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  1. 95% of SA2's story was about Sonic and his friends going on an adventure to stop that overweight scientist. The game begins with Sonic jumping out of a helicopter and complaining that his arrest didn't come with any food or movies and then he proceeds to skateboard down the streets of San Francisco. SA2 didn't make anyone forget that stuff or say that being serious was the only way to go. It blended the adventure and built up to the more serious stuff properly. In my opinion, there hasn't been a story like SA2 since SA2 came out. 06 was melodramatic ALL the time and Shadow's game was over the top in how serious it was. I'm actually really tired of people looking at SA2 and thinking its nothing but the Shadow backstory. We only see bits and pieces of it in the dark story and then one cutscence is dedicated to explaining it in the last story. Its an overblown criticism. All it did was tell a story that people liked and SEGA failed to properly recreate. Besides, we've had nothing but light-hearted stories for 10 years. It doesn't matter if people want a more serious Sonic because they're being mostly ignored. I guess Forces tried but... not really. (BTW, this is just my opinion. You're free to think different of course.)
  2. I mean, I don't agree that its at odds with the franchise's tone. Who decides what its tone is and why should I care? Its got more than one tone depending on the story its trying to tell and the subject matter of murder and tragedy is fine on its own so long as it has a point. The problem with this is more how unnecessary the in depth look at the violence is. Death is fine but why does there got to be a large, uncomfortable KRAAAK sound effect, blacked out bodies, and talk of sending corpses back to people's homes? For me, it just depends on where the line for tact and proper handling of the subject matter is. Even just seeing the corpse can be fine. They've shown plenty in tons of kids films. But even when they show it in something like the Lion King, they didn't show Mufasa actually getting trampled nor did they add in large KRAAK sound effects to simulate bones breaking and his fucking skull snapping in half. They trusted the audience to get the picture without that added twinge of emotional manipulation. Now a game like Shadow the Hedgehog didn't trust its audience that way but that game was bathed in "Guns are cool! Lets show off all the guns and the people getting shot. Now you get to actually SEE the girl getting shot instead of it tactfully being mentioned. Even the menu options make gunshot sounds when you click on stuff." I say that as someone who also enjoyed how morbid Shadow's game got too. Its a guilty pleasure, that one.
  3. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #72: I, Robotnik Not to be confused with "I, Robot", the 1939 short story by Eando Binder, the 1950 novel of science fiction short stories, or the 2004 movie starring Will Smith. It’s a very clever reference, I’m sure. Also, Robotnik’s back probably. Pretty solid actually. I enjoyed that. The Robotnik history lesson is something I could see being boring for a kid back in the day and possibly disappointing if you were only getting a comic a month but to me, the Robotnik stuff is one of the more interesting aspects behind it. It was nice having all that laid out before me. The second story was… strange. I’ll admit, I’m not too jazzed about where that’s going and the whole thing with the gun hits a bit weird but hey… maybe it won’t be THAT bad going forward. Nothing much to complain about here. It was fine. Time to cross dimensions a bit now. Sonic X - Issue #4: Boisterous Bot Battle! Standard dynamic action cover with stand action poses. It’s fine. I should be more impressed because of how much better these look then a lot of the old Archie ones I’ve seen but the stock art look these continue to have still bothers me a bit. I’ll get better as time goes on though. Issue 3 was a lot better than this one, I have to say. This sequence of events was far less of an interesting clusterfuck. It seemed like it might have gone that way a bit when The President took Tails away but it was only a minor distraction, all things considered. Chris magically being the only one to regain control over his robot was dumb. The art still doesn’t look very good and the plainness of the way this was resolved could only have been helped by some actual well handled action scenes. Without that, it’s not that entertaining a read. It’s a shame because the build up was done rather well, for the most part. I guess we’re finally moving on now though. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #73: The Truth is Out There... Uh… I guess… the characters are well drawn in this cover but what the fuck am I looking at? Seriously what a terrible use of a fade in. I had to look this thing over several times before I pulled together what I thought was happening. The Freedom Fighters are going in for a hand huddle, sure, but then there’s that face superimposed over it. It obscures what’s happening so much that it looked more like Bunnie was dying on the floor and Sonic was resting a hand on her chest. Then I saw Robotnik’s fist and thought that was his hand flopping to the ground because he was dying… but then I realized that, no, he’s just slamming his fist in anger because he was staring at them being a team through the monitor. It’s not very good. Even when it was a bigger size, it was disorienting for me. I just don’t like it when comics do fade in images over another image. It disturbs my eyes. Okay. I totally didn’t expect to get shaken by how harsh and hardcore it got at the end there. Don’t fuck with Kodos I guess. I’m still sort of mulling over whether or not what Penders did there was necessary but I guess it doesn’t matter. It's weird because a part of me feels I should be a bit harder on him for how violent this backstory of cute animal and human characters getting shot and brutally murdered is but admittedly, a part of me kind of respects the idea behind doing it even if it may or may not be happening because Penders just wants to be taken seriously. I guess it really depends on how you view the intention behind it as well as the execution. Uh, still, the issue as a whole was just a ton of exposition. Not much to really talk about. We’re still getting to the parts where things are unfolding and explanations for what the supposed next conflict is. It does feel like it's been quite a while since we’ve had our next huge thing that's happened so I’m hoping it ramps up now. Until then, remember kids, stay the fuck out of the library. It’s no place for children.
  4. Sonic X - Issue #3: Field Trip of Doom! The cover seems pretty simple at first but looking it over, it’s actually pretty good. If they took inspiration from Sonic X concept art positions it’s harder to tell here. The way the characters are positioned can make more sense when they look like they’re just there in spirit. Very good! Much better than the last two issues. It was a bit touch and go at first, mostly due to the art and the samey premise at the start, but I was delighted by how chaotic everything got. Nothing excites me more than having a bunch of characters being naturally split apart to take care of different things within the same conflict. It’s so much more interesting then having them all huddled together fighting robots in the same room. On top of that though, the conflict at the end here is a really great one. I can only imagine how much more effective this would be had it been Tails in there instead. Can you imagine the fallout of a scene where Sonic destroys that robot and sees Tails’ damaged body in the rubble? Obviously, I don’t want him to blow a hole in him, or Chris for that matter, but damn wouldn’t that just screw with Sonic’s mind? It’s almost weird how I can’t recall this being tried in any other Sonic story I’ve read yet. It seems so deceptively simple but also really cool. I dig it. Sonic Super Special - Issue #9: Zoneward Bound It’s the return of the Sonic Kids. I’m not really that excited about it, to be honest. Not saying it’ll be bad but still. All of these stories are credited as written by Mike Gallagher so that might be interesting at least. Yeah, I don’t even remember what the other Sonic Super Specials were like right now and I don’t care. This was the best one. How dare this book make me cry and think it can get away with it not being proclaimed as the best one. How dare! All the stories were more or less solid in this book. The first one was the weakest due to being the longest and yet the one with the least relevance. It was also the most confused. The other two did well to establish and expand upon relationships though. The Sally and Knuckles relationship was both written and handled well, which landed it as something of notable interest. However, the final story takes the cake here. I’m almost flabbergasted by how effective that final couple of pages was. If anything, it makes Sonic’s behavior in House of Cards a bit more bothersome to me but it also strengthens the resolve Tails has to keep his parents safe. Fuck man. It took forever but they finally got me. Not even any of the later issues I’ve read got me to shred tears. Sonic Super Special - Issue #15: Naugus Games This is a climactic looking cover if there ever was one. I almost don’t want to get into this one after the note the last one ended up. I’m still thinking about it. Hopefully, this one will be good too… oh wait. It’s not Gallagher this time? Who is it? Bollers? No…? … Ah shit, it’s Ken Penders isn’t it. Fuck. Worthless. Absolutely worthless and insulting. I highly doubt there will ever be an issue of this comic that’ll be as extreme in it’s laziness as this one was. What a tremendous waste of paper and money. What a gross fucking rip-off. Whoever gave the okay to this should be ashamed of themselves. I won’t bother heaping the notion of shame on Penders here because we know he has none. This right here shows nothing but complete contempt for the readers time and an exploitation of their ability to give you money. Fuck right off with this garbage.
