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  1. You don't need to suggest anything about the reading order. I've got that covered. As for this issue, I think it at least did its job at trying to sell me on the proposed change to the status quo going forward, even though I feel like I know better.
  2. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #57: Back to Basics It always feels like a breath of fresh air whenever I get to review an issue of the main book. It really shouldn’t but it does. After this we’re right back in the thick of the Knuckles shit. Still, this is a great looking cover. It’s well drawn, both Sonic and Tails look like Sonic and Tails, the Sally in the clouds is a nice enough touch, and I admire how our little fox boy is starting to glow a bit more yellow-orange here. We’re evolving. Let’s get into it. It was a recap episode. That’s all it was and I can’t say I’m bothered by it really. It was a little mildly interesting being so confused by all these stories he was talking about. I only really remember most of the ones spoken of in the back half of the issue. My mind drew a blank on about 50% of them honestly. Still, I understand the point behind it. It’s confident in its desire to set the stage for this new era of Sonic comics and kicking it off with Sonic and Tails being the dynamic duo on their lonesome is a great way to do that. This gives the cover quite the boost as well, emphasizing even more what this is about. If anything this is a decent one to skim through if you’re like me and you can’t, for the life of you, recall the fucking weird shit you’ve read up to this point.
  3. Upon re-reading it, there's more to like about it then I remembered but there's so much wrong about the structure of all three acts that whatever you can glean from it that's good is drowned by how rushed the rest of it is. I will say that I did enjoy the part of Issue 11 where Sigma was wrecking everyone's shit but I feel like I would have liked it more had it been the majority of the issue instead of awkwardly shoved in there at the end. Also, in hindsight, I can appreciate how nice the art is more since the disappointment behind the story has long since been behind me. The final issue really was just "It's time for him to lose now" in the way it played out so quickly though. I think the biggest thing that practically murders any good will it might have had really is just how the whole Xander Payne shooting Sigma through the portal and making it all not happen goes to undermine everything. Sticks still remembers it so I guess it still technically happened but good God, was the feeling of unrelenting pointlessness felt there. Yeah, hardly anyone looks back on it with any fondness for how it played out. Definitely not the writer and certainly not the majority of us. Speaking of Sticks, Ian also said in that episode that his two pitches to get her in the IDW book have both been declined but he's trying for a third one anyway. I admire his tenacity.
  4. I mean, we're talking about Ian's regrets regarding how he handled the story but it wasn't up to him to do it at all though. All he can do is look back on what he'd do different because, at the very least, that was in his hands.
  5. Oh no, he definitely has. Specifically, he thinks the Freedom Fighters and the Maverick Hunters being there at all was a mistake. I know he included the Freedom Fighters because some were bummed they weren't in the last crossover but, you know, just the main four Sonic characters probably should have been it. Back on IDW, though, I'm loving the covers that manage to portray something ominous with simple visuals. Even if it's got a humorous edge to it. Like that cover of Orbot holding Omega's head gives off more of a creepy vibe to me than a comedic one and I prefer that feeling be in the pit of my stomach really. That one cover where everything's a grayish brown except for the infected monkey in the yellow cloak still gives me that feeling whenever I look at it.
  6. You know, on top of being glad that the movie is actually good and that it's already as successful as it is, I'm also happy that everyone whose opinions I value and am subscribed to said it was either okay to good as well. I think the only one who didn't was Arlo, and even then he wasn't even that mean about it. Even YMS was pretty nice to it, shockingly. I mean, I heard from somewhere that apparently Doug Walker and his brother didn't like it and PFFT! Okay then. I'm honestly a little bothered that there's people who even value their opinions on anything anymore. Who gives a shit what the Nostalgia Critic, director of To Boldly Flee and Pink Floyd's The Wall review has to say about anything? I checked the video and paused it while the ad played so I didn't have to see their faces just so I could look at the like to dislike ratio and read the comments. The 2.4 likes to 3.4 dislikes and the scathing shit people are saying to them in there is at least mildly amusing but I mostly just want the world to stop associating anything they care about with the Walker brother's opinions on anything. Good OR bad. I also checked the box office numbers for other video game movies and it's really astonishing how many of them Sonic's beat in just 2 weeks. Not only that but how many of them not only don't break even but have astronomically low numbers to the point of me wondering just how many people got fired as a result of it. Super Mario Bros, with a budget of 48 Million (not counting promotion costs and all that other stuff) only making 20 Million is funny enough. However, you go to something like Double Dragon and it's budget of about 8 Million and it couldn't even get half that. 2.3 Million is all it made? Fuck. Then there's something like Uwe Bowl's BloodRayne, which apparently had a 25 Million dollar budget and only made 3.7 Million? I know how he kept being able to make movies after that but still, literally HOW?!
