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  1. Hey!!

      So in Knuckles' and Rouges future if they marry , they have two alternate futures (literally 3)  (in my fiction)

        They have a perfect future. Perfect means that things work out pretty well but may not be absolutely perfect. Rouge disagrees with Knuckles' parenting style (he tends to be overprotective) so she sometimes works behind his back,and Knuckles likes to keep the youngest one with him while he works because he is afraid Rouge will spoil him (  because, well, she already does...) Rouge works in the city part time and just keeps the money for herself. Knuckles pretty much has everything squared away on angel island. He exports fruits and other stuff he grows for any money they may need. He puts his whole heart and mind into his family ... and of course still guarding the master emerald.( he essentially has the same dedication to his family as he has to the ME.)

    they can have 2 imperfect futures: 

           the first is one where their family stays together but ahs turbulence. Knuckles and trouge work all the time and try to get away with each other from the kids. in this future the kids have no idea how to deal with each other and fight all the time. in this future Jasper and wrists ( the youngest two ) are twins, and jade and fists are always at each other's necks. 

      the second one Rouge gets tired of being on angel island and Knuckles and she divorces him. She takes all but one of  the kids with her ( she leaves wrists, as the future guardian) , takes away his right to see them, and tries to take the master emerald but the government ruled that the emerald was safer on Angel island with Knuckles. Knuckles is rather depressed in this future, because he gave everything he could to their relationship , but she simply got bored and to justify herself she goes around bad talking him.  despite that, however, he tries to keep up a somewhat positive attitude for wrists. Wrists stays with rouge on the weekends and comes home a spoiled mess every monday morning . 


    1. Shaddy Zaphod
    2. Darinian


      Wrists and fists. Oh my- I need to breath....

      On a serious note though it could work but if they use their money for themselves (rouge) or have it squared away  (knuckles) then where do the kids get food?

    3. Uraraka


      Knuckles gets it for them ! Angel island has all they need, and Knuckles takes care of that . (he lets rouge keep money for herself to keep her happy ;) )

      Fists is her nickname too ...  her real name is Summer Emerald... she got that nickname as a kid XD

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