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  1. I think Megaman, Sonic and Pac-Man will end up being the third parties this time around. I don't think 3 is pushing it too far compared to the amount Playstation Allstars has in a roster of only 24 including DLC. I know Sonic is less likely this time around but I'm still holding out for him. If he does return (and I'm having this conversation purely because we're on a Sonic forum btw) I'm hoping GHZ won't be his stage again. I doubt Sakurai would want Seaside Hill in his game so I think we can hopefully write that one off so I'd like something from either Lost World or the classics. Chemical Plant would be pretty cool actually, I know we've had it in Generations already but I think it'd be a nice stage and unlike anything else in the game. F-Zero gets Green Plant as well please because that'd be so fucking awesome to fight on. Port Town was boring.
  2. ;_; GAME has a habit of delivering their games a day early and I didn't want to get my hopes up but I was so hoping it would turn up today. It did. I thought it would be small enough to fit through the door while I was at work, I was wrong. Now I have to wait 24 hours before I can collect it from the Post Office and I'm working until 10pm tomorrow afternoon so won't even get a chance to play it until then. Devastated.
  3. Can't resist spoilers arghhhhhh. I need to stop spoiling myself for this game, I know it'll be so much more worth it if I keep myself in the dark about everything. It's just. SO. DIFFICULT. Seahorse thing looks cool though
  4. Hopefully none. Give me some N64 stages dammit Although no doubt there will be a bunch of returning Brawl stages... Also, URGHHH F.L.U.D.D, why? Also2: I really don't like stages like Skyloft and Delfino Plaza that move around an area, I'd rather they just crafted a section of the area into an arena.
  5. Oh my god that made me laugh so much Wii Fit Trainer looks so awesome, I hope we get more totally out of nowhere characters like this. Brawls roster was quite bleh really. Love the new art style, thank fuck the realism is gone, whatever made them go for that look in a freaking Nintendo crossover game is beyond me. Now to pray for Adventure mode to be fun and we could be on to a winner. Requests for Sonic start in 1...2... Oh they've already begun.
  6. I'm so fucking happy right now. Glad they got over the whole 'some characters aren't designed for fighting' excuse they had for leaving Villager out of Brawl. This will be SO GOOD
  7. I never said the entire game encourages you to use guns throughout but there are a fair few areas which are obviously designed with you using weapons in mind, the Sniper section of Chapter 6 especially comes to mind.
  8. Thats like saying you can beat Sonic Unleashed without Boosting. Yes you can but the game is designed in a way that encourages you to use it.
  9. I... Words can't describe I've waited so long so for this, all the rumours, all the clues... Finally it is time just let it be good
  10. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ;_____; I've waited years for this sequel please don't dangle it in front of me on a console I don't want
  11. So they're taking a little time waster game like Plants Vs Zombies and turning it into an AAA franchise? ...Ok? I don't think I quite understand the thought process behind this game but this could be interesting at least.
  12. oh my god Ahahaha Honestly after Skyward Sword I can't even begin to predict what they might do for Zelda U, I'd kind of like something completely new but at the same time I wouldn't be opposed to them dragging up an obscure Zelda game and building an entire new instalment to it in glorious HD ala aLttP 2. Zelda 3 anyone? Haha...
  13. ...And so, it begins. If I'm totally honest I'm not expecting much, if any, changes to the Brawl movesets for the veteran characters. Sakurai seems very set in his ways with this kind of stuff.
  14. I've probably already said it but more than anything I want Shadow replaced as the Assist Trophy for the Sonic franchise. Preferably with Eggman using the GHZ wrecking ball but I'd take Tails as well. Also to this day Silver still looks horribly out of place in GHZ.
  15. Never really paid much attention to this before but thought I'd check out the anniversary issue. Pleasantly surprised at how good it was, such a simple premise but handled so well, quite a tear jerker as well haha! Might have to start reading this thing more often.
  16. Hoping that by pulling Sonic into a ball the speed is based on the landscape rather than just being the boost in disguise. Please don't be the latter.
  17. I actually thought the exact same thing. Also ok with this.
  18. In the background of one of the screenshots you can see a large flat area for anybody who was worried the game would be entirely cylinder based. Also Caterkiller FUCK YES also 3DS version FUCK YES THIS GAME
  19. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. Let me rewatch this 50 times before forming an actual opinion Asbskkxnekqkzhdjwbeheh
  20. Am I the only one who found playing as Lucario kind of jarring? I know he was heavily promoted in Diamond and Pearl around their release but to me he felt out of place against the iconic reps to the series. Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Mewtwo (and to a lesser extent Pichu) felt at home with the all the other Nintendo characters but Lucario never felt like that big of a deal to me. Maybe it would have sat better with me if Riley stood in the background issuing him commands ala Pokèmon trainer rather than it just being some random talking Lucario.
  21. Oooh I second a Tetris stage, I reckon that'd be quite fun if they worked it in properly. What I don't want this time around is lame retro stages like 75m and Mario Bros. I struggle to find any redeeming features with these stages, they're just so lazily put together and awkward to fight on, 75m especially. By all means have them playable in 'Masterpieces' but not as stages. Mushroomy Kingdom also falls under this category but too a lesser extent due to actually having new graphics, as sucky as they may be.
  22. If Electroplankton of all things can get it's own stage in Brawl I don't think we can rule out eShop characters just yet.
  23. If Nintendo is only publishing the game in Europe and Aus does that not mean it's multiplatform in other regions? I'm confused...
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