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  1. Edit: I had a whole thing here explaining why I was sure but then realized that in the post I didn't clarify that I wasn't accusing this man of tracing. I was just providing an example of something recognizable that I've re-drawn before as an excuse to talk about it so that people didn't try abd tell me stuff I already knew. So just ignore that section. It exists to let you know I'm aware of something and I tried to head it off at the pass, inadvertently making you respond anyway, just differently. Complete with a response that begins with ellipses, which is never a good sign. This is a bit much to insight over one unhinged jaw so I'll just conciede that you might be right.
  2. Angry Joe was pushing for Shadow and I'm like, dude, Shadow appearing in these things feels like a wait further than the stratosphere at this point. I'm cool if we get Sonic 2 and it's about his buddy Tails.
  3. It feels weird walking into this thread feeling the exact opposite way I did coming into the original thread for the first film. If I went back in time and told myself that not only would have I watched the movie but enjoyed it and bought the blu ray but would also be anticipating the sequel, I'd contemplate kicking myself in the face and stealing my own lunch money, probably. Yeah no, I'm actually super excited to see what they'll do next. I wanna see the full Jim Carrey Eggman transformation. I wanna see what Tails' role is going to be and how he meets and works off of Sonic. I want to see if they actually keep Colleen for the film. I want to see if Tails' design is going to be given any tweaks or if what we saw was his finished look. I want to see if there's going to be more Sonic remixes within the soundtrack. I want to know what the deal with the Echidna tribe is. I want to know if Longclaw is alive. I want to know if Crazy Carl ever got his chainsaw back. I'm in. Sign me up.
  4. Just saw this really awful clickbait article. "Sega Prepares Console Comeback, and they're about to Get Wrecked!"

    I usually ignore these but this one sounded so funny I gave them what they wanted and clicked.

    These are the three bullet points at the start of the article:

    "1. One journalist is teasing some big Sega news for June 4th.

    2. June 3rd is the group's 60th Anniversary.

    3. Could Sega be prepping to re-enter the console war?"

    You got that. Some other journalist said Sega's got news coming. Also the 60th anniversary is coming up. And then he just re-states the question.

    "Considering June 3rd is Sega's 60th anniversary, there's reason to think the company is re-entering the hardware game."

    I don't need to explain to you all why there totally isn't reason to think that at all. The article just goes on about how terrible of an idea it would be and doesn't provide any proof or viable information as to why. The closest they get to doing so is when they talk about Sega Shiro, the son of Segata Sanshiro who promoted the Saturn.

    "Why follow up a marketable character if you're not following up on the product he was meant for? It's almost as if Sega is gearing up for a big advertising push." it says.

    Yeah, geez. You know it's almost as if it's their 60th Anniversary and that would call for a big advertising push. 

    It's kind of hilarious. 

    The five comments on the article all point out how shit it is so no one's falling for it but it doesn't matter. So long as they get the clicks, it's all good.

    I won't be deliberately giving them clicks anymore but doing it once was good for a laugh.

    1. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Every-time you click on clickbait, 10 more are born. 


      U are now the Iblis trigger. Thanx. 

    2. McGroose


      Ya just read that too, total clickbait.

      Tbh tho, they would get wrecked if they did actually did a serious console again 

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Do these journalist even know SEGA was a thing before console video games were, or do they subconsciously think it's been 60 years since SEGA's Golden Age in the 90s?

    4. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      It was so BS my phone blocked the article from opening when I clicked on it.