  7. Listened to the Bumblekast today and I'm glad the info about Shadow was posted in a very well written, paraphrased post. You can kind of hear the mild confusion in his voice as he tries to think over how he's going to properly approach this character going forward. I just hope things work out. It's not IDW related but he did have another question about his regrets towards how World's Unite ended up. If he could do it again, he'd overall 90% of it, which is pretty much the entire thing.
  8. I just saw the Sonic movie and my mind is a massive jumble of things I want to talk about and say but I think the most important thing I need to get out is how happy I am that I was wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from top to bottom and I feel jazzed about being Sonic fan today. This entire situation is something I've never heard of before and seeing it play out with my favorite series on the planet is quite the surreal experience After all the harsh things I had to say about the premise of the film (rightfully so considering how things started) about the direction they were taking, the general way things tend to go with video game movies, and the usual, expected way things tend to go for Sonic in general I was not looking forward to this movie. The last thing I wanted was another strike against Sonic's record on THIS huge a scale. The idea of Sonic baring his ass before everyone in a theatre off the heels of being promoted far more than anything that's been promoted recently thanks to a movie that started out looking as though it was going to be a disaster was worrisome to the nth degree. When that original design came out, everything I feared felt as though it had been confirmed all at once and all I could do was laugh, seeing as how I had given up on the movie before the initial trailer was even released. The first thing that threw me for a loop was finding out how much mainstream attention that horrid design got. It was the first trigger in the pit of my soul that clued me into the fact that there was indeed a lot more people out there who loved Sonic than I thought. After seeing the movie I have no idea how this film could have even worked with that original design. However, even when the new trailer came out, I remained a bit cynical. Not as cynical as before as the way the internet was coming together to be POSITIVE about something eventually rubbed off on me and I started to have fun but I wasn't too certain that a design change meant that the movie itself was going to be anything fun. However, the movie came out and for an entire week I looked at my subscription box on Youtube and saw thumbnails with people clearly happy as well as talk all over twitter about it having been a GOOD thing. Even still, I was skeptical. I was thinking it may have just been enjoyed by virtue of it being better than we thought it was going to be but I wasn't convinced the elements it had were going to jell. It did though. It works. As its own interpretation of Sonic the Hedgehog it actually works and it still kind of astonishes me. Sonic was endearing and charming as a character. The interpretation was significantly more on the younger side to sell some of the emotional bits a bit more but the very fact that there were emotional bits connected to him and his dilemma was something I'm not all too used to for him. At least, not in this manner. I did genuinely feel sad for him when he kept going on about wanting to do as much as he could on Earth before he had to leave for the lonely Mushroom planet. I do feel that the film's reliance on that cheap, sad piano music was a bit of a disservice though. The scenes could have sold themselves on just his expressions alone as far as I'm concerned. That isn't to say there weren't parts where he could be a bit annoying, because there were a few times, but it helps when the movie is able to both acknowledge and run with it when it does happen. Jim Robotnik was fantastic and I'd probably say he's the one who stole the movie had I not felt that it was a group effort between the four main characters. I will say that, out of the four of them, Robotnik was definitely the one that I enjoyed watching the most. I remember seeing the trailer and how much I was bothered by the dancing scene but seeing it in context and how surprisingly creative it was (especially the simulations of him running from things and pretending his head was bitten off by a dinosaur while his machine calibrated what it needed to do, literally just so he could have something to do while it did that) really charmed me. I loved how they incorporated the "Eggman" thing into the movie. I honestly didn't expect them to even bother with it due to how Robotnik looked BUT because of the design of his robots (little flying eggs, which I didn't catch until Sonic literally said it) they managed to get the name in there. I also really like his look at the end of the film. Skinny Robotnik with the red suit and the crazy stache and bald head works shockingly well. A part of me almost doesn't want him to be fat just yet. Then there were the characters I was certain I wouldn't give a shit about, Tom and Maddie. Naw, I really liked them too. Again, I'm not one for hatred against human characters in Sonic. I like the majority of the human characters in