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    Toby Artwork

    Holy shit, these are amazing! They're so smooth that they almost look like official Sonic art!
  2. I've never played a Rainbow Six game, but I gotta say, I think this looks pretty fucking cool. I might actually get this.
  3. Dude, these are so cute :3 Really nice work, keep it up!
  4. What pretty much everyone else said. If I play a game called, let's say, "Silver The Hedgehog", I expect the game to be all about Silver and whatever he's doing, not Sonic. I don't mind the main character making a short cameo, but I want the focus on the character the game is supposed to be about. So in my opinion, not a very good idea.
  5. You said her gameplay is OK in this game, but then gave it a 2/10? I can't agree with your opinion
  6. I suggest getting a recorder that doesn't lag so much and can actually record the sound of the game. Your gameplay is fine, but the quality of the video isn't.
  7. Cus' you spindashed. In the classics you never had to spindash to roll down properly. It's not that big of a deal to me though.
  8. What do you think should be the main gameplay focus(es) for the games? Speed, Platforming, Exploration, Combat, or what? ( sorry if someone already asked )
  9. I really don't see this. If I watch a video or read a topic about someone's favorite Sonic characters, most of the time, Sonic is their favorite, or at least a close second. Of course, this does not apply to all people, not by any means, but that's always what I tend to come across. I've also never seen anyone say that Sonic's heroics or kindness don't show as much as the other characters, more like the opposite. Like someone else said, I've seen lots of people hate Sonic's friends, and just want the games to have Sonic.
  10. Damn dude, this is some pretty cool stuff. Keep up the good work.
  11. I really don't care for shipping. If someone wants to pair character X with character Y, that's cool, but I hate it when they force that shit on me. But it's not like it ruins my childhood or anything.
  12. Professor Pickle. That shit would be fucking awesome. Oh, and Shadow, Silver and the Chaotix would also be cool.
  13. This looks neat! I especially like the first one, you got the arms and legs just right (something I can't usually do.) You're really good at drawing Boom Sonic!
  14. I've been bowling twice. It was pretty fun both times, but I'm terrible at it.
  15. Your art is really cool, it's smooth and wonderfully cartoony. Some of the girls you draw are just so cute :3 You're also really good at drawing wacky characters like Sonic.
  16. Well we can see that Sonic has the homing attack, that's something... right?
  17. Ok, I like how Tails and Sonic look, I can tolerate Knuckles, Amy is eh, and I don't like Eggman's design. As for the tv series, I think it'll be ok. I'll definitely watch it if I can. The game I'm not too sure about. I don't really like how the characters look (it's work in progress so it might be better later though), and the levels and gameplay, aside from those few running sequences, doesn't look very Sonic-y to me. Same goes for how the levels look, I don't get Sonic out of that. I know no one will agree with me, but whatever.
  18. I'd like for them to go back to the boost formula or the Lost World formula, and improve them. They should try to make a good story, like Unleashed or Colors. I'd like other characters to be playable, but please, make them play like Sonic, but give them some special ability and different stats (like strength or jump height) so they don't feel like Sonic re-skins. I'd also like if they'd stop with the nostalgia, and give us new levels and badniks. Oh, and don't make the bosses too easy when compared to the overall difficulty of the levels.
  19. I can not beat Sonic Spinball for the life of me. I'm also not all that good at the Tails / Eggman levels in SA2. Oh, and don't fucking get me started on Sonic 2 game gear.
  20. I think your stuff is pretty good.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vop3RkUmqhc And together, we'll show you how to improvise Reminiscing on the wild style 75 'Cos it's the brothers on the mic, occupying the drum We take 4 MCs and make it sound like one
  22. I wasn't very fond of Tails in Lost World but now you made me sad Anyway, while I do think the tips can be useful for new players, I think they should have had this from the beginning.
  23. These I would recommend: ClementJ642 (Let's Play's) , SomecallmeJohnny (Reviews) , SGBLikesToPlay (Let's Play's) , BrainScratchComms (Let's Play's) , Balenaproductions (Funny / Cool Sonic cartoons) , Nickonaquamagna2 (Reviews) and Cobanermani456 (Let's Play's) .
  24. Well, not all members make lots of posts, so it could be a bit weird if someone who is not new at all would be a "newbie" because they don't make many posts. But I do think it's cool you thought of this. EDIT: I also agree with everyone else on new members feeling nervous about it.
  25. I don't mind it when Sonic or someone else insults Eggman, but in Sonic Lost World, I think they went a bit overboard with it, and to me, Eggman was probably the only likable character, Sonic and Tails seemed like total dicks. I get that Eggman has been trying to destroy Sonic and conquer the Earth, but at least Eggman tried to cooperate with Sonic and Tails when he had to. He even saved both Sonic and Tails! Eggman does deserve it, but I think sometimes they go too far.
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