  5. I really don't believe they grew tired of it. There's been a bit of a push to end the arc quicker and I guess that's what they're doing. I for one thought that the pacing up until this exact issue was totally my speed. The fights in the issue before were both great because they both had room to breathe. I really wish this one could have done the same with Zor and Zazz and then have the next one do Zik and the Zavok transformation. Then the finale. Just would have taken one more issue... but I get it. Again, Ian's always had this issue with the sped-up finale. He had it rear its head in the last arc as well. It's also been a problem in almost all the Sonic Universe arcs he's done. Great writer but this one little thing of his he's never been able to fully overcome. It's funny because Zeena and Zomom are my least favorite of the Zeti and yet they had the best fights. I really like Zor and Master Zik. Zazz and Zavok to a lesser extent too honestly.
  6. Ian Flynn liked my picture of Zombot Charmy on Twitter. I'm so happy.
  7. I just read issue 28 and while I did enjoy it quite a bit, the inescapable fear of the ending being rushed did indeed come to pass, though not anywhere near as badly as I feared so far. We'll see how that pans out in issue 29. However, as far as this issue goes, the choreography and what happens to resolve the fights aren't necessarily the problem, more so how quickly it got there. I don't agree that pushing one of the fights into the previous issue would have helped much as it would have very much risked taking away from what I felt were the two really well-done fights with Zomom and Zeena. The conceit of Amy and Tails using their brains to fend off Zomom's overwhelming force was, of course, the poetic way to go for them and the entire Zeena fight had an actual story to tell all its own that'll make it the most effective of these anime match-ups. I stated that I wished they'd at least have one more issue to stretch these fights out a bit more and that still holds true. That way, this issue could have done what the last issue did and just focused on Zazz and Zor while Master Zik and the lead up with Rouge to the Zavok transformation could have happened afterward. It's clear this is happening in part because it's time to wrap up according to the internet which I'm not in total agreement with. I for one still hold onto the opinion that everything before this was paced perfectly and to my absolute benefit and liking. I have zero complaints about the pacing of the arc up until this exact point because now's when things are speeding up. Speeding up isn't what I wanted to do. I'm definitely not the guy who thinks "things before were too slow and now it's too fast". I'm the guy going, "it was perfect before and now it's too fast". So that's a bummer. I do love Zor and how creepy he is. What happened to end him made sense, but as I say, I do wish it could have been drawn out a bit more. Same with Zazz and Espio. The Jojo-esque beating he gave Zazz was glorious but the highlight was obviously Espio saying that his other Chaotix family members were with him in spirit. Spirits unite. Then the Rogues stole the show with their epic beating of Master Zik. Despite really wishing that one had gone on longer, seeing Storm uppercut the entirety of Zik's body with his fist was still amazing. Zavok's transformation was a great sequence. I'm officially dubbing this form Lava Rock Zavok™ of my own free will. Issue 29 will be the final battle and Issue 30 will be the epilogue so I'm gearing up for that. Hopefully I'm ready to say goodbye to the threat of the Zombots. You'd think I would be after so long but I've got mixed feelings about moving on from them. We totally SHOULD, don't get me wrong. Honestly, like I said, I'd really only add ONE more issue. It's a big ol' grand way to finish off by having Zavok just scoop them up and toss them onto the island like that though. I hope he tries to grab the island out of the sky like the kaiju he is now. So that's my take. I greatly prefer the atmospheric, soak-it-all-in, watch the world gradually burn approach and here it did the speed-up thing that I tend to not like when it comes to Ian's finales. Still, I'd very much like to thank him for all he's done. Regardless of the fast pacing, I still saw myself wishing this were something I could experience in the games. It hit me so hard seeing Zavok do what he did at the end. Imagine him grabbing the island, tilting it, and having a sequence where you have to run up Angel Island at a tilted angle while Zavok's mouth is spitting lava blasts at you. I drew a little picture to celebrate the existence of Zombot Charmy. Thank you Ian for turning my favorite bee boy son into a scary zombie monster.
  8. I'm at work right now so I can't link the songs on my phone but I absolutely will when I get home and update the post. For now though. Song 1: Sonic Lost World - The Deadly Six Theme (Violin Ver.) Song 2: Team Sonic Racing - Boo's House Song 3: Sonic Heroes - Hang Castle Song 4: Shadow the Hedgehog - All Hail Shadow Remix 1: Sonic Unleashed - Eurobeat Brony - Discord (Egg Dragoon Remix) I've updated the post. Thank you for waiting @Ryannumber1gamer
  9. Genocide City is the literal best name for a Sonic the Hedgehog stage. 

