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  1. True, the green flickies can go fuck themselves.
  2. I still kinda like them, but they're not Sonic 3D standard's in my opinion. Oh, and his work in Adventure kicks ass!
  3. My favorites are Winter, I like the visuals, and the ice and snowboard gimmicks. Tropical Island, It's just the visuals, really. Carnival/Casino, They usually have really good music and bright lights so they're cool. Urban, These levels are usually fast-paced, which I like. I also (kinda) like the Ancient Ruins-trope My least favorite is probably Sand/Desert. Just not a fan of the sand-theme itself, and I'm not too fond of the gimmicks, either.
  4. I sorta like it. I like the cartoony style and the music too. It would be more interesting if all characters wouldn't have the same basic moves.
  5. I also like both soundtracks, the Genesis/Mega-Drive songs are catchy, and the Saturn tracks are a little more atmospheric.
  6. I like most of his work, but I gotta say that Sonic 4 Episode 1 and 2 were pretty lame. I'm not really sure, but I think Sonic 3D was his best.
  7. I call him Dr. Eggman because that's what he was originally called, and that's the first name I heard being used.
  8. SANIK TRIIDII FLIKIIS AILAEND! Just kidding Not sure but I really like Adventure DX, Adventure 2, Heroes, Generations, Colors and Unleashed
  9. Probably the game, though I didn't really freeze on me, based on what I remember anyway.
  10. Japanese. I just think he looks cooler and smoother.
  11. Probably if he made the controls better and maybe added Super Sonic? I'd like if you could switch from the Genesis version to the Saturn version and vice-versa.
  12. Sonic CD is probably my favorite game EVER! What I like: I love the visuals! Every level is colorful and alive (Well Metallic Madness is a little bland to me, but still), and I'd love to go to Stardust Speedway if it existed! I like the gameplay too, because it gives you different options on how you play the game. You can either speed-through the game as quickly as possible, without destroying robot-generators or collecting the Time Stones, or you can go to the past and destroy the robot-generators and Metal Sonic-holograms, and if you don't like exploring and time-traveling, you can still get the good ending with the Time Stones. I really like the time-travel idea, because it let's you change the outcome of the level, and it's really cool that the level design changes depending on what time-zone you're in. And I can't tell you how much I love the music! The JP/EU soundtrack is up-beat and catchy, while the US soundtrack is a little more atmospheric. Both soundtracks are amazing and I could listen to some of the songs all-day! It's really good that Sonic CD tried something different from the Genesis/Mega-Drive games, which makes it feel unique. What I dislike: I know this is kind of a personal flaw, but I don't really like the lyrics in the US stage-songs. Yes, the JP/EU songs have lyrics too, but I just don't think the lyrics fit in the US tracks. But that's just my opinion, and it doesn't ruin the game for me. Not much else I don't like, really What I think the remake did better: They made the game run at a smooth speed, which is especially noticeable in the Special Stages. I like that you can change to the Sonic 2-style spindash (Though I like the other one more for this game). They made both soundtracks available, which is good, though the JP/EU opening and ending songs don't have lyrics, sadly. And you can also play as Tails!!! (Even though he's sort-of a game-breaker) They also fixed the collision-detection and physics, and that makes the game a lot more enjoyable. Overall, Sonic CD is probably my favorite game EVER, and I don't think that's gonna change
  13. I'm not sure about the others but I think Tails had a home in some games, and in Sonic Labyrinth's story it's implied that Sonic has a house.
  14. Here are some in no particular order: SONIC UNLEASHED HD I love the gameplay for the day stages, and the Werehog can be lots of fun too. The story is great, the game looks gorgeous, and the music is amazing. The only bad things are that the framerate can occasionally drop like a rock, daytime Sonic's platforming controls are a bit stiff, and the night stages can sometimes drag a bit. SONIC CD Great gameplay, I love the time travel aspect and being able to save the future. The story, while nothing special in my opinion, introduced two fan-favorite characters, Princess Sal...umm... Amy Rose and Metal Sonic! The game also had to soundtracks, which are both awesome (I think I prefer the Japanese / European one though) . The game looks great and gives a unique feel to every different time zone. SONIC ADVENTURE There are six playable characters, each with their unique gameplay. (Sonic is the best, Tails and Knuckles are great, Gamma is good, Amy is ok, and Big is... tolerable) I liked the story a lot since it was told from the perspective of the character you were playing as, making for some interesting dialogue. The game hasn't aged very well, but I still like how it looks. The music is incredible. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (1991) Ah, the game that started it all! While it might have the speed cap for Sonic, this game is still fun, fast-paced action! The levels really reward you for exploring and being able to keep your speed going. The story is not special at all, but it doesn't need to be. The game looks and sounds just magnificent. (Sonic 2 and 3, Heroes, Colors, Generations and a few others are also awesome, but I don't want to write this one post for 2 hours.)
  15. It's really hard to pick my favorite, but I especially like these: Sonic CD (JP/EU and US), Sonic 2, Sonic 3D (Saturn and Genesis), Knuckles Chaotix, and of course Sonic 1 (16-bit and 8-bit) Though almost all Sonic games have kick-ass soundtracks
  16. Well, the first time a played a Sonic game was probably back in 2005 when I played Sonic Advance 2 on my cousin's Game Boy Advance SP, but I really got into Sonic in 2008 when I got Sonic Unleashed on my PS2 for Christmas. I was amazed how fast the game was, and I was hooked from the start.
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