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  1. One of these days, for fun, I'm gonna run a tally of how many pages/panels each character has appeared in. Whisper's gonna be way up there without a doubt. Sonic's gonna be number one, no question. Ooo~! How exciting. I may just do that. I love making pointless lists.
  2. You are? That's interesting because it hasn't happened a lot. I believe you stated before that your issue with him was that he kept failing but acting like he was cock of the walk despite that, which I always felt was the point. The point of Bad Guys was for him to recognize his folly as someone who's made a ton of mistakes and instead of galavanting as though he's already where he needs to be, he needed to step up and come into his own, which meant making it on his own as well. If the development there didn't see him getting his first real victory at the end of Bad Guys, the story wouldn't have worked. I feel as though the same goes for what happened here. The plan didn't go without a hitch so the heroes still got a victory but Starline walking away with a victory of his own doesn't go against what Bad Guys was trying to do and it makes it so that whatever the next story is for him can happen. Although it seems you and I have very opposite opinions about his character. Reading my posts about him you'd swear I was in love with the guy. Honestly, I might be.
  3. An important thing to note that I should have remembered to clarify is that the reaction one is likely to have to this is going to be filtered through the lens of anyone who actually views what transpired for the character in the current issue as a failure in the first place, which I absolutely didn't. When I finished the issue, it wasn't really fathomable that I would. Speaking as someone who likes Shadow just fine but isn't someone you'd call a super huge Shadow fan, this was the coolest he's looked to me in the book so far. Yeah, I'm someone who considers the act of swallowing pride to make an attempt at helping someone and tossing an adorable little creature an apple something a cool person would do. That's me though. Others may feel that different things are cool. That's fine.
  4. I just read Issue 36. It's the best issue of the arc for me. I think everyone within came out looking nice and spiffy. Yeah. I was a bit so-so on the start of the arc but having the complete picture makes this all feel rather well done. It was a nice, fun little adventure and it's just another monthly reminder of why I love being a Sonic fan. The only draw back, once again, is the month long wait for the next one.
  5. "Welcome to San Francisco, Mr. Wachowski. Are you enjoying the clam chowder?"

  6. Sonic 06's soundtrack, especially the event music, makes me feel feelings. In a good way. Which in turn makes me feel sad about what could have been all over again. 

    Boy wouldn't it be neat just to peak into the alternate future where that game was awesome. 

    1. SaturnWolf


      I actually think a lot about such a thing. I suppose the closest we'll get is P-06

    2. Wraith


      As bad as the game is almost everything in it gives me something to chew on. it's fun to think about. I prefer games like that to games that don't inspire anything from me. 

  7. Goddamn, Team Chaotix has a fucking awesome theme! Every time I go back to it I get surprised all over again.

  8. I think it just hit me that Sonic Forces came out in 2017 and it's 2021 now. It really has been a while since the last one eh? Feels weird to think about. I don't feel like I've gotten that much older even though I have. 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Times flies when you know for certain this franchise is stuck with mediocrity for the time being. Only when something genuinely good like Mania or the improved look for the Sonic movie, time lets up and you get more absorbed into the hype period they bring. As of currently, they have nothing to prove that things'll be different from Forces.

    2. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon


      stuck with mediocrity

      That or fans who spend their life's blood trying to convince you that too.