  10. I still haven't completely given up on one day getting the N. Sane Trilogy. I played a little bit of it over at a friend's house and beat a level that he couldn't for him which probably means I'm up to the challenge. I'm sure it won't be on the level of beating the Data Rematches in the Kingdom Hearts games (although I'm still shocked I was able to do that too) but I hear the challenge is gonna be a considerable thing none the less. Totally not getting the racing game because of the stunt Activision pulled. However, this is kind of interesting although I feel a bit mixed on what I'm looking at. Obviously, I'm not a huge Crash fan. The only of his games I have is a PS2 title that I never beat called The Wrath of Cortex but even so comparing the way the game looks to the remasters that just came out kind of intrigues me a bit. I'm not getting the same sense of super high quality polish from this 4th game that I got from those. At least not yet. I see people not jazzed about some of the design and animations but honestly despite recognizing where the issue is coming from I can't help but snidely be like "Well at least it HAS what looks like proper design and animations". We'll see. I keep having my eye on this series and it's taking a bit long for me to make take that next big step.
  11. I mean, yeah, I don't see why not. That's literally what they did with the Charmy LSD story. It's not like you need a ton of pages to get across that these two are going on a date and are gonna kiss at the end of it. Who cares about Vector looking for a woman to date or talk about how the echidnas are so fucking smart that they derp when it comes to love (which is a thing that still makes no sense)? Like most of this story was just dedicated to people being irrationally moody or angry, sometimes to the point of violence, over something that I thought was really dumb. Although, I still would have preferred this not be touched upon at all but even if I didn't, this wasn't the way to do it.
  12. Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #26: The First Date - Part 1 of 3: She Loves You… (and you know that can’t be bad) I hate it. I haven’t even read the stupid fucking book and I hate it already. Stupid goddamn title with its dumb sitcom sounding bullshit about these two characters being forced to mate or whatever. Penders is doing this specifically to hurt me, some guy he doesn’t know exists two decades after this book came out. Oh my God, I hate it. I hates it so, so much. The last thing, the very last thing I want to read are these characters I grew up with having “the talk” or musing about how they feel weird around girls or any of this crap. It’s even worse when the advice given is so nakedly terrible to the point of being reprehensibly absurd. Now I gotta watch these two people who shouldn’t be together get superglued together by a godawful plot for the sake of fake romance. Remember all you young echidnas out there, the soultouch is a part of nature and no animal has even been gay. Aside from all the gay ones but those ones aren’t as smart as we echidnas. We’re so smart that nature saw fit to force us to have compatible partners of the opposite sex. Because… I guess that made sense as a way to compensate for making the echidnas too smart? I dunno. I guess it’s a small step above being a Jedi where you’re not allowed to mate at all. I gotta move on before I start feeling all slimy and gross. The best thing about this issue was the couple page long Mighty thing tacked on at the end. Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #27: The First Date - Part 2 of 3: Who Wrote the Book of Love Anyway? I dunno guys. I think I may have fallen into the pit of my own personal Hell as far as this particular book goes. The book has been awful before in both annoying and hilarious ways but THIS… fucking THIS I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle. Three of the worst things about this comic; the echidna shit, the romance shit and Ken Penders are being put into a blender and served on a platter with a side of rotten hot garbage and I’m fearing for my life right now. I survived Sonic Live but I don’t know if I’m gonna make it this time. The shit title and the cover being a collage of things I don’t want to see aren’t helping. Someone please check my pulse because this story might have killed me. Oh deary me, there’s one more of these left. Sweet merciful Galactus, help me. My body is having a repulsive, physical rejection of everything I’ve read in this god forsaken book. I’m really hoping that the majority of the final story is just the Mighty story. Here I go though. I can’t stop because I plan on continuing but at the same time I need this shit to END! Knuckles the Echidna - Issue #28: The First Date - Part 3 of 3: It Could Be Love (I Should Have Known Better) I don’t even want to talk about this anymore. I hate this cover too. Floating heads, puffy Knuckles’ cheeks, pissed off Spawn reject who doesn't even appear in the story, and Julie-Su cuddling with another picture of Knuckles, one she’ll presumably set on fire the instant he goes to hang out with someone that isn’t her. Fuck me. Shit title yet again. This is a collage of what probably is the three most wasted stories in this line of Knuckles issues so far. This didn’t need to be three issues. This didn’t need to happen at all. The power of Christ compels this book to stop being so awful and nothing short of setting it on fire is going to work. I’m actually not being hyperbolic here when I say that this was the worst experience reading any of these comics I’ve ever had. It’s going to take some serious rancid dog shit to top this one for me because I just couldn’t handle this one. That’s why this collection of reviews was several days late compared to when I usually upload them. I needed a breather from each issue because it was actually draining me looking at it. The nazi stuff was awful but it was funny awful. The Charmy stuff was uncomfortable but it was an interesting, mesmerizing kind of uncomfortable. This wasn’t funny or interesting. It was a generic lovey-dovey teenage romance story being told with a character that I don’t associate that shit with and his horrible look-alike. That last panel with super muscular Knuckles, bending over and sucking face with a clone of himself while other deformed monstrosities watch in the background is going to haunt me. There are times where I wonder if I start out being too harsh on an artist but as the story went on, the art just got worse and worse to the point where it’s apex was ICONIC in how bad it looked. I’d have found it funny had I not seen these images strung across the internet before. “If you’re going to a party-party” is probably my favorite of those images though. It does still manage to get a chuckle out of me. It’s quite ironic that Mighty ended up being the light at the end of the tunnel for me here. I’m grateful. Even though not much happened in his story aside from some mildly entertaining exposition, it was well-drawn and functioned the way a semi-normal Sonic the Hedgehog comic should function for the most part. I appreciate that at least. I can only hope nothing tops this one in its badness but I’m sure something will happen to upset me again. Thank God, these Knuckles comics are almost done.
  13. Somehow the Sonic stream just got removed from Youtube for violating Youtube's terms of service despite the fact that it didn't even properly start yet. So that's neat.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Sonic IS FORBIDDEN

