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  1. Betting the Hammer is what you pick up to become Builder Mario in-game. (The extended cover artwork DID show Builder Toad IN THE ACTUAL LEVEL, after all.)
  2. There WAS a possible Robot Velo hint, though. (Dude in the stream asked if there was a fake Velo and rep guy said he couldn't say. Could just be being silly, though.)
  3. Also the Let's Go demos in the Treehouse stream last year and the X and Y trailer during the 2013 E3 Direct that showed off the Fairy type for the first time.
  4. Ask and you shall receive! The next batch of games has been revealed: It's super sick that through these mini consoles, not only has Star Fox 2 finally been officially released, but Mega Man: The Wily Wars has at last been made widely available in North America. I think the inclusion of both the Illusion games and Wily Wars has pretty much cemented my purchase.
  5. Robot Velo is still a possibility, since they make it a point to mention that all CTR and CNK characters will be available in the post and Penta Penguin is missing from their little list.
  6. More on unlocking characters and skins. N. Trance, Small Norm, and Big Norm fully confirmed!
  7. Holy CRAP, this game just gets even better! Such a huge variety of skins, kart parts, and characters! (PLAYABLE HD CNK BOSSES! YES!! Think Nash might be my new main because sharkman.) This absolutely can't get here soon enough. Also... N. Trance stealth confirmed, which isn't too surprising since they've already included every single playable CNK character from BOTH versions, barring Norm (who honestly is a given), Velo's robot body, and Spyro.
  8. So the latest revealed episode is about Ash and Torracat going back in time and meeting with a younger Kukui and his Litten. This is just a hunch on my part, buuuuuuuut I've got a sneaking suspicion that Torracat will end up evolving in that episode and possibly becoming the inspiration for the Masked Royal in a weird timey wimey sort of way. Again, just a hunch, but considering Lana just got Primarina, I think the timing's right.
  9. Yeah, clearly not grunts, unless one of Tails' is randomly saying the word "fastest" in a way that would only make sense if it were starting a sentence. (Which it is in the dialogue box.)
  10. Had my suspicions with the Knuckles clips, but the Zavok dialogue shown off on the Sonic Official stream pretty much confirmed that Travis Willingham most likely didn't record for this game. Zavok sounds noticeably different. (Voice seems a bit lighter...maybe Patrick Seitz is playing him in this game?) Edit: Silver also sounds a bit like Roger pulling double duty rather than Quinton Flynn.
  11. I did, mostly because I got one of them from like my first check which made me check most of the other lights to see if there was anything else of interest. (Actually thought the first voice was Namine until I got the other one and she made herself known immediately.)
  12. "Team Moves" as in all the different tactics you can use as a team, like the Slingshot and whatnot.
  13. Great to see Crunch finally break into the remakes, but Zam and Zem are the bigger surprises. I figured they'd leave those guys at the wayside since they were only ever in one game and not really developed as characters much aside from in-game taunts. (Their one appearance in Nitro Kart's story was mute.) I guess their connection to Oxide made them a good fit for a revival in this game and it DOES make me curious if there are any other surprises waiting in the wings. (Particularly if they look to the GBA version of CNK for inspiration, namely the playable bosses and Spyro.) I'm also interested to see who's voicing Crunch this time around. It'd be cool if they got Kevin Michael Richardson to reprise since he last played Crunch in Nitro Kart.
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