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  1. Sonic X - Issue #13: Hare-Um Scare-Um - Part 1 We’ve hit upon this issue just in time for the Halloween season. It’s also fortunate that this also happened to be Issue 13 of the book. I love this cover to bits. I especially admire how it’s yet, another cover of the heroes being in mortal peril with apples that are clearly bombs going into Tails’ pack. Also, the situational irony of Chris being dressed up in his thief outfit while getting the stuff in his bag sucked away by Bokkun is great. My favorite part is the simple act of Tails cutely holding out the bag, asking for candy. He’s all on his tippy toes. It’s so cute. Halloween is the best time of year for me. I wish it could go on for at least another month. This was a great issue and one that spoke to ME personally because it was just inundated with stuff that would appeal to me regardless of the kind of book it was outside of the context of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic X alike. I love stories that involve prison. I love Halloween and spooky stories within children’s media in general due to their more flexible nature when it comes to being inventive with the utilization of horror troupes and creatures. I love the development concerning Westwood and where his machinations have rather unfairly landed Sonic and Tails. I was not kidding when I said that the bit with the two of them proclaiming Westwood to be a liar was the defining moment that escalated the book into being something that could go beyond simply being entertaining and instead enwrapture me with the actual story it was trying to tell. Yes, there are problems with it and I went into those in depth but despite them I still loved this issue. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #97: My Secret Identity This is a really nice looking cover. The drawing is solid. The colors are great. The effect used to get those bright lights shining on it looks really great. It’s covers like these that do an effective job of tricking me into thinking I’m in for something good. I certainly hope that’s true this time. This issue felt incredibly pointless on the whole. I was expecting there to have been a reasonable advancement or a conclusion to this thread of the Sword of Acorns having been stolen but all that happened was that they got dicked around and then the plot got hijacked by Adventure 2 out of nowhere. I don’t really get it. However, it pales in comparison to the uselessness of what the Penders story entailed. It was just Tails getting beaten up and punched into the ground by Knuckles. Then when they bring up the possibility of an explanation for it they decide not to say it, instead opting to hide it under a ton of confusing dialogue about Tails thinking he’s himself or whatever. I swear to God, Tails better actually be himself. There’s only so much I can take of this kind of nonsense. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #98: Sonic Adventure 2 It took me a while to realize what it was about this cover that bothered me so much and then I realized it was because the style of cover reminded me of those awful Super Special covers. Now this cover is nowhere near as bad as those. In fact, it looks fine. I’m just not a fan of this kind of style in general. I’ve been trained to see something that looks like this and not like it. Anyway, we’re here finally. It’s time for Sonic Adventure 2 and its kind of surreal. Granted, that game came out almost 20 years ago so maybe it shouldn’t be but it somehow feels newer than it should all these years later. Time is an illusion. That adaptation at the start was God-like. It was breathtaking. It was wonderful. It was Sonic Adventure 2 and it was awesome. Of course it stands to reason that they’d get Spaz to do something special for them like that but the comic isn’t usually known for doing reasonable things so it stands as an incredibly wonderful surprise seeing it happen the way that it did. I suppose I should at least be happy I got that but… I really wish we could have scrapped the last couple of issues and just reworked things so that this somehow came first. I dunno. Maybe they could have used magic to do it. The Penders story was terribly written and the art quality drop was disappointing but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world… but of course, there had to have been at least one moment that was monumentally ridiculous. That Maria scene was hilarious.
  2. I just got issue #33. I almost missed that an issue was coming out today. What a lucky surprise for me. I enjoyed it too. I'm very much into witnessing something a little more reliant on conversation and espionage to carry them through whatever's happening next. Although, with Sonic and Tails, I'm mostly looking forward to just seeing them hang out. One of the quickest way to my heart is to just take those two and show them working off one another on their own little adventure. With someone who knows how to write actual, good dialogue that a person could conceivably say, it makes anticipating their scenes more fun. I don't think it'd be too much of a stretch to say that Rouge was the star of this issue. The more shady side of her character is usually mostly explored in spin-off titles or comics such as these nowadays but it's definitely where most of the intrigue behind the character comes for me. Her being someone who fits right in with the heroes and the baddies alike places her in a position that only elicits fascination from me. Just having that connection with the criminal underbelly of this world alone kind of makes me wonder what kind of Goodfellas-esque situations she's stumbled upon just trying to get her hands on something valuable. Shadow is here too. There's not much to say aside from the fact that he's still the same. Although, it really hits hard seeing him say he's not interested in helping to fix Omega. I didn't think that would stick out as bothering me but it kinda did. Other than that, he's gotten into another scuffle with a glowing red thing so we'll see how that pans out I guess. I'm always up for a bit of mystery. Enjoyed it. Well done first issue, Evan.
