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  1. Like others have said, I usually prefer the other box art to his, but he still did make some awesome stuff too. I really like his art for Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. He shall rest in peace.
  2. I'm pretty keen on Darkspine Sonic. I like that his personality is more violent and sinister, a trait Sonic usually doesn't have. I also like his looks, the fact that he has no mouth or eyes makes it seem even more like a more "evil" form. The way he transforms is also a bit unique, it sounds and looks like he's in pain. It's just too bad he's in one of the worst Sonic games. Great Topic by the way!
  3. Well darn. Someone please lock this then.
  4. Once again, if there's a topic like this already, I couldn't find it. I was wondering, what transformations of Sonic characters do you like, and which ones you do not? You can mention a transformation from almost anything, as long as it's NOT from a fanfic. Aside from Super Sonic, I kinda like Darkspine Sonic. Because he's made from the World Rings of rage, hatred, and sadness, he's a bit more violent and sinister, something Sonic usually isn't. I also do like how he looks, he reminds me of "Dark Super Sonic" from Sonic X, another transformation I like. There's other transformations I could mention of course, but I just wanna hear what you guys think!
  5. Well I have the lamest name ever, but I think it came from Sonic (of course) , and just me liking the word "dude". Before I made it more "clear", it was "sonicdude4".
  6. Happy New Year's, even though it's actually three days away... Thanks for the badge thing, too!
  7. I like Silver. I think he looks cool, and I like his personality. His powers are also a good concept, and I'd like to see a game where Silver can use them like he did in 06's cutscenes. It's just a shame Silver doesn't appear in the games that much, and when he does, he's not important at all, or he's just an extra character in multiplayer or something. And also, I know this isn't really how Silver is, but I liked how he was portrayed in "Yet Another Christmas with Sonic", made by this guy: http://board.sonicstadium.org/user/567-steveo-claus/ .
  8. Good level design, meaning the levels are interesting and don't bullshit with you, like with enemies / obstacles you can't see before you hit them. I also like gimmicks that fit the level, but are also fun to use. The levels should let you explore, and reward you for doing so, and there should be many ways to get to the goal. Every level should also feel different from the last, so the game doesn't get repetitive. Good music. The music should fit the levels, have a good beat, and be memorable. I'm not gonna go into what style of music it should be, we all have different opinions on that. A good story. I play games for gameplay, but I do like a good story. The story should be fun to sit through, meaning it should include good character interaction, good dialogue, interesting characters (unlike The Deadly Six), not many plot-holes (looking at you, SA2), and it should fit the tone of the series the game is representing. Good aesthetics. I like games that have imaginative and cartoon-y environments, like Music Plant in Sonic Advance 2. It's made of all sorts of instruments, and you can see that in the level gimmicks, like the springs. The levels should also have good backgrounds, like Speed Highway in Generations. You're in a city, but you feel like you're only running through a small part of it, and you wish you could explore the entire place. Because platformers are my favorite games, qualities "Good level design" and "Good aesthetics" apply for platformers.
  9. I love this series! Every episode is hilarious, the art is cool, and all the characters sound spot-on! My favorite might be the third one, I absolutely loved Silver in that, he was so silly and his voice was amazing! You truly have done an amazing job with this series (and with your other videos, too), I hope it goes on for years!
  10. I mostly agree with Chaos Incarnate. All characters should share the same basic moves, like jumping and spindashing, but with their unique abilities, like Tails' flying, and maybe slightly different stats, like how Knuckles in 3&K can't run as fast as Sonic, but is stronger. I'm fine with, say, stuff like treasure hunting in SA1, because Knuckles was still just as acrobatic as Sonic and Tails (Knuckles sucks in SA2 though.). You can have a different objective with some characters, but make sure they feel like characters in a Sonic game. But don't make it like Sonic Rivals, where every character feels the same, with the only difference between them being their brief special move. A good example of how it should be done is the Sonic Advance series. Every character is fun to play as, because everyone can do the same basic things, but they still feel different from each-other. Also, I don't think you should have to play as every character to get to the real final boss or anything, unless it's like Adventure, where the characters actually interacted with each-other, and got to tell the story through their perspective.
  11. I got a few Dragon Ball mangas, some clothes, some copy paper (for drawing), a Donald Duck comic, chocolate and other candy, Dr Pepper, headphones, 300€ and some other stuff.. Christmas didn't feel special at all this year. I appreciated all the gifts, but I wasn't in any sort of Christmas mood.
  12. These I like: - Un-Gravitify (Cashell) - Diamond in The Sky (Sonic R has a great soundtrack, shut up ) - Knight of the Wind - Catch Me If You Can (Zero Gravity Mix) - It Doesn't matter (SA1) - Unknown From M.E. (SA1) - E.G.G.M.A.N - Team Chaotix - Live and Learn - His World (Zebrahead) - Open Your Heart - Supporting Me - Waking Up - My Sweet Passion (COME AT ME, BITCH) - Lazy Days (Livin' in Paradise) - Dreams of an Absolution - With Me (Massive Power Mix)
  13. Ok, so I guess it wasn't the Tails actor who died, but Christopher shall rest in peace
  14. Ok, I'm a Christian, but not a dedicated one, so I don't think Christmas is about Jesus. Anyway, what I think Christmas SHOULD be about is being nice to others and having a good time. But I would be a liar if I'd say I don't care about the presents. I think those other things, like spending time with family and friends is important, but presents are where it's at for me. I also love all the awesome food and some Christmas songs. I don't believe in Santa, so you don't have to say anything about that.
  15. I can't get enough of songs like Frozen Factory 1, Honeycomb Highway, Juice Archipelago and Sea Bottom Segue.
  16. Unleashed. No question. There's so many rings to collect that you rarely run out of your boost meter. OH, Advance 2 is pretty fast too.
  17. I love the music for the first Tornado Defense act in Sonic Unleashed. The music makes me feel great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOUtW94K_eY
  18. I occasionally tap my foot, and I also run in crowded hallways and dodge people, sort of like quickstepping.
  19. I say Metal Sonic. He's just as fast and strong as Sonic, he can copy abilities and turn into a fucking metallic dragon.
  20. I say Super Sonic, for these reasons: 1. I think Super Sonic looks MUCH cooler than Hyper Sonic (Especially in Unleashed) 2. I'm always too lazy to get Hyper Sonic 3. I wouldn't say Hyper Sonic is that big of a step up from Super Sonic.
  21. Those announcements are a nice touch, too bad they are hard to hear in the game.
  22. I don't mind the homing attack. Yes, it's very easy to do, but it makes jumping on an enemy in 3D a lot less painful. I don't even mind it that much in 2D, aside from Sonic 4. I think you know what I'm talking about...
  23. I was just trying to make a dumb joke, but I agree with you.
  24. Shikushi


    I sometimes play Minecraft on my server with my friends. It's a fun game if you are creative and have the time to play it.
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