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  1. My thoughts on the current state of modern Sonic games. (Copied and pasted from a YouTube comment I made)

    Sonic Unleashed was released nearly a decade ago, and no Sonic game since has been able to surpass it terms of art direction, scale, or storytelling. And with the way things are looking now, I don't think it will ever be surpassed. (Sonic Generations surpassed it in level design, but that's about it) Sonic Team has lost their passion. They just don't care anymore.

    And this isn't just about the stories, but the games themselves. Sonic Forces was allegedly in development for four years, and the end result was a clunky, budget-price attempt at recapturing what made Sonic Generations so great, without understanding what made it great.

    Sonic Forces isn’t that bad of a game, but it’s a very, very disappointing one.

    1. Soniman


      If Unleashed is used as the bar for story telling that's pretty sad 

    2. GuyWithThePie


      Well, it's not like the stories have gotten any better since.

    3. Strickerx5


      I think the bar was set with Black Knight but Unleashed isn't that far behind. But yeah, that ambition from Unleashed has been long dead.

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