  9. We all thought he was an orange but he was actually a sour grape.

  10. I think perhaps they could loosen up a bit on potential deep dives into the character's pasts a bit. Just a tiny bit. I don't need like an entire flashback or whatever but hints at how they used to be before they ended up where they were would be nice speculation fodder. Or, at least, expansions on what little we do know. Also, no more add-ons to Shadow's past please. Everyone except him please. We've squeezed all the water we can from that stone. The two worlds thing is dumb, although, hearing Ian say that apparently the two worlds, one of humans and one of anthros, exist within the same galaxy is kind of... I dunno. I assumed they were from another dimension like Classic Sonic's world but... eh. Maybe Dodon Pa uses his galaxy wide connections to help people go to and from each planet or something...? I don't really care that the planet has no name. I've never really needed to say it or anything but at the same time I would lose nothing from it being given a name either. So I'm cool with whatever on that front. The Chao... I dunno. I never really thought about them being genderless. I don't feel right referring to Cheese as an "it" though. Ultimately though, whichever "mandate" (if that's even the correct word) that's holding the characters back from properly developing or getting more things explored about their characters I would remove that. They don't necessarily need to change to develop. Us learning more about who they are right now counts as development too but we're not getting much of that either. As a side note, I'd actually add on a mandate. It would state that whenever Vector appears in a game, both Espio and Charmy have to as well. I'd slam my gavel and declare it an iron clad law. They don't have to hang with Vector the whole time. They can interact with other characters. But they gotta be IN the game with him at least, goddammit.
  11. Except he's not going to do it and they should know he's not going to do it. DOES he do it later? If so, why? He literally betrays them before the Xorda even launch their doomsday weapon. I get trying to get something out of the team up but it'd be smart to haggle for something you needed immediately and could swiftly get before sending Sonic there rather than expecting Eggman to keep the ridiculous promise of acquisseing half of what he owns to the Acorns.
  12. Right. I went back to check on what I wrote. I did clarify that it was specifically what Penders wanted. But thanks for clearing up any doubts that Bollers may have been okay with it. Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about what happened behind the scenes or even where to dig up most of this information. I wouldn't really know when the arguments between the two are supposed to kick off. I feel like I can sort of tell considering some of these stories feel like they're making diss tracks against each other with how different their approaches are. It's like what the directors for those new Star Wars films did by ignoring or throwing out what the other one did before them.
  13. Oh no, I was aware of all this. I know Penders is the one who wanted the M25YL story to be the canonical future. I wasn't claiming that it was specifically Bollers that did. At least, I don't recall doing that.
  14. I posted the wrong credits for Song Bird. Apologizes everyone. I'll punish myself by jumping into the ocean. No, but seriously, I made the appropriate edits to the post.
  15. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #121: The Prince and the Revolution This was a terrible issue. All three of these stories were their own varying levels of bad. The Elias story was mostly fine but the confusion on display when it came to the amount of time passed just threw the entire thing’s equilibrium off for me. The second story was pure echidna wank, the likes of which we haven’t seen happen in quite a long time. It’s almost impressive just how fucking full of itself it is. The final one was just someone seeing the scab of an old wound and taking a knife to it for no reason. God. This wheel spinning is reaching an unbearable level of ridiculousness. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #122: Heart Held Hostage - Part 1 Nack is back to interrupt Sonic’s love triangle trouble? Thank goodness. We thought it was over but apparently, due to the whims of Ken Penders, it’s back on again. Nack is the hero we need right now. I also appreciate this cover a little better than the less couple of magazine ones we’ve had. I dunno why. I guess the art and color scheme hit home a bit better here. I really can’t wait for them to realize the horrible mistake they’ve made with these covers though. The first story was good. It was well written and really well drawn thanks to Axer. The other stories were horrible. Penders continues to not know how to properly develop this crazy echidna nonsense without it coming off as trite and needlessly self-important. His treatment of Vector, this character he didn’t create, by Julie-Su, a character he DID create just continues to infuriate me. I wish I could go back to the time when I was ignorant of what Vector and Julie-Su were talking about when they said it was ridiculous to suggest that they could ever like each other back in Issue 199. It was such a strange line to me but now I’ve been given numerous face fulls of how bad their relationship is. It isn’t even a rivalry. It’s just Julie-Su beating on him and it sucks. I just want it to end! Sonic X - Issue #19: Muerta! Las Vegas! What another beautiful cover. Sonic is cringing so hard at Elvis Eggman that his mouth looks like it's about to break off his face. Ah, but Eggman and his bots know how to style so hard and so well. It’s fantastic. What a wonderful man. That was really fun. I’m increasingly taken in by how weirder and more convoluted Eggman’s plans continue to get. He doesn’t even realize how he’s devolved to doing things that make literally no sense now. It’s presented in such a funny way that you can’t help but find his lack of knowledge concerning all this stuff endearing. His tendency to try and fiddle with the rules of the world rather than ignoring them to simply do what he wants leads to situations like this where he’s crushing people’s cars so he can steal Poker chips to then exchange them for money. The added silliness of doing something super destructive and illegal just so he can do something comparatively more legal just floors me every time. Keep being weird, you beautiful egg-shaped bastard.