    2. Rabid-Coot


      Years of gotta go fast were builing to this stream going fast.

  14. I actually don't consider Heroes or either of the first two adventures to be bad games despite their numerous faults but as far as a game I think IS ad and still enjoy... I guess the only one that falls under that banner is Shadow the Hedgehog. That game is terrible and made almost every bad decision in the book but despite that I've always enjoyed the way it handled simulating a war going on within that universe. The levels were these BIG, WIDE OPEN areas with stuff happening all over in the background and at least one of Sonic's friends being ACTIVE and on their own mission within that chaotic mess was incredibly immersive to me. The idea that if I didn't help them out, whether they succeded or failed at what they were trying to do was left to chance did a lot to influence my decision. They weren't just a bunch of talking heads in the background talking about how they were doing stuff I couldn't see. Also, despite fully admitting they went too far, I'm a sucker for how dire things got. Seeing the Sonic characters deal with an invasion and destroyed cities and exploding landscapes is totally my thing. I apologize but I find it exciting. I do.
  15. I participated in my first ever Sonic Redraw. https://www.deviantart.com/doctordetectivemike/art/Why-Hello-Everyone-SonicRedraw-845650737
  16. I didn't think my response came off sounding like I was upset. What in there sounded upset? Was it the part where I joked about anthro squirrel ass? Is anthro squirrel ass serious business? I didn't know. (Just in case, this response is also a joke). It's soul crushing to look at. It's so pathetic and misguided. It's hard to imagine they even have any pride in Modern Sonic after that which sucks because there actually is a significant amount to be proud of. As I said before, not many franchises can re-invent the feel of their world and the style of their characters like that and succeed at creating something iconic a second time. That's monumental. They should embrace it.
  17. That happens often. Even Sonic does it a couple of times and its always weird when it happens. I can assure you, nay swear to you, that I won't. I'm so not attracted to anthro squirrel girl ass. I'm not really attracted to anything being asexual but I'm really not attracted to that. Everytime I see it, I'll feel uncomfortable and get that feeling of needing to find a towel or something to cover her up with. The Geoffrey reveal with Naugus made him one of my favorite characters in the book, almost single-handedly. Before then, all I knew about Geoffrey was the stuff that dealt with him during Ian's run and that wasn't much of anything. I didn't know any of what I've found out now, going through these older issues. So I'm having some conflicted feelings finding out just how disgusting a character he used to be. Oh, I'll probably have to fight you if you push back on me tearing that story another hundredth asshole when I get to it. The amount of times I've shat on that story is almost incomprehensible and it's ironic since the cover of seeing Sonic and Tails about to fight was what pushed me over the edge towards wanting to start officially collecting the comics. Of course, by that time they were in the 190s and the only issue I had before that was 181 so it took a while before I got my hands on that issue. But I do agree with the bit about liking Elias. Some may say he's bland and redundant but I dunno... it's an endearing kind of bland and as far as redundancy, I feel like that applies to a ton more characters too. Plus, I'm already not on board with the whole Acorn Kingdom thing anyway so it doesn't matter how big their family or staff is. There's already a Classic Sonic in the game and 2-D sections in the Modern Sonic gameplay but apparently it just wasn't enough. He's gotta look like stretched out Classic Sonic too. That's all well and good but because this is Sonic and not the Flash, it being something Sonic can do at random makes no sense to me. I like Bollers but I hope he at least understood that when he decided to forgo the logic of the scene for that reference. If he's also supposed to look like the Flash, he doesn't. The white gloves, the viser over his eyes, and the lightning bolts being on the side instead of the center makes him look way more like a Power Ranger. On that note, I need to rewatch the Justice League. Its been quite a long time.
