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  1. Let's hope that it means we can actually get some good story going on in the games with having Ian Flynn giving them some direction.
  2. I mean the latter two pretty much are no surprise. Amy can get feisty too, but most of her comments were towards her own teammate Vector because she thought he wasn't racing seriously.
  3. Metal should be a shoe in considering the quill Robotnik managed to get from Sonic. This would also make it so if Metal is in the movie it would increase the tension between both Sonic and Knuckles with the former's case being that Knuckles race/clan traumatized him in twisting his life upside down and the latter with Knuckles if it so happens that his race/clan got annihilated as they if it does take after the Adventure backstory with them wanting to seize power that doesn't belong to them (in the case of the Emeralds and Sonic's Speed) depending on what Knuckles is led to believe by the information given to him will find Sonic at fault for the total or near extinction of his race/clan or even Metal stealing the Master Emerald which Robotnik can then set up Knuckles to fight Sonic.
  4. In about 2 hours but yeah that would be the logical bet. Would be cool if they added additional content as people wanted dlc for the game but fat chance of that happening.
  5. I mean personally I think the story should just be simple like the 1st Riders game was, even Zero Gravity was simple however way one feels about the added Babylon Rogues origins from being descendants of genies to even further back aliens. I personally thought the dialogue in Free Riders was hilarious with the trash talking (similar to the funny roasting in Dragon Ball Fighterz) just that they picked still pictures instead of animating the characters which would have given it extra effect in giving the characters life. Knuckles got some laughs out of me in that game.
  6. In regards to spinoffs I wish we could get another attempt at a Sonic RPG that actually doesn't set up for a sequel like Chronicles made the mistake of.
  7. I imagine 2022 they will attempt for especially because of Eggman's line at the end for "I'll be back by Christmas" would be telling that this time they will want the sequel to be able to meet the holidays this time on schedule.
  8. Not only that, but going to pass by Detective Pikachu domestically today given the numbers listed now on box office mojo and will take the crown for highest box office video game movie here. Check this thread out lol https://www.resetera.com/threads/sonic-the-hedgehog-will-gross-more-domestically-than-detective-pikachu-who-will-make-an-avatar-bet-up-sonic-beats-out-detective-pikachu.166398/page-40
  9. The movie is just about to beat Detective Pikachu domestically. Eggman Shocked.mp4
  10. Let it sink in that we're in a time where Sonic has made triple its budget in the box office over Detective Pikachu which couldn't do that.
  11. As Razule said for the sake of re-localizing. Adventure 2 especially given scenes like the infamous "I'll make you eat those words!" interrupting Shadow's line and Shadow saying when the Biolizard disappeared "Is that what Chaos Control is?" when it shouldn't be a question as he knows what it is and should have said around the lines of "That was chaos control." instead. Edit: Not to mention I would gladly welcome the current voice actors doing the remakes so we can be rid of stuff like "Oh no!" from Knuckles as that line was terrible and is meme for how it was said in the execution.
  12. I saw the film last night and really enjoyed it. It got some big laughs out of me and the audience. As I left the consensus was it was a good film and one person noted they thought it was going to be a train wreck but lo and behold it subverted their expectations. If I had some things to point out as a negative it would be that yeah some jokes didn't land due to them already having been shown in trailers, but it still had some surprises regardless. As far as further thoughts go...
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