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  1. classic_sonic_by_professor_j_ddjc2wn-pre

    Finished this last night, been working on it on/off the last week. I’ve never tried imitating the classic Sonic style before so had literally no fucking idea what I was doing pretty much the entire time but it came together in the end somehow lol

    edit: on mobile and no idea why my text has got black highlights but it looks good so slay I guess

  2. On 5/29/2019 at 4:50 PM, Badnik Mechanic said:


    How has it been 2 hours and nobody has asked you the obvious question which is probably a lot harder to do than it sounds?

    I mean... I don’t think it’s as simple as just walking in there and asking... is it? Can I just do that? Or is that weird?

  3. On 05/02/2018 at 4:55 PM, Stasis said:

    Pretty sure you don't need permission to get it tattooed. 

    You don’t *need* permission since it’s technically fan art but out of respect for the artist you should ask. I’d be pretty pissed off if someone tattooed my fan art without asking to be honest.

    To the point though, it’s a really nice design that would look good as a tattoo.

  4. Oh, they changed the style again.


    I really like this, it's been a while since we've seen a style with clean line art like this. Kinda looks like some amalgamation of the Adventure, Battle and Riders style. Though it makes me wonder why they don't just go with the actual 'Sonic Adventure' style rather than something so close to it.

  5. This game feels like more of a fan game than Mania...


    I just don't really get it, it's like they've thrown EVERYTHING together to try and appeal to every aspect of the fan base and ultimately ended up creating this big alienating mess than doesn't really have any identity of it's own.


    Despite it's short comings Generations was a beautifully presented love letter to the franchise, this is just some fan fiction-esque amalgamation of ideas that manages to rub me up the wrong way with every new reveal of information.


    Like I said, I just don't 'get' this.

  6. image.jpg

    This is important.


    Olly Sykes of Bring me the Horizon's clothing brand 'Drop Dead' announces this morning that it's collaborating with Sonic the Hedgehog to celebrate the 25th anniversary. The collection will be available to order from 12pm today.


    I love Drop Dead, the clothes and accessories they make are amazing and so much more in your face cool than anything you would ever find on the high street. Their Itchy and Scratchy collection was one of the best things I've ever seen clothing wise and the Gremlins collection was just as good. Colour me excited for this.


    They've done a SEGA collaboration before featuring Golden Axe and Ecco clothes so to wake up to this today was a pleasant surprise.


    I'll post pictures of the collection here when it's revealed at noon.

  7. Anyone got a spare Mew from the event earlier this year? Wanted to get them all but ugh completely forgot to go to Game and get the code while it was active and now I feel like I'm missing out ??


    I have other Mews, I just wanted the complete anniversary collection... Have shinies and things I can offer in exchange.

  8. I'm really surprised at how much I'm enjoying Blue after all these years. I was dreading it in the run up to it's release because I just thought it must be an absolute slog to play through and I figured the modern games would have spoiled me with all the new features and streamlining but for a 20 year old game it's actually not that bad at all.


    edit: I have no idea why half the text of this post is a larger size lol

  9. ...Wait, didn't you just contradict yourself in your own sentence? All those characters have basically been ignored aside from some references in Mario and Sonic (Chip was a companion in Runners, Marine got a one-line mention in Colours DS). That doesn't guarantee Sticks security in the series at all.

    I realised this straight after I posted it...


    In any case it's still strange that she appears here at all.

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