  3. I was not. This was just a happy accident. I had a feeling something had to have been up with that. A part of me does kind of like the fact that the uncovered alien vessel remained a mystery though. It sells itself as more creepy and, well, mysterious that way. I remember Athair being there when it happened but I don't remember him saying it had to do with the echidnas either. This is definitely something worth rolling my eyes at even harder. Tails can't even have something all his own now apparently. It's like, the most random thing ever forcing a connection between Tails being the Chosen One and saving the echidnas. Why? Even today with Knuckles being more friendly with Sonic and Tails, that connection would be hamfisted and strange.
  4. Sonic X - Issue #12: Attack From Area 99 It would seem that Sonic’s defeat is imminent and is about to be broadcasted for all to see on those TV screens behind him. Oh say it ain’t so. Sonic’s gonna die. That was fun. Sonic being bored led to a lot of things happening. Although, most of it was out of his control. Even with Eggman away, the world keeps on spinning and unfortunately asshole Government agents, alien technology, and lunatics who run down babies in the street are all still out there. I think the next issue is gonna be one I really enjoy though as I have a recollection of what’s to transpire next. I get a kick out of seeing heroes in prison I guess. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #95: Enemy Mine Speaking of ripping off Spider-Man, holy shit dudes. I will say this is a really well done rendition of the Spider-Man webbings. I don’t even feel like making the obvious risque joke about this. It’s a very striking image, definitely. Not my favorite kind of Sonic art or cover though, personally. That wasn’t a very good issue. Neither of these stories were good on their own but the second was significantly more infuriating, if only because witnessing Knuckles having to bear with the consequences of what Locke did to him was not fun. I know Penders is going to continue championing this asshole as being in the right too, despite him being obviously aware that the echidnas are destroying themselves. How is he going to justify and balance all that out? I dunno. He probably won’t. All this Chosen One nonsense does is just serve to rip the agency away from the characters. Knuckles is all-powerful because his dad microwaved his egg as a baby. Tails is the chosen one because fate randomly decided that a random fox child was going to be the one to save the echidnas from themselves. The Ancient Walkers are dying and… I dunno, there might be an explanation for that but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was happening because shut up. All that coupled with having to bear witness to Sonic acting like an elementary school child makes it so that I’m feeling very out of it with these guys. There’s only so much leeway I can give the comic when it comes to being different interpretations of these characters at this point. I’ve tried my best but it really wants me to not like this and it's working. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #96: The Messenger This is a nice enough cover. It’s drawn… okay. The idea of the reflection coming off of the robots is sound. It makes their warped anime designs more palatable. I think the thing that really saves this are the colors by Josh Ray though. They look nice and pleasant. This issue was frustrating. I don’t even know if it was merely due to being bad or just because of how monumental the assholic nature of Geoffrey St. John is but it’s gotten to be too much. We’ve only been at school for three issues now and it already feels like we’re spinning our wheels on this. I need this to not be so fucking boring. Everything’s been reset to be basically the same as it was but with slight alterations so I’m going to need something big to happen soon. Ken Penders’ weird Chosen One gunk isn’t pleasant to have to experience but if it leads to something big, I’ll at least welcome that. Though, he loves to sit on things for way too long. It’s gonna take forever even now.
  5. I got the Bad Guys issue. It was good! I love me a good prison break. I also, as one who actually likes Zavok, did appreciate how he carried himself here. As the only villain in this group from the main canon it was interesting seeing how versitile he actually was. Dude could waltz right into town and just render the wispons useless. I also really like that Starline and Zavok are doing that thing I love where they're both aware of the other's nature but are going along with it for the chance to play villain chess with each other. Its fun.
  6. I got that game for Christmas of last year and it's sat on my shelf the entire time. I should really get around to eventually playing it one of these days so I can have an actual opinion about it finally.
