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  1. TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    Apparently the Monster arc is still set to air on Nickelodeon starting October 8th, so these Nicktoons episodes might just be advanced airings.
  2. TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    Yeah, they just randomly decided to move the rest of the eps to Nicktoons, STARTING with the final arc. After that, they're airing the four-part Halloween Monster arc in late September and early October and the last arc to air in general will be the '87 crossover arc that's already out on DVD. It's a bit of a mess.
  3. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite - "We have Mega Man this time" - Late 2017

    REALLY bizarre that the 2017 DLC consists of only two Capcom characters and four Marvel characters. Unless Ultron Sigma is unlockable and is placed on the Capcom side, the roster's going to look kinda lopsided.
  4. This is so completely ridiculous that I'm half-tempted to finally check out OK KO. XD

    1. Yeow


      You should, it's good

  5. Mario Party: The Top 100 Announced For 3DS. (Holiday 2017)

    Teaser site is up. One of the little bullet points mentions board-game play, so it's not just mini-games.
  6. Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Battle Royale and Star Allies)

    Ah, didn't know that. Didn't really play the Dream Land games that much, to be honest. Didn't notice Chu Chu or Pitch, either, so I guess I'll have to rewatch the footage again.
  7. Mario Party: The Top 100 Announced For 3DS. (Holiday 2017)

    Honestly really jazzed about this. I had a blast with Star Rush (even had fun with that weird little minesweeper mode), so the thought of a greatest hits collection of Mario Party mini-games (INCLUDING MAH BOI FACE LIFT) that I can play with my buds with only one game card sounds like a great time. I'm curious to see if the game has any other modes or content, though, as all we've seen are mini-games and Star Rush and Island Tour had a wealth of extra goodies. So yeah. Excited.
  8. Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Battle Royale and Star Allies)

    If you're referring to Nago, pretty sure he was in the first footage, too, and only makes a cameo as one of Broom Kirby's attack animations. Speaking of Broom, its presence in particular was what instantly drew my thoughts to that aborted GCN title, since it was set to be introduced in that game.
  9. I loved Vector's detective slang talk, Sonic calling him "Leatherhead," and his eyes turning into dollar signs just like in the intro to Heroes. Also, I have to wonder if Sonic knows Vector in this universe from a previous experience... ...in a band? Most likely not, but it'd be a really cool nod.
  10. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (DBXV2) | PC, XB1, PS4, Switch| Goku Black Likey

    4 is already out. It gives you Fused Zamasu, SSB Vegito, and more story.
  11. Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    He was referencing what Fusion-Ellipsis suggested.
  12. Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    I got WAY too giddy over seeing Misty pulling Brock's ear again.
  13. Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Her sisters must've taken over again when they came back in that Chronicles episode.
  14. G61rGOz.png


    Those We Bare Bears Switch ads that Nintendo uploaded are giving me serious Wii era vibes and I love it.

  15. (3:07:42) Private Goomp has a total Jonathan Jones moment and I friggin' love it. XD