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  1. Written on the event calander at my job for Feburary, someone wrote for the 14th, "Sonic Movie Release".

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      To be fair, it's a much less tiresome and dreadful thing to look forward than Valentine's Day would be anyway.

  2. Yeah. I missed that one. Its not the fault of my list, I just missed it by accident. I'll cover it next time. Ah yes. I seem to recall him being either 10 or 11 in the comics. Explains why there's so much confusion about his age out there. God, what a shitty birthday though.
  3. Sonic Super Special - Issue #5: When You and I Were Young, Sally What the hell is this? Final Thoughts - The first story was some Solo: A Star Wars Story level of “Here’s the origin of THIS thing” bad writing. It’s breakneck pace was cartoonishly bad too. However, the last story that was split into three parts for the rest of this issue was excellent. It’s better than what I expected going into this. It was a lot of fun, it was really cute, and it made effective use of Sonic’s big brother mentality towards Tails. I gotta say, this was a really great issue overall as a result. I didn’t expect to really like this based on the Baby Looney Tunes cover but then again I guess that’s why you can’t judge a book BY it’s cover now can you? Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #54: Running to Stand Still That’s a weird sounding title. I like the cover though. I can’t exactly tell what’s supposed to be happening and it’s weird how Sally’s body disappears when it hits Sonic’s hand but its very well drawn. Snively’s nose is fucking scary though. I feel like I’m staring into a cave looking at his nostrils. Anyway, it’s time to run… to stand still. Final Thoughts - This was, without a doubt, the most engaging one of these stories has been for me. The way it conveyed how many problems are cropping up not only due to “politics” but the emotional stress of dealing with change as well as the fallout from decisions made during the war was actually really, really well handled. I really liked the way this was written and the art was really good too. I’m shocked by how well done this issue was. I’ve never been so invested before. Here’s hoping it stays like this going ahead… I mean, I know it’s going to get worse but I’d like at least a bit more issues like this before it does. Awesome job, Karl Bollers.
  4. I just got the Sonic Battle Racers game and I love that the box says to complete the boss and racer expansions "Plus, 13 MORE of your favorite characters - includibg STORM!"

    Thank God they're including Storm specifically. He's always getting the shaft.

