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  1. I think I have one: xBox360CE (controller emulator). If it's illegal to talk about controller emulators then I'll remove this.
  2. Wait, it said that you can use it outside of "STEAM". So I can use my DS3 for "Sonic Heroes" or GOG.com games?
  3. Hey, check out my "Zephyrhills" TV Pilot for more info about my potentially new TV show.

  4. Yeah, it worked for me while running under "Windows" 10" prior to me downgrading OS. I don't know why people are having troubles (I'm not trying to be egotistical I'm curious).
  5. II know, I dong that (just that's the first example). And yeah, I might take you up on that offer.
  6. Hello, my name is Joey C. (a.k.a baba_944) and I'm am looking for animators and artists for my potentially upcoming show "Zephyrhills". Zephyrhills is located just to the south of Cramerian (in the real world, Tampa). It's a very small, but not peaceful town. The total population is only roughly 1000. Despite the small population, the crimes are bad. There are virtually no cops (only two for the whole town) so you bet the crook's are taken advantage of this. The show doesn't have a main cast per se, as I want to show you why Penguin (the true main character) wants to protect this place. But like most things in life, things aren't always what they seem. Just on the outskirts of town lies a forest which the residents call "Souls' Haven". Its called that due to many people saying that they alledgedly saw ghosts roaming the forest. The residents are advised not to enter the forest or else they end up with a huge fine. Like people, they end up breaking the law. But fortuetnly for the cops (and the people too?) they never return and are presumed dead. There are notable characters throught the show, however not full warrented to be considered "main characters": Libby Lyla Lexington: A black, 15yo female and girlfriedn of Sheen Fillipe Salvino. She's producing her own bluegrass CD and soon to be out next year. Sheen Fillipe Salvanio: He's a Cuban/American teen who's currently dating Libby Lyla Lexington. After graduating homeschool, he wants to open an art studio called "Metropolis". Maykayla Mary Morteson: She's a tanned, white Caucasian who works at a smal lgas station called "Pump 'N' Drive". She wants to open a penguin research facility to aid Penguin in his search for his kind. Also, rumors say that she has a crush on him (coincidence?) Penguin: The true main character of the show. He's the last penguin in the world and no one, not even wildlife researchers, knows were they went. He's an African penguin (a.k.a "Jackass Penguin") so that explains why he doesn't need cold for survival. The show will be divided up like so: One episode dedicated to the human life of Zephyrhillls and one epsiode that will be more plot-centric. The plot-centric epsiode occurs on the same day and time as the city-centric epsiodes. I'm in the budgeting stage now. I'm getting all the costs so I can compile a list so I can show studios how much this costs. I'm hoping to pitch it to "Cartoon Netowkr" unfortuently as they're the type of channel that does this stuff well "Adventure Time" and "Steven Universe" comes instantly to mind.) If you have any furthur questions/want to view the script. look at my signature down below. Thank you and Merry Christmas. PS: Just one more piece of vital information I forgot to include: Chances are that this thing will not get picked up. Like the gaming industry (or any industry for that matter), there are multiple projects that get rejected every single day. I mean, am I confident that this project will get picked up? Yes, I am. But I have to.
  7. Hey, guys, just a heads up: If you're using "SlingTV", "Nutwork" is on demand. However, it's titled "Episode 203" and it's located under the second "Sonic Boom" slot. I don't know why there's two, considering that spaceammagedonoc whatever, is in slot one.
  8. That makes sense. I guess the art style threw me off. It still gives me a feeling of familiarity, though. Apologies for deterring off topic.
  9. I swear I seen that Sonic artwork before. I think from "Sonic Channel". I'll find it.
  10. This ticks me off. Why show a whole weekend of "Teen Titans go" when you have it on literally every. Single. Day. Of every. Single. Hour. That crud's infuriates me to no zenith. I use to love "Cartoon Network" back in it's prime (CN city) now it's reduce to mere crudiness. I still love it, albeit some of it's shows that never gets air time. And then there are shows that are ending soon ("Regular Show" in January); but do they have the audacity to have it go out in a positive way? No. I'm losing my temper with this guys but unfortunately I have to pitch my TV series to them because they're the only competent ones out of the bunch ("Nickelodeon", "Disney"). And that's saying a lot. Back on topic, I got to see it through illegal means but I liked it. The Wihlem scream, Knuckles shattering the rock to mere pieces and Robotnik scamming people out of their money.
  11. Exactly how I feel about them. That's also how I feel about "Shadow The Hedgehog": Yes, compared to the other Sonic games it's not fun, but if you treat it as it's own entity then it's fun.
  12. Nah, I think I might: Sonic 3D Blast: 10/10 Sonic 1: 9/10 Sonic 2: 9/10 Sonic Advance: 9/10 Sonic Riders: 8/10 Sonic Unleashed: 8/10 Shadow The Hedgehog: 8/10 Sonic Heroes: 8/10 Sonic 4 (as a whole): 7.9/10 Sonic 3 & Knuckles: 4.5/10
  13. I can't believe this. I honestly can't believe this. I found people who actually hated the Genesis version of Sonic 3's soundtrack and prefers the PC version. I don't like it due to Jackson's supposedly (confirmed by now?) involvement and, yes, I've played the PC port first. I also, never really liked Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Too easy (I still suck at Sonic games and platformers in general).
  14. Well, after the monstrosity that was public school, I've decided to take up online course (and homeschool again). I tried to find some, but all of them were for-profit (eugh). Anyone know of a good college for software programming? I mean, I personally don't want to go to a college as I'm studying programming right now (I'm studying C# right now as my first language) but my folks said I have to. 

    1. SurrealBrain


      Unless you enjoy getting bullied by the very people that are supposed to help you while refusing access to any helpful tools like calculators, I don't know of any good ones.

    2. baba_944


      I take it you don't fancy college either, huh? 

    3. SurrealBrain


      Not really, no. Even worse, I actually wanted to go to that college because my sister had an overall positive experience there. Too bad a lot can change in just a little under a decade.

      I've been soured on going ever since.

  15. This was my very first username I've ever used (I needed one for "Rayman Zone" back in the day). It's my nickname (Bubba); although I forget what the 944 meant.
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