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  1. Speaking as someone who skipped by all the handheld Sonic games, I'd like to see a collection that housed all of those. Advance 1-3, Rush, Rush Adventure, Rivals 1-2, and Battle along with the handheld versions of some of the console games would be neat. Adventure through Heroes, were I to be given the choice, I'd prefer the N-Sane Trilogy treatment where they were just competently remade.
  2. The best part of the issue for me was Tails staring in anger at the chalk in his hands. Never before has a genius mind ever look so disgruntled and confounded by a mere piece of chalk. I hope whatever this arc does ends up giving me a mind-fuck. I could use one of those right about now.
  3. I kind of view resurrecting Sonic in 06 to be the prime example of it for me. That's kind of it.
  4. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #140: Return to Angel Island - Part 3 of 4: How Many Echidnas Does It Take to Protect a Master Emerald? Whoa. That’s an actual distinguishable face hovering over the Master Emerald like that. It’s not just Knuckles with a beard. Color me impressed. Nice cover overall really. This aesthetic is still managing to work well. This issue was really good. Solid from start to finish with some nice hype moments sprinkled throughout. Jon Gray’s art is a delight and it’s great seeing things play out in a manner that feels like it’s not wasting time. Of course, the same can’t be said of M25YL BUT at the very, very least we actually got some intriguing information. Unfortunately, because it’s Penders, the info we got was complete balls. I’ll take it over more sleepovers though. I was seriously contemplating eating grass rather than suffering through that part of this story. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #141: Return to Angel Island - Part 4 of 4: Ultimate Hero So now Locke is on the side and Eggman has warped himself behind the rest, overtaking the cover as the true villain of this mess… not that this was a secret or anything. We knew that. I’m just trying to make the cover seem more nuanced than it probably is. Anyway, it’s time we saw the conclusion to the Return to Angel Island. Return to Angel Island was a fun romp. I expected, based on what I was being told, that the changes made would be more drastic and to be fair, a lot of them were a lot more important that I think I’m able to give full credit to at the moment. The full affect of what the changes could mean haven't fully sunk in yet. Knuckles having a new baby brother is kind of the thing I like the most but the guardians being dealt with (and in such an unceremonious and hand-wavy way too) was excellent. Other than that, the dingos just being all minions for Eggman except just Harry the Cabdriver still seems… not quite right. We’ll see if that ends up being what they stick with of course. It was nice seeing Remington loosen up a bit. The introduction to Dr. Finitevus and some character development for Lien-Da was appreciated too. Seeing the Hunter return actually turned out to be a neat surprise as well. I don’t need to reiterate yet again that nothing happened in M25YL. This story is actually supremely impressive. I’ve never read anything before that was this good at wasting time. We already know something bad is going to happen and we already knew they blamed Sonic for it but I guess we needed a whole scene where Sonic gets let in on being blamed for it because... I dunno. Sonic X - Issue #24: Camera Hog Critical Systems Failure! Critical Systems Failure! Downloading too much awesome at once. The latest in Eggman's robot copies of Sonic shaped characters can’t handle it. THIS. IS. ALL. YOUR. FAULT. This went by incredibly quickly. It was such a breeze to read. There also wasn’t much going on in it and not a ton to talk about within it either. It’s an incredibly simple story with an incredibly simple follow-through. As a standard book for kids that you can pick up and read on a slow day, it’s cute. There’s really not much else to it other than that tough. The premise behind this robot and what lesson it’s supposed to teach was already done within the show this comic is based off of even. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy it still purely for how well done the art is and the amusing manner in which our heroes get their asses kicked. I mean, seriously, Tails and those hammers. The poor lad.
  5. Just like with Silver back in the day, I'm trapped in the echoes of outcry for characters people don't like to go away. It only ever makes me want to see them show up more and more. Although, a part of me does find it a little sad that no matter who writes them some people are just never going to like them. Still though, the anime battles in the Metal Virus Arc with the Zeti was peak excitement for me so I'm happy about this. Obviously, hearing that the Chaotix are on the case also has me pumped. I can't wait for the epic match of the century, Charmy Vs. Zavok. Their battle will be legendary.