Sonic X after all, if only because of how wacky their personalities were. These two were just really fun and endearing people. I liked watching them interact and it was adorable how genuine their relationship felt. I also liked the sister that didn't like Tom. The line she had about telling her daughter to put on her walking device so she could cheat in some steps on it got me. And the adorable daughter who gave Sonic his first present. It's all so sweet. Honestly, the thing I was worried about the most was the dialogue and (for the most part) it was all done really well. Even the stuff that looked bad in the trailer was recontextualized or delivered in a manner that made it come off entirely different that I was cool with. The one line about Sonic saying he was doing things to protect his friends and Tom saying the same thing wasn't this awkward spew of overly done, hammy nonsense like the trailer made it seem like it was going to be. There was an actual conversation that led up to that point and the way the actors delivered their lines felt more natural in the movie than in the out of context clips I saw. This should be expected of any movie, but it's hard to see past that when you're expecting the movie to be garbage. Robotnik's lines were the best. Yes, some were hammy and over the top but Jim Carrey does it really well. "You just go back to being U(You)... seless" caught me off guard the most. They also got in a "Hell". Le Gasp! Despite enjoying it the whole way through, I think the final act was by far the strongest. It was chalk full of stuff I do kind of wish to see more of from the series. A nice emotional core balanced with a back and forth between the hero and villain that pushes both of them to having the upperhand at the appropriate moments. The freeze-frame fast movement thing Sonic does in the film was very much an overconfident kind of ability of his so it was really great seeing how when Robotnik finally pressed the button to utilize Sonic's quill energy so that he could move as fast as Sonic did Sonic's plan of pushing them off the roof turned into something that had a genuine danger spike to it. The race around the world was great and seeing Sonic get so thoroughly demolished until his inevitable come back made Robotnik's banishment a satisfying end. Then there's the big thing that happened in the mid-credits that I was, unfortunately, spoiled on. It didn't take away from the moment of seeing it on the big screen though. I felt the giddiness of sheer happiness well up in my heart when I heard the voice accompanying the special surprise too. It was such a lovely treat and I'll cherish it even if there isn't a sequel. I'm REALLY interested in seeing how this particular meeting is going to go down though so I really hope there is one. I also thought that the predictable troupes would bother me a lot more but the more films I watch, the more I realize that the mere presence of these troupes matters a lot less than how the troupes are handled. If the way it was handled endears you than there's no point in complaining about their existence as far as your own personal enjoyment goes. It's perfectly fine to sometimes sit back and enjoy something wholesome and fun even if it isn't the most original thing out there. So long as it's not embarrassing and infuriating like Rise of Skywalker was, it doesn't have to be on the level of an Oscar movie or even Pixar film (when Pixar is good). As an interpretation of Sonic, it stands on its own well. I can't agree with any remark that says it isn't anything like a Sonic movie would or could be. There's so many different iterations of Sonic at this point. Like with Batman or anything else with a long shelf-life, when different people get their hands on it different things arise from it that are their own flavor of Sonic. Sonic Boom was more of a departure from traditional Sonic than this movie was. More so than anything though, I'm just really happy I was proven wrong about this. Even though this movie isn't a masterpiece by any stretch, I can't help but look at this and consider what happened here a cosmic miracle. How the hell do you start out with such an intense amount of bad blood and so much going against you and turn it around THIS much to the point where not only is everyone enjoying it but it's a big enough success that it's opening weekend surpassed a Pokemon movie? I'm still kind of in shock. I'm so happy. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think this incredibly unlikely situation may have restored a bit of hope in me that it might actually be possible to fix what's going wrong with the main 3D games. At the very least, I don't think I'm as close minded to the possibility of it one day happening anymore. I've witnessed something that's truly one in a million here. It feels great that I can say that the Sonic movie was one of the good ones as far as video game movie adaptations go. I can't wait to get the Blu Ray for this. I love Sonic and I love being a Sonic fan. It's nice that there's a lot of stuff coming out to remind me of that despite my frustration with the 3D games. It just feels really awesome being a fan of Sonic.
  9. I finally got to see the Sonic movie and good golly Ms. Molly, I actually loved it. I've never felt so good being wrong about something.