  18. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #69: A Day in the Life Another Karl Bollers story. Seems to be about the crew coming together to either discuss some things or have a party maybe? I don’t know. We never really got much after the Elias reveal so… I’m hoping that happens now. The cover is fine. Uh… yeah. That issue was very much a start to a story issue. Nothing too interesting or too unexpected happened. The part where Sonic told Antoine about his dad would have surprised me had I not been told it was going to happen but I’m glad I was since I probably would have forgotten by now that Sonic was being written by Penders when he decided he wasn’t going to say anything to Ant like a hypocritical asshole. The entire Wolf Pack thing was superfluous to an astonishing level. I have no clue why ink and lettering was wasted on this story. I don’t know who decided we needed a more in-depth look at the wolf pack and why they didn’t bother actually delivering one if they were going to bother. It was just a bunch of characters whose names I’ll forget tomorrow repeating the same things and literally getting nowhere and doing nothing to advance their situation. So par for the course when it comes to Penders I guess. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #70: Saving Nate Morgan Facing the FURY of … this…guy… Yeah, I know who Kodos is, obviously but… it kind of feels like I also don’t. I dunno. He’s such an underwhelming villain. I barely even have a grasp on his personality. Dude just showed up one day and was suddenly important. Same with Arachnis. It’s even worse for Arachnis since she can’t even talk. This cover is awesome though. Although, I feel it’d be even better if I could properly make out what I’m seeing. It’s obviously Sonic and Elias facing off against Kodos but Kodos’ body is so weird looking that he just comes off as a bunch of shapes soaked in the rain. This issue would have been total, trash garbage had it not been for the second story. Plenty of stories have gone out on whimpers before, some in far worse ways than this one, but that still doesn’t make it acceptable whenever it happens. Thankfully, the second story hit close to home in a way that was poignant and relatable enough to work. The art was fine as well. It wasn’t the best but none of it looked horrendous either. This issue was half of a success. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #71: Tales of the Great War Prelude: In The Beginning Neat cover. He’s running so fast he’s tearing apart the fabric of reality so that the end begins and beginning ends… or something. Something paradoxical I think. It promises to be the strangest issue I'll ever read but I doubt that unless its revealed Sonic is also a Nazi or something. Or even better; Tails is. So they weren’t lying about it being a very weird issue. That was weird and extremely hard to follow at times but here at the end I get what they were going for and despite my numerous frustrations I admire the attempt. I was still waiting for the explanation on how Sonic turned the way he was to show up at the end but then I realized that the book is literally being told in reverse so the first page of Sonic in his new form is actually the LAST page of the story. If you read from bottom up, you’ll be able to get a clearer idea of what’s going on… It’s a very interesting experiment. I really hated going through it the first time but now that I have a clearer picture of what’s going on, I’m cycling back through it the other way and finding some things making more sense than I thought they initially did. Even the weird beam does now. I just wish the weird science talk wasn’t injected the way it was. I didn’t need Sonic being able to randomly shake his molecules and talk of Mobius going backwards and forwards at the same time. I feel like Sonic has pulled weird powers like that out of his ass before, used them for specific occassions, and then never uses them again far too often. The big failing of this issue, honestly, is that one line Sonic has about running through what happened for Sally. If that weren’t there, I’d probably be less annoyed by how I figured Sonic was recounting the story and more focused on figuring out what was happening. As it stands, I went through it thinking it was just weirdly structured for the hell of it. Now with all that said… I really don’t know how this story explains how Sonic’s eyes turned green and how his shoe got a buckle on it.
  19. For any other company, the timing of this anniversary could actually be considered pretty good considering they have some momentum going with the movie and the IDW comics but it definitely could stand to not matter at all if all they putter out is another Sonic Forces. If there was ever a time to do it, it would be in a time where they've had the benefit of hindsight from how Mania was received, how Boom was received, how Forces was recieved, and the fact that 4 years have gone by and presumeably they don't have another engine to worry about making. If they can't pull off something with all that under their belt then as far as the mainline 3D games are concerned I may have to finally just give up. I don't know if I have another 12 years of waiting left in me. At the end of the decade my favorite Sonic games are probably just going to be whatever Sumo Digital does for them next.
  20. Been thinking about getting into PC Gaming but I'm so intimidated by how to do technology good that I have literally no idea how I'd go about that. 

