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  1. I'd say those examples show more of a progression in style rather than a change. Whereas from SA1 to SA2 he started to draw Sonic slim rather than round bodied as well as digitally ink all his SA art and add shadows to it which I think is enough of a change to warrant it as being a change in style. All SA art past SA2 show similarly modeled Sonics with the only real difference in style since SA2 being the pallete used =/. Like I said, I don't think its bad art, everything about it is perfectly proportioned except for the length of his body in my opinion. Can we get Envy or Shockrabbit in here? I think we need the opinion of some other SA style artists on this one.
  2. Because he didn't change the style, the only time Uekawa's SA style changed was from SA1 to SA2 and it's been the same ever since. This particular piece was first shown in the Sonic Channel blog around the time of Sonic Rush Adventure being annouced (can't find the exact date since alot of the old Channel blogs are now taken down) and in the SRA art Sonic has the same proportions as he's always had (the boxart piece is angled differently) so why would he change his drawing style for one piece of art in a Japan only magazine? Even the artwork released after SRA kept to the same style it always has. Yeah, I'm being nitpicky but Sonic fans like to thing of Uekawa drawn art as the holy grail of all artwork when really he makes occasional mistakes just like the rest of us.
  3. It's up. All I can say is... wow, that is one poorly proportioned piece of art, that body is too short and it makes Sonic's legs look huge. Didn't expect an error like that from Uekawa, even if the art is over 2 years old =/
  4. The lineart preview is up. I'm quite excited for this one actually, it'll look like a brand new pose to the majority of you, but actually it's the lineart from the little Sonic image that appeared in the top left corner of every page in SEGA's Japanese magazine SEGA Walker. I've wanted to see a high quality version of this artwork for around the last 2 years now so I'm over the moon that they're finally releasing it.
  5. Now you're just being naive. These are the sort of kids who play GTA and Halo and wouldn't think twice about a game that wasn't violent in some way. A blue hedgehog doesn't fit in with those games at all. Obviously if you're talking to your friends who are ALSO Sonic fans they're going to have played the games and can give an opinion that actually has some foundations, but when you're talking about kids who are ripping the shit into you for liking Sonic going up to them and attempting to explain Sonic is actually quite mature is just going to worsen your situation. I'm just being realistic here, I went through this EXACT situation and I know how to deal with it. Its like being openly gay at 12, you're going to get the piss taken out of you because kids that age aren't mature enough to accept it, thats life (abit of an extreme comparison but it gets my point across).
  6. But more importantly... NEW FUCKING CLASSIC SONIC ART. Even if they are just re-drawn and attempted Genesis styled versions of the classic Sonic plush art they're still sexy.
  7. This really has got nothing to do with the state of the new games. Its not even worth bringing that debate in here. Its about immature teens singling out someone who likes something considered to be childish. Unless they're Sonic fans themselves (which blatantly they aren't) then won't even be aware of the state of the new games, let alone have played them. Even if Sonic games were amazing they'd still be considered kiddy by immature teens, even if you were a die-hard Mario fan you'd be in the same situation.
  8. Looks much more like Gray Fox than Raiden to me. Raiden has his hair showing in his cyborg get up.
  9. First up, let me say that I'm not going to sugarcoat this reply and tell you exactly what you want to hear because I've been through this exact situation. I'm going to presume you're between 11 - 15? Kids in that age group will ALWAYS pick on people who like stuff they consider 'childish', sadly Sonic fits into category. Your best bet is probably just to keep it to yourself and your close friends for now. When you hit 16 - 17 and go to college / whatever it is in the US people are more mature and won't care whether you like Sonic or not. Hell, my mate Lacey in the hostel I live in (very VERY rough place) has a SNES in her room with a bunch of Mario games and nobody in there cares. Obviously this scenario won't apply to everyone on this forum but if you're in a school where people are going to single you out for liking Sonic then this is probably the best advice I could give you. I'm just trying to be realistic here and trying to keep you out of trouble, because trying to defend something you like in a rough school is just going to get you into a worse situation than you're already in. If the situation does get worse though please talk to one of your teachers about it, they're more understanding about this kind of stuff than you would imagine.