  6. It'll always remain true that to get the most out of Smash Bros. reveals, you gotta be into the Nintendo stuff. Being aware that outsiders are allowed only means so much. Stuff that I actually get hyped over is a true once in a blue moon thing, which is why Sephiroth hit me so hard. That said, I wonder how many people online still haven't learned their lesson when it comes to tempered expectations. 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      At least for both this and Byleth they clued us in on who the character was almost instantly after the trailer starts. They are instant red flags in hindsight, but with Pyrra/Mythra not having a whole direct to themselves, the footage this time felt telegraphed enough so I could start dumping my exceptions before the punchline, immensely softening the blow.

      After Min Min, I should've come to expect they'd make a loophole on the "no recent Switch reps at launch" thing again. I felt those two were more popular than Rex anyway, but I can't judge for certain on where he falls. And I hardly play Smash anymore for outside (literal) reasons anyway.

  7. I'm trying to wrap my head around working on a Sonic comic for so long and yet being so ignorant as to what the relationship between Sonic and Tails is. Also, of course that's the explanation for why they're married. Tails hasn't seen Sonic in forever so he hooks up with a girl who's fast like he was eh? Sounds a bit silly indeed. I'm not one to criticize characters ending up with people they had little interaction with as kids but something like this just defies understanding at face value. Honestly, neither can I. There's a ton of Flynn's stuff to get through as well though so the ending of an era is just going to give rise to an even bigger one. I'm really excited to get to it so I can not only re-visit the material but do so with the benefit of actually knowing what happened beforehand. It's going to put so many things that I just let squeak by into context.
  8. Sonic X - Issue #23: Hedgehogging Their Bets The fact that someone appears to be spying on Sonic via a security camera in the living room of a young boy’s house is fairly creepy. I don’t think the Sonic Haters club here cares much for being mature considering they’re throwing dangerous fucking weapons at pictures of him on the wall and drawing on his face. The best they could think of was a tongue sticking out of his mouth though? It looks more like he’s mocking them even more. You couldn’t at least make it look like he was drooling like a moron? Fantastic cover though, in all seriousness. I love looking at things like this that can do organized chaos well. It spurs me to be better at what I do. If you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed that. Like a lot. I’m a sucker for villain groups. I’m a sucker for Sonic lore. I’m all for stuff like this, absolutely. It’s no surprise that Ian Flynn was the guy who took the time to scour through all the notable humans that he could within the show with easily exploitable personalities to formulate this group. I’ll never stop admiring his willingness to do stuff like that for our entertainment. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #138: Return to Angel Island - Part 1 of 4: The Message So when you guys were talking to me about Return to Angel Island I didn’t think it’d literally be the next story. I also didn’t realize how close I was to Issue #142. Once we get there I’ll have officially caught up to the issues that I own. Although, I still won’t remember jack shit about what happened between #142 and #160 because I let those issues collect dust because of how confusing the stories were and how awful the art was. At least for most of them. According to everyone, I own some of the worst these comics have to offer which doesn’t surprise me considering one or two stories I’m thinking about right now. Still, we’re reaching a point where I’m eventually going to have context for all that stuff and it’s going to feel weird. As for this cover, it looks nice enough. You can tell there were attempts to recreate the Sonic Heroes poses for the characters. I think they relatively succeeded. I actually had a bit of a ball with the first story. There were things about it that, for the sake of my own sanity and wonderment, I had to point out as not being too in favor of but on the whole I did enjoy myself. Each page had something I wanted to screenshot and capture and it took a lot of restraint not to just point at all the artwork and go, “Ah man! Look at that! It’s so neat!” after every sentence I wrote. The second story continues the train of tedium. Sonic has just now been informed of the planet’s eminent explosion because Rotor saw fit to waste our time by not telling him because he thought Sonic wouldn’t believe him. Knuckles needed to be informed too but I don’t understand why the ball couldn’t have gotten rolling faster by just telling Sonic first rather than having Knuckles tell Sonic after Rotor tells him. It makes no sense and obviously Rotor was wrong about Sonic not believing it because he does instantly. Fuck man. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #139: Return to Angel Island - Part 2 of 4: Avatar You know, it’s only now at the end of Karl Bollers time as a writer for the comics that I’m realizing that this whole time Ken Penders never really owned what he was allowed to do with these echidnas. I always kind of treat Knuckles and all the stuff around him as Ken’s toys to play with which is why it never fully sinks in that Karl Bollers is the one deciding how the stuff with the echidnas is shaking out here. It’s because of that fact, however, that Ken Penders is going to get all pissy and immediately try to undo any of what happens here when it’s his turn to write for the main story again. Anyway, this cover is nice to look at. This style is fairly nice to look at in general, though, I do find myself yearning for something a little less like this the more of it I see. I think I tend to think of character renders more so than a cohesive cover when I see them in this style. Maybe that’s what’s tripping me up. The Return to Angel Island story has, so far, not been anything super ground breaking but I’m definitely enjoying it and having fun. I’m almost astonished that this is possible with a story centered on the echidnas but it is if you’ve got the right cards in play. The 25 Years Later story is almost impressive in its ability to waste the audience’s time. I’ve never seen a story like this where nothing has transpired to the point where characters keep circling the drain of being handed the same information we were given since this story started. More people knowing that the world is ending doesn’t mean anything. No one’s acting on it. We’re literally sat here watching these characters have dinner and then a sleepover. Why the fuck are we focusing on this? The planet’s going to explode right? I really wanted it to explode in mid-conversation during that goddamn sleepover.