  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's what this always is 100% of the time. We need a generic picture of Sonic to put in our advert thing so get one. Although, if they announced "Sonic Generations port but now it looks like Unleashed and also here's Hang Castle" I'd be all over that. I don't even care about possible lag.
  6. I mean, he's talked repeatedly about how he doesn't like it. I didn't like it either. Its not surprising. Other people seemed to though.
  7. I was about to come in here and say for the 50th time in a row that Boom Tails was and still is my favorite interpretation of the character but holy shit, someone beat me to it this time. Fantastic.
  8. Regarding the dingos, I keep forgetting that they're technically ALSO supposed to be Nazi stand-ins because they're not being written that way. Everything about them is coming off as sympathetic and their reactions are pretty understandable as far as I'm concerned. Everytime I read Von Stryker's name I get reminded of it but its really weird. Like the book just became "Oops! All Nazis!" now.
  9. I do have a pretty constant image of a Team Chaotix Detective game styled like the Ace Attorney series floating around in my head from time to time.
  10. Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #22: Dark Alliance - Part 1 of 3: You Say You Want A Revolution... Oh my God. This story is gonna blow. Ken Penders and politics is like oil and water. The fucking dingos holding up picket signs saying “Echidna’s Unfair” is just… I mean, it's true but goddammit. \ I’m not a fan of the way this cover looks either. I don’t like the way the characters are drawn and I’m certain it’s supposed to be cluttered but it’s not done in an appealing way. There’s a lot of cluttered covers in the IDW series and they look amazing. So… yeah… this issue was… something. It’s the start of an arc about an election that so far has an… understandable issue I guess. The echidnas don’t give a shit about the dingos and, despite not thinking it’ll matter who gets elected, they see it as a possible chance for something to change, maybe? Dimitri legionizing this dude is pretty metal but the "brilliant" plan of doing so to mess with an election seems kind of goofy. This was mostly a set-up issue and at times it felt like it was being penciled by a completely different person throughout. I feel like the only reason I’m not reacting worse to this is because I’ve had fair warning as to how bad this gets. I’ve heard about this and I’m mostly in shock that I’m finally witnessing it for myself. The Holocaust poem thing is just… REALLY fucking weird. Yeah, I think of Sonic the Hedgehog and the first thing that comes to mind are the Nazis and the holocaust. THIS IS IN AN OFFICIALLY LICENSED SONIC ThE HEDGEHOG BOOK! SOMEONE SAID YES TO THIS! Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #23: Dark Alliance - Part 2 of 3: Election Night Yeah, these covers just aren’t doing it for me. Not for nothing, these Knuckles issues at least give me a lot to talk about but damn… what’s coming next is gonna be some pureil dog shit of the highest order, your honor. This is it folks. We’ve done it. We’ve found it. The holy grail of bad Knuckles issues. This is the shiz-nite! WHY make the Dark Legion Nazis? I don’t even get what the subtext is even supposed to be anymore. Hell, your connection between Robotnik and the Nazis doesn’t even work, why would it work HERE? Also, why do it AGAIN? Why do we need two parallels to the Nazis in this Sonic the Hedgehog book? Why does Penders think Sonic the Hedgehog needs more Nazis? Considering what we know about them, it makes no sense. This group was formed because the terrible echidna society screwed them over by forcefully taking their technology away and being a bunch of hypocrites by hoarding it in certain places and what not. That’s a sympathetic angle and it should be acknowledged at least a LITTLE bit. But it’s NOT. They’re being portrayed as completely in the wrong and he’s trying to do everything in his power to make them irredeemably bad. All this is accomplishing is that I’m becoming more confused. I’m definitely not on the side of the “good” echidnas, I can’t have any sympathy for the Dark Legion because of all the terrorist shit, and Knuckles straight up doesn’t give a fuck. The only reason he’s even a part of this story is because Dimitri sent his henchman to capture him. Then at the end of the issue, Dimitri’s like “You can’t stop me now!” as though Knuckles was doing something to try and stop him here. It’s like someone just remembered, “Oh yeah. Wasn’t this supposed to be about Knuckles?” and so they just got him roped up into the situation at the last minute. Knuckles has said, multiple times, that he doesn’t care who wins the election. He and the Chaotix have done nothing for two issues now while this story is going on around them because it intrigues them none. That’s not even getting into how POINTLESS the fucking election is. What is the point of the election?! I could maybe see the point of it at the very start with the conflict they were setting up but it didn’t turn out to be some sort of political espionage. They just made their shit public anyway! WHY?! Hell, the name of this issue was “Election Night” and there was no election! This is already up there as the best worst thing I’ve ever read in my life. I can’t believe it. I still have another issue of this left! Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #24: Dark Alliance - Part 3 of 3: Primary Evil Ahaha~! Primary evil. Do you get it? It’s like the evil primary. Ha… Goddamnit. I will say that I like the cover this time. It’s easily the best of the three if only because it feels a lot less cluttered due to how much better the coloring is. It works in its advantage that way. That’ll probably be the only thing I have to praise about this. I’m shuffling through finding this hilarious and being flabbergasted that this is real. This third issue was the least fun of the issues in this bunch because it was mostly the already broken and rundown story catapulting itself to the end without too much left to surprise me. All that said, Jesus Christ, what a monumental, legendarily bad garbage fire. I’m just imagining Ken Penders riding up to your house with a dump truck and dumping all the slop in the back all over you, your yard, your front porch, and your dog. This shit was bonkers mate. The second issue especially was one of the most entertainingly bad things I’ve ever read in my life. If I’m forced to read more of this shit, it would be a privilege in the name of being shocked and embarrassed for the comic book industry, to read more stuff like that. I’m just flabbergasted by it all. The moment where Benedict gave his speech made me want to get up and clap in celebration. That's going down in history as the most fucked up, delightfully gross, unabashedly insane things I've ever read. Dimitri came back talking a big game about how Enerjak made him stupid. No, losing Enerjak made you stupid. What the hell was that? I guess I’m just gonna have to face the fact that Dimitri was just a really shitty villain back in the day. In the comics I got into from 160 onward, I always thought he was intriguing based on how they spoke of his past but this dude is running on major Penderp fumes. The Chaotix were useless and did nothing. They disappeared when Xenin showed up actually. He wrote out Charmy but they ALL might as well be dust in the wind. Knuckles had nothing to do with or in this story at all. This story wasn’t about Knuckles and Knuckles didn’t give a shit about any of what was going on. He wasn’t active for any of what was going on here, only becoming slightly relevant when Dimitri randomly kidnapped him and in the final issue, he spent the entire thing strapped to table until his echidna powers made everything explode. Again, with no prompting from Knuckles himself. Stuff just happens to him and around him. The election was pointless. I still don’t get what appointing a robot to the high council was supposed to do. I get that it might be beneficial to have someone on the inside but if you literally announce to everyone that you’re a legionare by spouting Dark Legion rhetoric and doing the Nazi dance on stage, then what’s the point? Also, if you’re gonna rig the vote then what’s the point of even doing THAT much? Why not just use the brainwashed high counselor? UGH! TECHNO-CONSERVATIVES! What a frustrating trash fire. I can’t wait to read more.
  11. Best to Worst? I feel like I can't do so properly because I haven't properly watched all of SatAM to judge Snively. I've only got my opinion of him from the Archie Comics and he's great there but I don't know if how good he is equivalent to how he is on that show. I tend to not like ranking things from best to worst anyway. Instead, I usually just rank based on what I like. I never like proclaiming that something is the best or worst of something for some reason. 1. Bocoe, Decoe, and Bokkun - I just think these three had the best dynamic with Eggman. They came off more like this weird dysfunctional family more than a boss and lackey relationship. I found it really endearing. I wouldn't be as huge a fan of Eggman as I am today had Sonic X not shown me the more eccentric and fun side to his character. At that point I only really had SA2: B and Heroes to go off of and while I liked the way he was portrayed there, he really became larger than life to me when I saw him acting like an insane cartoon character on that show. I'll never forget him riding around on his Egg Mobile with Bokkun, screaming his name and how awesome he was. It got me jumping up and down on my bed doing it with him. 2. Orbot and Cubot - I really like them. It kind of seems like people don't and I can see why if you're someone who just can't tolerate characters on the sidelines that exist seemingly just to be background fodder. That's mostly what they get used for in the games at least, which is a shame, because there is some potential there. You see flashes of it on a consistent basis, even within the games. Boom was honestly a great place for them to shine. I think that show took full advantage of what they could do with them. Eggman's relationship with them was very much more abusive which led to them being more subservient. It works on the level of someone who's supposed to be considered a tyrant after all. Now, how much fun it is will be left up to you. 3. Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts - It's been too long since I've watched AoSth but I feel like if I did I'd probably have them here. It's strange because I feel like I should be able to draw upon more from my memory as far as specific things I like about them but I really just remember the voices and how overly animated and weird they were. It's just endearing. I don't remember Coconuts, hardly at all. Again, except his voice. 4. Sleet and Dingo - I dunno, I really like Sleet. Maybe it's just because he's Kif from Futurama. Dingo was alright I guess. I didn't quite understand the gimmick of using the remote to turn him into things but whatever. The idea that they were bounty hunters that just stayed to work for Robotnik because he yelled at them was an interesting idea. I can see why people might not like them but I guess I'm just fond of weird shit. 5. Snively - Again, I don't have much to recall with regards to Snively in SatAM. To this day I've seen maybe 4 or 5 episodes and that was well over 10 or so years ago at this point. Comic book Snively, I'd put right below Orbot and Cubot though. I don't think any of the lackies were bad. Even with them written out in this order, I can't say I feel they're too strongly far apart or anything. The gap would at most be the size of a pin-needle.
  12. Someone asked for more Chaotix merch on stream and the guy in charge of that stuff was like, "Yeah. I could use more Charmy stuff."