  7. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #92: The Wrath of Khan I’m shocked, nay, stunned that it took this long for them to make the Star Trek joke. Who could have seen them holding off until issue 92? Not I. I do like how, on this intense looking cover where Khan has exploding laser like eyes, the bottom just says "Also in this issue: Sonic Shuffle." Wonderful. The cover is fine. Coincidentally, Ian Flynn made reference to this issue of the comic on this week’s Bumblekast. He said it was terrible. Not a particularly good issue. The first story was hampered by horrendous art and frustrating dialogue. The ending page of said story was so embarrassing it nearly sucked the soul from my body. The second story was a Sonic Shuffle tie-in that I honestly had more tolerance reading than the main story, partly because it was easier to look at despite it still not being drawn that well, but also partly because it was just a simple summary of an existing game’s plot and it’s open-ended nature means I don’t need to commit it to memory. Thank Christ. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #93: Crime ‘N Punishment This is an awful cover. Parts of Sonic look okay but others look mangled and broken. Sonic’s weird, wiggly, Xehanort fingers look gross and painful. However, the big fail is Sonic’s horrifying mouth. Don’t stare at it for too long. The rest is just people pointing fingers at him. Overlanders and at least one Mobian are to be precise, with the others just looking on. I guess this is another one of those issues where Sonic’s public enemy number 1. Well, so long as we’re treading old ground, we might as well do this again. Well, that comic was actually fairly enjoyable until it became the Ken Penderp Show at the end. Elias is a good character and one who’s sympathy rests with me. I’m truly hoping to see the outcome of this development concerning his standing as king. I’ll admit to being less interested in seeing how Sonic overcomes his sadness since I feel like this situation regarding him is treading on old ground, just a bit. However, it’s nice seeing him be so humble and open to punishment for the very stupid thing he did. Obviously, fucking obviously, the Penders story was garbage from king garbage of the garbage dynasty. I don’t know how Archie allows him to get away with that embarrassing stock background bullshit. How are we past the time of Sonic Adventure and still lacking in quality control? My God. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #94: New Order What’s this? We’ve been mandated to suddenly take the Sonic characters to school? Why the fuck would we do something as mental as that? Surely, this obvious and disgusting ploy at being hip with the kids by reminding them of the horrors of school in their escapist fantasy about talking animals fighting an evil mad man won’t come to pass… surely! Nah, but, you see… Peter Parker goes to school and these are the days of desperately trying to win over the audiences of other people rather than catering to your own. So, since Sonic is just like Peter Parker, he has to go to school too and deal with bullies, and tiny mini-skirts, and HOLY HERA! WHAT’S WRONG WITH MINA’S FACE?! Talk about school anime-ing it up. It’s even more alarming that it’s literally just her. Whose bright idea was that? Who thought any of this was a smart thing to do? So this was awful. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world or anything but there’s no defending this. What even is this? Who thought wasting their time with school drama in a Sonic the Hedgehog book would go over well? Even the Nazi stuff could probably be explained away as just being a parallel to Eggman being a tyrant, even if a lot of it is handled in the worst way you could possibly handle it. I mean, this isn’t worse than taking a Holocaust poem and re-writing it to be about anthropomorphic cartoon animals but the decision to do this at all comes from the same dense well of missing the point. It’s going to take a while before this comic is able to efficiently resemble something comfortably "Sonic the Hedgehog" and stay that way.
  8. That would be Sonic Forces my friend. I hadn't been as excited about an idea attached to Sonic in quite some time up until I saw the initial teaser for Project 2017. I've spoken about how it got my blood pumping and my heart going up and until Classic Sonic showed up to ruin my good vibes. I tried my best to let the hype flow through me but Classic Sonic being there kind of itched at my brain, telling me that regardless of what I was seeing something about this was going to wildly be off-kilter. The more and more we saw of the game, the more convinced of that I became to the point where literally, only the story was all I had left to anticipate. But even then, that was fine. I got into Sonic, and video games in general, because SA2 taught me how valuable the feeling of controlling a character through a narrative was and how that kind of immersion was different from TV and Film. So long as the story was good, I'd have come away with something huge that would have endeared me to the game regardless of the copy-paste asset-flippy feel it had. Then Forces arrived. Yeah, the story was shit too. Nowadays, I've tempered my expectations to the point where I don't expect anything. It's not exactly the same as having lost faith. I just realized that if you expect nothing, you won't be disappointed when its bad. However, at the same time, if it's good, you'll be pleasantly surprised. There's no way to lose in that scenario.
  9. It's Terror Time Again.


    1. Ryannumber1Scarer
    2. Plumbers_Helper


      That movie is still the best Scooby-Doo production to date.

  10. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #90: Sword of Omens This isn’t a terrible cover but Mina seems a bit… overly-anime girl here, if you catch my drift. The camouflage green is doing it’s job rather well though. They really do blend into the cover. Sonic looks fine. His ears are a bit odd looking but whatever. Well, that’s it and that’s all for this one. The first story was a perfectly fine, typical Sonic adventure and sometimes that’s all you can ask for. The second story was more infuriating Penders nonsense. It’s probably extra frustrating that he took a semi-respectable character and decided to downgrade the fuck out of her. I didn’t love her or anything but I at least respected that she wasn’t what she is here. Now she is what she is here and it's fucking terrible. Good job. Sonic X - Issue #11: No Thanks for the Memories - Part 2 Goodness, gracious, these covers are so good it hurts. This is fantastic. I could only ever dream of being able to create something like this, my god. It would take forever to point out all the excellent details strung about this thing so I’ll just give it it my badass seal of approval and get to the content. Spaz is wonderful. That was just as good as the last issue as far in it continuing to do the same thing the last one did and it did it just as well. This was a cute little excursion for an anniversary that’s long since past. After said anniversary, nothing would ever be the same again though. Let’s not think about it too much and move on. I’ll admit to being interested in returning to Area 99 again. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #91: Crash This cover is fine. I don’t have a ton to say about it as its just two people plastered over it. One of them looks fierce and intense but by the nature of who this character is, its hard to get too excited by it. That doesn’t mean this’ll be a bad time necessarily. Let’s get into it. Yeah, that issue happened. I don’t really have much to say about it. Eggman being incredibly oblivious was a little frustrating. The return to the status quo of Uncle Chuck being a spy wasn’t appreciated. The scenes with Sally’s family were unnecessary. The Knuckles story continues to be trash. It’s all par for the course really.
