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  1. Nice work! I like how you put the SEGA logo on the building. (Ya know, when Shadow is looking over the city.)
  2. I definitely won't be there. Sadly.
  3. Whoa, Slender The Arrival was really short...

  4. XD I'm having a chili dog tonight.

    1. spinny


      I was gonna try a chili dog at Summer of Sonic last year.. I forgot to, haha ^^

    2. Schmooky.luke
  5. Where's dat damn fourth chaos emerald?

  6. I dunno what to put here.

  7. The comics actually got me started on Sonic, and for a while, I enjoyed them, but now, they suck. The old ones were great, I could read them all day, but the newer comics can die.
  8. So many people online...O_o

    1. spinny


      You're just too used to Redux. :P

    2. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      You should see when a new piece of SLW info is revealed

    3. Schmooky.luke


      And Spindash, not exactly...well, kinda, I think...

    4. Kareemadeem


      Is it E3 already?

  9. Hai everybody.

    1. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Hi Dr. Nick!

    2. Celestia


      Hey there!

    3. Schmooky.luke
    4. Klinsy
    5. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Grrrreetings. Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy your time here. =)

    6. Clouder



    7. TheOcelot


      Welcome to the Knuckles stadium!

    8. Schmooky.luke


      Knuckles Stadium XD.

  10. I SO TOTALLY DIDN'T FOLLOW DAHOG HERE...Seriously, I didn't.

    1. Clouder



      Get back in your cave.

    2. spinny


      Piss off back to Redux! >:C

      Nah, I kid. Welcome to the forums! I'm Spindash, and... well you know me. :P

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