    Then they were like "The Chaotix are a really great team. I could totally go for more Chaotix stuff."

    Ah. My heart. It's like that part of the video was cosmically written for me. 

  13. Aaron Webber said on the stream that the focus going forward is to spend more time on games. So I'm guessing the 4 year waits probably aren't going away... which I'm honestly cool with so long as the wait is worth it.

    1. Sonictrainer


      I can't believe Tails is dying in the next game...

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Getting a bad Sonic game every year is better than getting a bad Sonic game every four years


    3. Plasme


      @Blue BloodYou know, it's been so long between games I've lost a lot of interest in the franchise.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @PlasmeI love Mania. Whilst not "perfect", it's basically the Sonic game I'd been asking for since my childhood. It took 20 years to get it, and it was swiftly followed by what is perhaps my most disliked Sonic game of all time. In the almost three years since then, we've had one lackluster racing game and a movie that I'm not interested in watching. My interest in the series is also at an all-time low after it finally delivered what I was asking for and then went right back to be horse shit on a paper plate. 

    5. Plasme


      @Blue BloodYeah Mania is brilliant, and I think it's so good that it's made what might otherwise have been seen as "acceptable" games look a lot worse in comparison. Everyone else needs to step their game up.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah. Don't get me wrong. Forces would have been trash no matter when it was released and regardless of Mania existing. It's just that... the series took so friggin' long to deliver something that I truly wanted and it appears that that kind of attention was a one off. I don't mean a new classic Sonic game, I just mean a new Sonic game of any kind that hits all the right notes. 

    7. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      If it takes 20 years to get the 3D Sonic game I've been asking for than I guess I'll have mine by either 2022, 2023, 2026 or 2028.


    8. Plasme


      Yeah I feel the same way. But I think even TSR wouldn't have been so criticised if Mania wasn't so good - say. I dunno tbh, just the impression I get.

      I think everyone's standards are higher now.

    9. Soniman


      4 years for more bad  games aww yis 

  14. With Sonic Team being a thing that I'm not even sure properly exists anymore and Iizuka being at the mercy of whatever random decision SEGA wants to make regarding the direction of the series, I do find it easy to overlook all of the good things that have managed to slip through the cracks over the years. A lot of really good stuff has happened. Opportunities that I didn't think would be possible before have made themselves possible today. The existence of Mania, despite it being focused on the branch of Sonic that I've little interest in, still astounds and fascinates me as someone who likes the idea of new blood getting a crack at this series. The sliver of hope for the 3D games remains open at the moment because of that. The continued existence of the Sonic comics even after the nonsense that happened with Archie and how even MORE promoted and pushed they've become, to the point of getting official merch and coming out in Japan has brightened up my day many a month for quite a while now. I love how totally into the art of animation they've become today. Not just with the Sonic Boom cartoon (the only mildly successful thing to come about from SEGA's latest disastrous push to flush money down the toilet) but especially with those cartoons they have on their Youtube channel. Engagement and love for the series is pushed to the edge with those and it's always worked because Tyson Hesse and the team he works with also have genuine love and care for the franchise. Talk of another Sonic cartoon over the horizon can only ever make me more excited with all this out there. Then there's the Sonic movie, which against all odds, pulled off a goddamn miracle. The backlash leading up to it did a lot for making me realize how many people out in the mainstream were still aware of Sonic's name and then to see the design change and the reaction afterward pushed me into the fold of something I had never really seen done in FILM before. I still get a kick out of Team Sonic Racing despite how little it had to offer in terms of content. Even then, the delightfully weird trailer with the shopping carts and Iizuka standing at the checkout is the kind of charming that my heart would need to be literal dust in order for me to not enjoy. I do want to believe that things are getting better but we're trapped in this weird rut where things are probably the most uncertain they've ever been in a long time. SEGA has done very weird and monumental money and time wasting things over time like the situation with the Saturn, the 32X, Sonic 06, the ENTIRE Sonic Boom empire that came in like a wrecking ball and crashed and burned about a year or so later... you know. I don't feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they might not be able to do it again. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if all the money that Sonic Boom stuff lost them is the reason why Forces and TSR were kept so low budget but I can't make assumptions like that. SEGA's got bank and a lot of good franchises under their belt, namely the monster that is the Yakuza series, but it feels like when it comes to Sonic specifically... they still don't quite know what to do. Hearing all this talk about how Iizuka's in a thankless,stressful position is quite the bummer. The man says some really strange things sometimes but I've never questioned the fact that he's probably the person over there who cares the most about this series. That man is largely responsible for getting me into the series through Adventure 2: Battle and the work he did to near death pushing out Sonic Heroes, which almost defined my gaming childhood. I even read an interview long ago about how excited he was to bring Team Chaotix back. The Chaotix are here because of that man. If he's actually the last bastion we have to cling to then there's only so long that's going to last. If all the positive stuff that has happened is largely a result of his influence, then when the time comes for him to retire or leave, things may just get worse. I don't wanna look the series over and think that rather than getting better, it's just one dropped member away from being the worst it'll probably ever be. I need them to put something out that'll convince me that they've got a solid hook for a comfortable future ahead. Whatever this next title is will probably be the deciding factor for whether or not I believe there's truly hope for a consistency in good tidings to come or if it's going to just be this weird game of hot potato in terms of what's good and what isn't forever and ever. I'm really tired of a new good Sonic game coming out and hearing the words "Sonic is back" and "Sonic is good again". That's not something you should have say every time a good Sonic game comes out. I'm ready for Good Sonic to be the norm now.
  15. I'm not overthinking anything. I'm just talking about how the wording is weird and doesn't sound right literally any way you read it. I mean, I heard that Lupe is apparently from the SatAM show which I still haven't properly watched the whole way through so I just assumed it was covered there but if it's not then I've no answer for this either.
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