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  1. Oh as if that's real. I doubt Sylveon would be the only evolution of a previous Pokemon, they wouldn't all just be mega evolutions. Way too many Dragons as well. I call fake.
  2. Cortez

    Nintendo 3DS

    That white and red design actually looks really nice, very complimenting colours they've used there. Wouldn't mind an XL that sported that colour scheme.
  3. I very highly doubt GAME are above doing something like this. I wouldn't even be surprised if they're already doing it with certain titles since they get all the profit from preowned games don't they?
  4. What are those circle things? There's one above the ship and one by the gap of the cliff?
  5. Had the demo downloaded since the day it was released, played it once before and couldn't really get into it. Today I sat down and forced myself to play it properly and I'm so glad I did. This game is so cool when you get the hang of things, I'm never normally able to get into action games but this has really perked my interest. Definitely considering checking the full game out.
  6. I can't believe we're talking about Eminem on a Sonic forum hahaha. This is cool though, I liked his earlier work.
  7. NiGHTS cameos for the first time since 2005!? W...Wow! They seriously are going all out with this game, I'm really impressed!
  8. Fake box art, fake everything. Light blue Wii U looks... interesting though. Wait, what, it's real??
  9. Grind Rails that just float in the air over giant empty space are so wank. Not only does it look ridiculous it's also painfully boring to actually play, Rail Canyon and Bullet Station can suck my dick. I know it's been said so many times in this topic already but besides Sky Rail and to a lesser extent Final Chase/ Rush SA2 generally got the concept of grinding spot on by having the rails as a part of the environment.
  10. I can't even find words to reply to this. I can't imagine how many takes they must have had of this to get it that perfect.
  11. I actually don't see Pikachu as being a Gen 1 rep anymore... Like, Pikachu is far too associated with the franchise as a whole to really be representation for a specific Generation. I'd prefer Mewtwo to return over Pokemon Trainer (who really should have been named Red... That's like calling Link 'Hylian' just because you choose his name in-game...) but if he does come back I'd rather he had one starter Pokemon and then some other random Gen 1's rather than just the starters.
  12. I'm just hoping that these mega evolutions don't stop them from coming up with some good actual evolutions for old Pokemon. I'm still thinking Mawile and Absol are more deserving of some actual evolved forms but we'll see how this pans out.
  13. Oh, I guess this even further confirms Mewtwo to have 2 new formes then as those leaks said it requires an item to change formes; The Mega Stone.
  14. Been avoiding this topic so much because I didn't want to spoil myself anymore but there was no way I could miss this. I just don't know what to make of this, like, this is too much of a change for me to have an opinion on it until I actually play it for myself. It'll either totally put me off or I'll end up loving it. It's too soon.
  15. Am I the only one who doesn't want easy ways to unlock all the characters? SSE was mostly a walk in the park (a boring one albeit) and you could have all the characters in a matter of hours. I want some characters to take ages to unlock so I actually feel like they're worth something special when I get them. Mewtwo in Melee was certainly this and Mr G&W even more so.
  16. Cortez

    Nintendo 3DS

    Pulseman 2 co developed by someone good. believe
  17. Wow Sonic merchandise that isn't cring inducing and is actually quite stylish. I like!
  18. And they didn't explain the new forme at all then I'm guessing? As expected, I'm thinking there's probably not much chance the games will either then, besides Giratina none of the new formes have really been given much of an explanation.
  19. The more or less confirmed rumours PSI posted were: Again, I think it's pretty goddam safe to assume this is all confirmed stuff now given the recent reveals.
  20. Oh wow haha, so it is a new Mewtwo. That literally makes zero sense, especially with no explanation. Most legendaries I can understand being a species even if they are super rare (the games even give explanation to this by having Arceus literally create a new Palkia/ Dialga/ Giratina in front of your very eyes). Mewtwo is not this, Mewtwo is a fucking one off, this is as stupid as if there were suddenly 2 Shadow the Hedgehogs 'just because'. I know they've probably done it just to avoid upsetting old time fans but if anything it's much more annoying that they've done it this way. Either that or the writers are so fucking incompetent that they didn't even think to just give the new forme to the original. I pray the games give a realistic explanation to the new forme though I am now very worried we're going to get nothing at all.
  21. This new information sounds so amazing, I really want to look at the scans but I feel I've spoiled too much already so I'm gonna avoid actually seeing everything until I actually play it from now on. I just can't seem to resist actually coming in this thread ;(
  22. oh my god That .gif is the best thing I've ever seen and more than makes up for Legends 3 being cancelled! But seriously, as depressing as it is at least Megaman still has some stuff going on and although the franchise might not have selling power I think it's too iconic to ever be totally disregarded. Also, on the bright side when Megaman games do get released they tend to have a general idea of what they want to be unlike other classic IPs like say, Pac-Man who get constantly rebranded in a desperate bid to become relevant again. And hey, Smash Bros will probably spark some sort of interest in the IP which will probably result in MM9 & 10 eShop releases and nothing more
  23. Cortez

    Nintendo 3DS

    I really wanted Fire Emblem, I've never played a game in the series and figured if I got it for free then I couldn't go wrong, I'm not entirely sure it's my type of game but I'm quite intrigued by it at least. Oh well I'll just buy Dream Team to make up for it.
  24. It's so unlikely but I want playable Amy so badly, I've played Sonic 2 as the other classic characters plenty of times before so I kinda want a fresh way of playing through it tbh.
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