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  1. And at the same time as the Forces music, they posted Mania music. 


    1. A Zombie KING heavy engine

      A Zombie KING heavy engine

      Lol. Eggman's slow descent into madness


  2. Reaction: Forces has microtransactions including loot boxes.

    1. Dejimon11


      Wouldn't be surprised. 

  3. So, for those who've read the Forces comic, is it good? 

    1. Jack the Rookie

      Jack the Rookie

      It's just a free digital comic to advertise Forces, I don't mind it.

    2. Night on Balding Mountain

      Night on Balding Mountain

      It just sort of is. Not bad nor good.

    3. Jack the Rookie

      Jack the Rookie

      The writing and art are good though. It's just short.

    4. Forterror-Metallix


      Not bad. Sets up the scenario for Forces pretty good, and the Chaotix are as charming as ever.

    5. Diogenes


      it's incredibly average

    6. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      It's pretty good. It's a nice starting point for the chapters to come and the Chaotix are pretty great.

    7. Jack the Rookie

      Jack the Rookie

      The Chaotix are actually competent.

    8. Spookmmetra


      The art is nice, and I thought the interaction between the Chaotix and the soldier was decent.

      Pretty interested in the other parts now!

    9. Super Mechanio

      Super Mechanio

      Feels like an overproduced ad for the game. Didn't really grab me.

    10. Limit Breaker Diamond
    11. Strickerx5


      Eh, I liked it.

    12. Kuzu the Boloedge
    13. Creep Dude

      Creep Dude

      It was fun, looking forward to more.

    14. Penny
  4. Turns out that Forces comic is a four part digital series.  Here's the first part: https://dropfile.to/aargzuj

    1. RedFox99



    2. Dejimon11


      She left voicing Tails so she can do Mario music.

    3. Polkadi


      Friendship ended with SONIC

      Now MARIO is my best friend

    4. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      So Kate Higgins is the only other actor besides Lani Minella who has done voices in both Mario and Sonic games.

    5. RedFox99


      Surprised that they listed the AO movies

    6. Ferno


      she got range tho

    7. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      I keep imagining Tails ripping himself in half to reveal that the Tails identity is just a costume, and out comes a full grown woman in the form of Pauline yelling "IMAGIRL" or the lyrics to Jump Up Super Star.

  5. So, if anyone cares, it seems Mario Odyssey is already starting to leak. https://imgur.com/a/5SepY

    1. Strickerx5


      They... surprisingly don't give away much plot...

      Loving the names though. XD

    2. VEDJ-F


      Confirms that you can make more than one avatar at least.

      Also wow at the ring and enemy amounts.

  6. So, according to his recent tweets, Tyson Hesse isn't doing interior art in IDW Sonic: https://twitter.com/tyson_hesse/with_replies

    1. Dejimon11


      Isn't he working at cartoon network?

    2. Ferno


      @Dejimon11 he's what now?

      dude's moving on up in the world, i'm happy for him

    3. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      He's been working on Invader Zim but he just had his last full day there.

    4. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      Can I say?

      I was pefectly fine with the artists from Archie, if they all return, I would be perfectly fine too.

  7. Well, that's it. Thoughts on the panel?

  8. If anyone's interested, the IDW Sonic panel should hopefully be shown on Motobug: https://cytu.be/r/Motobug

  9. Will the IDW Sonic Panel be shown on Motobug? TSSZ will be showing it here. https://go.twitch.tv/tssznews I already added it on Motobug.

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      I guess if there's a stream for it.

  10. Is anyone else seeing an Edit button for statuses now?

    1. Marcello


      Let me see...


    2. Kiah


      Good. I wish this was available a long time ago. Especially when having to go on spoiler watch with Sonic Mania in particular.

      Now we can edit statuses and replies that contained untagged spoilers as opposed to straight up deleting them which was very annoying. 

    3. Maxtiis
  11. So, a game i've never heard of called Bird and Beans is being played on the Nintendo World Championships.

    1. Operationgamer17


      I think it’s an eShop game.

    2. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      Looked it up. Apparently, it's a remake of a Wario Ware mini game.