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  1. Ohhhh yeah, hahaha that's so cute and really clever of them to do that.
  2. Oh, so that's Oorotto! I knew there was a Pokemon named that but was avoiding spoilers a month ago so didn't see what it actually looked like haha.
  3. If Toon Link played totally different to regular Link I'd be totally cool with the 'Toon' Zelda world being represented completely separately to regular Zelda stuff. But he didn't so I wasn't. Just like I'd be totally fine with Paper Mario being a separate character if he played like, well, Paper Mario and not regular Mario.
  4. Urghhh pre release game dreams are the worst thing ever. Even worse when in them you actually HAVE the game then wake up to realise it was announced last week and is months away from release ;( But yeah, I also don't really care for the Great Sea theme, it is good and does give off a great sense of adventure but my god it's such a draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. At least the Field themes you only hear for a few minutes at a time at best, you end up listening to the Great Sea for hours.
  5. There better be more playable females. I know Zelda is inevitable but just adding WFT is not the solution to the greater problem of Smash being a sausage fest.
  6. I know I've said it before but the Wii U's virtual console is pitiful considering its been out the best part of a year now :/ I'd like to hope they have big plans for it alongside this 'huge marketing campaign' at Christmas but I bet they don't. ;_;
  7. I really feel like they're trying to relaunch Pokemon in a massive way with these games. I can only imagine how huge the marketing is gonna be come October!
  8. Cortez


    I veeeeeeeery rarely would dare eat something as unhealthy as a pizza but when I do it's usually on a hangover day which makes it oh so much better. Pizza Hut I find has gone seriously downhill lately, it just seems so cheap and take-awayish nowadays seeing as so many of the restaurants have shut down around my area. I find it to be really nice when you go there for the buffet rather than order it to your house though. Dominos is ok, kind of a last resort though, it seems really tacky to me, like something you'd get as a better alternative to a kebab when stumbling home from a night out rather than a quality meal. We have a small Papa Johns that opened a year or so ago near me though, definitely the best option for me. Shits all over Pizza Hut and Dominoes in terms of quality and topping choice <3
  9. Because it'll likely have a mega evolution/ evolution in Gen 6? Although now I really want Sacred Fire Ratatta ;____;
  10. I'm really hoping this game has a Challenge mode like BW2 did and if so I hope even more that it's selectable from the get-go. Pokemon games are just too easy for me now and the inclusion of a hard mode will probably make the initial play through so much more fun for me.
  11. So I've been wondering, do people actually still think this is a filler game until the next big Mario? Because I'm not seeing it myself. As far as I'm concerned this is the next big Mario. It's not as hyped as the Galaxies were and I think having '3D' in the title has given people the misconception that this will be a smaller game in comparison to the previous main console Mario games but I honestly don't see why people are using these as reasons to assume this is a filler game.
  12. Haha What 3D World looks absolutely glorious, where on earth people are getting mission pack sequel from is totally beyond me. Are people honestly expecting a 3D Land sized budget game simply because '3D' is in the title?? Nintendo hasn't hyped 3D World much but I imagine it'll be a title to rival even the Galaxies upon release. Sonic Lost World looks good, but I'm remaining cautiously optimistic about it. I haven't found myself able to hype it as much as I have done with past games and certainly not as much as I did Generations, though that is to be expected.
  13. But... but Ice type ;( I really hope that new Abilty that changes Normal type moves to Ice stretches out to a fair few Pokemon because that is a serious buff in itself. It'd be a shame to give it exclusively to that new Fossil Pokemon.
  14. Extra dress details again? Hmmm not sure if I like, not just because they have no canon grounds but because I actually think they make Peach look less like Peach. ...If that makes sense??
  15. Mario's 'low points' aren't even bad games, they're exceptionally good games wrapped in a bland as fuck package.
  16. Why is Steel getting changes when Bug and Ice are in desperate need of buffs?
  17. Ok now THAT is how you ruin Mewtwo. EDIT: Oh and it would be the one exclusive to Pokemon X, which I was hoping to get, as well wouldn't it? Urghhh.
  18. I don't get why they're advertising the Cat Suit so heavily. The Tanooki Tail fair enough because that was a fan favourite item from the distant past they'd brought back, the Cat Suit is cool and all but I can't see it being the deciding factor on anybody's purchase of this game. Also cluttered box art is cluttered.
  19. I don't doubt that there will be a stage based on SMG. I think a Galaxy stage should ideally have a gravity gimmick though I'm not sure how they'd go about implementing it. But Good Egg Galaxy almost seems like too obvious a choice for a Galaxy stage though, and this is a beef I had with Brawl as well when it came to choosing areas to represent games. While there are quite a few 'out there' choices for stages I find stuff like the Pokemon Stadiums, Smashville, Pirate Ship and Luigi's Mansion to be too much of generalisations of the game's they're representing and I'd much rather they chose an actual location from those games. On the other hand stuff like Delfino Plaza is just a boring way of representing Super Mario Sunshine, the hub world? really?.
  20. I want this more but I do feel Gen 3 is pretty outdated, it doesn't even have the Special/Physical attack split which is a huge game changer. A Red/Blue 2 would be pretty amazing actually, Gen 1 is far too small to hold its own even as another remake but a completely different game set in a totally reimagined Kanto would be amazing. Speaking of sequels, do you think Gen 6 will have a third game or will XY become XY2?
  21. Mega Blaziken leads me to believe that all of the Gen 3 Starters will be getting Mega Evolutions, it'd be weird to leave two of the three out. Potentially foreshadowing Gen 3 remakes if so?
  22. Cortez

    Nintendo 3DS

    I think they just assumed everyone who bought one was upgrading from a regular 3DS, which is just ludicrous and silly.
  23. Has Gary ever even appeared in the anime since Chronicles? It was nice that him and Ash became friends in the end but, I kinda wish he'd stayed Ash's main rival as opposed to becoming a fossil expert or whatever it was he did.
  24. It's $5 a year and you can seemingly transfer ALL your Pokemon at once rather playing shit mini games to transfer 6 at a time like Poke Launcher and you can now Cloud store them. Fucking Dream Radar cost basically the same and that barely had a point yet this is crossing the line?.
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