scenario where he would. Robotnik still has a metal arm. He hasn't even used the De-Roboticizer on HIMSELF. Why does he have it? Maybe it was brought up before and explained then but I seriously have no recollection of that. I'm sure one of you guys could tell me. 2. Uncle Chuck says that re-wiring it to explode when he activates it will create a blanket effect that will De-Roboticize all the Roboticized people... okay. So, I actually don't care that much about the fake pseudo science there and whether or not that would actually work. Trying to figure out the logistics and functionality of an already fictional device is pointless and a bit too nitpicky for a Sonic comic. No, my issue is the fact that it works on all the robots ...except him. Even though he was standing right in front of the machine and was literally the one who pulls the lever. In the massive BLANKET explosion that happened across everyone there, he was somehow the ONLY one not changed back. HOW?! This isn't even a problem with the science or whatever, it's just obviously not possible. The machine exploded right in front of him and all the robots behind him and yet he wasn't affected by the blast??? 3. Rotor shows up out of nowhere and says that he didn't expect there to be so many people to save. I'm left to assume he brought a huge ass Southwest Airlines plane to cart away three people, I guess. They never show us how he knows what's happening or how much about the situation he was told. Uncle Chuck doesn't even tell Sonic and Sally about his De-Roboticization plan until they GET to the city which means he had no means of getting OUT of the city when this was done. Everyone reacts to Rotor showing up like it was a huge surprise and Rotor didn't expect there to be so many people. Neither were aware of the other's situation. If Chuck had just told them his plan BEFORE they went to the city, Rotor might have been able to accommodate everyone because as it stands, Sonic and Sally get left behind because the plane can't hold everyone. They also might not have had to worry about how they were going to get out of the city too. It's all, once again, VERY lucky that this happened. I guess not for Sonic and Sally because, as I say, they get left behind because there's not enough room on Southwest Airlines. I'm going to set aside whether or not I buy that the plane could fit literally everyone they had with them except for those last two people. Maybe it's a weight thing. I dunno. The comic never says. Anyway, they have to escape the city themselves now. Sonic tells Sally to keep moving and stay vigilant. Sally proceeds to not do that at all, instead opting to stand still while the city is literally crumbling around them because of an Earthquake, while yelling into her mobile flip-phone for Nicole to respond. She appropriately gets crushed by a rock for this bout of extreme stupidity. Nicole comes through with the information Sally requested though. That's good. Sonic's only got 10 seconds to use the fastest route out of there. Sonic makes it after jumping through a hole in some fallen debris and then we immediately smash cut to a ceremony celebrating the awarding of a golden acorn to Uncle Chuck and Sonic, who gives his Golden Acorn to Nicole. Wow. That was abrupt! We didn't even see Sonic escape the city or bring Sally back home or anything. He jumps through some debris and the next panel (not even the next page) we're somewhere else during the aftermath. Weird. Then Robotnik comes back down from space and says he's going to rebuild the city but there's nothing to worry about in terms of attacks because he's going to put up a force-field around it while it's being done. Okay. Go fuck yourself Robotnik. If you could DO that then why the fuck didn't you have a force-field up before? Maybe Dulcy the Dragon wouldn't be able to easily sneak in and overhear your plans if you kept that force-field up all the time. They just infiltrated your city! How can you-?! Jesus...! I have a feeling this issue is going to be more significant going forward but the structure of this tale was really odd and it feels like some things could have been ironed out a lot smoother than they were. The amount of convenient things that happened and how quick the resolution was leads me to believe this was something done to just quickly de-roboticize all the people in Robotropolis without any fanfare... ... Wait a minute. HOLY SHIT! ALL THE PEOPLE IN ROBOTROPOLIS WERE DE-ROBOTICIZED! THAT'S A THING THAT JUST HAPPENED?????!!!! No joke, I was editing this review and was about to post it when it literally just hit me that THAT happened! What the fuck...? THIS is how it happened? In one issue? Because of a random Earthquake that took place? It was so understated and fast that I didn't even process it. Are things being rushed? Also, the art in this issue was very odd as well. For some reason everyone looked stilted and significantly unanimated. There were points where you could tell you were looking at a drawing of a character rather than a believable panel of a specific action moment frozen in time. They looked like mannequins basically. Sometimes their expressions didn't even match. There was a point where Uncle Chuck tells Sonic that the De-Roboticizer is going to explode and Sonic responds by shouting "EXPLODES?!!" in a way that seems like he should be worried but for some reason he's got a doofy smile on his face. Not the best art. Not the worst though. Issue #37 - Bunnie's Worst Nightmare! The second story is a solo-story about Bunnie having a nightmare that she eventually becomes fully roboticized. It's such a convincing nightmare that she even dreams up convincing techno-jargon to explain why it's happening. It's actually a little creepy and unsettling, especially witnessing how she looks with a complete robotic sheen. Her eyes being black but her pupils remaining blue while the rest of her is this purple-ish looking metal is significantly scary to look at. I will say that if Robotnik did create something like this, it really would mean that there was no hope. I'm assuming he can't, otherwise he would have. The title was a spoiler of course. She runs away because she doesn't want to endanger everyone and sleeps under a tree only to wake up the next morning completely fine with Sally not having a clue what she's talking about when she brings up what happened. It was all a nightmare. We're getting closer to the fabled Endgame and I'm starting to notice a significant change in the dynamics of the story. THAT was an incredibly rushed way to fix all the roboticized people. Again, it happened so fast that my mind didn't even process that it did happen and I had to edit in my reaction to it. I'm assuming this is where the comic started preparing for the end. It's starting to feel like it.
