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  1. More E3 Announcements. Sega and others will be there, and it's not some outdated website link this time. 


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Thanks for the update!
    2. Chili Dawg
  2. So, this has to be one of the strangest video game collaborations ever. Domino's Pizza is doing a crossover with the Crash Bandicoot mobile game of all things. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-noid-is-back-dominos-villain-returns-to-tv-ads-and-new-crash-bandicoot-on-the-run-mobile-game-301276266.html

    1. Dejimon11


      Crash did an advertisement for Pizza Hut back in his heyday 

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Well I think the one with Hatsune Miku is weirder but memey as hell

      Like what's the colloration here? lol

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      What's strange about a fast food chain doing a crossover with a gaming mascot? 

    4. AdventChild


      And yet Sonic Drive-ins and Sonic the Hedgehog haven't done a cross promotion still.

    5. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Despite even selling chilli dogs, sonic's favorite food.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sega's Sonic and the fast food chain Sonic are probably too similar to each other. Neither party wants to create any brand confusion. As soon as they crossover even once, it would become basically impossible for the two brands to them distance themselves. They'll still both share a name, the restaurant will still serve chilli dogs and the hedgehog will still eat chilli dogs. You'll get people thinking they're the same thing or officially related, like Sonic the Hedgehog being the mascot for the restaurants.

      Just my guess. The potential crossover seems so obvious that there has to be a reason it's never actually happened.

    7. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      When it finally does, the world will end.

  3. The first E3 Presentation has been announced.  And, It's Ubisoft. Probably going to have an extremely long Just Dance segment as usual somehow.


    1. Teoskaven


      Let's see if they have yet another year with no news of Skull & Bones.

    2. VisionaryofSUPER


      It'll be Ubisoft and EA as usual, pulling the most boring experience you can find again.

    3. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      So uh........Beyond Good and Evil 2?

    4. Dejimon11


      Where the hell is Rayman?

    5. Jovahexeon The Undyne

      Jovahexeon The Undyne

      @VisionaryofSUPER Last I heard, thankfully EA won't be having their own E3 Conference this year.

    6. VisionaryofSUPER


      Ah phew. Thank goodness.

    7. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Watch as they have a hastily put together focus on female representation on games that mostly don't have females as the leading role


      Double points if the new Assassin is female right off the bat

  4. Seems like the digital E3 event will actually be going ahead this year. 


    1. Jingilator


      I’m surprised Nintendo isn’t doing their own thing this year.

      Hopefully E3 decided to be smart and not charge the companies participating.

  5. With the Pokemon stuff, haven't anyone post this here yet: 


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Thanks for the info.

  6. In some Sonic news not related to voice actor drama or fake stuff on 4Chan, the Sonic Mania LEGO set has been chosen for production. https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/a4ae09b6-0d4c-4307-9da8-3ee9f3d368d6/post/f25c8120-f921-40af-af8b-a061179e1cb5 "The review board has given Viv Grannell's (aka toastergrl on LEGO Ideas) Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone the green light. We're excited to collaborate with SEGA and Viv to bring one of the most iconic game characters and brands to life via LEGO bricks on the basis of Viv's colourful and fun creation. Congrats Viv!" Keep in mind that usually sets chosen for production on LEGO Ideas usually get changed in the final version. If I had to guess, the final set will probably be released for the 30th Anniversary to get that logo on the box.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      That's seriously awesome. It was facing some pretty stiff competition so I was actually doubtful that it would get through. Brilliant result!

    2. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      If anyone is interested,  Vincent Van Gogh: The Starry Night was chosen as well. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/acc7c4c8-3967-4563-8fb5-a49859fa7755

    3. The Master

      The Master

      I remember when Lego Ideas chose to build the Lego Tardis set, super high quality (changed a bit from original design) and came a few months after. I'd guess about September, October time.