  11. So I got the issue and read it this morning. So thoughts below.
  12. Sonic Super Special - Issue #14: Sonic Stew This cover is ugly and cluttered. It looks like paint vomit. What else is new for these covers? Let’s move on. Yeah, that wasn’t the worst a Sonic Super Special has ever been but this issue did nothing to shake off the pointless feel behind their merit as something special. After finishing the Knuckles story I had already forgotten what the Sonic story had been about. So much of this book is dominated by just those two characters at this point. At least earlier they’d stop to give Tails his own stories every now and again. Now they won’t even keep his important character development from a game they’ve adapted and didn’t have to do much work to fit in. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #88: Family Matters This is a very nice looking cover. I love the colors here. It takes pretty good advantage of the color blue. Sonic’s mouth is a bit too over exaggerated for my taste but it’s not something that sticks out too much either. I guess it’s time we dealt with that evil doer, Uncle Chuck eh? Hot damn! It’s been a really long while since this book has been this goddamn good. It really goes a long way towards making a heart-pounding experience when you’ve got good art, good choreography, and a good sense to put appropriate emotional moments in where you can. My only real hang-up is that some of the decisions the characters made could have been better served happening at different points in the story for the sake of practicality but I understand how hard it can be to properly shuffle things around when you’re trying to merge two stories together. On the whole, this was a ton of fun. More like this please. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #89: Thicker Than Water Uh-oh, something otherworldly this way comes. Probably. Most likely. Either way, this is an okay cover. I can’t say there’s much about it that gets me excited though. That was another nice issue. It was a little less impactful than the previous one, to be sure, even with Sally’s mom waking up, but it was still well-done. The second story also wasn’t anything terrible. I’ll admit to still not caring all that much about it but at least it seems tailor made to be about Antoine’s journey as well as Knuckles. It's funny seeing Penders write a story that was the offshoot of Bollers’ decision to have Sonic tell Antoine what he wanted to know though. Quite funny.
  13. Ah. Well, there you go. The cameo master strikes again. Everyone is here.
  14. Oh man. For a pretty simple sounding issue on the surface, I have a ton I want to say about it. I appreciate being able to catch up on what everyone's doing all at once. Obviously we're still in the aftermath and lead-up section but my God, it's actually great having everyone around to bounce off of again. I don't think a single main character wasn't at least seen or mentioned in this issue aside from Big the Cat. That's it. T'was a fun time and I greatly enjoy just being able to be around these characters.
  15. "On top of that he has to discover where they were and why they have surfaced now. Did he know and kept the secret? Why?" Yes. WHY? Why the fuck would he do that? This is the thing that jumped out at me reading this passage as someone who's been trudging through the sewage of Penders' old stories in Archie. The man is obsessed with not just drama, but drama fabricated specifically from characters being assholes by keeping secrets and having no good goddamn reason to do so. Instantly, when he decides to bring back the Freedom Fighters for IDW, instead of trying to organically have it make sense for what the book is doing and re-introduce them, he's gonna make the fact that they were absent a plot point that Sonic knew about and the rest of the cast just... decided never to once bring them up or question why they were gone. You can't re-establish the old continuity with this book, especially at this point. And I know he's not talking about starting the book over from his last end point at Archie and pretending the current IDW stories didn't happen because the plot line of Sonic having kept their absence a secret would make zero sense if he did. As presented in these posts, he seriously believes there's an organic way he can write the Freedom Fighters in so that they were there the whole time and their whereabouts were kept a secret by the main character. It's like that shit where he wrote a story where Sonic found out Antoine's dad was alive and roboticized and decided he wasn't going to tell Antoine about it and made Tails keep quiet too. Then when Bollers was writing for Sonic, he had Sonic tell Antoine about it immediately because he knew not to write him like a fucking asshole. He'd have also been a hypocrite since he was also lied to about his parents being alive and got mad about it himself. Yet he was super on board for doing the same thing to Antoine.
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