  16. I just read the finale to the Bad Guys series. Would you look at that? A final issue that didn't feel rushed at all. I'm glad when Ian manages to pull it off. This was a really well paced story with a ton of fun set-pieces and character moments. It's a shame what happened to Starline and Zavok's developing bromance but that's the nature of being a baddy. I also really enjoy seeing Starline just admit to everything that's been wrong with him up to this point and how he needs to chill with the prideful demeanor. His new lease on life seems to be what's going to cement him as his own thing going forward. I'm rooting for him to make it big in his own way. Hopefully this'll be good, humble beginnings for a new evil badass in his own right. It's gonna suck not having constant Sonic comics to look forward too every two weeks again though. Hopefully, the next mini-series or that Classic Sonic comic gets here soon.
  17. Well, thank you. I appreciate that. I'm not entirely sure I have the free time to worry about archiving them right now of course. This is a great deal of fun and I'm glad everyone's enjoying the deep dive but if it all goes up in smoke, I'll be fine in the end.
  18. Pairs were something I've wanted for a while. I even mapped out how it could be done a couple of times. It's just hard hoping for your favorites to show up when there's only 12 months in a year and you've got a cast of at least 16-19 characters. I mean, obviously there are characters you don't have to worry about like Shadow, Blaze, Knuckles, etc. But, you know.
  19. Sonic X - Issue #18: Rouge Goes Rogue! This cover is brilliant. I always appreciate a commitment to a joke and this one goes all the way without any shame. It looks as though Spaz went crazy on those curves though. My goodness. That priceless gem looks like quite the catch. Yeah, this issue happened. It had an interesting enough premise but the more it went on, the more it felt like it was going exactly where you figured it would. I was a little skeptical that Eggman had just built a Fake Rouge because his metal versions of characters are usually more stylized. It’s probably the smarter move for him to make robot doppelgangers of his foes that look exactly like them to trick other people with their actions but I guess there’s only so much enjoyment he feels that’s worth? I dunno. It was fine. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #119: Cater-Killer Is Coming This cover makes a “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” joke despite it having nothing to do with Christmas in an issue that was released in January 2003. It’s almost as if the cosmos wanted to give me something Christmasy for the season despite me being long past the appropriate Sonic X issue to do that with. How nice. This cover sucks though. We’re in the thick of these magazine covers that just have two characters standing in a white background. I’ve seen Sonic and Tails standing together before. The addition of drunk Rotor on the bottom only elevates it slightly due to being funny but that’s it. That issue actually left me with a surprising amount to talk about in the end but only really because it touched a significant nerve within me. No doubt I’ll probably end up detailing all that stuff about time travel and why knowing the future of the characters is a bad thing when more of them happen. The issue itself is a pretty negligible one. None of these stories have any real point. They’re all pointless, baseless filler. The last one technically isn’t because it just casually confirms that Sonic and Sally are the king and queen and they do live and get married in the end which would have ruined the story for me had I read it as a kid but other than that, nothing. Hopefully, the filler is coming to an end. I also hope we’ll steer clear of the future a little more from here on in. At least for a little while. Call me crazy, but I do generally prefer to find out what happens in the end for these characters at the actual end of their stories. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #120: She’s Gotta Have Him This cover features Mina and Sonic so it’s going to be up in the air whether or not this will be an enjoyable distraction or not. I was rather enjoying the Mina stuff at the start but then it turned into what all these love triangles stories turn into before being swept aside like a mound of dirt on the kitchen floor. The last two stories I have to look forward to don’t inspire much hope that I’ll enjoy them either. Let us see. That was a significantly better issue than the last one. I wouldn’t call any of these stories filler honestly. The focus was on actual character growth or character introspection for all involved. Mina got some character development while Mighty and Sally got some historical and relationship development. That’s all important stuff even if nothing about their situations has really changed in the end. The characters that were focused on weren’t exactly the ones I get too excited about seeing but I can’t knock how genuine all their tales felt. That’s a feat considering what I’m usually dealing with as far as this book is concerned. Good job.
  20. This thread is 423 pages long and almost 7 years old and issue 1 hasn't been released yet.
  21. I didn't turn the Switch back on for Steve but with Sephiroth I'm fucking here. I still haven't even played with Steve yet. 

