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  1. It's a miracle! Coming to Xbox One and Windows PC in 2020.
  3. Not too big a fan of the legendaries either, but I'll pick the sword legendary as not surprised it ended up being the cooler looking one over the shield legendary so sticking with Pokemon Sword version. I like the designs of all the characters except Milo is easily for the sure the weakest as his body type with that face just doesn't work at all. I like how Hop looks though suffice to say I think we're all in agreement we can't take his name seriously lol but in game he looks nice, but the way they did his concept art looks really bad. I like all the new Pokemon except for Eldegoss like its previous form Gossifleur wasn't quite good either but I thought it was passable, so hopefully it has a 3rd evolution. As it stands Eldegoss is a awful Jumpluff wannabe. Finally I'm really happy they kept the Pokemon in overworld from Let's Go. Not sure how to feel about Giant Pokemon as good for raid battles but in concept it's lame in comparison to Mega Evolution. Having Flygon in that raid battle better give us Mega Flygon Gamefreak!
  4. Not surprised in the slightest given how Sonic performs in sales on Nintendo consoles.
  5. I mean... you make a valid point. Right at the beginning of the game Omochao says "If you're going, Big, then Amy and I will go with you too. After all, we're a team!" and I'm just looking at that line going... SINCE WHEN!?
  6. Sonic: Long time no see. I see they brought back the infamous line.
  7. That's the thing I don't get with how people are comparing Sonic's look to Pikachu given the latter has a more simple design from the get go and even then the Pokemon live action movie has some grossly disturbing Pokemon looking at Jigglypuff (who they shouldn't have had in the movie anyway as it just doesn't work for her sadly whatever they went with for design), Aipom and Ludicolo. Then they do have some fantastic designs like Mewtwo they did amazingly.
  8. Personally I think it's just passable and was expecting a LOT worse given what we saw of the silhouette such as not being able to see his eyes which appeared to look like beady eyes (an actual hedgehogs that is) that I was fearing. As mentioned on TailsChannel's recent video reaction on Sonic it does look like a compromise in design. Now that isn't to say it couldn't have used some improvement mainly looking at his iconic shoes as some people have fixed to make it so they still look like his but have the Nike icon and I was expecting them to mess up Sonic's smile in going with center mouth instead of side mouth so glad to see they didn't mess that up. That said his "apparent" white gloves seem to be fur, but hearing that they will be actual gloves in the movie after listening to the TailsChannel video no clue. Also not too bothered by him having blue arms, I get it that they should have gone with the beige/tan arms instead just to go with how most people see him, but not annoyed by that given how other Sonic characters have the rest of their arms their same color aside from Vector and Charmy. Lastly had they gone with the actual eye visor look I wouldn't trust them with it so the separate eyes is fine with me especially seeing as they're going with that real life live action look but that comes down to them never having to have done a live action movie in the first place. Overall like I said I think it's passable, I'll take it over Skylander's Spyro and Adult/Abomination Mutant Ninja Turles to what I can think of what comes to mind at the moment.
  9. Oh yeah I forgot about his fight with Infinite in pulling what looked like a boost himself and yeah I was taking into account just actual running speed but with that said yeah he's 5th place below Blaze.
  10. Sonic: 5.00 (Mainly due to the fact he is the main protag and when it comes down to the wire I do think he would win a race narrowly by the upcoming two) Metal Sonic: 5.00 - 4.75 (Between these two characters especially given he's based off Sonic obviously) Shadow: 4.75 (While certainly on par with Sonic when it comes to speed he more so wins when it comes to combat between them) Blaze: 4.50 (Mainly due to how she fast she is in Rush being able to also perform a boost and only she and the upper characters have displayed as such and based off how in the Archie comics Amy is amazed by how fast she is like Sonic but she modestly admits to feeling she's nowhere as fast as him but with that said can give them good competition) Espio: 4.25 Amy: 4.00 Tails: 3.75 Knuckles: 3.50 (Only power character who I feel isn't slow due to body frame being smaller compared to the others keeping up with Sonic and Tails) Rouge: 3.25 Silver: 3.00 (Going based off how he can keep up with the other characters in the Rivals games so he has respectable speed) Cream: 3.00 - 2.75 (Between these two characters though more tempted to say she is leaning more so towards the upper character's speed given she has the Advance game's helping her edge out) Charmy: 2.75 Vector: 2.50 Omega: 2.50 - 2.25 (Tempted to say slower than the above character due to his tank like attribute but really gotta go with same speed as above character if had to choose) Big: 2.00 (Shouldn't have to say it)
  11. Also you may want to add to that Spyro Shadow Legacy too which was a heavily flawed game in bringing in rpg elements and most notably the collision detection was horrid. It was the final game in the original continuity which really ought to say something. Not to mention the Shadow Realm theme for a kids game is just seriously what the hell were they thinking with that Silent Hill like music!? Though speaking of hand-held Spyro games I actually back as a kid didn't mind the first two gba Spyro games Season of Ice and Flame though even they weren't completely well received but were in the middle ground in being passable is what I think and what I believe to be the general consensus.
  12. Um... I wouldn't really go that far in being respected. I dunno where you were when Crash has been made a joke of in the past in collegehumor and dorkly videos and even Sonic for Hire where as Spyro has been made into a abomination for Skylanders angering many people by his design and even so far as having his name be in the title despite him not really being the focus and then also as brought up in the last comment his own glitch fest mess of a game.
  13. It's rather strange, back when I was a kid I hated Heroes a lot because of the amount of rage quits I would have for it due to the slipperiness and I could never get past the Team Dark Metropolis lava section. However now it's actually my favorite Dreamcast Era (according to Generations anyway) Sonic game in terms of gameplay because all the teams essentially play the same without having something like the mech shooting or treasure hunting in the Adventure games. The problem with the game is that you really and I mean REALLY got to understand the system of the game works for the team types especially when other types can be more useful now when you get those power up orbs for them. Like for example when starting a level I'll use the speed character to go through it fast obviously but when I come across enemies I'll switch to the power character to take them out fast or if they're in the air use the flight character to bring them down followed by going back to the power. Back when I was younger I mainly used the speed character and that's what made the game so rage inducing for me looking back because here's the thing I think if you're playing from a Adventure style mindset where you can spam stuff like the homing attack and such then Heroes punishes you for it especially when you haven't powered up. This is even brought up as a problem as SomecallmeJohnny had mentioned when he himself used like Knuckles or Omega to spam their ground attacks only to end up falling off the stages because your character slided too much. Now that I have a better understanding of the controls I instead just tap the button so much and not hold down on the analog stick (because they're moving on their own anyway) or I'll as he mentioned use a air attack. But yeah it's now one of my favorite Sonic games of all time now that I understand the mechanics a lot better. If I could compare it to a game I hated a lot back then when I was younger but now older and love it so much more than it's predecessor than it would have to be Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories as it too has a lot of hate for how you can't just spam your moves in that. Edit: Lastly those Special Stages should absolutely never return. Strangely didn't have much problem with them this time because I learned that tapping instead of holding down for a boost in that helps a lot more, but even then they just weren't fun at all.
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