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    AxelPrime got a reaction from Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC   
    The image is fake. That Akuma render is from Tekken 7.
    Edit: Better Image (Found on Google Images(Search "tekken 7 akuma" and you will find this picture)

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    AxelPrime reacted to Balding Spider in Good Youtube channel recommendations   
    Forgot to mention Everything is Terrible. They make a lot of cuts of old VHS video and other retrojunk
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    AxelPrime reacted to NikoS in For $70 Billion The Walt Disney Company Are Set To Acquire Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. And The Deal is GO!   
    I have only one wish
    Do not, DO NOT MAKE A DIE HARD REBOOT, i feel it's one of those movies like Back to the Future, no need for a reboot
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    AxelPrime reacted to Johnny Boy in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    After this election, I don’t ever want to hear ANYONE spew that “my vote doesn’t matter” bullshit again. EVER.
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    AxelPrime got a reaction from Mando-Whirl-Wind in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Announced (May 2018) (Switch, PS4, Xbox, Steam)   
    Finally the best Street fighter(3) can now be played on the go.
    Here's to hoping more fighters can be ported to the Switch.
    Also kinda of on topic, could they possibly do a Marvel vs Capcom collection in the future perhaps? (Capcom now has the license so maybe they can port their Marvel 1/2 remasters to modern consoles/PC)
    Online is only available for the following: SF2:Hyper Fighting, SF2: Turbo, SF Alpha 3, and SF3 3rd Strike.
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    AxelPrime reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Making Custom MegaDrive Game Cases   
    So I have taken a new part time hobby which involves making customised MegaDrive cases, some are for games which are modern that I think would look cool on a 16bit cart, others are for TV shows or other media which I just think would look cool.
    So far I've made 4 cases in my spare time and have also gone the extra step of producing actual game boxes and carts of said titles.
    Concept Stage
    After I come up with an idea for a box, based on something I like most of the time, I make an initial concept and run it through a small script which creates quite a nice looking concept image. It's not a perfect mockup since the frame is for a PC case, but it's pretty close.
    A lot of the time, whenever someone makes a custom game case, they decide to skip this step, but most EU games had multiple translations on the back of the box. However, what I've discovered is a lot of the original MegaDrive games had very inaccurate translations or completely different translations to the English blurb.
    So what I try to do is, either find an official press release for the source material, or some kind of official blurb in English, and with most things released in the EU in this day and age, actual care and attention has gone into making an accurate translation of that, so I try to source that. Otherwise I write my own blurb and ask for translations at various places like reddit which often gives pretty good translations, much better than an automated attempt.
    Creation Stage
    So if I like it I then move onto the next and more expensive stage, creating an actual physical box.
    Are They For Sale?
    If you are interested in any, please PM me and we can work something out.
    If you have a suggestion for something, go ahead and post it, always on the look out for new ideas.
    Stranger Things Season 1 & 2
    I really enjoyed this show and given how it's set in the 80's I could completely see this show getting a game adaptation if it had come out during the 16bit era. 

    The hardest part of these were actually the logos, especially on the sequel, it required a lot of work to try and get the '2' right due to the fact the logo never looked quite right on officially released assets.
    These are large images so click on them for full size.

