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  1. If all of that's true, I can't help but feel sorry for the guy. As much as I love Sonic Heroes, it ain't worth almost dying over. I also couldn't imagine putting in so much work to pump out a game as universally hated and widely ignored as Shadow the Hedgehog. The very idea of that happening to me would crush any spirit I had left. I want the behind the scenes info even more now.
  2. It's so hilarious that the McDonalds toys for the new Lion King are just real ass lions now. 

    1. knuckles20


      So they’re not re-releasing old toys from The Wild ask the not Madagascar ripoff?

    2. Polkadi~☆


      I walked past a toy shop the other day, there was a big young Simba plush that was just regular cartoon Simba with more realistic fur and appearance.

      It was highly unsettling, and absolutely hilarious.

    3. SupahBerry


      feel the love tonight on recorder intensifies


  3. Ah yes. The eternal oxymoron of the gaming industry rears its head again. Where it makes more sense to wait for a better version of the product you want to come out rather than support it at launch. Even I as someone who bought a Switch the same day I bought Smash Ultimate am wondering what I could have done with a stronger battery life. I mostly play games docked though. Adventures feel bigger on a bigger screen.
  4. Well, once again, I don't doubt that individual developers, and even Iizuka himself, has genuine passion for the series. Despite how much I hate the word "passion" as it's the overused go-to word for clean and happy PR speak, it's not as though the concept itself is a myth. The problem with how the fanbase perceives some of the people at Sonic Team to be comes in when the passion doesn't come through in the product. Loads of people are tuned to assume that if the product came out bad, then it's because the development behind it was lazy. There are times where it's obvious that's not entirely the case. I do, to this day, still feel incredibly bad for all the people who worked on Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Just hearing about how they were dicked around and the terrible decision making that came from powers beyond their control just drove me up the wall. That's why it's always best not to target individuals when speaking about this stuff. I mention Iizuka in passing mostly when it comes to stuff that he's been confirmed to do or say but on the whole, if I'm slagging off Sonic Team, I'm talking about it as a complete entity; as a business. You know, it's like when we call out EA and Activision for being a bunch of troglodytes. No specific person on the bottom rung is being targeted there. If anyone is being mentioned it's probably some overpaid, rich asshole who's never touched a game, let alone had a hand at developing one.
  5. Missed a good chance to get a series of RPG spin-offs off the ground with the failure of the Dark Brotherhood. I'd love a Sonic action RPG more so nowadays.
  6. I'll allow this only if we get a remaster of Terror Time Again and The Ghost is Here. So long as we're being shameless might as well get the good ass tunes back in action.
  7. Mysterio: Far From Mysterio really makes me wish Forces did the Phantom Ruby right. Goddammit.

    1. SupahBerry



      If you were good enough... maybe Maria would still be alive.

      (Cue Terminator-ish Robotizied Maria)


    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike


      Zavok shows up to Sonic's cell, turns to the side and presents a fully roboticized Tails. 


  8. I'm sure it'll be fine. All he's gotta do is turn them all into aliens. Sinik the Hedg'nya-hag and Tale the Faux. They already look like alien, bootleg versions of the characters when he draws them anyway. I can actually hear a lawyer going "Your honor... this CLEARLY isn't Sonic the Hedgehog. Look, he's got huge breasts and a white string bikini."
  9. I don't know. At this point I'd accept any explanation they gave, so long as one was provided. I'm not too picky. I'd even buy that he does it by believing really hard in the Emerald's power, wherever they are. The emerald's power allows him to feel.
  10. Whenever imagining things getting better, replacing people isn't the first thing that comes to mind. More than anything, I'd really prefer it if whoever's over there right now just stepped up and pulled things together in a manner that saw results. One fitting a team of people who had their hands set in something consistent with a clear vision and a restless amount of focus on going above and beyond. In the end, when it comes down to it, I'd like their team (if there even is a 'team' in the traditional sense of the word) to have a good relationship with the fans again. Maybe then people wouldn't need to constantly search for a scapegoat to thrust all their frustration at. It's gotten so bad that even topics created discussing hypothetical things to add to the franchise are devolving to discussions about how said idea is pointless because things aren't going to get any better. An environment like that can be hard to handle.
  11. It's weird how conflicted I am whenever I hear something like this suggested. Me, as one of the guys whose been endlessly railing on Sonic Team and has lost pretty much all faith in their ability to put out something well above average, doesn't feel as though replacing an entire team of people and the head of Sonic Team will go over as smoothly as some imagine it will. It's a comforting enough fairy tale (if you ignore how many people might lose their jobs) but I'm not sure any of us are well versed in what's even going on over there to feel this confident about what needs to be done. Based on the info we actually do sometimes get about what goes on over there, it largely seems like it's a revolving door anyway. It doesn't feel like "Sonic Team" as it were is an actual "team" of people in the normal sense of the word. It's probably just a few veterans and whoever they decided they wanted to work on whatever current game is coming out. You hear how the team was fired and changed after 06 for the people who made Unleashed and you skip to now where all of those people are supposedly all gone and the credits of Sonic Forces says that one of the guys designing the levels only worked on Lost World before it. If SEGA mandated an entirely new overhaul of that team and personally saw to it that they'd remain consistent, I could see things getting better but... would they? Can they? Do they care? It's odd because almost all of the other shit SEGA is doing is getting some wickedly positive reception. It's not even that everything associated with Sonic has been considered ALL bad either. It just seems like whenever it's time to make a new 3D title for the main series, they toss all the promise it could have down the stairs. Even then, replacing Sonic Team could have repercussions that affect some of the stuff I and other people do actually like. What about Sonic Mania? That came into existence because Iizuka and Sonic Team sought after people who could create it right? Would that game exist if not for them? What about those cartoons they release on their Youtube channel? Would we still get those? What about the IDW comics? Is that going to be affected by the entirety of Sonic Team just disappearing? I don't know. I have no clue how this works. There's probably people here who can give me some more insight as to what would most likely be able to happen but on the whole it's just a scrambled jumble of confusing business practices and connections that I can't wade through with my limited knowledge on them from behind the scenes. Again, I mostly find myself in the position of just wanting a documentary or the people at the top to just let loose with the honest truth. I want to know what they're thinking. I want to know what their doing. I want what we can't have; a display of sheer, raw honesty. Not that PR speak where they sit down and talk of "passion" and "value" and "Legacy Sonic" (Remember that shit? Remember Legacy Sonic?) and what not... If I were to get something like that, I'd at least feel a bit more confident in speaking about what I believe they should do and not just about what I think I want them to do.
  12. Why did they get rid of the "For Fun" and "For Glory" concept? It wouldn't have stopped the assholes from moaning as they soaked in their pro-player Jesus juice but it would probably make it easier to ignore them. Then again, it doesn't affect me much since I don't interact with them at all. I only play Smash by myself or locally with my friend and I ain't really apart of the online community.
  13. I heard Sonic was an alien and his best friend isn't Tails, but an everyman named Tom the Cop. Based on Sonic Team's method of handling continuity, its now impossible to deconfirm this.
  14. For what it's worth, I'm interested in finding out what these solutions are one day. It'd be nice to feel more secure in a position that supported how to confidently utilize the cast. Understandably, ending each recent topic discussion with "It's pointless to do X because of Y" is starting to make the very act of discussing things seem futile.
  15. If I ever tire of this game I'll just go back to either of the first two All-Stars games. I still need to get familiar with Crash before I even consider touching CTR and Mario Kart is still hard for me to care about even after becoming infatuated with Odyssey. Really goddamn wish Sonic will be allowed to get his shit together one day.
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