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  1. Oh Challenge mode, I forgot about that. I hope it's included from the get-go, when you know what you're doing in Pokèmon it's just too easy.
  2. Except I actually did that... Sold it on eBay a few months later with a description that read something like 'I bought this game thinking it would be the comeback Sonic fans have long waited for, I was wrong' haha! Can't get hyped about this game until I know something about it, still kinda surprised its not SA3 tbh. Everybody needs to shut up complaining until we actually see something of this game, if you're complaining that this game is gonna be the NSMB2 of Sonic games based on a teaser image you're just being silly. Also lolsonicdimensions
  3. Ahaha I wrote my post before even reading yours and just realised we both described it as 'classy and mysterious' <3
  4. Yeah I really like the way Gems Collection presented everything over the other collections, it was so classy and mysterious yet gave a very nostalgia grabbing vibe to it as well. I'm glad the classic games are being represented like this and I'm even happier Gem's menu SFX are being used, I'd be so pissed if they used SA2's like Sonic 4 did. I kinda wish the modern games went for this kind of approach really.
  5. Got all the Emeralds on my first play through, I think I've only ever bothered to do it in Sonic 1 once before and I was surprised at how easy some of the Special Stages actually were, I only had to restart on the third one, the others I somehow managed on my first time o_O Awesome game though, so perfect in every way. I very eagerly await Sonic 2 now, great work guys
  6. This looks so bland. Namco really don't know what to do with Pac-Man do they?
  7. This game looks so cool, BW & BW2 were so meh and uninspired but the games look fantastic. I love the colourful look of the map and everything compared to the washed out drag of an overworld we had in Gen 5, I'm getting serious GSC vibes from this game and I love it! The menu looks great as well, it's not trying too hard to be modern like BW's and if they do away with the annoying menu SFX as well I'll be happy. Tempted to go on media blackout now... Hmmmmm...
  8. It's nothing groundbreaking, Blue Blood. Stuff that if true you'd inevitably find out about way before release anyway.
  9. Shutup they all look amazing! I wanted Mawile to get an evolution not a pre evolution though, aww well is something I guess. That Panda is amazing and is that other thing an alternate Deerling evolution? I love Gen 6.
  10. If the Wii U gets that bad that it's just beyond saving would Nintendo ever drop it completely Virtual Boy style and move onto the next project?
  11. Infinitely connected to the Internet. ...That was terrible, I feel bad.
  12. That was such a funny read. It's almost like because they're all talking in big lawyer speak nobodies actually just flat out said 'he's trying to make money off fan characters' Love that judge tho
  13. I wish there was a water variant of Crisis City, that'd be so awesome running around a post-apolocalyptic city with under water sections and water spouting out everywhere flinging you around. Kinda like the Perfect Chaos arena but more levely. Ice/ Jungle and Ice/ Desert are tropes id like to see explored as well. Maybe a level based in a typical house but everything's really huge/ Sonic is really small, that could be interesting if they ever made another game similar to Colours or Mario Galaxy.
  14. Wasn't she also a Princess? I hate to just throw this term around but she sounds like a total sue.
  15. Oh sort your shit out, SEGA. This is more embarrassing than anything.
  16. Is there a chance Retro's next game could be the next main series Mario? By the sounds of things they've been working on this game *forever* and it certainly would have taken some years to come up with a successor to the Galaxy series.
  17. No. We're getting Green Hill and we will like it. If Sonic is in again I hope they at the very least move on from Green Hill and make Emerald Hill his stage. It's obvious we're gonna get a 'Hill' as his level but please not Green Hill Zone or Seaside Hill. Oh my fucking god please not Seaside Hill
  18. Oh, I've only just noticed this topic was started by Woun. Well Omnitrix is welcome to take over this topic as his own since he's already posted in it but if again if you'd like to post fan art that isn't your own we have a topic for that in the main discussion forum
  19. Just replace it with something else then? Changing a playable NES game in an N64 game isn't exactly a massive game changer and certainly won't be the most groundbreaking of tasks. Also, unlike SEGA I doubt Nintendo is incompetent enough to just 'lose' the source code of any of their games.
  20. Desert trope in any game tends to be my least favourite and Sonic games have a bad habit of making particularly bland Desert stages. Sand Oasis is really the only Desert stage I generally like, if more of them looked like this or took cues from Dry Lagoon/ Wild Canyon I probably wouldn't mind them so much but Sandopolis and most of the others are just too dull to look at and tend to drag on forever. Sometimes not even mixing the trope up can make it interesting, Oil Desert is just as guilty of being terrible for example.
  21. ...I kinda like the grid movement. I think it'd be very jarring and difficult to get used to should we go for completely freedom of movement. I do think it's a stylistic choice rather than just 'don't know how' though, they could have had full movement as early as Red & Blue if they so wanted.
  22. A Space/ Alien type could be cool actually. Just anything to break up the abundance of psychic/ normal types.
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