  5. There was another Vector quote that I wanted to highlight but I took it out because I figured you guys would get the point without constant re-emphasis. Really, my biggest issues with these Knuckles issues is how formulaic and repetitive it all is. Constant exhausting exposition dumps about the past that see the present day story lacking any real gravitos. It really is just things from the past showing up again to let themselves be known they're still around before something blows up or the conflict is halted to be dealt with at a later date. Thats been all 6 issues of this Knuckles comic and its maddening. If he ever gets the answers he seeks, I'm half expecting them to pull another Sword of Acorns twist and reveal its all fake so as to prolong it ever more.
  6. Knuckles the Echidna - #4: Lost Paradise, Part 1 of 3: The Phantom City Knuckles is back, way sooner than I would have liked to be honest, but he’s here. This cover has… quite a lot of… something going on all over it. I mean it looks nice but I have no clue what the fuck is happening. I don’t know why there are several ants now and why they’re riding on tornadoes or why the Chaotix are transparent and why that cannon is comically shaking back and forth and firing at Vector. All I know is that Penders will probably have answers for this that’ll only serve to confuse even more. Or no answers at all. Final Thoughts - So, this story was… frustrating. Fucking frustrating. I’m sick and tired of all these questions popping up because I know good and god-damn well that not only are the answers not going to be satisfactory but they’re not coming for as long as Penders can stretch this shit out. I keep being surprised by the fact that this Knuckles’ series has issues stretching into the 30s. Locke and Archimedes are terrible people and the quicker they stop fucking with and manipulating Knuckles’ life, the better. Julie-Su is just a pain and seeing her and Archimedes talk about how bad Knuckles’ personality is when neither of them have room to talk is that gross, cheap icing on the cake that I don’t need. NEXT. Knuckles the Echidna - #5: Lost Paradise, Part 2 of 3: Fallout Is it weird that upon seeing this cover, I was suddenly awash with the realization of how ridiculous the story I’m reading truly is? Seriously, what the hell would this look like to a normal person? Also, I think I’m sort of understanding the point of making everyone look so translucent. It kind of just looks like everyone is a ghost but, as we find out, there’s a bit of a reason for it. Final Thoughts - So many of these characters keep repeating phrases like “The question is whether or not you’re ready to handle it” or “You’re not ready” or even “This is more than he’s bargained for” in something like the title crawl. This story has done nothing to explain to me why Knuckles isn’t ready for this shit. As a reader, I’m just really frustrated by all the secrecy. The only way to know why Knuckles isn’t ready is to show what he isn’t ready for and how he deals with it, but they can’t because they want this to stretch itself out for the sake of some sort of self-important story romp. It’s not worth it. This issue was convoluted and overdone. Maybe back in the past I would have given this a pass for being mildly interesting on it’s own but the amount of issues focusing on Knuckles that devolve into just an endless exposition dump and history lesson has reached staggering levels of ridiculousness. This is not how you do this. At some point, history’s gotta be made with what’s happening in the present. So much of what’s happening in the present is just people talking about the past and how shit’s still like it was in the past. Knuckles the Echidna - #5: Lost Paradise, Part 3 of 3: Zero Hour… and Counting This is the worst cover of the three but it’s still nothing bad. Spaz is a great artist. They all look well drawn here. It’s just the formatting is still a little hard to get used to. A part of me can’t look at this and not think it looks ridiculous. Anyway, time to conclude this dump-truck of a fucking story. Final Thoughts - This story was a travesty. It was pureale garbage from top to bottom. These stories where tons of characters act like they know better than you, who start spewing bullshit from their mouths in a thinly veiled attempt at sounding important, and do NOTHING to serve the story except exemplify why their existence has only allowed problems to fester need to go the hell away. This was a story where nothing happens for the first two issues before something miraculously happens that pushed people to run away from something towards their safety. It happened last time with the Kragok thing. I mostly just covered a huge flashback in that. The shit going on in the present wasn’t much of anything. This dude showed up, captured Knuckles’ friends, let Knuckles go, and then had to escape a collapsing building. Here, Knuckles’ mom was captured. Knuckles easily rescued her… and then the other zones started to merge which meant getting to a bunker? They sure were lucky that bunker didn’t collapse under the weight of two zones merging. This was just a bunch of frivolous explanations for things that DO NOT need to be as complicated as they are for the sake of an underwhelming resolution. I really hope this doesn’t happen again. Something about Knuckles’ PRESENT needs to advance soon. These stories where we just get told a bunch of shit that happened in the past and some dude who wants revenge for something in the past just… runs off or calls a truce and nothing happens aren’t interesting. Also, for the love of God, stop introducing characters. We don’t need anymore. Or at least get rid of some if you’re going to. Drag Locke out of his bunker and force him to do something productive. Or kick Julie-Su off the island. That’d make me happy. Garbage. Here’s Eustass Bagg reviewing this old as shit Ken Penders Knuckles comic Muriel found out back.
  7. Yeah, the last fighter for the next one will probably be a Sword and Shield rep and everyone will lose their minds despite the last four generating all the delicious hype they wanted. Plus, even if he weren't apart of the Fighter's pass, most people are gonna get him anyway. If Smash fans don't want this system around, I'd gladly ask for a trade though. Playable Professor Pickle, here I come!
  8. I wanted to come in here and type a sarcastic comment about how its okay to complain because Smash Ultimate Racing only has 15 characters or something but nah. This game's roster includes every character thats ever been in Smash and started out with the expectation of very few new additions. Cut to 2020 and its still adding in new characters, with the promise of even more on the way. I couldn't imagine being truly upset about this, even if they add someone I don't care about.
  9. This was my favorite of the issues you guys have posted so far. I'm typically one for stories where characters just get to head on over and talk to one another within the midst of an aftermath to a crisis. I'm not exaggerating one iota when I say that the one panel of Sonic hugging Sally and her family was the most I've ever cared about her character before. I'd imagine if I were a fan of hers, this would be hitting really hard but luckily I'm at least able to tell when something's written with affection. Some scattered thoughts I had: - At first I was a little miffed that transferring into Geoffrey's body didn't fix Naugus' problem because I thought that meant it was going to undo the plot point of him taking the skunk over. I'm glad to see that he can actually get it under control. - Seeing the old Egg Bosses made me realize that, aside from a select few, I'm not as familiar with the Egg Bosses from Pre-Reboot as I am Post-Reboot. Eggman's Dozen is one of my favorite Sonic stories period but I keep being reminded that it's apart of the continuity that isn't getting the continuation. I can't help but wonder if some of them will be incorporated into this one somehow. - Almost 10+ years of reading these comics and seeing these characters with parents is still weird to me. You'd think I'd be used to this by now. - The Mina and Nicole beef being brushed aside caught my attention. Having so much freedom at your beck and call is going to make undoing things you weren't fond of or don't see the logic in continuing a breeze. - Knuckles is adorable. I probably would have been really confused by the affection the two had here if I hadn't started my journey through the early issues recently. - Reading these always lights a fire in my stomach. I'm still gonna make my own comic one day. Just you wait. That's all. Can't wait for the next one~!
  10. I think you're making it seem way more complicated then it is. There's no reason anyone would need to jump from the SA2 adaption all the way to SU #2 and just read the flashback pages. Thats a little insane. Reading things in chronological order doesn't account for flashbacks or the way a single issue decides which story is shown first. The SA2 adaption and SU #2 were written so far apart from each other and clearly not meant to be read that way.
  11. The one I'm using now is being provided by the unofficial Archie continuation website. I don't know what "reading timeline" order or "story by story timeline" order means. I assume you mean the order in which they come out versus the order in which events happen chronologically.
  12. SEGA Heroes just added Charmy Bee which now means I have to play it.

  13. To be honest, it felt more like it was there just in case you didn't read the stories from the other series running at the same time. I typically tend to like how Sonic Universe doesn't present itself as mandatory reading sometimes. It makes accidental skips easier to deal with but here its clearly not concerned with that.
  14. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #53: Unfinished Business So, because this comic apparently has some sort of disorder where they need three different books running at the same time, I've run into problems where the reading order lists I've been following have screwed up twice. I've found a 100% accurate one now so it's all good but this means I'm further ahead than where I should be which is a little annoying, even if it is for a comic that's most likely going to be garbage for a good long while. Not to worry, I'll be covering what I missed next time. What a strange, creepy looking cover though. I’m really not sure what it is here that I’m looking at here. Not only can I not tell what this thing is but… I can’t tell what that this IS and that’s even creepier. Like, seriously, what the hell is that? I guess I’m gonna find out. I’m sure everything will be fine with everyone’s favorite incompetent doctor around. This story is also a joint effort by Ken Penders and Karl Bollers so… so we’ll see how that turns out… Final Thoughts - The majority of this issue really wasn’t bad at all. It was stocked full of a lot of different stuff and new concepts that do end up being heavy mainstays in the book going forward and even recontextualized some things about the book down the line for me. It’s a shame the writing got a tad derpy and confusing there at the finish line but it didn’t completely shit the bed either, so that’s nice. Next time, some more echidnas. There’s so much echidnas guys. So many echidnas.
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