  3. I just explained how so. I also said where it was clarified outside of TSR in that same sentence. It doesn't matter. That doesn't change the fact that we haven't seen it happen and have been presented with no reason within any of the game's plots to believe it is.
  4. While its true that they've indeed specified that Blaze is from another dimension and Silver is from the future (even providing the number of years in an actual game instead of in a comic or a character profile, finally) they're still very much not in tune with ironing out the specifics behind their characters. It's certainly a little better now that where they're from has been sorted out and they seem a little reluctant to use the most confusing component about the two them, which is Eggman Nega (it's weird because they still gave him his own 25th anniversary comic and he was still in the Rio Olympics, so he hasn't been scrapped either) but it's usually important for things about a character and their state of being to be a bit more clear. For instance, with Silver, I think they still want him to be from a future in ruins because that's what his character bios keep saying about him and it's even the direction the IDW comics are taking. However, it's not really been specified within the games that this is the case. In the case of Sonic Colors DS, Silver says the exact opposite, stating that everyone is happy in the future. If whatever ruined his future is being kept a mystery, that's fine. I actually prefer that be kept a secret so as to keep things appropriately ominous but I still need to know the specifics behind what Silver's deal is. I love him a lot more now that his dorkishness is being emphasized a lot but it's still being held back a bit by stuff like that where detail surrounding who the character is and their state of life is out there in interviews, character bios, and descriptions but never shown to us within the active plot. We can speculate based on what little is talked about but until they're ready to commit to something, they probably won't show it. That's why I feel it best to ignore the two worlds thing and treat it like Iizuka's odd little headcanon until it actually affects something within the plot. In Forces there were way more animals then there used to be but that doesn't negate the idea that humans could still be living there. Vice-Versa for something like Unleashed. Eggman is a human and he's in Forces. Sonic's an animal and he's in Unleashed. We don't have any reason not to assume they're just in areas populated by more of one kind of species. The game never tells us this isn't the case and no one has any real reason to assume otherwise. No one outside of the informed part of the Sonic fanbase probably even knows about it and still thinks they all take place on the same planet because it was just something talked about in an interview they never read. It's weird because they're making decisions that only people who DO care about the story and lore would make. It really does feel like they're just super bad at it. Either that or they can't decide on something as a group. They probably need to just get ONE person to iron this all out and be the guy who keeps the lore and character stuff in check.

  6. When it comes to the time before the soft-reboot, I'd probably end it with something like Darkest Storm, where named characters and concepts died and got wrapped up but were still open ended enough for fan-fiction/fan-comics to have at it for continuation. I'd probably do something petty like kill off Julie-Su in an embarrassing way. I wouldn't feel bad about it though. Post-Reboot didn't have enough time to develop for me to lament much about its passing despite enjoying it more BUT the one crying shame about it was losing all of the members of Eggman's Dozen. Those guys needed a second chance.
  7. I wanna have Tails kick Sonic's ass in all the fighting events. He'll be so embarrassed.
  8. I'm a little surprised by how optimistic I am for this one. Despite going into this knowing that the roster was going to be the same (because that's how they do) there's a nice combination of small things that I'm seeing that are pleasantly surprising me. Just looking over the models to see what the differences in their clothing will be is one tick that I'm going to be indulging in. There's also the fact that there's multiple fighting events in this one. I had always been looking forward to getting one of these games where boxing was an event but I skipped over Rio because it looked so baron that I knew picking it up would essentially mean spending 60 bucks to play that one mini-game. So much of what I'm seeing is doing a lot for it's presentation, which is a big part of what makes observing the characters as they do their thing more fun than its probably been so far. Is that something we need to wonder about at this point? I have a feeling we all know what it's gonna be if she does show up. "Hey Amy," Says Tails as he stands in Green Hill Zone, "Let's go over to Sticks' house. You know? Sticks. The girl who's our friend and has totally always been our friend all this time and we know her because she's such good friends with us always."
  9. As someone who isn't a Crash fan and has never played this game before, I must say that this is a really impressive showing. The standard list of characters would already be enough for the entire main cast of Sonic's characters and then some. The fact that those Trophy girls are also going to be their own individual racers down the line is an impressive showcase of how to treat your characters like they're individual characters with equal, relevant importance. That's the kind of thing my favorite blue hog's series needs to be more comfortable doing. Outside of a mobile game.