  10. I'd love to see another Toy Commander game, it was a great nostalgia trip game played through the eyes of a child. It really reminded me of my own childhood in the way that I could take completely unrelated toys like teddy bears and cars and make them... fight eachother XD. It also has some of the hardest boss fights and missions I've ever seen in a game and the whole thing has a really pleasant and uplifting charm to it. I loved the way the game goes from giving you innocent missions like 'cook the eggs' to slaughterhouse missions such as 'kill all the cockroaches' and 'destroy all the toy soldiers' XD. You can totally perform animal abuse on Guthy's pet cat as well XD.
  11. Surprisingly my favorite part of a Sonic game released in the last 3 years is actually Crisis City in STH06, the Iblis minions were awful but the stage itself and the amazing music was just a perfect portrayal of a post-apocalypse stage, using debris and crumbling structures to your advantage. Normally I hate this sort of stuff in Sonic games (the entirety of ShTH bar Mad Matrix and Digital Circuit for example) but Crisis City just felt right for some reason, shame the rest of the game was so God awful. Empire City in Unleashed I liked as well, very Sonic Adventure-esque.
  12. Lua is a coding language I do believe, I know STH06 was coded using it so perhaps Unleashed and BK were as well? If thats the case it could mean whoever buys the source code can do what they please with it?
  13. The kid in the Layton games has the best voice ever. The game itself doesn't interest me though, MBM and Tetris are the only puzzle games to have caught my fancy.
  14. Why in the world would Iwata annouce a CoD game??
  15. He was being sarcastic. Just that its hard to pick up on the internet usually unless its in BLOCK CAPITALS with loads of exclamation marks at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Sonic CD would like a word with you. Blaze and Sonic are really nothing alike, the US STH06 site already said she was more like Sonic and Knuckles combined than just Sonic anyway so why is everyone still thinking they're the same person, they're not.
  17. Y'know, maybe the reason Sonic won't go out with Amy is because hes 15, shes 12 and he knows that a year into the relationship hes going on the sex offenders list.
  18. I support Biolizard x Jet the Hawk. But in all seriousness I don't support any pairings in Sonic, I don't mind the flirting and blatant chemistry but when it comes to actual relationships I don't see the point to be honest. This is Sonic the Hedgehog not Hollyoaks, the games have NOTHING to gain by pairing characters off.
  19. Didn't read any post beyond the first one because I know that its garunteed to be Shadow fans defending him to the grave and telling anyone who disagrees to be more open minded and accept that hes a permanent character now, while the haters will say he ruined Sonic. These topics are all the same. Personally, I don't like Shadow for the pure reason that he's a hedgehog (and for the same reason I don't like Silver). I just think his overall design is relatively poor, taking Sonic's design, flipping the spikes, adding chest hair and giving him hover skates aren't enough changes to make him look original in my opinion. Especially when we had already gotten a character based off Sonic's design that was so original looking at that point in the series in the form of Metal Sonic. In before this post gets picked apart and I get called a classic fanboy or something along those lines.
  20. Wow, some of those are... just truly awful, why on Earth did an smudge of their own official art win!? Jesus Christ SEGA, I understand the whole sympathy vote for the kids but why go so far as to allow edits of official art? . Meh, I'm not bothered that I didn't enter now, the fact the art is shown for all of 3 seconds in a video just isn't much of a prize to be honest (yeah free game as well but I wouldn't have entered for the game), I'd have thought they'd have devoted 3 pages of the special book to this art, 1 for Japan, 1 for US and 1 for UK... Also dear SEGA: If you're going pick kids as winners don't pick truly awful art but think 'hey, it must be good because shes 8', pick the art drawn by kids that is at least cute or looks like they put effort in like some of the art shown in the Sonic Channel blog. Yeah I know it sounds like I'm ranting but come on, an EDIT of official art won.
  21. Wait, so is this a remake of DBZ or a brand new series?
  22. Why even bother picking out flaws in this new Shuffle? The iPod Shuffle series has never been for hardcore music fans, its always been for those who stick every song they like on it and aren't really bothered about what they're listening to. They don't worry about tagging their music and they couldnt give a toss about finding the album art to cover up the ugly grey note symbols. The headphones are rather slick as well, I got a pair for my 4th gen Nano yesterday (my brother's hamster chewed through the packaged headphones ) and the controls work fine and the built in microphone is really high quality, far superior to the quality of mobile phone microphones. Seriously, theres no point criticising this iPod if you would never buy it anyway, like I said, the Nano, Classic and Touch is for those who are really into their music and the Shuffle is for those who just aren't bothered and want a cheap high-quality music player without confusing controls.
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