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  1. Please don't post other people's artwork into their Art Topic, it's down to the creator to post their own artwork. Please try to refrain from image only posts please. If you want to post fan art that you like and want to discuss we have a topic for that in the main Sonic Discussion forums
  2. Ok, here's one; why does Knuckles have a hat in the OVA? It's just so completely random and I can't think of any reason why it's there.
  3. That is... Just wow. What a fucking amazing piece of artwork!
  4. Same! I KNEW they'd release a 3DS I want more than the one I just bought ;_; Why's it say 3DS LL though? Luigi Large? Lol
  5. Love type? Man, they really are teasing us with Sylveon... Also, the trailer gives the impression Mewtwo always knew he could forme change, which is not what I wanted.
  6. Dragging this up... I'm a little intrigued as to what they'll do with Link this time around. We currently have three incarnations of his design in use (Skyward Sword, Toon Link and as of today A Link to the Past Link), possibly even four by the time Zelda Wii U is announced. I don't want a ton of alternate character designs clogging up the roster this time around, especially when they play so similar. For me Young Link was pushing it in Melee and Toon Link was taking the piss in Brawl, I'm a little concerned as to what they'll do this time around now we have so many vastly different designs for Link. I'd be more than happy if they were alternate costumes ala Wario with some gameplay changes but no way hozay should they be given full playable character status again. That said I actually wouldn't mind a playable Paper Mario, if only because he'd be so drastically different to the regular Mario.
  7. Yoshi's Island is one of my all time favourite games, however the DS sequel was, like JezMM said, completely and utterly forgettable despite the gameplay being more of the same. I'll remain cautiously optimistic about this one I think, I want new Yoshi but I don't want an expansion of Yoshi's Island, not a reprint of it.
  8. It controls like shit because of the Wii motion controls but I'm not talking about the controls, I'm talking about how a loop can be made playable without resorting to automation.
  9. I've had mine nearly 2 months now and I don't think I've really played it outside of the first week I owned it. There is just nothing to play on it, I'm starting to wonder if Nintendo did just ship it early for the sake of having it out in time for the holidays because they must have known this would happen.
  10. It disappoints me to know i'll never see an image that amazing again.
  11. Bleh, I get what you mean now, my bad, misinterpreted lol. SuperLink your post pretty much sums up how I feel although much better written, you raise some good points.
  12. You mean the all of one time they did that before with Kyurem? It doesn't generate hype, it generates speculation and it was obvious Black & White Kyurem were formes anyway, this is a bit different however. Also, hang on, what?? Sonic is the WORST example of marketing haha!
  13. Wait, what? The lack of a tail kinda irks me too, especially in the game footage, it looks like something should be there which is quite off putting. I just want confirmation if it really is a Mewtwo form or a new Pokémon altogether, there's evidence to suggest both and it's quite frustrating not knowing.
  14. He looks like Brain from Pinky & the Brain to me. It's certainly... interesting to say the least. But again, is it Mewtwo or a new Pokémon? I just want to know the story behind it.
  15. Mega request: does somebody have a spare 3DS XL Club Nintendo code? Please PM me it! I'll love you forever... ;)

  16. ...And you're going to tell me that wasn't the inspiration for Silver's 'hair'?
  17. So... Mewtwo as the new Deoxys confirmed? Also confirmed for Smash 4. Think it's safe to say it won't be called 'Godspeed' form internationally lol.
  18. Downloaded the Pokémon TV App ages ago and only decided to use it in the last week out of sheer boredom Wow, it is actually such a cool app! I haven't really cared about the anime since Johto ended, having only seen a few random episodes by chance of later series. I love how they included old episodes for nostalgiafags as well, rewatching the Crystal Onix and In the Pink episodes brought back great memories! Just watched the episode 'Meowth's Scrafty Tactics' from BW, if the rest of the series is this good it might actually be worth watching, loved how Iris actually tried to catch Meowth at the end of the episode, never thought they'd show Meowth in a Pokéball!
  19. Muu. Hahahaha I am so fucking funny. I'm undecided if whether or not I want this to be a new form or Mewthree... Though if it was Mewthree I imagine they'd advertise the hell out of it.
  20. I think it's real, despite the evidence to suggest its real there's also the key point of who the fuck would ever think to make a new Mewtwo form anyway? Hoaxers would likely go with a new Pokemon or a predictable form wouldn't they? This is just out of nowhere.
  21. This. So much this. I will be so fucked off if it's just an optional extra with no purpose outside of the Movie, though Deoxys' four forms having zero actual plot relevance whatsoever doesn't give me much hope. I do like the idea of this but not so sure of the design just yet, kinda defeats the point of being a Mew clone if it stops looking like Mew.
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