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  1. I imagine this is probably because the stories in Sonic games aren't as big of a deal in the US. In fact it's pretty common for mainstream reviewers to shit on a Sonic game for having an actual story, usually the ones who circlejerk about how "Every game to come out after S3&K is trash" and still haven't gotten over 06. The ones who've been saying "Sonic is FINALLY back!" with nearly every release since Sonic 4 and Colors. You kinda get an idea of the type of person I'm talking about, right? The "jaded gamer" who "gave up on Sonic years ago" and hasn't played a game in the series in years?
  2. Sonic Forces Screenshot and Concept Art thread

    This only further shows how weird the custom characters' proportions are. Why are his arms so skinny compared to his legs? What's with his tiny body? Maybe the character editor lets you pick proportion size and they just went with the weirdest ones?
  3. Wow... Looks like I don't have to worry about the story being boring or uninteresting anymore. This looks like it could be the best story since Unleashed, which was nearly a decade ago. Also, this location looks pretty neat. Seems to be a futuristic city of sorts.
  4. Call me impatient, but remind me again why it takes forever for this kind of stuff to show up on the US App Store?
  5. Sonic Forces Japanese official site opened!

    Nintendo themselves came up with an explanation for this.
  6. sonic forces - returning stage wishlist

    Eggmanland. I want to see what happened to it since the events of Unleashed. Did Eggman re-open it and expand upon it once he took over the world? Or did he just abandon the city-sized mechanical death trap, feeling that there was no real point in bringing it back now that he owns most of the world?
  7. Sonic Runners Adventure "It's out... OK?"

    Why would they even do that? It makes no sense.
  8. Sonic Runners Adventure "It's out... OK?"

    Nearly a month later and still no iOS release? What's going on here? It's almost like they don't want people to play this game.
  9. Sonic Live Action Movie "2019!"

    I know this post is like a month old, but who is Sam Whiticky?
  10. Sonic Forces has create-a-character

    That's a name I haven't heard in a while. But hey, at least you can make her yourself.
  11. Welp, only a matter of time before everyone on the internet and their mother starts making fun of the game by saying stuff like "dEViaNtARt: ThE GaME!!"... Somehow I knew you guys were gonna be right...
  12. Personally, I prefer this arrangement.
  13. Sonic Forces- Classic GHZ Gameplay

    It even bounces off the logs and falls off the edge once it's done rolling. They spent more time developing badnik gib physics than they did Sonic's.
  14. Sonic Forces- Classic GHZ Gameplay

    The palm trees also appear to be rather droopy, but they're still bright green.
  15. It makes sense. Maybe this is just Act 1 and it wants to make you think that everything's all happy and normal besides all the sand, but when you get to Act 2 things are noticeably worse? Maybe the sky has gone cloudy, the music isn't so overly upbeat anymore, the plants are dying and there's more sand and machinery in the background... Well, one can only hope.