  22. I just saw It's A Wonderful Life for the first time. I've never cried in happiness so hard at any movie before. In my entire life. 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Never got behind the stigma that this movie gets so overplayed and annoying. (Even Sesame Street joked about how sick they were of it) I never even realized the whole guardian angel and "world where a character never existed" thing only happens towards the end of it

    2. Plumbers_Helper


      I think that stigma is due to the fact the movie used to be in the public domain so it used to be shown on multiple channels all the time during the Christmas season. I wouldn't be surprised if there were times more then one channel would show the movie at the same time.

      Just imagine flipping through the channels and seeing a movie you don't feel like watching again, so you change to the next channel for something different...and the same exact movie is playing.

      Ironically, it's former public domain status is what made it popular in in the first place. The movie was a flop in theaters and originally had mixed reviews.

  23. Its pretty much how all normal action/adventure series' tend to function. The fact that this needs so much clarification has always felt a little embarrassing to me. I don't enjoy the fact that Sonic's the only outlier when it comes to remembering balance but thats what happens when a series revels in being inconsistent.
  24. I feel like their chance to pull a "Tails' Mansion", "Echidna Kong Country" and "Shadow-Ware Inc." kind of fizzled out when reception to even the main stuff they were doing wasn't generating the kind of buzz they wanted. There's always a chance they could work their way back up to something like that being plausible but it probably won't happen in my life-time. I'll be honest though, so long as Sumo Digital keeps putting out those Kart Racers, I think I'll be good. Maybe they could get away with trying their hand at a new Riders game if the wound from Free Riders has healed now. I feel like it probably has. Not many people gave a shit about the Kinect and even less give a shit about Free Riders, let alone have ever played it.
  25. You know... it's strange. A thought just entered my mind going down the list of shit that Disney just dumped on our laps about all the fucking shows they're going to make for Disney+ that's going to ring dry all the meat juice they can out of Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar and it got me wondering about how my reaction would be to that sort of stuff if it were all Sonic TV shows. Cause, I can sit here and be all jaded about it but when I actually stop and think about it, I'd have exploded in happiness had someone come out on stage and given me a goddamn Phase 6 timeline of Sonic cartoons. Here's your obligatory Sonic cartoon where he fights Dr. Eggman. This next series "MILES" will be about Tails trying to live up to Sonic's massive fucking shadow as he's tasked with saving a nation from some evil dude or whatever. Here's a Knuckles series where we have an excuse to deep dive into the echidna lore and throw up massive middle fingers at Ken Penders. Here's a show where Rouge the Bat goes on heists and shit. Here's the Eggman series where we detail him conquering a planet of assholes so you don't feel bad for them when he wins at the end. Here's a Chaotix Detective Agency series where they go around and solve mysteries like a noir version of Guardians of the Galaxy. Here's a Blaze series where we learn about how her dimension works and go into why there's such a huge pirate problem there. Here's a Silver series where we reveal it's basically Fallout except Silver's future apparently keeps changing so he's like some man out of time or something. Here's a show where Big fishes. It's just a screensaver where he fishes from day to night set to some relaxing music to study too. I don't know what the best format would be for anthology stories for the Sonic cast. Maybe it would be the games. Or the comics. Or the streaming service TV show route but I really want something like that honestly. I know this is just ONE show but thinking about it, if they were to do something that gave a bit of focus to individual characters in a manner that had it function kind of like one, I feel like that would be pretty cool. This is WAY OUT THERE thinking though but I couldn't shake the thought from my head.
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