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      Yup, blew my expectations away!

  10. And you're going to do it a lot more. I don't trust myself to get all this shit right despite how hard I try.
  11. Sonic Super Special - Issue #4: The Return of the King It’s the most appropriate Lord of the Rings reference this book is probably going to get… aside from having an issue literally called “Lord of the Rings” where Sonic dives into all his billion rings like Scrooge McDuck. Despite the earlier frustration with the initial couple pages being rectified, this was still a pretty bad story. The conflict here probably could have been interesting but it had such an intensely rushed conclusion. Ixis Naugus, the person responsible for this, isn’t even properly seen. He just reveals himself as the villain and then disappears a page or two later after jumping off a roof because immediately after revealing himself he goes “Oh shit, actually I’m fucked” and loses. I’m hoping this remains a bit of a footnote in this comic’s history because the idea that this would or could be the resolution to a plot line set up in the main issues disappoints me greatly. I want to see what the asshole king does now that he’s fully restored. Sonic Super Special - Issue #7: Parallel Paradigm Okay, so I’m cheating with this one but I feel it's appropriate considering the circumstances behind this comic. I’ll be more covering the history and intention behind this comic’s existence rather than the comic itself because it’s a much more fascinating and hilarious story then the book we actually have here. It's time to talk about the infamous (among this board at least) failure that is the botched attempt to get a new and quickly failed comic series turned failed pitch for a TV and movie pilot off the ground. It's Ken Penders' immediate failure and vastly ignored "series", The Lost Ones. The second thing I need to talk about is that, just like Sonic Live, it was reviewed by Linkara, who did so after finding out that the talented Evan Stanley drew a cameo of him in Sonic #257. She even appears in the video to talk about it. However, the best part is where he gives his fans what they want and he talks a bit about Ken Penders and the tumblr post detailing everything that happened within. It was a very surreal experience seeing a guy whose stuff I’ve seen so much of talk about any of this, honestly. I watched the review and looked the comic over but there’s so little of anything to note or of interest that I feel posting his review might be enough in case you haven’t seen it. I will say that the tradition of these comics making unintentionally hilarious panels, continues to bring joy to my heart.
  12. I think Athair is fine as a character so far. I'm just a bit miffed by the constant insta-fixes happening in a row. Especially here.
  13. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #56: Immortality is Forever - Life is Finite What a silly, redundant title. Immortality is forever? No shit. At least switch the phrases around and make it seem more like a proclamation. “Life is Finite but Immortality is FOREVER!” It would still sound stupid but still. Nice cover, although, it’s still hard for me to get used to the old Spaz way of drawing these characters. I so wanted to enjoy this issue but I feel like this one was determined to make me hate it. Mogul looked so cool strutting his way onto the scene and everything just fixed itself with mystical magical bullshit and prophecies and meddling Gods. The heroes were handed the win on a plate and that’s not satisfying in the least. A lot of how this issue set itself up didn’t make any sense from the get-go though. I really have to stress that the art and art-direction are probably the most important parts of making a comic and the more issues like this that happen, the more sure of that I get. This book was terribly structured and confusing to read. I could hardly follow any of it and the lack of establishing shots for both the locations and the characters was the worst it’s probably ever been. You’d be forgiven for not knowing how and why the others are even here when the book is just throwing faces and bodies onto the page and smashing them all together in modern art collages. Not a fan of this one. Would not recommend it.