    4. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      Admittedly, sometimes they change the final designs quite a lot. For example, this recent Medieval Blacksmith set was changed quite a bit from the original to the final set. Original is on left, final set is on the right. I don't think the Sonic set will be changed as much as it's smaller, but they could change the final set.

      57087_Blacksmith Ideas.png

    5. shdowhunt60


      There was a Metroid one I liked seeing a few months ago. The Lego Ideas stuff is super wholesome, and I think we need more stuff like it in the world.

  7. So, this Sonic 'leak' image was posted on 4Chan and here's the original 'leak': https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/542865679 Probably fake but here it is for anyone interested. More Details here for anyone interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/lbff35/more_and_more_of_the_sonic_voice_cast_seem_to_be/glu0ewa/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 May be fake, but here it is for anyone interested. Have a look and laugh at it if anyone wants.


    1. Polkadi~☆


      >believing a 4chan leak

    2. 8ther


      Please tell me the odds of this being real are below 0%

    3. Tracker_TD


      Just heard it says gullible on the ceiling. Might be worth looking into. 

    4. 8ther


      @Tracker_TD What?

    5. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      *blue logo*

      Gake and Fay

    6. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      We already had a Sonic Legend


  8. So, probably fake but there is this Sonic leak I saw through this Reddit post:  Probably fake since it's apparently from 4Chan but for what it's worth, here it is for anyone interested.  I think it's fake because "The hedgehog species lore and mysteries" does not seem to line up with a "Multiverse" at all.



    1. azoo


      we already knew it was by man of action and wildbrain before it was revealed though, iirc

    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      I like the idea of that plot. Too bad it's fake.

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      That was a really pathetic "leak"

    4. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      Here is the original "leak" the post talks about, for what it's worth:



    5. prettyinplague


      I mean this sounds cool but faaaaake

  9. Don't know if anyone's seen this, but if you sign up on the Sega 60th website and link a Steam account to it, you get a free copy of Nights Into Dreams on Steam. https://www.sega60th.com/

  10. For anyone interested, new info on Crash 4 coming: https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/1298636324547657728

    1. Thigolf


      Man, there's so much good stuff in there.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      It's already funded.

    3. Teoskaven


      Gotta love how one of the rewards is to be blocked by Kamiya on Twitter, lmao
      Shame the game's not gonna be anymore a Nintendo IP, but there were indications they were not gonna do anything with it, so i'd rather have this.
      I'll give my contribution one of the next days and get the eventual PS4 copy. Because let's face it, the Kickstarter has just begun and they're already meeting the base quota.

  11. Very interesting topic there and nice art as well. In that timeline, if it lasted long enough, would Sega have been like modern Microsoft with Banjo in Smash Bros and still did things like include Sonic in Smash Bros or would that not have happened?

  12. Apparently more animated Sonic shorts will be made for future games. https://gonintendo.com/stories/347560-sega-says-they-re-planning-more-short-form-animated-content-for-f

    1. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      Original Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/10/23/sonic-mania-adventures-animation-interview-yukio-kusumoto-pt-2/ and this: "We actually learned so much from that experience, but in the future we might be thinking of having dialogue, and also a longer piece, but still the short form -- it's not full series, but a bit longer than those two previous shows."

    2. Sean


      Get Marza to make more shorts like Night of the Werehog you fucking COWARDS

    3. shdowhunt60


      We're inching ever towards a full fledged Sonic cartoon. Slowly but surely.

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      will more good games be made?

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Oh cool! That must be the movie tie-in cartoons I suspected.

  13. Battle for Bikini Bottom footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4Q7xW_b2J4

    1. TCB


      I like what I'm seeing. Obviously far from complete in development; the water looks odd but nearly everything else visually is just like the original with a HD coat of paint

  14. One of the new Looney Tunes shorts has been released:


    1. TheOcelot


      Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits.

    2. Milo


      Wow, for a short that's only one minute long the animators did a lot with the time they had. It's like the dynamite gag short to end all dynamite gag shorts! (Especially so with everything set to classical music.)

      This is so good!

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