    I have two others to show, will post later this week.
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    AxelPrime reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.   
    Tails is an absolute waste in this game. It's insane how wasted he is really.
    Tails has been consistently mishandled since Colours, with the writers of each game retrospectively not having any fucking clue what way to take the character, how to make him likeable, how to have him be more than just Sonic's sidekick/genius. Colours has him cracking random jokes with Sonic that get annoying quickly, but he isn't that bad, Generations has him completely lost after three stages in which case he only exists to do exposition about the story.
    Lost World completely mishandles and flanderizes him into an unlikeable, jealous, whiner who does nothing but pick completely stupid fights over the course of the game when he knows full well that his friends are about to die, and they all need to work together to stop the Zeti. This destroyed him in my eyes, and that's not good when he was my favourite in the series before this point.
    Boom is a different series so I won't mention it here.
    Forces was the perfect chance to develop Tails and finally bring back a characterisation that was improved and developed from his original one. It was practically gift-wrapped to them. His best friend and brother dies, and Eggman is now on a war-path across the planet. This is the perfect time for Tails to join with Knuckles and found the resistance, possibly as a way to keep Sonic's legacy afloat. Show Tails fighting enemies on his own, show him dealing with the supposed loss of his best friend and brother, just develop him in a decent, likeable way for goodness sake.
    But nope, Tails is turned into a Sonic obsessed sidekick who can't do anything on his own, can't fight Egg Pawns while Charmy can, can't fight Chaos 0 despite fighting multiple stronger forms of him before, and on top of that, only exists in the story to shoehorn in Classic Sonic, have Tails do nothing for six months, have Tails do nothing in the story other than exposition and trying (empathsis on try) to have a snarky rivalry with Eggman which basically boil down to extremely weak "im a better scientist than you". What the fuck are they doing with Tails?
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    AxelPrime reacted to RedFox99 in Sonic Forces Development Speculation (Spoilers)   
    Part of me thinks that Sonic Team should work on other IP and step away from Sonic for some time while other developers like taxman, Headcanon, and Dimps take care of the franchise temporally 
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    AxelPrime reacted to Shard The Gentleman in Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?   
    I'm pretty excited for the story of Forces, and the potential for the modding community to mod the heck out of this game, so I'll hopefully be able to buy the game Day One for PC.
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    AxelPrime reacted to Blacklightning in Your biggest worries about Sonic Forces?   
    My biggest worries is whether Sega will actually take any lessons learnt from this to heart for titles succeeding it.
    Sonic Team has been hounded by a rather excessive amount of executive direction if you ask me, and that's been a problem because they tend to analyze things on a surface level only. Undoubtedly the dissonance in reception between Mania and Forces will be taken into account, as anyone would expect - but rather than finally realizing that games actually function better when it's a single playstyle with subtle variations rather than schizophrenically cramming together irrelevant bullshit in the hopes of appeasing as many individual audiences as possible, I fear they'll just look at them both and say "well classic Sonic sells better, so clearly we just need more classic Sonic" and continue to make that exact same fucking mistake.
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    AxelPrime reacted to Soniman in Nakamura interview on Sonic Forces' premise, decisions for playable characters, porting to the Switch, and more   
    Oh dear GOD in heaven that made my night, will be laughing myself to sleep now
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    AxelPrime reacted to Flyinpenguin117 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    ... now we just need confirmation that there isn't a reboot and the original creative team is back.
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    AxelPrime reacted to Mad Convoy in Archie Sonic Hiatus Discussion   
    My first thought upon hearing this from somebody who isn't interested in any comics, Sonic included-- what the ever loving flibbity fuck Sega and Archie?
    There is definitely a backstory behind this. It isn't normal for comics to just end like this, without the comic writers seeming to know, unless something went horrifically wrong. Which I wouldn't put past Sega and especially Archie. I wonder if some of the lawsuits have anything to do with this-- ending a comic abruptly is less reputation damaging and less expensive for Sega's perspective than getting tangled in a massive creators' rights lawsuit that goes on for many years and losing badly or being forced into a settlement that's not in Sega's favor. Alternatively, Sega could have tried to play hardball with Archie or vice versa and it quickly went awry. Or hey, why not some combination of the two?
    But still, for the sake of the people who liked Archie Sonic, I hope Sega manages to find a better, more competent comic publisher and can keep some of the old Archie writers. And hopefully this new direction is one that is actually good and not harried by excessive mandates. The good news is that Sega does seem more open to the extended cast and seemed to let the ones it undeniably owns the copyright to stick around in Archie until its untimely demise, so hopefully it will have the same policies regarding character use with the new comic as it did with the old.
    Honestly, I don't know what would be worse. The comic continuing on as the problems between Sega and Archie escalate to the point where it begins to affect the quality of the comic with nobody knowing what happened until its too late to be saved, and with Sega likely assuming that the issue is Sonic comics as a whole and thus not requesting a new one. Or the comic suddenly ending in an abrupt, disrespectful manner, with a chance of the reasons for all this crap finally coming to light and a new comic coming along. Seems like a no-win situation to me.
    Well, that and companies don't really tend to care about properties that they don't own the rights to. And Archie does not own the rights to Sonic, so it didn't really care much. By the time its lax attitude reared its ugly head, it was too late to stop Penders and Sega used the opportunity to seize control and make its own decisions. Archie may have resented this and tried to regain control, or Sega made several poor decisions, or some combination of the two.
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    AxelPrime reacted to Rummy in Archie Sonic Hiatus Discussion   
    Just gonna leave this here.
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    AxelPrime reacted to KHCast in The Kingdom Hearts Series: New Canon TheatreRhythm-esque game announced (Switch, PS4, Xbox One) 2020 Pg. 168   
    I'm really hoping Tom Hanks and Tim Allen reprise their roles lol
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    AxelPrime reacted to Apollo Chungus in Day of Action: Internet-Wide Blackout on July 12th (#NetNeutrality)   
    Net Neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers should enable people to access all content and applications, regardless of who is accessing it or from where, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites. It is, in short, the idea that the Internet should be free for everyone.