  14. I just got Issue 25 and my blood is up. It's pumping and going and I feel like bouncing off the walls right now. This is how Sonic should make me feel all the time dammit. - So I gotta thank my local comic shop first and foremost. I've only been with them for as long as this comic has existed but as soon as I walked in, the man in charge asked one of his employees if they had the Sonic issues and the variants for me. It felt great getting that awesome Deadly Six variant cover. Adam Bryce Thomas is still great with his art and Matt Herms is still the master of colors. - I know it's sacrilege or whatever but I really gotta say this; I think I'm done flip-flopping on my opinion of the Deadly Six. I really like them. When it gets to the point where I'm pretending that I am them and reading their lines out loud like a maniac, like I do with Eggman, it's time to settle in on the truth. I'm just a sucker for eccentric villains I suppose. The set-up for what they're doing is actually incredibly brilliant and, once again, I'm left jealous that I didn't think of it. The fact that all six of them are scattering and using the chaos emeralds to cloak themselves in energy strong enough to control the metal virus and the zombots is cool enough but seeing how they're utilizing their stranglehold on the planet is great. Zomom especially has got this hedonistic, fat king vibe going on where he's demanding food from the peasants in rags and have barely anything they can offer. The instant one tells him he's only got a little bit of food, he feeds them to the zombies. It's so dark and mean and I love it. - My favorite bat girl, Rouge, showing off how awesome a spy she is and how she gets it done. I do like how her disappearance was set-up and the follow-through with it here was great. - I'm glad the Rogues are here and I'm also glad I got to see Sonic stomp all over his ego by sucking up to Jet like that but I do gotta admit, their entrance did feel a little quick. I suppose it would have been a bit much to waste space on a more bombastic entry when being quick and to the point helps move things along. We're clearly in the Endgame now and it's successfully got me amped up so it's thankfully easy to let slide. - The way Dr. Starline and Dr. Eggman's manner of handling a situation is being pitted against one another is very interesting. Starline's methods sound more pragmatic and obvious but the dangerous, erratic, impulsive nature of Eggman's desire to get things done quick is sort of, kind of being showcased in a more positive light in this instance...? Kind of? The danger is still laid out but assuming this IS the plan they're going with, if it turns out it's the plan that works then it would be an example of how Eggman's manner of risk taking could be used to his benefit. If so, it's a neat little thought experience. Obviously, it won't excuse the recklessness of his desires to just create something and push it out to the world as fast as he can but it would go to show that there is, however small, a method to the madness. - Small aside, I actually don't agree that there was anything wrong, story-wise, with Eggman reacting to the Deadly Six by impulsively sending out Metal Sonic like that. In situations where you're taken off guard, the fight or flight response isn't necessarily rational. A problem that I do agree with, however, is the little thing at the end where Zavok somehow found all the people directly connected to Sonic and is sending them after him... or at least that's what's been implied. If so, I'm hoping for a tiny blurb of an explanation there, like, he's doing fast research on one of Eggman's computers about Sonic's friends or something. Otherwise, that's a little too convenient. Appropriately dramatic, but still a bit hard to buy. It's a minor nitpick though. This decision is one I do feel is ultimately better for the sake of a more thrilling story. I can't wait for all the anime battles to start. Scary, evil Charmy is demolishing my soul. - Don't know what to think or feel about Starline's firing just yet, if only because I really like him and I want him to stick around. I hope we find out how he deals with this sooner rather than later. This has got to be one of the more harsh, "Never meet your heroes" stories ever. - Holy shit, Whisper was ready to put a cap through Eggman's head. At least wait for Omega to regain his body so he can bite his ankles off. - Silver's future apparently is one that changes depending on which dangerous plan is being hatched in the past. So when he goes back, I'm assuming that it's never stable for him. If so, that's a horrifying existence. It's amazing he doesn't have Shadow's personality like they originally intended. That's all. I love Sonic. I love Sonic comics. Feed me more comics, daddy.
  15. I mean, its not like I disagree with that. The original title is terrible but do I think the turn out would have been that much better? Not really, no. "Birds of Prey and the Fabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn" is a title thats just going to be shortened to "Birds of Prey" and a general audience who somehow didn't see the trailers or any of the posters obviously won't know what that is but thats not going to change much. The amount of people who didn't see any of the trailers and promotions for the movie, but also like DC, but also would be interested in a Harley Quinn film despite not knowing it was out, but also are old enough to see it because its rated R can't be that hefty of an untapped market.