  9. I BEAT KH3 DATA BATTLE XEMNAS! FUCK YEAH! I got so fucking lucky but whatever, I still won.

    1. dbzfan7


      Congrats you got even darker shadows waitin for ya after him 😈

  10. I really want this bitch Xemnas to just die. The KH3 data battles being hard is fine but this dude is untouchable in his second phase and it's infuriating. 

  11. Ah! I know that tune! How exciting. Judging by the two tails at the end of the logo I can only surmise that the Hover Wisp will be making his grand cinematic debut. I can't wait. He's my favorite character.
  12. What's funny is that I own issues 142 and onward, even though I only started over at 160 whenever I wanted to re-read the comics. So I must have read 150... but I only read those issues one time, several hundred years ago, without the context of what happened before them, while barely paying attention because I thought the art was mostly awful, before letting them collect dust. I don't remember a goddamn thing about it but based on the context clues you guys are giving, I have an idea of what this is.
  13. Ah yes. I completely forgot about that. I'm looking forward to it.
  14. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #135: Agent of K.N.O.T.H.O.L.E. What an unintentionally hilarious cover. I mean, my God. How dramatic can you be? I love specifically how your dialogue is written so as to entice all the readers to look at the front cover and wonder about who the person who lived could possibly be. Imagine their disappointment when they find out it’s this one character you met once several issues ago. I just got the mental image of this cloaked figure being Maria. Wouldn’t that be funny? Although, from a glance, I had always assumed it was Merlin Prower even though he didn’t die. It just looks like it should be him. This issue was perfectly fine. The first story was okay. It had a nice set-up and what we learned was substantial. The second story was easily the best of the three. The intrigue and the mysterious angle behind what we learned in the first story enhanced things quite a bit. I also got excited due to knowing what’s ahead concerning certain plot points and that’s always a good feeling. The third story was more of nothing happening. I didn’t think it was possible for a story to drag this much but good God, we’re STILL waiting for the inciting incident to kick off here. Lien-Da talked for six pages and learned NOTHING. Holy shit. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #136: The Infiltrator Jules’ life is a dumpster fire ain’t it? It’s just going to be one thing after the other isn’t it? Oh well, at least he’s got a family. That’s the important bit I suppose. Also, really beautiful looking cover. Nice background especially. Really sells the beauty of this tragic figure. By that I mean, the robotic hedgehog in the bridal carry. The issue averages out as something that’s just okay, unfortunately. I actually did rather enjoy the first story. This Tommy Trilogy isn’t turning out to be so bad, despite how funny it is that this random character that is suddenly really important to Sonic’s past is being played up as super important again, all of a sudden. He’s not been insufferable or anything though so it’s been completely fine. Plus, exhausted Sonic was kind of adorable. M25YL, however, sunk our battleship yet again. #GIRLTALK wasn’t false advertising at least. It was indeed just a bunch of girls talking. There was nothing of substance there and we learned nothing except what food they’ll be eating at this dinner they’ve been talking about since this thing started will be. The last story was mostly just Knuckles psyching himself up to do something he didn’t do for the sake of teaching him a lesson in patience. It would have been fine had the characters he was respecting the wishes of weren’t awful people. I guess I can at least say that this issue gave me a good laugh, even if it was me just laughing at nothing in particular because my brain snapped in half when it hit me that I was just reading page after page of moms talking about their fucking dinner preparations. