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  1. Next GP will be the last, but a new Challenge system will be implemented following it, more Time Trials will be added, and the game will still see new characters, Karts, and content added in the future. (This might be it for new Tracks, though.)
  2. Ultimate was the game that implemented a more Wario Land-accurate Shoulder Barge back in to his moveset by making it his new dash attack. I don't believe Smash 4 had any equivalent move, as it was previously his forward smash in Brawl before the following games changed it to a big fist. Also, you're probably thinking of Miiverse, not Mario Maker concerning free stages. (Mario Maker was the only standalone purchasable brand new stage in Smash 4 and it cost a little more than the added returning stages.)
  3. Hahaha, Ian Flynn is co-writing an official Transformers/MLP crossover comic. Awesome to see him on another MLP project following Feats of Friendship and fantastic to get another crossover out of him post-Worlds Collide/Unite. DIS GON B FUN. 😄

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      And people like to say an MLP and Sonic crossover is a stupid idea?

  4. This kinda blew my mind, if I'm gonna be honest. (I even had the Smash 4 track on my phone that was called the correct name all this time and I still thought the misspelling WAS the proper one.)

  5. Turns out my guess was right on the money! Billy Bob Thompson confirmed on Twitter that he's Fuji and Blastoise in Evolution:
  6. It's also possible that "All or Nothing" is a four-parter and ending a Volume on Part 3 of 4 would be awkward.
  7. I think that'd be one E-123 Omega's severed head.
  8. Jon Gray cover. It's purty, as those tend to be:
  9. Very happy to see the Rogues pitch in. This really is an all-hands-on-deck situation. Also, it seems like Rouge has been laying low as of late to keep tabs on Eggy's crew. Clever.
  10. February brings us a rare Sonic combo celebrating the movie! Art is taken from one of the posters that I really liked because of Sonic's chill, casual demeanor what with the comic and headphones.
  11. I'd guess Billy Bob Thompson. (Voice of Greninja in its various stages, Squishy, Ash's Charmander and Charmeleon in I Choose You, and the Male Pokemon Trainer in Smash Ultimate among others.) His register is very similar to Jay Goede's from the original film, so he'd be a good sub.
  12. Amended. My excitement over Mewtwo made me too loopy to realize I'd actually put the wrong month. 😂
  13. This certainly took long enough: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution's dub is coming first to Netflix on February 27th, Pokemon Day itself. Dan Green will be reprising Mewtwo all the way back from Returns, which is a casting touch I very much appreciate. 😊
  14. That is WAY sooner than I was expecting given all we've seen is the first level and some concept art so far. Wonder if we'll get some fresh footage in the first general Direct of the year.
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