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  1. I love grinding, I just think it looks really cool. The gameplay when on a rail is the most complex in Adventure 2, but when I want to switch to another rail, I usually fall off, dying. That's why I prefer The grinding in Unleashed and Colo(u)rs, and even Shadow. In Sonic Generations it just seemed like it was just there, it played the same as Colo(u)rs, but it just seemed totally pointless.
  2. I don't hate it or even dislike it, but it's very over-rated. The game tries too hard to have a darker story, but instead has too many plot holes. The gameplay itself is...it's... I don't even know! The Sonic and Shadow stages are OK, but not as good as Sonic or Tails in Adventure. Tails' and Eggman's stages are just an annoyance. I guess it can kinda be OK with Eggman, but if Tails is included, I want him to play like Tails. Hell, the game even has the possibility of playing Tails outside of his mech, and he controls like a blast! Knuckles and Rouge are... not awful but not very good at all. I loved playing as Knuckles in Adventure, but in Adventure 2, no thanks. The levels are way way WAY TOO BIG, my least favorites being Death Chamber, Aquatic Mine and Mad Space. The radar for Knux/Rouge has been punched in the face. WHY DOES IT ONLY SHOW ONE FUCKING EMERALD SHARD/KEY AT A TIME?! This especially doesn't help when the levels are so damn huge. The music is good. Not gonna say more about that. Overall, it's the most over-rated Sonic game BY FAR, and I would much rather play Adventure, Colo(u)rs, Unleashed or even Heroes! It's not bad, but not great.
  3. The character is nothing to remember, he's just there.
  4. I'd say an 8/10. Not too serious like Shadow and 06, and not generic and boring like Generations. Sonic's personality was pretty much nailed. One complaint is, unfortunately, Chip. I feel like he's just trying to take Tails' place as Sonic's best friend, I don't think he needed to be in this game, but that's just what I think.
  5. Metal Sonic, Knuckles and Sonic Adventure 2's Shadow... somewhat.
  6. I am waiting for it to come out, but I don't think it will reach Japanese Sonic X levels by any chance. Also, not that big of a fan of Steroids The Echidna.
  7. It was... odd. But good animation though.
  8. Pretty cool, I like how you draw Sonic characters.
  9. 1. Every time I'm in the Sonic Adventure hubs I spindash and then jump around like a madman and get a shit-ton of air time. 2. Every time I play Sonic CD I have to see the good future for every level or I feel like I failed already.
  10. I'd love to visit the Adventure and Unleashed hubs and towns.
  11. Actually, in Sonic Chronicles, when you get to Blue Ridge Zone, you find the survivors after the Perfect Chaos attack.
  12. - Sonic is the fastest thing alive, but Eggman can run faster than Sonic - Big fights a boss in Sonic Adventure 1 - Tails is a total badass from 1992 to 2006 but then turns into a helpless wuss - Omochao exsists Maybe he dies because he's falling to Earth at huge speeds in those other games? If you're gonna say he survived in Unleashed, the green barrier broke his fall.
  13. I'd love other characters, but they should have the same speed and basic abilities as Sonic, but with some unique moves like flying, climbing and stuff like that.
  14. It's more like a streak of MIDI-diarrhea.
  15. Well, the only couple I see as possible is SonAmy.
  16. The Eggman face is fully visible if you jump at a certain time, Sonic probably impossible. Found it on accident.
  17. This might not be a secret, but if you look at the walls here, you might find some familiar faces... http://info.sonicretro.org/images/4/4d/Map_spaz41.png (Btw, just so you know, that's from Sonic Pocket Adventure, NOT from Sonic 2)
  18. Don't really spend much time raising Chao, but recently I named my Sonic Adventure DX Chao "Cookie" :3
  19. They worked when I played with my friend online...
  20. I saw Sonic's slot machine head in Sonic Adventure.
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