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  1. The Amazing Spider-Man was awesome at first but near the end of the game it was just SO. FUCKING. BORING. Almost all the levels took place in a sewer or Oscorp, that shit got boring fast. The free roaming was also cool at first, but then I realized how bland it was, all you have to do is hold the web swing button and nothing will stop you. About those other games, Spider-Man on PS1 is kick-ass, Spider-Man on PS2 is awesome, Spider-Man 2 on PS2 is amazing (lolz, get it? ) and Ultimate Spider-Man is... it's... WOW. Shattered Dimensions was great fun, too.
  2. It's the only FPS I really play, and I love it. I kinda suck at it though...
  3. I like Unleashed and Colors more than Generations (runs behind barricade)
  4. Shikushi

    Gala's Art

    Really cool stuff you have there, keep it up!
  5. For some reason Klonoa reminds me of Sonic, because he kinda looks like a Sonic fan character.
  6. I think Adventure and Unleashed did the hubs pretty well. In Adventure, I like how you can run at full speed, meaning you can pretty much ignore the hub worlds if you choose, and how the hubs connected to each other. I absolutely LOVE how, if you spindash in the right place and jump, you can get a lot of air time. That means that you can make going through the hubs even faster, if you know what you're doing. Oh, and talking to the explorers in the Mystic Ruins is kinda cool I guess. And then Unleashed. When I talk about Unleashed hub worlds, I mean the ones where you talk to people and stuff, not the hubs where you go to the real action stages, but I guess I'll go over my opinion on both. The "talking hubs" were actually kinda neat in my opinion. Some hubs, especially Spagonia and Apotos, looked like they could be real places. The hubs also were beautiful and full of little things that make them fun to mess around in. One bad thing (not really for me though) is that you speed is limited. But if you really have to get through them fast, just spam the homing attack. The level hubs were awesome too, they looked just as beautiful as the other ones, while a bit more video-game-y, because there are more springs, speed boosters, grinding rails and enemies. But because of this, you can usually explore these hubs A LOT, and find goodies, like extra lives and medals. Oh, those other hubs. Colours, while they are more like a "menu hub", are still fun to look at, thanks to all the little details. Generations was still fine, but I think the white background gets a tad boring. Yes, there are the levels themselves that bring color into the environment with in-jokes and references, and you can explore a bit, but I prefer 3D hubs with depth and connectivity. I know that that's not the game's idea, but that's just my opinion. Though the platforming you need to do to reach certain places was kinda cool. Sonic 06' I haven't played, but I'm sure those hubs are shit. Lost World I don't know either, but they look ok.
  7. Modern gamers are not bad at games, they should just try stuff that isn't you know what series, like play older games, like Sonic 1. My skills at games greatly improved when I started playing games that didn't really tell you what this enemy or that button does.
  8. The memes are priceless so I kinda like it.
  9. Happy Birthday SSMB! You're about 6 months older than me, apparently.
  10. I agree with Chaos Incarnate, Rouge or Espio could have some stealth elements, that is, if they are playable ever again.
  11. I like most of the Sonic games Dimps has made. Sonic Advance and Advance 2 are awesome, Rush is good, Rush Adventure is OK, and Colours DS is good. I liked the first episode of Sonic 4, and the second one was decent. While Episode 2 played good, it had shit music and special stages, dickish level design and one of the worst endings in a Sonic game. I don't know about Generations 3DS though, but I assume it's not very good.
  12. Going through a wall in 06. It seems more deadly than useful, it's like Sonic Team didn't test it. A good concept though.
  13. If I've been sitting in a car for a long time, I imagine that Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are running next to the car...
  14. Sonic 1's 8-bit soundtrack is one of the best handheld game soundtracks I have EVER heard, It's just amazing, the best ones being Bridge Zone, Jungle Zone and Sky Base.
  15. I want a third episode so we can get an actual ending to the Sonic 4 games, Episode 2's ending was full oh shit. But aside from that, I liked Episode 1 and... I don't know. Episode 2 had a much better physics-engine, but the music, level design and special stages were... meeehhhhhh...
  16. Shikushi

    Eh why not

    That looks ace! Nice style you have there, awesome coloring too. Me likey.
  17. I'm not sure but I think that the music being too generic was on Sonic Retro or another Sonic Wiki. The sound format is the same though
  18. They changed CD's soundtrack in America because they thought the original soundtrack sounded too generic for the time. As for what I think, I like both CD's soundtracks, but I just prefer the Japanese versions. For one, I don't like the random chicks in the US songs, they sound out of place. The US version sounds a bit guitar heavy for my liking sometimes too. But I still love some US versions like Stardust Speedway Present. As for Sonic 3D... I can't choose. I love Tatsuyuki Maeda's amazing songs from the Genesis version, especially Diamond Dust and Rusty Ruin. Jun also has a few songs in there, but I think Tatsuyuki shines in that game. But while I love the Genesis soundtrack, I can easily say the same for the Saturn version. Richard Jacques did an amazing job with the Saturn soundtrack. I love the rhythm of almost every song, and the instruments are awesome too! Some tracks like the Boss Theme and Green Grove kick ass. I seriously can't decide which version I like more.
  19. Hey, those are actually really cool! Keep it up!
  20. Just trying to keep this a friendly thing. We cool?
  21. Ok ok, I'm sorry for saying my nitpicky opinion. Just calm down.
  22. I know, Chip is the point of the game's story, but I just don't like Chip as a character. He's not completely bad, I just think that he's not quite as important in my eyes. Calm the fuck down. Also, I don't mean that Sonic can't have more than none best friend.
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