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  1. It's so weird how SomecallmeJohnny and the rest of the Brainscratch crew are convinced that the next game is going to be the Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 remakes. He even said it's not a matter of if but a matter of when. 

    It's so strange. They've done nothing to assert that they're willing to go back to any of what the Adventure games did at all. They tell stories through text-boxes, still only let us play as Sonic, and have games that barely clock in at 4 hours now. Johnny says the demand is too high but that doesn't matter. Aside from reusing the music, they haven't paid any mind at all to the Adventure crowd. 

    I don't get it. Why are they all so sure?

    1. TheOcelot


      Iizuka-san (sort of) said he'd like to remake Adventure and some fans are jumping to conclusions...

    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I know what Iizuka said but they didn't even really mention that when they talked about it again in their Pre-E3 discussion. I seriously think they might just think so because Crash and Spyro did it but... even then I kind of expect them to be a bit more level-headed than that. 

    3. Diogenes


      i dunno forces is the most adventure-like the series has been since unleashed

      sure as shit isn't a straight copy and it sucks huge amounts of ass on every level but i could see it being the first step in a shift back thataway

      not that i'm actually expecting adventure remakes though

    4. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I can... sort of see that but that would first require them to be consistent. I can't see them going from something like Forces to magically going to a game where they'd have to animate cutscenes, give us multiple characters to play as, a hub, and... I just don't get it.

      I'd love to see them take a crack at something like that again  but there's nothing here to suggest it's happening anytime soon so their insistence that it's a matter of "when" is eternally baffling. 


    5. Diogenes


      forces does have fully animated cutscenes. and 3 playable characters (even if 2 are sonic)...4 if you count shadow. and sa2 didn't have hubs so that isn't a strict requirement to be adventure-like.

      e: and, like...they are absolutely capable of trying to do a thing and catastrophically failing at it

    6. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I'm not talking about strict requirements to be "adventure-like". The first Adventure has a hub and they're expecting a full on Adventure remake, more specifically, the first one more so than Adventure 2. I'm saying I don't see the Sonic Team of today making a game with hubs. 

      And when I say "characters" I'm talking about the extended cast. Forces had two Sonics and a blank slate character creator thing. The only real extra "character" was indeed Shadow but even he was DLC and almost fully separate from the main experience. They're clearly not comfortable with making a mainstream 3D game that pushes someone who isn't Sonic into the limelight just yet. Shadow's inclusion was the first they've done something like that since... Black Knight? 06 if you want to ignore the spin-offs. They don't even feel that comfortable with their extended cast in Spin-offs anymore. The olympics roster has remained the same for years now and TSR only had 15 characters, the lowest amount in a Sonic racer since Sonic R. They only feel comfortable using them in mobile games, most likely because no one cares as much about those. 

      And as for the animated cutscenes, I was being hyperbolic because I was insulting the way Forces included them. The majority of that game's story was told through text-boxes and what cutscenes they had were animated like shit. So imagining them going from that to something that had so many of them also doesn't seem like its plausible. 

    7. Tracker_TD


      In what universe did Adventure's cutscenes have good animation? It honestly wouldn't be much of a step-up from Forces if they were accurate, if one at all. 

      Futhermore while the 3 characters were two Sonics and the OC, they still played fundamentally differently from one another  - even the OC, despite being built on Modern's framework. It still counts as "multiple characters", you can't just ignore the gameplay perspective because you'd rather they have been someone else. 

    8. Miragnarok


      Even then, M&S’s latest game had bosses available to players in the event where they were a boss. And in TSR some characters not present were given mentions or Easter eggs. And there’s also Mania.

    9. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      @Tracker_TD I'm not saying they had good animation. My point is that they were ALL animated and when it comes to a game coming out in 2019, should they properly remake the game, they would most likely be expected to re-animate all of those cutscenes. However, they don't do much animation or cutscenes at all anymore so the task that lies before them as far as an Adventure remake is concerned doesn't seem at all in line with their methods today.

