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  1. I saw Sonic's slot machine head in Sonic Adventure.
  2. Well it's not like I'm the only one who's said they don't care about the eyes of the characters in this same topic, but I'll just leave now.
  3. Well would it make you happy if I said: "It doesn't really matter what the eyes look like to me"?
  4. I had the same problem but I think there's a program you can use to play it on a Windows 7.
  5. I meant Eggman isn't as menacing in Sonic's story. Sorry for that typo.
  6. He's not a Playstation Allstar to begin with, and he's already in Brawl. But I think he might be a good character in that game.
  7. I kinda like Sonic R, but the turning should be easier without an extra trigger for that, unless it's some kind-of drift move, there needs to be more than 5 racetracks, T.J Davis should sing the music tracks, and there should be more characters, if they made a sequel.
  8. I think Sonic's personality depends on the actor, Ryan Drummond is an adventure loving Sonic, Jason Griffith is a gold hearted, caring Sonic, and Roger Craig Smith is a more cocky Sonic. Not saying the other Sonic's aren't cocky, but I find him to be the most cocky.
  9. Any remix by NicoCW is awesome.
  10. I swear there was a similar topic, but anyways: I think the first Sonic game I played was Sonic Advance 2, but my first game that I owned was Sonic Unleashed for the PS2
  11. That sucks ass. It's really sad that he died from his favorite game
  12. The english actors, because I know what they're saying, but in say, Sonic X, I like the japanese voices.
  13. Yea it's probably a birth mark, I don't know how anyone could see it as a necklace.
  14. And Fighters is canon? If so, when does it happen? Besides, Tails isn't building the rocket for the entire game. My opinion exactly
  15. I'm talking about the classic era.
  16. From Sonic Retro : Some time after stopping Dr. Eggman once again, Sonic the Hedgehog grows restless, deciding to do what he does best - travel the world, looking for adventure. Climbing into his trusty biplane, the red-and-white Tornado, the blue hedgehog begins flying the skies, looking for places unknown. On nothing more than an impulse, Sonic decides to land on an unassuming island, called West Side Island. Deciding to kick back and explore the isle, Sonic is completely oblivious to the legend connected to the island, and the similarities it has in relation to his adventures on South Island. According to legend, there was once a great and prosperous people who lived on its shores, who achieved their greatness through the use of mysterious, powerful stones. Their peace could have been everlasting if not for a select few who desired to use the stones for their own selfish gains, causing the gods to take away the stones and hide them away on the island... A few days after landing, Sonic realized that he was being followed by someone. Looking behind him, Sonic spotted a young fox, who immediately hid from the blue hedgehog when he looked his way. Not thinking much of it, Sonic ran off, the fox once again following. The young fox's given name,Miles Prower, was overshadowed by his nickname, "Tails," derived from the fact that he possessed not one but two tails behind him. Often being ridiculed by his peers, "Tails" outlook on life changed immediately once he spotted Sonic running around his home, deciding that he had to follow and emulate his new hero, wanting to be just as cool and confident. No matter where Sonic would go, Miles would try and follow, Sonic eventually accepting the near-constant trailing of the young fox. Not long after, during a brief moment when "Tails" was exploring the beaches of West Side on his own, he came across the Tornado, glittering in the sun. Spotting it in the distance, he became extremely excited, running as fast as he could towards it. Engrossed in its design, he wondered who the plane belonged to. He didn't have to wait too long when, out of the corner of his eye, the fox spotted the distinct image of Sonic, taking a nap under one of the wings. This newfound knowledge was not given much time to process in "Tails" mind when suddenly a loud explosion echoed through the air, shocking Sonic awake. Looking beyond the Emerald Hill Zone, a large pillar of fire could be seen, accompanied by a new, yet familiar, army of mechanical robots. It only took a second for Sonic to guess who had caused the explosion, cursing Eggman's name and running into the thick of it. Without hesitation, Miles Prower followed behind, knowing that he had to be right at Sonic's side. His laugh echoing in the wind, Eggman couldn't help but gloat over his newest plan, being grateful for having the foresight to follow Sonic to West Side Island. Learning of the legend of the island, Eggman came to the realization that the legendary stones talked of could only be the Chaos Emeralds, this island being the true resting place of not only the six from before, but of a seventh as well. Once again wanting the emeralds for himself, Eggman plans on using them to power his latest creation, the Death Egg, a flying fortress orbiting the planet with the potential to be his greatest weapon. With the desire to rule the world fueling the mad doctor, he prepares to once again engage with his greatest enemy, the one force that could possibly spoil his plans. "The stage is set. Now it's time for you to bring the curtain to a close on this adventure once and for
  17. Not sure if you're replying to me, but I didn't say Tails was always with Sonic. But Tails was with Sonic in Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic Drift 1 and 2 (even though those are racing games). I know those are mostly not cannon, probably, but there still were many games where Tails was wtih Sonic.
  18. True, but in the classic era Tails was in most of the games, maybe not playable but he was still there with Sonic . (Not all of the classic games but most, anyway.) And I know that the spindash doesn't really affect the canon, but I thought it would make sense if SEGA told us it happened before Sonic 2. Then again, they haven't said that, but still. Tails had sort-of a "cameo" in Episode 1, because he had a rocket waiting for Sonic when he chases Eggman to Egg Station Zone, and I don't really think that was just some random rocket Tails left standing around. And in the classic games, Tails actually went almost everywhere with Sonic, so I think if Sonic had met Tails, he would have gone to Little Planet with Sonic. Amy doesn't follow Sonic everywhere. Yes, in some games she's chasing Sonic, but that's not every game. If you think about Metal Sonics like that, then the first metallic Sonic would probably be the one from Sonic 2 8-bit, because it's the most unadvanced one, and Sonic 2 8-bit in my opinion would happen after the 16-bit version, because in the manual of the 8-bit version Sonic already knows Tails. so why would Eggman go from the Silver Sonic from 16-bit version to the worse one in the 8-bit version? And if you wanna imagine, maybe Eggman didn't have enough resources to rebuild Metal Sonic, since he built The Death Egg? I think SEGA said Sonic 4 happens right after Sonic 3, (It doesn't really make sense, but still) The again, these are just my opinions.
  19. I don't think SEGA told us when Sonic CD happen, here's how I figured it: Sonic CD happens between Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, because of two things. 1. Tails isn't in the game (NO, playing as Tails in the Remake doesn't count) 2. Sonic can't do the spindash as fast as Sonic 2 and after (Because he was still learning how to do it). That's only two reasons, but I really don't see how it could happen at any other time.
  20. I would like it, but not soon because we got Generations not too much time ago.
  21. Would you like a second Sonic Chronicles? I liked the The Dark Brotherhood, so I would probably buy the sequel. Though Bioware shouldn't make the music. We all know how good The Dark Brotherhood's soundtrack was... I would like if they made other characters playable in the sequel, like Silver, The Chaotix, or maybe even Mighty? So tell me what you think!
  22. - Eggman does not run correctly... ugh! Yeah, kinda creepy actually... How would the running animation matter? - Tails is just fine with Sonic leaving and not coming back for a long, long time. Never saw that in another game! I've never seen Tails be sad/not fine about Sonic leaving. That's all I can really answer.
  23. True, the green flickies can go fuck themselves.
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