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  1. happy late birthday :)

  2. Love it. Like others have said some of the best Sonic clothing that's ever been released. I want it all.
  3. This is important. Olly Sykes of Bring me the Horizon's clothing brand 'Drop Dead' announces this morning that it's collaborating with Sonic the Hedgehog to celebrate the 25th anniversary. The collection will be available to order from 12pm today. I love Drop Dead, the clothes and accessories they make are amazing and so much more in your face cool than anything you would ever find on the high street. Their Itchy and Scratchy collection was one of the best things I've ever seen clothing wise and the Gremlins collection was just as good. Colour me excited for this. They've done a SEGA collaboration before featuring Golden Axe and Ecco clothes so to wake up to this today was a pleasant surprise. I'll post pictures of the collection here when it's revealed at noon.
  4. I've got 2 spare EU Darkrai codes if anyone wants them? If you have a spare 20th Mew to exchange for one it wouldn't go unappreciated cos I can't not have the full collection 😭😭😭
  5. Anyone got a spare Mew from the event earlier this year? Wanted to get them all but ugh completely forgot to go to Game and get the code while it was active and now I feel like I'm missing out 😭😭 I have other Mews, I just wanted the complete anniversary collection... Have shinies and things I can offer in exchange.
  6. I'm really surprised at how much I'm enjoying Blue after all these years. I was dreading it in the run up to it's release because I just thought it must be an absolute slog to play through and I figured the modern games would have spoiled me with all the new features and streamlining but for a 20 year old game it's actually not that bad at all. edit: I have no idea why half the text of this post is a larger size lol
  7. I had a dream last night that the final DLC character was SpongeBob due to his extensive history on Nintendo consoles. ...Visions of the future 👀
  8. I realised this straight after I posted it... In any case it's still strange that she appears here at all.
  9. Why is nobody talking about this!? This is the first character they've added to the character profiles since Werehog, Chip and Marine in 2008. I guess Sticks is here to stay guys, wonder if she'll start appearing in SEGA Sonic media from now on?
  10. Are you actually kidding me Omega goes live tomorrow? Fucks sake, I'm still trying to get Classic Sonic, I don't want to accidentally end up with a character I'm not particularly bothered about when the one I do want is under a quickly depleting time limit.
  11. Ah fuck where I downloaded this game using a Canadian fake Apple ID I now can't buy any Red Star Rings ;( I bet there's no way around this either... No hope for me getting Classic Sonic then.
  12. Theres a character egg for me as well, Classic Sonic released early or do character eggs just appear very rarely?
  13. Got my Amy after my 5th spin, saving those Red Rings turned out to be a good idea. Just got Carbuncle, not really sure what the 'certain items' he picks up are yet but I haven't tried him out yet. Puyo Special Stage is cool and a nice distraction from the tiresome main story. I hope they do events for this for classic SEGA franchises.
  14. Oh really? I was bombarded with adverts for it this morning after logging on, I could have sworn one said it started today. My bad!
  15. Ok so the event has started today apparently. How do I get my free fish that I signed up for