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  1. Uh, honestly, all of the game's vocal tracks except for the ending theme are cheesy. Seriously, even the title "Fist Bump" alone screams cheese, along with "I'm the x of y" in Infinite's theme. But I don't mind them as much, really. Especially with Jon's vocals.
  2. Uh, hiya. Haven't been to this place in a long time, huh? Well, it's because I was disillusioned with Sonic for a while... If I had been here earlier, then I would have quickly known that Jon Underdown (from Daiki Kasho's music in the Gran Turismo series) was going to be on the OST of Forces. Not to mention performing live at TGS. Anyway, can you guys list me the tracks that Jon is on when you go through the music? He's the vocalist who sounds like an infinitely (lol) better version of Sonic's singing voice in Sonic Underground. EDIT: Never mind. Just went through the OST myself, and he's only on Space Port and Park Avenue. Meh, kinda disappointing considering his absence from Gran Turismo Sport and all... =/
  3. I was one of the few who beta tested firmware 3.00, and I found the feature to be nice as it reminds me of Miiverse, but it needs work. You can't reply to messages posted on them, and as said, it needs a search function. But regardless, I'll join for the sake of it... It's time for me to get back into Sonic after working on MLP stuff as well as unfortunately enduring seven years of hell in a certain fanbase I used to be in (don't ask). ID is Flame_of_Harmony.
  4. I'm gonna sound negative here, but regarding some of the points in the SDCC panel, they honestly sound like regurgitated PR to me. Specifically, these: I understand the whole legal issue about them taking someone's OC without permission, but wouldn't taking all the pony names and ideas from us still leave them just as vulnerable for a lawsuit? Like someone could claim that he was responsible for coming up with the name "Lyra" and other names? And then, there's this: This, honestly, sounds extremely BS. If they truly weren't allowed to look at fan stuff, then they wouldn't have done all the fan pandering and the plot for the 100th episode wouldn't exist. So either Hasbro execs are feeding them info, or, well, they're lying. =/
  5. They didn't propose anything specifically, but we were commenting on a pic belonging to one of them that depicted a drastically different design of Super Klonoa other than mine. So they were pretty much implying that Sonic's should be more of a creative design rather than being a homage.
  6. Not sure if this has been brought up already, but here's one rare opinion that I disagree with... if it fits this topic, that is. A few weeks ago, I encountered two people on DeviantArt who basically believe that Super Sonic's design should be changed just to be more original, so that he doesn't look like a Super Saiyan rip-off... You know, whenever I hear people that say such stupid stuff, I get this feeling that they're being blind as to how this world operates, that they don't realize that nothing is original. Honestly, to say that Super Sonic's design needs to be changed is like saying Sonic's speed needs to be taken away so that he isn't like the Flash or Speedy Gonzalez. Or that he shouldn't be looking like Mickey Mouse. While it is a rare opinion regarding Sonic (actually, it's not so rare when you count all the DBZ fanboys mindlessly shouting that he's a rip-off), it is something that I constantly had and have to deal with regarding my two fanon concepts of Super Klonoa and Super Rainbow Dash.. even though they're both white (a rarely-used color for a Super form) and not golden yellow like Super Sonic. But yeah, I find such an opinion annoying, really. =/
  7. Honestly, I've been waiting a loooooooooooong time for these two to crossover. But as others have said, it'll most likely be human-dominated again just as the last game was.
  8. I'm gonna be a bit off-topic here, but does anyone know the power wattage on Xbox One when you suspend a game and then put it into rest mode/standby afterward? Trying to get an example here... I need to know because I don't want to inflate the power bill when I suspend a game on my PS4 and then initiate rest mode overnight. Currently, it's at 10 watts according to Eurogamer, but suspending a game may increase it. Is the Xbone like that, or what?
  9. Thank god I saw that on the DA search before coming here. I would've flipped my shit if I came here first. o_o A good fake, that is. Props to the artist.
  10. The faces look fine, if not realistic enough. And I agree with him and others. This IS the best looking game on the PS4 right now. The lighting in particular is its strongest suit, with the particle system and the neon effects being second. The PS4 GPU may not be as high-end as some people wanted (it is at best a mid-range GPU), but it still packs a much-needed graphical boost over last gen as shown by this game and Killzone, and both are rendering at full 1080p as well.
  11. The official explanation from the devs is that some conduits resisted the effects of the RFI, depending on how far away they were from the blast. That's what they said at least. I don't have the game yet.
  12. Yeah, I've been keeping close tabs on this game since a few weeks ago, while trying to avoid spoilers (game was leaked a week ago by some eBay seller, btw). Saw a few screens that were taken with the Share button, and they pretty much seal the deal that this is truly the first game that shows what the PS4 can do. Game was shipped from Gamefly early this morning, so it should be here tomorrow or Saturday. Until then, avoiding spoilers about the rest of the powers is gonna be a pain in the ass...
  13. Would be nice if this was the start of a partnership that would lead into a Sonic and Klonoa crossover... *sighs and shakes his head* Sometimes I feel like I'm the only guy who's keeping Klonoa's image alive, you know? Even though I know there's others, including you. =/
  14. A guy on EqD seems to think that my stuff on DA is indirectly responsible for this. I dunno, maybe. But it still looks underwhelming compared to mine. =/
  15. Aside from one rare occurence while trying to upload a screenshot, I haven't encountered any bugs in the PS4 OS at all. o_o
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