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  1. ^ I was really hoping you'd reply I think I feel the same way as you, poured my heart into every aspect of this franchise, turning to non-game media to get my kicks over the years but nothing does it anymore. I'm just not satisfied like you said. I think I've maybe developed this idea of what Sonic should be like in my head and nothing fulfils that anymore, I'm just left with fanwanking and what could have been :/ ...
  2. I just can't. Sonic 1 was the first game I ever played. I was 2 at the time, I fell in love from the moment I played it and never looked back. Sonic 2 was the first game I owned, the first game I ever completed. When I was a young child I used to wake up hours before school just so I could play Sonic 3 with my brother. I was so into Sonic. I used to eat, sleep and breathe this franchise. I got Sonic Adventure for Christmas 1999, I remember being devastated because this was the game I dreamed of owning and had no means to play it. The big final 'for the family' present that year was a Dreamcast, probably one of the happiest moments of my life. Didn't have a VMU, I didn't even care, I'd just replay it day after day for a year until we got one. Best times <3 I joined SSMB when I was 14, that's nearly 9 years ago, even at that age I knew Shadow the Hedgehog was digging a hole the franchise couldn't escape from but my inner fanboy was willing to ride that out. Sonic Rush completely counteracted whatever damage this game did, absolutely height of my forum life. Got banned from here like 3 times due to naivety, didn't even care, online Sonic discussion was like drugs to me back then haha! 06 happened. I don't think I've ever been more excited about a game than I was that, despite all the obvious issues from the get go the amount of hype surrounding that game was truly something to behold. I bought a 360 purely for that game, this was THE Sonic game, this was the game that would put Sonic back on the map. It didn't. Unleashed, I was a bit older at that point, Werehog made me sigh, I wasn't all that into the Daytime gameplay either, my love for Sonic kinda dwindled at this point. I was still big on illustration at this time though so DeviantArt kinda kept me going, in my eyes Sonic was still this unstoppable force, I truly believed that it was a massive behemoth of a franchise that was loved by millions. Oh how wrong I was. Generations, oh my sweet Jesus, my 20 year old self could not handle this game. What an absolute rush I'd get from even thinking about this game. Pokemon remakes give you a nostalgia trip but this was something else, this was Sonic, the franchise I'd grown up with tailored to the fans who had been there from day 1. This was a game made for me (maybe not gameplay wise but everything else). And it delivered. But where did we go from there? I'd still get a kick from even the monthly Sonic Channel artwork upload and when Lost World was announced I truly did believe Sonic was back for good. My little childhood hero had found his feet and things would be good from here on out. Nope. Game is released. Within an hour I'm bored. To this day I haven't even finished it, a culmination of a cringe inducing script and awkward gameplay I can't get behind. Then BAM, Sonic Boom. I get that it's not 'main Sonic' but my god I can't even give the slightest shit about this, I've never ever felt like I've outgrown Sonic as much as I have now. My eleven year old brother doesn't even care about Sonic anymore and I made a point out of playing every Sonic game together while he was growing up. After joining NeoGAF and seeing just few people even care about Sonic anymore it's just kind of changed my whole opinion on things, this truly is a washed up mascot we're dealing with now. I've poured my heart and soul into this franchise only to be disappointed year after year and I really don't think I care anymore. It's been nearly a decade since I joined this forum and nothing has changed, we're still in this weird limbo where we annually assess whether this latest release will be a Sonic game worth caring about. Maybe I've just outgrown all this bullshit now? Am I alone with this?
  3. Feat. Long ass thread title. Hi, SSMB, it's been a while, how y'all doing? Fuck though, what an awkward realisation this is. After discovering GAF about 6 months ago I've noticed that I spend all day every day reading countless threads on people talking about games I have no interest in or buying or even playing. It was the same thing here back when I was an active member. Other than the next Mario, Pokemon or Zelda I probably won't even consider buying any of the games we all spend hours talking about and dissecting unless they really draw me in somehow (dat Mirror's Edge) but I just love reading the conversations we all have about them. My little brother is going through the same phase I did when I was 11 and buying every game he has even the slightest interest in, back then I would get so into every impulse buy and some of them became my favourite games of all time but nowadays I just have no interest in blowing a load of money on something I might not even be that bothered about. Is that weird? Surely I'm not the only one who does this?
  4. How fucking disappointing that Shadow is still the Assist Trophy for the Sonic series -.-
  5. Ughh Greninja what. I don't like the idea of just random Pokemon going up against Nintendo's finest, it just feels off? Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Mewtwo and Lucario are all kinda justified as being series mascots but just a random Charizard and Lucario? Wuhhhh Everything else is <3 though. Ridley is still playable, believe. Also a rumour about playable Palutena, Shulk, Mii, Pac-Man and the Choir chorus guys from Rhythm Heaven being in the game was basically confirmed by Greninja's reveal.
  6. Yeah it's the GameCube version, well I assume so anyway seeing as the 64 version was already in Wii and we already have 4 MK64 tracks. I'm so fucking excited to see what they've done with Yoshi Valley, it's one of the series more unique tracks, I hope they've done it justice. That leaves only 1 retro track to go, I really hope it's Cheese Land, space tracks look so pretty in HD.
