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  1. Oh yes, 100%. I bought Emerald a few months back as it's the only game in the series (excluding seperate colour/ letter games) I haven't owned at some point and expected it to be jarring as fuck to play but I actually found it really easy to get into. I really couldn't be bothered for a lot of the side quests, contests, secret base stuff and such but I got quite sucked into the main game. Admittedly stopped caring at the Battle Frontier though haha.
  2. 0275-7722-7079 Somebody PLEASSSSSE tell me what's in my friend safari it has been bugging me for weeks now.
  3. I get so determined to try and always get my shiny Pokemon in Premier Balls, at the start of every new game I always buy loads of Pokeballs just to get them in fear I'll have to catch a shiny in a regular ball haha. I actually love that you can always see the ball you caught a Pokemon in; in HGSS I always try to catch any Pokemon in one of Kurt's balls just because it'd make them more special in the more recent generations where they're unavailable haha.
  4. Finally getting around to adding all of you lot, my friend code is 0275-7722-7079, if any of you still care that is. Haven't played this game in about a week now, determined to get back into though, I just can't wait for Pokemon Bank to be released so I can continue with my Gen 5 competitive team.
  5. I'm up to Tropical Coast now, still not enjoying myself. I don't know, I just want to love this game so much after hyping it up for all these months but I just cannot have fun with it. I'm so used to Sonic controlling a certain way and this just feels so unnatural to me, I cannot get used to how little verticle space is covered when I jump forward and Sonic's move set is unnecessarily complicated. I don't like that there are essentially two different versions of the homing attack and I'm finding myself constantly dying in sections that I'd have blitzed through under another game's engine. Perhaps I'll learn to love it but right now I can't see me getting anything other than frustrated with this game. EDIT: Cloud Sections are fucking annoying.
  6. This is game is so jarring. Everything about it is making me cringe. The Deadly Six are embarrassing to watch, the dialogue is even more childish than Colours, the 2D gameplay is making me wish for Sonic 4 episode 1's controls and the boss fights are some of the worst I've seen in this series. I'm halfway through Desert Ruins, when does the fun begin??
  7. Got my copy in the mail just now. I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow so I'm gonna avoid playing it until I've done everything I need to do today because I know I won't get it done otherwise haha.
  8. Yeah I found the vocal themes to be really unfitting in Brawl, especially Seven Rings in Hand. Except Sonic Boom of course, that song worked for a fighting scenario surprisingly well.
  9. I'm thinking maybe we haven't seen the last of the Gen 6 Pokemon. 3DS games can be patched, right? I imagine the third version will probably include more Pokemon and mega evolutions if so, it'd be a big selling point if so.
  10. I think that's a bit too obscure for Smash Bros. Basically if it didn't appear in Generations don't get your hopes up for it appearing here. I think we can expect a handful of main themes and some first stage music. GHZ, EHZ and some Colours music is a given, probably expect the Brawl AIZ theme to return as well.
  11. I know! It's so fucking annoying! I can only seem to watch like 1 in 10 videos because most of the time 'this video is not available on this device' urghhh
  12. That's just the same hallowe'en artwork we saw a few years back with traced artwork of the Deadly Six's 3D renders. It's still nice, just a bit underwhelming considering Channel has given us some fantastic hallowe'en art in the past.
  13. One of my biggest gripes with this game are the 'hit' animations, it looks so terrible when a Pokemon is hit with like Hyper Beam or something and is barely even knocked back. I swear I remember the Stadiums and even Colloseum and XD having more realistic damage animations?
  14. Oh my Cheap budget game they said. This looks fucking incredible, I don't even really have words to describe how good this game looks. So. Much. Stuff
  15. So they didn't fix YouTube then? Urghhhh, entire update is pointless now.
  16. It was on Sonic channel back in 2005 or 2006 I think. It included every playable character the series had ever seen, including characters like Bean and Bark who are of little relevance nowadays.
  17. Mine has started doing the exact same thing lately, I've tried deleting all the cookies and it seems to work briefly but after a few videos it just ends up crashing again. The YouTube app isn't even worth using, the browser version is infinitely better and I'm devastated that I suddenly can't use it properly!
  18. I love love love the new art style, it's exactly how I pictured a Nintendo crossover universe to look and every character looks like they were meant to be in a game together. Brawl's art style is pretty unfitting for universes it set out to represent, however I think it'd be pretty fitting and look really nice for PSABR.
  19. Urghhh. Please play vastly different to regular Link this time around to justify your inclusion kthanks.
  20. Oh this 100%. I really love Rouge, her design is so unique and I love that the franchise was willing to introduce a strong female character with some serious attitude to rival Amy's niceness. I do hate that she has become Shadow's sidekick though on the rare occasion she even shows up. To go from being a using bitch who's only concern was her own desires to being a tag along best friend who doesn't even mention Jewels in 06 is disappointing. I also wish she had remained one of the main characters because she had some awesome dialogue and interactions with the rest of the cast in Battle and now she can't even get a place in an Olympic spin off series.
  21. Oh of course Pikachu is going to be the only not-fully-evolved Pokemon to have a mega evolution, if only just to give the animators something new to animate where Pikachu is involved.
  22. Were any of the Gen1-3 evolution and pre evolutions revealed before Gen IV was released? I'm starting to wonder if Sylveon really is the only evolution of an existing Pokemon this generation.
  23. Oh, wow! I wasn't expecting something like that at all! Considering I don't really care for Shadow even I can admit this is a beautiful piece of artwork!
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