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    Oh fucks sake I thought the So Many Games promotion ended on July the 31st not June 30th, I just got my third game yesterday expecting to get the fourth free and now I'm sad ;(
  2. What annoyed me about Gen 5 was that a lot of Pokemon seemed to have 3 stage evolutions just for the sake of bumping up the Pokedex numbers. I think Vannilite, Solosis and Klink could have easily gone with just 2 stage evos.
  3. I don't mind Trubbish that much, the Vanillite family is quite annoying though. That music is so good, I'm glad it's taking more influence from Gen 1's battle themes because Gen 5's music was such a bore.
  4. I know it probably costs shit loads of money to make the animations for it but it's kinda disappointing that so few characters' vehicles are actually seen transforming, most of them are just on the fly model swaps which doesn't look anywhere near as cool.
  5. Ok, that is a lot closer than I thought. I might just power through it this weekend then. Does this game have any replayability incentives other than finding the Boos and Gems? Because if it's not worth hanging on to I might just finish it and trade it in towards Dream Team while it still holds it value...
  6. I feel the exact same way, I'm on the Ice mansion now and I'm constantly thinking 'I really should get round to finishing that game' but just really can't be assed. I really do love it though but it just feels such a chore to pick up and play.
  7. Wow, that's some pretty ugly box art. Is the cartoon even good btw? Or even popular?? I can't see it being something kids would be too interested in.
  8. Yeah stuff like this pisses me off so much, that's one thing I think should be changed, I think you should have the say of where a villager is going to move to in your town. It's sort of remedied by the fence development you can built which allows you plant trees and shit in it without worrying about it getting wrecked by villagers but still not quite the same.
  9. Nah, Pokèmon is strangely (and annoyingly) exempt from appearing in anything Nintendo related other than Smash Bros.
  10. More than anything in the world <3 Shame it will never happen though. I reckon they'd draw in more Pokèmon nostalgia fans than Pokèmon Trainer ever could have though. Plus can you imagine their moveset!? You could switch between all three using Down B and they could use crazy Team Rocket gadgets and such and actually get involved in the fight. Their final smash could be the Magikarp Submarine oh my god I'm crying tears of happiness just fantasising about this
  11. I know they've probably done it so as to not to alienate old fans by fucking with our precious Mewtwo. Except by doing this they've probably fucked with him a thousand times more.
  12. I'm not believing it's a different Mewtwo until we get official confirmation that isn't poorly translated online. The Pokèmon anime isn't that fucking dumb.
  13. Yeah me neither but they're still the main characters of their respective series. Noxus, not so much.
  14. Yeah, but I don't think they should take final smashes into account when trying to balance a character as whole. And back on the topic of a second Metroid rep, I don't think any of the Prime: Hunters characters are iconic or relevant enough to the series to become fully fledged characters in Smash Bros.
  15. Those stamps are so good! I really like artwork which shows the characters doing something other than striking a generic pose.
  16. I kinda see SM64DS as like the Pokèmon Yellow to Mario 64's Pokèmon Red & Blue rather than a straight up remake.
  17. How do you trade insects/ fish, they can't be mailed and I'm at a total loss as to how I'm going to trade them
  18. I think F-Zero has gained more popularity over the years thanks to the Internet and Captain Falcon's Smash Bros. appearances. I do think that if they released another F-Zero nowadays then it'll sell a lot better than previous titles on that basis alone.
  19. That concept art looks horribly generic. Nothing about it is wowing me at all. Also, Crash with a health bar*? Ewwww *Haven't played any Crash game since Wrath of Cortex and I completely expect there to be have been Crash games with health bars since then [/talkingshitaboutgamesihaventevenplayed]
  20. English Pokèmon anime dub Staravia as announcer please
  21. Woah, can't believe Gracie and Savannah are actually males in the Japanese versions of Animal Crossing games! Savannah I can understand as she's kinda androgynous but seriously, Gracie? woah
  22. I really want King K. Rool to be playable but at the moment I'm worried if he'll even be returning to Donkey Kong full stop, let alone Smash Bros. Also, Isaac from Golden Sun. Djinni and Psynergy attacks would be pretty cool. (Golden Sun for 3DS virtual console as well please ;( )
  23. Do it then! You won't be disappointed! My friend code is 0275-7722-7079 btw let's cross animals together ❤
  24. Oh I found you can get essentials like Rods and Nets from Isabelle by talking to her about stuff you can do now you've newly moved in. You still have to pay for them but it's quicker than waiting for Nooklings to get them in.
  25. So I got Camofrog in my town. I felt the need to send him a letter telling him how stupid his name was. Seriously, Camofrog. Loving the game so far though, at first it felt like I was rushing my way through the game because I already knew what to do and got a shovel, rod and net super quick and within the first hour was already out collecting things. But I realised this is Animal Crossing, I will have to wait real days for things to happen so I'm a bit at ease with it now. Got a Fire Flower and a Metroid from Fortune Cookies too so I'm quite happy with that <3
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