  7. I got the Yoshi one on holiday in Portugal last year. I wanted all of them when I saw them there so I'm kinda glad they're coming to the UK, no Peach though? Strange that they'd omit her from the UK.
  8. (Man, I haven't started a topic here in yearsssss... -.-) I've been replaying Generations lately and, as much as I'm well aware that the Time Eater is universally disliked, I can't help but feel like an original boss as the climax for an anniversary game was completely the wrong direction to take. For a game made almost entirely out of famous moments from the franchise's history I'm so disappointed that the final moments of Generations wasn't the ultimate boss battle love letter to the series. So much wasted potential. Like, off the top of my head, maybe have the final boss as some huge mega evolution version of the Sonic 1 wrecking ball through time and space and stuff. I dunno. I'm not even sure how this would look or whatever but just anything with even the slightest heritage would have been more appropriate than we got. How would you guys change the end game to Generations if you could? ffs Professor-J, get off SSMB when you're drunk
  9. Little Mac confirmed for sexiest Smash character (sorry, Snake). The amount of fake lists that have included him meant I kinda expected him in at this point but I'm glad we got this over anything Donkey Kong related today. They really have picked some quite 'out there' choices for the new comers really haven't they? I'm quite excited to see what unlockable hidden characters they've got up their sleeves! this is the first time i've ever been attracted to a videogame character what is this feeling oh god
  10. I dunno, this whole Sonic Boom thing is very westernised. I like the simplicity that came from the Japanese influence but this just feels too far detached from everything up to this point and I don't know if I'll really be able to get behind it. I'm willing to be cautiously optimistic about what this leads to and I get that it's a completely seperate universe and all but if it turns out to be a massive hit I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up taking over the main canon.
  11. It was FUCKING EFFORT but today I transferred all of my Pokemon from Gen 4 to Gen 5 (probably should have done this weeks ago in preparation ;_; ) then through Bank to Gen 6. Considering my 'main' team is made up from a bunch of Shinies I traded for on the Pokemon GTS forums when I was younger I was surprised to learn that none of them were hacked (not even a Shiny Thundurus which I was the most worried for). Not a single one of the fuck knows how many Pokemon I've transferred to my X version has that Hexagon on their stats though, not even any of the hundreds that I caught myself in the earlier Gens that I KNOW are legit. From this I assume it means that Pokemon was caught in Kalos and not that it's a legit Pokemon?
  12. I love how we're all acting like Poke Bank is gonna be this huge game changer that breathes a whole new life into XY when you know in reality the majority of us will get it, make a team with our old pokemon and then play it for about a week before losing interest again and moving on to the next thing lol.
  13. I don't know where this came from, but someone posted this over at SmashBoards. I'm not sure what I think of this, but it looks slightly less fake than a lot of other "leaked" images. I want that to be real so badly but I'm not gonna get my hopes up
  14. I'm wondering if customizable trainers will be a feature that sticks with the franchise in future games. Like, if they did made Ruby and Sapphire remakes would they allow you to customize Brendan and May? Also that artwork is glorious, I love it when Sugimori draws scenes. #FuckVenusaur
  15. If Sonic does get a second stage on the 3DS version which game do you think it will end up being from? I'm inclined to think it'll probably be from Rush but I honestly don't know. I have a feeling it could be from a classic console Sonic game. Same question for Megaman as well.
  16. Jimmy has looooooads of potential for a move set, for starters he loves Disco, there's so much you can do with that alone without taking all the other zany Wario Ware shit into consideration. Seriously, him and Mona would probably be some of the easier characters to incorporate into this game.
  17. Erm, Mona or Jimmy. T? Ashley is just really popular, she's not actually a main character unlike those two.
  18. I find it so interesting how Nintendo were going through such an experimental phase during the Gamecube era, especially with some of their core franchises. Mario Sunshine, Double Dash, Wind Waker, the Starfox games... They're all quite black sheepish compared to the other games in their respective series. When you think how much of a big deal their N64 prequels were it's crazy that they were even willing to take those risks.
  19. I will do when Bank goes live in the UK, probably not for long mind you but long enough to fiddle about with all my previous EV trained Pokemon and stuff.
  20. Wait Pokemon Bank comes out on the 27th everywhere else? URGHHH CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED
  21. Well they've certainly addressed the complaint of there being no playable females, let's see if they can pull some villains out of that hat as well >
  22. If she let's you hide your weed in her bra- wife that bitch.

  23. I thought of this as well but where would they fit into the single player experience? Unless they took some liberties with the tropes (say make Desert Palace more of a palace or have Balloon Park be more like a travelling carnival with some grassy sections to differentiate it from Carnival night?) then there's not really any place for most of those levels without some overlapping. Plus S3K is pretty huge already, can we really expect 5 new fully fledged stages with individual acts and bosses? Save it for Sonic 5.
  24. What we learn from the M17 trailer - Klefki may appear,
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