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  1. Seems Crash's Pizza loyalties have changed post-Universal.
  2. Our new Lombax, Rivet, will be played by veteran voice actress Jennifer Hale: Thought it sounded a bit like her from the trailer, but wasn't super sure, so glad to have the confirmation. New trailer looking straight-up gorgeous. Only recently got super big into these games after playing and really enjoying the remake (which led me to going for all the Platinums in the Collection and Future Trilogy), so this is definitely going to be one of my first PS5 purchases whenever I eventually grab the console.
  3. May brings a triple-threat combo based on the sixth Ranger from my very first Super Sentai show that I recently finished: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger! I've chosen Zyuoh The World in particular for three reasons: 1. Misao is my favorite character from Zyuohger. 2. He has my favorite suit with the triple-animal motif. 3. ONE OF THOSE ANIMALS IS A CROCODILE. As such, the avatar I have chosen is his shift to his Crocodile mode from his very first appearance. Also did something a little cute with the member title.
  4. We're FINALLY going to get more information a few hours before the anime debuts. Hopefully it includes a release month.
  5. April awkwardly stumbles in equipped with a giant conspicuous death-ray console to bring forth an X the Eliminator theme! He's my absolute favorite Harvey Birdman character (both because of his hilariously conflicted assassin/stalker personality and Peter MacNicol's AMAZING voicework) and since the new Birdgirl spin-off is hitting in April, I thought I'd show the original some love. (Hoping X eventually scores a cameo. Judy DOES have a crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrest, after all.) Avatar is taken from one of my favorite X episodes, "Droopy Botox," where X gets so depressed by the possibility that Harvey doesn't like the way he looks that he gets plastic surgery...that no one can actually see since he never takes his mask off.
  6. FCBD solicitation. Judging by the writer, this is most likely the bonus story included in the one-shot's hardcover:
  7. Nothing except yesterday's update that Australia rated it. Getting pretty antsy, honestly. All we got was the first trailer and a release window and I'm CRAVING to know more.
  8. Speaking of Archie, here's a treat: this press release for the Anniversary one-shot reveals that the two retail incentive variant covers will be done by Tyson Hesse...and Patrick Spaziante! Spaz is back! Also solicits:
  9. Looks like the Deluxe Edition will also include a bonus fourth story: "Check out a few more variant covers for the issue below, as well as a look for the deluxe edition of the issue releasing later this year—which features bonus material including a new story by Galligan, scripts, and a cover gallery."
  10. Suiting up with a Darkwing Duck theme for March to commemorate the excellent 2017 DuckTales series coming to an end on the 15th. I'm bummed that it isn't continuing (and that we very likely won't get any sort of follow-up to that awesome Negaduck tease from Season 2), but it's been a great run and I'm glad at least that it's going out with a bang. (The finale is the equivalent length of a three-parter.) Avatar is from the Darkwing-focused "Let's Get Dangerous!" episode, probably my favorite this season so far both because of my general love of DW as well as all the great nods to some of the more obscure corners of Disney Afternoon lore. (Never thought Solego would make it to TV.)
  11. The S1 Blu-ray, S2V1 DVD, and S2V1 DVD gift set are now up for pre-order on Amazon. The item included in the gift set is a backpack hanger rather than two Tomy figures like the Season 1 releases. Definitely gonna pick up the Blu-ray. Was originally tempted to double-dip if the Season 2 releases included the Tomy figures of the remaining cast (Amy, Sticks, Shadow, and Metal), but the backpack hanger has nixed those plans.
  12. After sitting on the idea FOREVER and putting out a bunch of weird clip show specials, CN has FINALLY put the Gumball Movie into development. We're getting resolution to that cliffhanger!

    Very happy to see this. Gumball's one of my faves and it'll be great to see what the team can do with a feature like they wanted.

  13. Crash 4 is headed Switch and next-gen next month! Excited to finally play this. I wasn't counting on it happening this soon. 😁
  14. Going Beast Mode for February with a Transformers: Beast Wars theme, celebrating both the 25th Anniversary of the original line this year as well as the debut of the brand new comic series by Eric Burnham next month. I'm particularly spotlighting one of the brand new characters, Skold, a female Predacon who transforms into an Alligator Snapping Turtle. (Turtles with spikes are one of my personal aesthetics, y'see.)
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