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  1. happy birthday if you ever come back :D

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  4. Playing some SMT: Nocturne and listening to Passion Pit. Yeah, buddy!

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  6. Nice coloring and backgrounds in your fully colored pics! I also love the Mad Ponies drawing; all of the colors seem to come together and it looks pretty solid. You seem to have great editing skills, so I'd use those to clean up your comics a bit and try out some different fonts. ^^ But you have some real talent here, keep it going! =)
  7. Woah, nice work! And let me start off by saying I love the pixelated tail design on the fox! xD Very creative! ^^ You seem to have a good anatomy style down for your characters and your coloring is really impressive. I love how you have your own style yet can easily imitate other styles. Your Kirby pic is awesome! Keep up the fantastic work, I hope you continue to make new characters!
  8. Haha, I really like your take on Sonic's style! It's definitely different, but it somehow all comes together an fits his personality. You have a good coloring and shading technique. Keep it up, and you should try doing this with other characters!
  9. Woah, those Lucario and Mewtwo costume pieces look pretty professional! Do you go to many conventions? I bet you could make tons of money off commissions! ^^
  10. Wow, amazing stuff!! Not only are your characters neatly colored and shaded, but your backgrounds are blended professionally!! ^^ I really like how you kind of have a blur effect on them so the focus is still on the characters. Very cool! :3
  11. Oh man, I totally love your cartoonish art style!! N in that one Pokemon picture is just too much!! xD *dies* I'd love to see more of your colored work, you seem to have some real technique down!
  12. Awww, very cute! I love your chibi style of artwork! ^^ You should turn this into a comic, I bet you'd get a lot of hits!
  13. Those are some killer 3D models!! I just got into 3D modeling with Maya not very long ago--it's pretty complex stuff! Could I ask what approximately your polygon count was on these? The look simplistic yet amazing!! Keep it up, you have some real talent!
  14. Klaire

    Dazzy's Drawings

    Wow, I love the first picture you posted and all of your LoZ sketches! The 2 shields drawing is amazing in concept, I'd really love to see some that can fuse together and make the Triforce shape like that!!
  15. Hello, I'm Klaire, and I just recently joined! =) I've been a Sonic fan since 4th grade and am now in college studying Graphics Design! I am a huge anime and videogame fan, and pride myself in collecting all of the latest JRPGs such as Persona and the Tales of Series. My favorite Sonic game is of course SA2B! Sonic and Knuckles comes close though. I look forward to interacting with you all! ^^
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