  10. But I am keeping that in mind though. I'm just confused by the follow-through here because I'm not sure how these emeralds in particular ended up incorporated the way they were when I haven't come across anything else that doesn't have a clear and obvious explanation for why it's different. If they were given reference to the Chaos Emeralds, which they had to have been for them to be in this book, is it being suggested that they only saw the green one as a reference? It's also fine if the Master Emerald wasn't called the Master Emerald. I did take that into consideration. What's confusing is the fact that they have the floating island set-up but it's just a regular dinky Chaos Emerald that doesn't match the size of the Emerald from that game and also there's a dozen of them for seemingly no reason. If they did this because they deliberately wished to be different, than that's fine. However, I don't know if I believe they knew about the floating island, the way Knuckles guards it, but didn't take into account the other stuff because they couldn't gain access to that info. I'm still leaning towards this being a conscious decision they made for whatever reason.
  11. I don't remember coming across these two. Did I skip over something?
  12. That's silly if that's at all true. There were only six at the start anyway and as video games centered around cartoon animals, providing an explanation for why they would show up in different locations by saying there's just a ton of them when it feels like it'd be obvious they're the same ones sounds like a level of overcorrecting that just wouldn't happen. I have a hard time believing it was a coloring error that stuck and not something done deliberately. That's way too strange a way to handle an oversight like that. Especially considering why the emeralds go in terms of the story. I recall during the A.D.A.M story that the other colors of the emeralds are indigenous to their own planets and apparently only Mobius has green ones. I'm not sure where in the story this becomes prevalent as I haven't gotten there yet (and I also might be remembering wrong) but if all that stemmed from a coloring error then I don't see why they couldn't have just fixed it. Why would it need to stick? Also, it doesn't really explain why the choice was to switch it to Knuckles guarding a Chaos Emerald. I know the Master Emerald wasn't something that came about in Sonic Adventure. It had to have been that in Sonic and Knuckles right? I'm not saying they're wrong for going this direction, I'm just confused by why they did. I don't know if I believe it was because of a coloring error.
  13. While I think that what was showcased by the Chaotix last issue did a lot for their characters, a part of me does worry that what I saw won't be capitalized on to its fullest when all is said and done. When Charmy comes back is he going to be feeling remorse or regretful of the way he put his heroic optimism above Vector's pragmatizm? Will there be hurt feelings and comfort headed his way or will it just be a happy reunion and we just move onto the next thing? It wouldn't ruin what happened for me but it would stand as a case where something could have been expanded upon for a character that wasn't because we have to keep companion hopping. Perhaps that could be ironed out with something akin to a format that had mini-arcs inside of an entire saga like during the Unleashed saga of the Archie comics. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the Unleashed saga, it's structure allowed for multiple mini-arcs to happen such as the Champions Arc, the underwater city thing, and the really bad one that took place in Chun-Nan. Also the Great Chaos Caper and Naugus' invasion of Angel Island happened too, under the guise of Sonic Universe. (Which, to be fair, isn't happening right now, though Ian has stated he wishes something like it would). I find this story to be far more interesting than any of those I listed but after this is done, I could see this comic benefiting from something structured a bit more like that. Right now the characters and the spotlight they've been given hasn't been an issue for me but I can see an avenue where it might be one day.
  14. I think Year 2 is the bees knees and is (so far) easily shaping up to be the best Sonic story I've experienced in years. The last issue was my personal favorite of these comics so far with Issue 7 from Year 1 being right behind it. As someone who's been rather starved for something more serious, I appreciate this a lot and found that the act of putting the Chaotix at the forefront of the last issue allowed them to be flexible in a way that they aren't usually allowed to be often. The claustrophobic nature of being trapped in an oncoming apocalypse has gotten my heart pumping and summoned visions of me wondering what I would do if I were in a similar situation, which is always one of the biggest signs of my own personal investment. Not to mention, I like how it's standing as proof of how to utilize the characters in a manner that doesn't skirt to embarrassing Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06 levels of unearned self-importance. I was disappointed by the climax of Year 1 and am currently hoping that Year 2 delivers on its climax but on the whole I've largely no complaints about the current state of affairs concerning the book. Even if I don't understand most of the grievances brought up with Year 2, I still have respect for the opinions of the other side. Plus, it'd be massively hypocritical of me to complain about the complaining when all I ever did during the Archie run was complain. At the end of the day, I don't think anyone still reading outright hates it. If they are then maybe they just want to stay in the loop for the sake of having a stake in the conversation, which is a valid reason as well. There's been things I've read that I've hated just so I could have a fair and balanced opinion on why I thought something sucked. The important thing is to not fly off the handle and start viewing the opposite side as the villain because that's extremely easy to do and talking to them in a certain way doesn't change their opinions. In my case, when people got hostile with me for not liking the Silver Arc in Archie, I just doubled down on the hate. It doesn't work.
  15. I don't really want Neo Metal Sonic to be doing this. This is far more exciting as a person to person infection and the fact that it works on plants just makes it even better. I also rather like how much crueler it is to have Sonic and the other heroes having to attack or fend off innocent victims turned zombot rather than a gooey robot. I'd especially prefer he stay on the back-burner for a while after his buffonish performance during the climax of the last arc.
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