      And you're missing my point entirely when it comes to the other characters. I wasn't talking about the gameplay aspect because that's not my concern. I'm talking about the fact that they're clearly not comfortable utilizing the extended cast of characters. The ones that aren't Sonic. I'm not ignoring the gameplay perspective because "I'd rather have someone else".  I'm talking about the fact that when it comes to remaking the first two Adventure games, they'd need to include playable versions of Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big and whoever else in order for it to be a proper remake and they clearly don't want to do that.

      You're getting what I'm saying here twisted for some reason. I'm just explaining why I don't see them doing Adventure remakes. This has nothing to do with what "I'd rather" they be. I'm confused as to why you're making it about that. 

    10. Miragnarok


      I’d imagine the thing would have to be outsourced anyway, because I agree that it’s clear they are less comfortable (but still comfortable) about the expanded cast, cutscenes, etc.

    11. Diogenes


      i feel like you're getting a bit too caught up in specifics. they don't need to have already made SA3 for them to decide to remake SA; they could jump straight to it just the same as they jumped from gens to lost world to forces. gens had a hub world (even if it was 2D) and that was only 2 main games ago. forces' playable cast may not equal SA's six unique characters but it's still more of a step towards that than anything in the whole stretch from unleashed to lost world. if they decided an SA remake would sell, they'd just...do those things.

    12. Jango


      So you're assuming it isn't happening because Sonic Team are lazy fucks?

      Sounds about right. I would gladly accept any other studio to do it if the remake thing is really happening.

      But not the current Sonic Team. 

    13. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      @Diogenes I don't think I am. There's just so much that they're not doing with the 3D games today that an Adventure remake coming out in 2019 and beyond would require from them and I can't see it happening. Once again, the concern I have when it comes to the playable "cast" in Forces doesn't have anything to do with the amount of characters or different enough gameplay. They've clearly shown they're comfortable with that so long as they're an extra Sonic or, in the OCs case, a blank slate that you can graft whatever you want onto. 

      They haven't shown that they're willing to fully rely on their extended cast of characters though. Shadow being DLC was a step forward after 10 years of nothing but it feels like going from that to a full blown Adventure remake with suddenly six characters after so long of that not being what the 3D games were doing isn't realistic to expect from them.

      I suppose it's technically possible they could jump from something as lazy as Forces to something as ambitious as a full-blown Adventure remake but... I don't really see any kind of impetuous for that to be a reasonable thing to expect out of them.

      I'm fully expecting their next game to be more of the same or some weird experiment like Lost World was.  

      Even with you bringing up the hub that Generations had I used to jokingly call it an Interactive menu. It's not even just because it was 2D but it was also a bunch of platforms in an empty white space background. 

      Even the idea that they'd do it for money, I'm not so sure about. It feels like if they saw money in it they'd have done it already considering how high the demand has been for so long.



    14. Diogenes


      the avatar character may not have a strict developer-dictated personality but they're still a not-Sonic character with a full character arc. considering that, plus Shadow's campaign, plus the fact that the majority of important characters are still part of forces's story even if they aren't playable or major actors in it, and lost world's focus on tails (whether you like what they did with him or not), i don't think polishing up a story focusing on a couple more characters that's already been written is all that big a jump.

      also, there's no reason to assume that their idea of an adventure remake would be all that ambitious. like i said before, they're fully capable of trying something and failing...

    15. Strickerx5


      I’m sort of with them on that.

      It isn’t like Activision treated Crash all that highly before they up and decided one day to work with Sony on getting remakes out. Sometimes you simply can’t gauge where upper management is on certain matters. Plus, modern Sonic is a confused thing at the moment. ST lost the people that made Unleashed, Colors, and Gens work and I still severely doubt trying to start over (again) is going to do much good either. Honestly, it makes sense to just remaster other games to bide time and maybe even find some form of footing on.

