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  1. I keep forgetting that there's a PS5 and a new Xbox out now. I also keep forgetting the new Xbox's name. This has been the least exciting lead up to a new generation in probably my entire lifetime so far. 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Gaming graphics have practically peaked already, so the only thing left to improve is making good looking games easier to make. And that's exactly why there's no actual good games this new generation.


      Frankly this new generation blows, period. Humans can now die just standing next to each, and the non-human future is nigh. Mother Nature has finally won

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      The PS5 is a myth! Don't believe in Sony's lies!

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Not really, lol. For a start, graphics are still improving. It's not as gigantic a leap as PS3 to PS4, but it's still happening. Ray-Tracing provides far more realistic and stunning reflections and lighting effects, graphics are reaching a point where they can remain high while not taking major performance hits, far, far better rendering techniques for things like fur and environmental effects. Literally just a look at Rift Apart or Miles Morales on PS5 would show you that there's clear graphical improvement, they certainly have not peaked.

      And even at that, it's not all about graphics. The big push this year isn't just graphical horsepower (although it's still a clear part of the equation) - it's both choice, and performance. The gigantic leap is having a balance where you can have games running at incredible performance on console based hardware, without sacrificing much of the graphical horsepower. You can barely get 4K on a PS4 Pro, yet a PS5 is capable of 4K 60fps, and in the case of games like Spidey Remastered and Miles Morales - 4K, 60FPS, AND RAY-TRACING. That is an absolutely nutty leap in performance and graphical power. 

      As someone who's recently made the leap from only a PS4 Pro to a gaming laptop, and a PS5 that can handle higher framerates, I sincerely, genuinely can't begin to explain to you how much of a leap it feels like, and how absolutely difficult it is to go back.

      This frankly has been one of the most exciting generations for me so far because there's an actual focus on providing smoother gameplay and new console functionality via haptics and adaptive triggers. It's a change that's been a very, very long time coming, and it's an important one. That alone gives this generation a reason to be here. 

      Finally, I claiming this new generation sucks is actually kind of silly. We're at the start of a new console cycle. Newsflash, it always - always takes awhile to get going. I know that for a fact, because I was still using my PS3 for a full year/year and a half when I had my PS4, solely because PS4 didn't have a ton until the generation truly got going. Switch started out with only one exclusive, and that was 1, 2 Switch. Vita, 3DS, so on, so forth. 

      And even at that, this generation alone so far has not only very substantial upgrades to previous gen titles to bring them up to snuff with the new hardware (Ratchet 2016, Crash 4, Ghosts of Tsushima, etc), but a fairly strong library due to come with Returnal, Rift Apart, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Deathloop, and more on the horizon, and that's already highly bolstered up by free PS5/Series X upgrades, plus BC on both consoles, leaving them in a far, far better place than previous generations in terms of first year usability. 

    4. Nix


      My Xbox makes Sleeping Dogs run at 60fps on a console finally so this generation of consoles has already redeemed itself.

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