    1. CleverSonicUsername


      Honestly PC gaming isn't in the best place right now and you're probably better off hanging back until something new is announced with GPUs.

    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I don't even know what that means.

      I just wanna play games on a computer or a laptop cause I think it'd be kind of fun to try.

    3. CleverSonicUsername


      Basically, there's not much to be had with PC gaming right now that you wouldn't be able to get from the new consoles. PC has become less and less the leap ahead of console gaming that it used to be. That said, if it's still appealing to you, I say go for it.

      You can use resources like PC Parts Picker to figure out what kind of build you want. It's probably best to take a look at some of the options they list on this page and figure out which is most suited to your needs. They'll list all the parts you'll need, meaning you won't need to worry about compatibility, and they provide links to where you can buy them. As far as putting it all together, I had a friend help me out, so I don't know of any really good video tutorials, but you could probably look and ask around about that.

    4. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I mean, can I play all those fan games I keep hearing about on consoles? Can I play all those cool mods on consoles? If there's a way to do that on console can I be let known because as long as that's the case, I'm not seeing why the interest wouldn't still be there.

      But thanks. I'll do some research and see what I can do. 

    5. CleverSonicUsername


      That's a fair point. I do think from the price perspective that right now, personally, I don't see much that would entice me to build a new PC from the ground up, but if you have enough compelling you, then I really do think you should go for it. Building PCs is pretty fun after you get past that initial wall of figuring out where to even begin, and I've taken to building Raspberry Pis to satisfy that itch on a more affordable level.

      Edit: Also I apologize if I came off like a dick or dismissive. Ultimately, I don't want to discourage you.


    6. Plumbers_Helper


      I'm no expert myself, but I do have a gaming PC. I got my PC from CyberPowerPC, though I will warn that most PC experts recommend building your own since it's cheaper. Unless you get an extremely good deal, you likely won't find a decent gaming PC under a $1,000 dollars. It took me years to save up for one. Besides that, there are lots of guides and Youtube videos to help you find a gaming PC within your budget.

      Good luck!

  21. Gotta stay off Twiiter for a bit. I scare easily and worry far longer so the endless fead of "If your black, you're in danger" is gonna warp my mind a bit too much. 

    1. mayday2592


      Honestly feels that way even offline. My cousin and sister are telling their kids to keep their distance from the police for safety, sad times.

  22. Nah. Penders just needs to make sure the people on his home planet can understand his comic thats never coming out. Thats all.
  23. Not really. Tikal's appearances haven't been the equivalent to the SEGA Boneyard or anything. She was playable in Runners before that got canned and we saw her show up in that Chao in Space animation. At the very least she's been around. I'm honestly still more surprised by Long Claw. I figured Movie Sonic and Baby Sonic would have been sufficient enough promotion for the film.
  24. Tikal is coming to Sonic Forces on mobile. Thats another awesome update exclusive to another mobile Sonic game. 

    One day, I may be 60 years old on that day but ONE DAY, they'll do this kind of roster for a console game.

    1. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      I still find it hard to fathom that TSR did not have this kind of roster. 


      Obvious bait for a follow up tho 

    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      That makes us opposites then because when TSR was announced, I was thinking that at most the roster would stop at like 8 or 10 characters. 

      Yeah, I had very little faith back there. 15 still isn't acceptable but I can not lie, it was still more than I gave them credit for. 

    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      So they picked up Runners large roster then?

      "Waits for Mephiles and Marine..."

  25. Edit: I had a whole thing here explaining why I was sure but then realized that in the post I didn't clarify that I wasn't accusing this man of tracing. I was just providing an example of something recognizable that I've re-drawn before as an excuse to talk about it so that people didn't try abd tell me stuff I already knew. So just ignore that section. It exists to let you know I'm aware of something and I tried to head it off at the pass, inadvertently making you respond anyway, just differently. Complete with a response that begins with ellipses, which is never a good sign. This is a bit much to insight over one unhinged jaw so I'll just conciede that you might be right.
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