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  1. Overview trailer with our first peek at the Story Mode! Plot seems to involve Mario and Sonic getting sucked into the pixelated past. (Seem to be a good variety of different mini-games included that aren't necessarily sports as well.)
  2. Yeah, thinking about doing the same. Got Fake Baby T a couple nights back and currently only lack Sabertooth Pura as far as the new skins go, so saving up for the Spyro content rather than trying to get every set of largely-identical lava rock wheels sounds like a plan to me. It's definitely the most hype GP so far.
  3. So it looks like the whole weekend multiplier got pushed slightly into the future, as it's active for me today! (Whereas, it usually ended today as far as my experiences go.)
  4. Here's what I found on the British Board of Film Classification site. It seems these are some of the included cartoons: Final Exam (2003) Chicken in the Cradle (TTG) Deception (2003) The Scoop! (TTG) How Long is Forever (2003) Shrimps and Prime Rib (TTG)
  5. Judging by some Blu-ray ratings I found while Googling, one of the included cartoons will be "How Long is Forever" from the original series.
  6. Last preview clip before show time tonight! Sonic 2 and OVA represent!
  7. The weekend x2. Usually the daily bonus doesn't start for me until the evening.
  8. Downloaded the update and started on the next GP this morning. Was incredibly surprised to unlock the Champion Kart. I'm not good enough to unlock Tropy, but I'm apparently fantastic at putting in enough time to reach the Top 5%. 😂 Aside from that, I finished one or two of the Pro Challenges, unlocked the first two GP rewards, and purchased the Baby Coco bundle. (I like that the regular old unlockable skins for the Babies have a multiplier. Made it real easy to build a big one fast.) Jumped into an online match this morning and got the bonus, so it's definitely not gone.
  9. Playing online during Wumpa time. (A period each day where the Online coins multiply.) It's especially useful during the weekend where they add an additional x2 multiplier.
  10. Bottom of the blog post that dropped the microtransaction bomb: A peek at what’s next Now that you know all that’s coming with CTR’s mad dash into the past with the Back N. Time Grand Prix, we also want to give a little glimpse into what the future holds. It’s no secret that Spyro is crashing the Crash Bandicoot party in Grand Prix Season 3 (and we can’t wait to give you the full details on his season as we get closer to it). But we’re also excited to let fans know that they can expect more of their favorite characters from the Crash Bandicoot universe to join in on the Nitro-Fueled fun in the seasons after. Get ready for characters like N. Brio, Nina Cortex, and Komodo Moe to start shredding up the racetrack soon!
  11. You sure you're not thinking of the "CNK Characters" cosmetic character icon bundle? If it was in one of the smaller slots rather than where the larger bundles usually are, that's probably what it was. Anyway, on the bright side to Activision's skulduggery, they've at least fully confirmed Brio, Nina, and Moe now. (I wonder if they'll be spooping it up in October.)
  12. Interesting that they changed up Heffer's expression upon returning home a bit after the preview clip from forever ago. So excited for this! 😁
  13. My birth month combo celebrates the LONG-AWAITED release of Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling on Netflix with a theme based on one of my favorite Rocko episodes, "The High Five of Doom." (The "doom" part of it also works as a tie-in to Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, also releasing on Netflix next month.) Also, funny story about this particular avatar: I actually capped it from my Rocko DVDs back in 2016 when Static Cling was first announced so I could have an appropriate pic to rock when it released. Well, if you know anything about this particular movie, then you know how long that took, so to be able to finally use it is intensely gratifying. (In the time since, the DVD drive in my laptop crapped out, so that should give you a good idea how persistent I was with using this stupid Filburt pic.)
  14. Yeah, kinda feel that the final match will come down to him and Ash with the latter giving him one heck of a battle, but Guzma eventually coming out on top and having a bit of a change of heart about his whole situation thanks to said battle combined with being heralded as Alola's champion.
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