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #137: Robo-Dyne Systems Behold the first issue of the Tommy trilogy to actually have Tommy on the cover. Love the art doing it’s best to pay homage to the Sonic Channel art. I guess things feel more official when you’ve got characters drawn in the style of the official Japanese site. That or Adventure 2: Battle’s cover. Yeah, this is yet another issue where all the stories were fine, I guess. All the problems they had make this a fairly below average issue overall though. The first one was a lot quicker than it probably should have been but at the same time I don’t know if you really would want to spend too much time on the Tommy Trilogy than necessary either. I will say, the first two stories in the Tommy Trilogy were better by virtue of being more intriguing. This last one just felt like business as usual, although with a few confusing caveats concerning the state of Sonic and Sally’s relationship. Seeing Sally so unsympathetic to Sonic in the M25YL story didn’t help matters there either. I guess this is just the part where I have to sit through seeing these two characters fight. It’s probably tough for someone who wants to see them together but it’s way tougher for someone like me who doesn’t give a shit about their romance. Nothing’s happened yet in this story. This dinner they’ve been talking about still hasn’t begun and I covered three issues today. There was no Sonic X this week. How am I still not at the fucking dinner?! The Antoine story was easily the best one in this issue for me just because it managed to convey a relationship well (for the most part) and ended on a note that almost sucker punches you in the face. You can accomplish a lot with very few pages it seems. I actually missed you asking this. That's quite a long stretch of time to remember so I had to look back over the covers. As I did though I realized that most of it was just an assortment of mostly random stories where it felt like the comic had no idea what it was doing and trying to find it's footing. It doesn't look like there were any real arcs happening. The direction was so wild and strange and nowhere was that more evident when they suddenly decided the characters had to go to school only for that to be abandoned shortly thereafter. The love story with Sonic and Mina wasn't the worst thing ever but it also wasn't very good. Knuckles dying and coming back to life was some strange, haughty, pretentious nonsense but that's par for the course with Penders. Mammoth Mogul integrated some good stuff into the book, like that story with the second Tails and a little bit of insight into what it was that got Dimitri to grow more of a heart but it wasn't enough to save it. Stories like the domestic abuse with Dulcy, who hasn't appeared since that story, seeing Hope being put into the story due to select Overlanders returning from space, finally seeing the Rotor family story get wrapped up, and the sloppy integration of the elements from SA2 did little to help things as well. Then there's the unceremonious removal of Kodos and his spider ninja sidekick who betrayed him. They were two characters who scarcely, barely had a point and never amounted to much of anything in the end. Getting rid of the Source of All was a net positive but the Sword of Acorns being a thing that still has legs somehow doesn't feel good. I don't even know what to make of Snively's position in the book right now either. Then there's all the stuff with Eggman where he was body hopping and kept getting his city destroyed. Nate Morgan gets written out in one of those escapades but it ends up not mattering. Then the book decides Eggman needs to be flesh and blood again anyway. It was a hodgepodge of just stuff happening before we eventually got the really awesome Avenegers story with the Xorda attack. I can't say I have too high of an opinion of it all. I'd have said the book was in trouble if I didn't already know where it goes and where it actually ends.
  15. It was the Brainscratchcomms interview. Basically, he explained that how it worked back in 2010 is that when it was time to recast, they went in and auditioned for the character. Or rather, in Mike's case, he goes in and re-auditions but its treated like he's just doing a regular audition. Mike said he got a call that was basically, "You're being called in to try out for the voice of Dr. Eggman!" and Mike was like "I thought I was already doing that..." in his head. So he goes, does the same Eggman voice he always does, and he guessed they just liked the way his voice sounded the best so they picked him. I'm guessing the same thing probably happened again. I don't want to assume anything though. I doubt he's getting special treatment. I think they're genuinely just running down who auditions and just think Mike's sounds the best for what they want out of an Eggman voice.
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