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  1. Fantastic to hear that the 2019 Annual is getting the trade treatment so soon. (Especially given how shaky IDW is sometimes with collecting Annuals, namely in the case of the TMNT Annuals.) Also makes perfect sense to include it with the mini-series, since Tangle and Whisper have their own little adventure in it.
  2. Just had an idea for when the Spyro content hits: since they went above and beyond and bothered patching in the Velo mask, what if, instead of being protected by Aku Aku, Spyro and friends are helped out by Sparx? It'd be a cute extra touch. (Not sure who'd protect the bad guys, though.)
  3. Got every Nitro Squad character unlocked, snagged Lechaux from the shop, and entered Gold Tier. Nothing left to do but unlock Rocket and ride out the rest of this month unlocking whatever else I can. (Don't really care as much about the decals, skins, and paint jobs. Mostly interested in new character and kart options.)
  4. Got everyone but Megumi unlocked and closing in on the Racer Crunch skin. Also snagged the Biker Crash skin in the shop with the boosted weekend riches.
  5. Yeesh. I thought getting the Summer pack through grinding online races (combined with the extra pain of finding online randos that weren't so good that I had no chance of even finishing and getting ANY coins) was enough of a pain. Hopefully the coming Wumpa Coin tweaks will exponentially increase the payout, because otherwise it's gonna be one HECK of a grind.
  6. I was wondering how long the Grand Prixs would last. Figured it might be a monthly thing. Makes me glad I got it as a Birthday gift a bit early because I'd hate to have to wait until unspecified date for certain rewards. Also, judging by the fact that these are looking monthly, that puts Back N. Time in August while Spyro's Grand Prix launches alongside the Switch and PC versions of the Reignited Trilogy in September. That means the leaked Halloween content should be our next major GP theme reveal.
  7. They have, at least for FCBD. (At least for TMNT.)
  8. Made a couple of pretty simplistic levels: Chill Bully's Four Trials: RLB-J50-1XG Superballs at Sundown: TWQ-4KP-62G
  9. Wow, I didn't even notice the bit about the CNK characters getting the Velo Mask! That's a really awesome unnecessary tweak!
  10. Activision post detailing the next Patch. They're working on a fix for the PS4 save data corruption, they're going to tweak Wumpa Coin earnings, and everyone who plays the game through July 4th will receive 2500 free Wumpa Coins!
  11. July combo is live and celebrates the SpongeBob 20th Anniversary Special, "SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout," airing on the 12th. Avatar is courtesy of the Battle for Bikini Bottom: Re-Hydrated cover. Happy 20 years, Bikini Bottom gang! My life would be a whole lot less funny without ya!
  12. As expected, Penta is readily accessible through a code. (Also, the Uka/Aku weirdness from the original is retained!)
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