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    Christ is the Most and first important thing in my life. I also enjoy playing video games, studying, and writing . I also sing songs :)
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About Me

Hey it's knucklesgirl, I am back and better than Sonic !

   well that is kinda what I used to think the lyrics were to Knuckles song XD (except Knuckles instead of KnucklesGirl XD )

Nice to meet you!  I like warm sunny days and being able to help lift people up. I try hard to be nice, and Hope I am. unfortunately a great deal of pain i have suffered in dealing with the human race as an adult may have made me a bit more sarcastic than you remember.... I still care about feelings though and like to put a lot of thought into my answers :)

  Let's make this easier for you: 

    Ways that I am Like Knuckles: 

        1) introverted/ likes to spend some time alone 

        2)I like the small simple things of life as opposed to parties and nights in the city

       3) I tend to get wool pulled over my eyes by people .... but I try hard to be alert. 

      4) I have a short fuse, Okay? 

      5) I overthink things sometimes

      6) I can't get past doing things the way "it always was" 

     7) I often feel I am stuck doing routine things in life when I would rather be doing something else. 

      8) I am shy around boys (he is shy around girls) 


    Ways I am like Sonic: 

    1) I hate injustice

    2) I tend to be flexible

    3) I'd rather  keep my options open than be forced to follow a routine plan

    4) I rather chuckle than flex my muscle....XD


  Ways I am like tails:

     umm... wish I had more ways... 

    I am shy . and often a little low on self confidence


  Ways I am Like Amy: 

  1) I have been planning my wedding since I  was born (lol not really but yeah XD) 

   2) I am good at seeing into other people's emotional needs 

   3) I feel like when I meet the right guy ( after getting to know him for a really long time) I will be his biggest fan club ^_^

Ways I am like cream :

  you're all too nice for saying I am like ream. but I feel like I am not half as nice as her even though I would love it :) 

  I am polite and smile a lot, and have a slightly innocent look on life. I am not good at baking though, I always ask my sister to make me cookies XD 


  Ways I am like Rouge: 

      1. I love Knuckles XD 

      2. I love emeralds  (forget the diamonds ok? I really want a lovely emerald!!!)

     3.  I am not flirty like rouge, but rouge has an apparent need to be strong on her own, and so do I.

      4. I want to be wanted, and so does she 

     5. I like to imagine (except I dress far more modestly than her ) that I look the most like Rogue out of all the Sonic characters, but she is far more fit than me XD


Ways I am like shadow: 

     1. I am edgy and gangsta! ( Uhhhhhh... NO WAY!) 

   there really is no relation..... lol . except that maybe I am loyal?? 


  so yeah... lol! 
















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