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  1. I'd just do what post-reboot Archie did and have it so that stylized humans and anthropomorphic animals co-exist on a single planet based on Unleashed's geography.
  2. Also this from /r/sonicthehedgehog, which is basically what I was trying to do except whoever did it wasn't restricted to their phone at the time. I actually wouldn't really mind if his face ends up looking like this, it's kinda cute. But a real hedgehog's face on a freaky human body is uncanny valley territory.
  3. I was gonna make a final version of my prediction of what he'll look like now that I'm back home and have access to my drawing tablet and SAI, but I think I'll just let this image speak for itself. This is pretty much what I was trying to get across.
  4. Someone brightened the image a bit. (The green eye on his actual face was added by the user as a prediction) Looks like they want to make him look like an actual hedgehog...
  5. Based on the beady eye, here's my prediction. (Yeah it looks bad, but I'm on a phone right now)
  6. This is why the Taxman versions of 1 and 2 need to be set free and ported to consoles and PC already. I seriously don't get why they still haven't done it. Do they just have some sort of grudge? Is there an unspoken rule that every new release of Sonic 1 and 2 MUST be an emulation of the originals with minor new features added here and there? They didn't have a problem bringing Sonic CD 2011 to literally every single platform available at the time, so what's the deal?
  7. What sprites? I tried searching "hortinus mighty and ray" and found nothing. I agree that Ray's sprites look rather off and low quality compared to the others, but you can't just say that someone else's sprites are superior without showing us.
  8. Anyone else wondering what's up with the more Green Hill-styled grass in Angel Island?
  9. They could do something similar to Mario Kart 8's Animal Crossing track but with time periods instead of seasons.
  10. I think a Sonic-only racer would be pretty neat, but only if they don't completely waste all the potential that could come from it. A game like this would be the perfect opportunity to bring back lesser-known locations that we haven't seen in a while. Imagine racing in tracks based on Spring Yard, Wacky Workbench, Grand Metropolis, Eggmanland, and those are just off the top of my head. The list goes on and on. Sonic has so many cool and interesting locations that often get shoved aside for the same boring places we've seen a hundred times already. Nobody wants to play in Green Hill, Chemical Plant or Seaside Hill again. We're tired of it. Everyone's tired of it. Knowing the state of the Sonic brand since 2010 though, I imagine the selection of tracks would be mostly composed of tracks based on all six locations in Forces. But a man can dream, right?
  11. Not sure if it's already been posted elsewhere, but somebody found an earlier version of Mortar Canyon. This actually looks fun and challenging. What happened?
  12. Unfortunately it's all but canon now. The planet in Forces looks nothing like the one in Unleashed. At least with Unleashed's planet looking nothing like the ones in Shadow and Riders (Both of which resemble our actual planet Earth) there was the excuse that Sonic's planet was more of a concept than a central part of the games back then, and so they didn't really need to have a consistent idea of what it looked like. But with Forces this was a deliberate decision. Unleashed said okay, this is what Sonic's world really looks like, we finally have it all sorted out. And then Forces, the first game to take place back on an actual planet (Lost Hex doesn't count) in nine years, just throws that in the trash, likely to justify the whole "two worlds" thing. And I hate it. I can't be bothered to check right now, but this has to be a recent change, right? Didn't the planet in Colors and both episodes of Sonic 4 resemble the one from Unleashed?
  13. I've always wondered why they didn't just go with this. Instead they decided to make him all weird and lanky. At least they came to their senses and decided to use this design for Unleashed onward.
  14. Pretty much this. Any pre-2010 canon might as well be non-existent at this point.
  15. I think what we need is some kind of compromise. With the poor reception of Forces, many fans have been asking Sonic Team to go back to the Adventure formula. But here's the thing. Since the jump to 3D, Sonic games have always relied on secondary playstyles (Treasure hunting, mechs, Werehog, Classic Sonic, Avatar) or gimmicks (Teams, Wisps, parkour) to prevent the games from being too short. Why not have the best of both worlds? While I do understand the want to go back to Adventure, I don't think Boost should be entirely abandoned. Unleashed and Generations show that Boost has real potential when handled well. My vision (In terms of gameplay) would be this. There would be two playstyles; Boost (More like Unleashed/Generations and less like Colors/Forces) and something similar to Sonic's stages in Adventure. That way, both parties are satisfied. However, I know this sort of thing would be near impossible today. All the level designers behind Unleashed and Generations are gone, the level designers behind the Adventure games are long gone, and considering Sonic Team's current state, it seems like those three guys who did Forces are the only ones they have left. So I guess this will be nothing more than a mere pipe dream for now.
  16. Game's alright, but I prefer the aesthetics of the original. Those outlines really made things stand out. Also, what's with the muted color palette? I don't remember Green Hill's grass looking that dry.
  17. Well... All the talent behind Unleashed and Generations left to work for Nintendo, they only have around three level designers left, their budget gets smaller and smaller with each new game, and they can't really make another boost game after Forces ruined the formula's reputation... So, uhhh... Things aren't looking so good, to say the least.
  18. I wonder how the guy who made that logo is feeling now that it's been used in like ten billion different YouTube thumbnails, and now the official Twitter.
  19. J U S T


    1. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer


      (  •_•)
      (  •_•)>○-○
      ( -○_○)<

      ....Well that explains a lot.

  20. This is a joke, right? That "Sonic Man of the Year" thing was never meant to be an ad.
  21. VEmEf5k.png

    1. McGroose


      tfw too intelligent to have your IQ drop like a ro-


    2. Osmium
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