  16. Whats funny is that originally, I was wondering if the Valentine's day release date might put the Sonic movie in a bad spot because of Birds of Prey releasing a week before it. I figured that since its one of them funny book movies, it'd be heavy competition. Turns out things are tracking to be the total opposite. Birds of Prey, according to the internet, is bombing right now. They predicted it would open at around 50-55 million and it actually opened at 33 million. Its got the lowest opening for a DCEU film and I just found out that they just changed the films weird ass title to just "Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey" in an obvious attempt at seeing if it will somehow sell better. I mean... people know its the Harley Quinn movie. They're aware of that. I'm not sure what this is fixing, especially if the Birds of Prey part of the title is whats putting people off. Apparently, its not even the actual Birds of Prey from the comics. Also, apparently some fans of the Birds of Prey movie are feeling threatened by the Sonic movie on twitter so they're making weird tweets about how much better it is than Sonic. Like, REALLY weird stuff where there's claims of hearing homophobic slurs being used all throughout the Sonic movie but it was okay because Birds of Prey was playing next door...?Someone else claimed to be a victim of a hate crime while watching the Sonic movie and that going to watch Birds of Prey instead "made me feel safe to go to the movies again"... Why is the internet so weird? What is happening? Edit: Seems like its becoming a bit of a fun meme on there. A lot of these are obvious jokes. "Don't see the Sonic movie for I was appaled when he jumped out of the screen and kicked me in the balls. Go see Birds of Prey instead." What a weird meme but I can dig it I guess. Some of these are pretty funny.
  17. So, looking back, I see it with the first arc now. The second one I had to look really hard at it to see what connected. It's so hard to tell but I managed to make out the connecting sky beams and... I think the city behind the characters is supposed to connect too. It really doesn't look like it does all that well. This might be the first time they managed it really well.
  18. Knuckles the Echidna - Issue # 7: Dark Vengeance, Part 1 of 3: Deadly Homecoming These are some nice covers all around. Of course, this one kind of loses a bit of its luster for me since it’s depicting characters I don’t very much care for but my boy Knuckles is here at least so it can never be all bad. Gotta love that awful title though. Vengeance alone would have been cool but no, it’s gotta be dark vengeance. There’s regular vengeance and there’s DARK vengeance. Let’s get into it. I gotta say, the later issues of the book I read where Enerjak was a thing did a lot better at making him seem like a big fucking deal. Hearing characters talk about him with reverence and seeing how much damage Knuckles was causing as Enerjak in both the story where he lost his father and the one that took place in the Silver Saga really did a lot more for this character than I thought. Honestly, he’s really only been lame in these earlier stories. Maybe Dimitri is just really bad at being evil. He’s a much more interesting character when he becomes a floating mechanical head in a bubble and I can’t wait to find out how THAT happens. On the whole though, this issue was just set up. Nothing really all that special about it. Time to move on. Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #8: Dark Vengeance, Part 2 of 3: The Gauntlet Obviously this is my favorite of the three covers. I mean, you guys know me. You know I’m probably the biggest Chaotix fan to ever grace the forums, maybe. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of their older designs, it’s still neat. Charmy’s pose there is rather amusing. I’m guessing by the title, we’re in for a story about the infinity gauntlet or something. So we’re two issues done and I gotta say that so far this arc isn’t really living up to the epicness posed by the three issue connection cover thing it has going for it. Enerjak hasn’t done much but toy with Knuckles. Meanwhile, the Chaotix are in the same literal position they were in before and Knuckles’ mom still hasn’t gotten the chance to speak with Locke. The two ants sinking into the ground is the most this story has developed and I can’t say I care about their survival, although, I can’t help but imagine how horrible of a death that would be. Being buried alive hurts THINKING about. Yeesh. Still, this is mostly just kind of mundane. Maybe everything explodes in the final issue. Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #9: Dark Vengeance, Part 3 of 3: Twilight of the Titans Is this our first connecting cover piece? It might be. I can’t remember any other ones up to this point so I’m guessing so. The final cover in this set looks alright too. I’m willing to bet the characters on it will do more than the Chaotix did in the issue they were on the front of. Also that title was almost good. I would have called it either “Twilight Titans” or “Twilight of Titans” instead. “Twilight of the Titans” doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. I was ready to write this whole story off as a gigantic waste of time. Thank God for Mammoth Mogul. I’m not kidding when I say that he seriously saved the proceedings here. His presence and the following actions he took recontextualized a lot of what was bugging me about Enerjak and it made this long wait almost worth it. Almost. This story doesn’t feel like it lived up to the image that the connecting cover posed. The one cool thing Enerjak did was undone by the Ancient Walkers and Kragok certainly didn’t come out of this looking any better than before. At the very least, I can’t say I thought it was complete and utter garbage like the last three Knuckles issues were. I wasn’t pissed off or angry. I was mostly just waiting to see where it was going and I’m at least happy to see that we ended up somewhere good. Thank goodness. I still can’t believe this Knuckles series has 30 or so issues. Fuck. Seriously, put this into perspective. I've covered 16 of these books since Issue 50 ended and I'm just now getting to Issue #56 of the main book. That's ridiculous.