      Also, Sega, if nothing else, has been famous for following trends; especially when it comes to Sonic. It seems like every 3D platformer under the sun is doing something to call back to their earlier days and I’d honestly be surprised if Sega doesn’t follow suit. Hell, we’ve seen them do nothing but lean on nostalgia for the better part of a decade now. It may not be for another year or two (they’ve might’ve started another project before they fully realized what the rest of the industry was up to), but I feel like it’s coming. Add in them now actually heavily referencing the adventure era more and I really do think it’s only a matter of time now.

    16. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      @Diogenes So, you're of the mind that because the characters are still around, there's reason enough to have hope in them eventually being written with polished story focus going forward? I'd like to believe that but the characters being around is kind of all they've been around for. To be around. They're still here because Sonic Team is aware that they all have fans so they're allowed to show up but they don't do much else. In Generations they were all statues. In Forces they barked interchangeable dialogue at you. Tails and Eggman get slightly better treatment story wise due to being the sidekick and main villain but not much that feels too substantial. And again, there's the fact that they're still not comfortable with any of them being playable. Even Tails. It's been this way for years now. 

      I'm only assuming that their idea of an Adventure remake would be what a regular remake (like Crash and Spyro) would be because that's what the Brainscratch crew are most likely expecting. As such, I'm speaking stricting from a point of view that's taking into account all the hubs, playable characters, and all the stuff that they no longer do. That's the kind of Adventure remake I'm assuming they won't make. 

      If you're saying that you can see them attempting to remake the first Adventure and failing because it turned out to be something like Forces or whatever than...  yeah, I can actually see that. 

      So I guess I agree that a certain kind of Adventure remake might be possible.

      I do wish I had the optimism that most had when it comes to stuff like this. I made this post thinking the idea of them going back to something where the other characters were playable and had substantial story focus was obviously not going to happen but it would seem more people have faith in the idea than I thought. That's good. 

      For what it's worth, I'm certainly not hoping I'm right about this. I'd love it if I were wrong.


    17. Diogenes


      i expect most of the characters to be written like dogshit because most of the characters have usually been written like dogshit. i just don't see some huge, impenetrable wall between how they're used now and how they'd be used in an SA remake.

      and, again, they do make hub worlds, and they do have other playable characters. not every game, and not as many or as elaborately as they used to, but they haven't completely abandoned these things

    18. Wraith


      Drastically changing SA in any way would be more work than just copying the shit they already did so I'd settle down about that. Them turning it into a boost game or whatever is just a shitty fandom meme

    19. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      @Diogenes Well I do. They're not being used for anything now and in an SA remake, it'd be reasonable to expect they'd be used for something. Whether or not they'll be written like dogshit is up to the individual but I'm just talking strictly about how I don't expect anything at all.

      I'm sorry that I have to keep elaborating on what I mean when I say "other playable characters" but again, I'm talking about the extended cast. I know you guys think that the Classic Sonic and the character creation thing count but I don't so... that's why I keep saying it like that. Shadow as DLC does count though so you've got me there.

      Same with the hubs. I'm used to completely dismissing them because they've been so underutilized. And because of how limp and bare-bones the one in Generations was, I don't usually count it, which I fully admit is my own personal bias getting in the way.

      I don't see any reason to expect any of this stuff to come back in a way that would be expected for an Adventure remake at the very least. 

    20. Diogenes


      again i think you're just stuck in the mindset that things have to already be like SA for them to do the things SA did, despite how much the series jumps around in its goals and style.

      i feel like this is going in circles with neither of us budging though, so, agree to disagree i guess

    21. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      @Diogenes Alright. Agree to disagree. I don't see any reason or proof that they're willing to do a remake of Sonic Adventure in the way that most would expect a remake of Sonic Adventure to be.  As such I don't have any hope or faith that they'll do it.  

      Sorry. This series jumps around a lot with its goals and it's style but I've personally felt that the one thing it's remained consistent with over these past 10+ years is being lazy and minimalistic. 

    22. Polkadi~☆


      Sonic Team is unpredictable, no one knows anything about what they'll do. So why predict a remake?

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