    Obviously, not everyone agrees with this idea; in particular, cable companies such as Comcast and Verizon have spent the last few years trying to stop net neutrality from becoming a thing, so that they can obtain even more control over what people can and can't access (consider how Verizon won't allow non-subscribers to use Tumblr ever since acquiring it this year). Because of the influence these types of companies can have on law, people picked up to what they were doing and began campaigning for the FCC to do something about it.

    In 2015, after a long struggle, the FCC took action to rule in favour of net neutrality by re-branding the internet as a telecommunications service, therefore applying Title II common carrier rules to service providers. This looked to be the end of the struggle, with net neutrality coming out victorious and the Internet being free for anyone to use. However, with the FCC's new president, Ajit Pai (a long-time critic of net neutrality), taking steps to dismantle those rules and allowing cable companies the 'option' of not being total dicks to their customers, the fight as started up once more.

    Tomorrow morning, on the 12th of July, several big name websites such as Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and too many others to mention are going on a day-long blackout, with an open declaration protesting against what the FCC plans to do. Hopefully, this will have the same kind of effect that the Internet Blackout Day in 2011 had on the SOPA and PIPA by killing most if not all credibility in the idea. But to really succeed, this needs exposure.

    So, I'm making this post to ask anyone here who gives a shit about net neutrality to spread awareness of the Day of Action. Make edits to your social media profiles to mark the possible future of the internet, link to websites such as Fight For The Future, and write a letter to the FCC or Congress if you like the USA. Do whatever you can to help; it'll go a long way.


    July 12th is just tomorrow morning. Good luck, everyone.
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    AxelPrime reacted to Mando-Whirl-Wind in Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (September 29, $80, 21 games, Star Fox 2)   
    It's also the first time Star Fox has been re-released as well... I really want it just for that duology! especially since this will be the first time the COMPLETE version of star fox 2 has been released, now that will be amazing to see
    Thanks to the Super Famicon reveal, we know my guess is right! the front flap opens up

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    AxelPrime reacted to NikoS in The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!   
    Studiopolis act 1 was my favorite track so far, until Mirage Saloon was revealed, and it took the spot
    There's something about this track that makes me absolutely adore it, i can't point exactly what it is, but it's there.
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    AxelPrime reacted to Dizcrybe in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    It looks like there's some good news in all of this: apparently multiple US governors are giving the middle finger to Trump, essentially saying that if the Administration won't uphold the Paris Agreement, they will.
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    AxelPrime reacted to Teoskaven in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC   
    Small news: the game is gonna be present and playable at E3 and CEO 2017.
    Expect more reveals there.
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    AxelPrime reacted to JDHarding in Sonic OVA : Look-a-Like   
    Since no one still has a full version of this song anywhere, and the recreations of it that I've found don't sound even remotely like the original, I've been working on my remaster of it.
    I decided to try to write some of it using my own instruments so that the remaster sounds similar throughout the song without those weird quality drops in places due to combining the short CD version of the song with old VHS audio clips.
    I wrote most of the drums and tried to make them sound very similar to the original drums, and also wrote the bass, again trying to make it sound similar to the original one. I also added some of the backing pad and some of the synth work. There's still a lot of instruments I haven't recreated that I'd like to try to eventually recreate. For now this is what I got.
    Album: http://jdharding.bandcamp.com/album/sonic-ova
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    AxelPrime reacted to Nepenthe in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    Hell, if things keep at this pace, it might stand to help us out in this year's local and special elections that much more. We need to win all the races we can muster.
    Don't pussy out on us, blue voters.
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    AxelPrime reacted to Milo in E3 2017 Predictions Thread   
    Knack 2 will be the surprise highlight of the entire E3 2017 show.
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    AxelPrime reacted to CrownSlayer’s Shadow in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    And again, this kinda shit NEVER happened with Obama--not a single controversy he had was of this magnitude, not even the disclosure NSA Prism Program under his watch.
    All that spite looks like it's turning into a serious case of karma.
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