  19. Ah yes, the enticing rich history and lore of the Echyd'nya race continues. Really makes you think. You know, he's right. Why don't more series think about stuff like this? Why didn't Dr. Light install toenails on Mega Man? Sort it out, doctor.
  20. That definitely depends on who you ask. Plus, I didn't say that was the logic anyway (although, the days of Youtube in the mid-2000s definitely saw a ton of people saying so). The main thing I was going on about were the complaints about them being insignificant and pointless, not any of the hyperbolic ones about them being the root cause for every problem ever. I just used Mania as an example of a game that proves that, at the end of the day, there's nothing really to be scared of. Just depends on how it's handled. As for the second point, I'm not entirely sure I buy that it did. Even if I grant them the gameplay not being total and complete ass for a while, that didn't last but a few years (although it's still not as bad as it used to be, to be fair) and the recycling of levels and junk seems to have only gotten more noticeable. Games always reuse assets and stuff, and that's fine, but it looks and feels like we've been going through the same areas for quite a while now and dedicating less and less time to doing so. I think the lack of updates to the character models and the way they're animated has and always will be my main sticking point. At this point in time, the way the characters look and move shouldn't remind me of a game that came out in 2008. Plus, there's also the fact that back then they were insanely pumping out these games at a faster and more frequent rate then was ever necessary. That period between 2005-2007 was the absolute worst. Before Sonic 06 was even out, I remember there being three other Sonic games being talked about (Sonic 1 GBA, Sonic Rivals, and Sonic and the Secret Rings) and we were still fresh off the heels of Sonic Rush at that time too. Playing as one character certainly didn't help Shadow or Secret Rings in that area.
  21. I mean, yeah. Obviously, kicking them to the sidelines doesn't and didn't solve anything. All it did was validate the complaints from the people who hated the other cast members. When they heard the complaints that they were pointless and insignificant, the normal, proper response isn't usually to go ahead and make sure they're as right about that as possible. Considering the highest rated Sonic game in years is one where you can play as 5 characters, it's pretty safe to say that the logic was a little flawed. I can't fully blame the people who were complaining. As was said earlier, it was up to SEGA/Sonic Team to wade through the bullshit and come to the conclusion on which complaints were valid or not and they didn't do that. They just kind of do things and if people like it they do it again regardless of context and make everyone eventually hate it. On the flip-side, if something has promise but it wasn't considered an immediate masterpiece it'll be scrapped and they'll move on to something else. Like a sick, self-fulfilling prophecy. Now that it's 2020, I've kind of given up a bit on this as far as the 3D games are concerned. It might happen. Mania might have clued them in on things, Shadow being DLC in Forces was a good sign, and I assume a good number of the fans asking (almost begging) for at least a 3D Tails or Knuckles has had enough time to break through. I don't know how I'm going to react if this 4-year wait goes by and we end up with another Forces though. Like, I'll never stop being a Sonic fan but I may actually never look forward to a Mainstream 3D Sonic game again. I could actually see that happening. The poison for me wasn't the games being bad, it was them being boring and lacking any kind of ambition I guess.
  22. I feel it's less about his reputation and more about the legal snafu that might happen if he were to do such a thing without the okay from all the proper channels. I also don't understand how releasing details on what was going to happen in a now cancelled comic could harm him but Ian is the one working closely with whatever is happening behind the scenes so he's the one who would know. I do recall Penders getting a little pissy when the first chapter of Lost Hedgehog Tales was released but I forgot why.
  23. Thats definitely Sonic's foot in shadow on the cover. I'm gonna call this the "It was just a prank bro!" cover.
  24. Eggman: ... Duuuuuudes! Buddies. How's it hangin' bros? Silver looks concerned for this man.
  25. I'm actually starting to see where you're coming from a bit. Its strange that in the issue I just read where her father is abusing his privledge for the sake of murdering a bunch of former prisoners of war, Sally isn't present for any of it. Perhaps its simply not time yet though? I hope...? Thats neat. Good on Mr. Strom. I'm not sure what Penders means by the most detailed. There was a lot of stuff in it and I enjoyed it but I'm not sure the buck stops here as far as that is concerned.
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