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  1. Iron Kenny CC14

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Lord & Miller, 2018)

    Video for "Sunflower," a song from the film's soundtrack, with some new footage featuring our first look at Miles' Uncle Aaron and Gwen as a student at Miles' school. (Guessing she goes undercover after crossing dimensions.) Also, nothing is cooler to me in this video than that shot of all the differently-styled Spideys descending on a rooftop at 2:21. Between Ralph Breaks the Internet and this, the last two months are looking absolutely fantastic for animated films.
  2. Iron Kenny CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Interesting nugget from the latest Smash blog update: the featured Fighter is my trusty Smash 4 main, Greninja, and the post has confirmed that he has received a new Final Smash: Transforming into Ash-Greninja!
  3. Iron Kenny CC14

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    Final UK trailer featuring a lot we've already seen, but some new stuff also mixed in. For example:
  4. Iron Kenny CC14

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    Details on new scenes presented at the NYCC panel, which presents early points of the film in more detail. Apparently Sonic isn't just the one who tells Ralph how the internet is, but he's also the one that tells him and Vanellope that that's where they can find the replacement wheel.
  5. Iron Kenny CC14

    OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

    Quickly caught up on the show through Hulu and definitely going to be a regular viewer from now on. It's filled with the kind of insanity and nerd references that I love. Also surprised by how much continuity it has and there's some neat ongoing plots. Also, Wes Weasley from AoStH is totally in this show. Seriously, his VA plays a Director character and he even says "Palsy!"
  6. Iron Kenny CC14

    OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

    What impressed me the most about the episode was the amount of love put into the reference. They got most of the surviving original VAs back to play the girls, they referenced the goofy Scrappy rap from the original, and THE CREDITS EVEN USE THE EXACT SAME CHARACTER SHEETS AS THE MOVIE. As someone who used to be a dorky kid without cable who would just rewatch the same old VHS tapes over and over again, it just made me smile a whole lot. I'd never seen a full episode of this until now, but after this, I've definitely gotta check it out.
  7. Iron Kenny CC14

    The Avatar and Signature Topic

    The Halloween season has arrived and with it, a new spooky combo! Just recently finished marathoning the entire series of South Park for the first time and currently playing through Stick of Truth on the Switch, so I figured I'd give the series a nod for my Halloween change! Kenny is one of my favorite characters, so my avatar reflects his Iron Man costume from the 2012 Halloween special, "A Nightmare on FaceTime." (One of the rare times that he's not muffled!) Rank is a little Kenny version of Tony Stark's whole "Genius, Billionaire, etc." bit that I made up!
  8. Iron Kenny CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Vergeben himself confirmed it was BS, so you can file that in the cabinet of "ridiculously thorough fake text leaks that someone bothered typing out instead of doing something more constructive with their time." That particular cabinet has gotten WAY too popular with Ultimate. I don't think I've seen another Smash with so many crock leaks.
  9. Iron Kenny CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I'd settle for some M&L trophies. Besides music and obviously the character art for stickers in Brawl, there hasn't been much representation for the series in Smash and more would definitely be appreciated. Even if they stick to just recycling 3D models for the trophies, that still gives them a few options. (Giant Luigi + Mario from Dream Team/Paper Jam, Giant Bowser from Dream Team/Bowser's Inside Story DX, Shiny RoboBowser from Paper Jam, Cackletta's Soul from Superstar Saga DX...)
  10. Iron Kenny CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Personally, I already have K. Rool, all of my Smash 4 mains, Wolf, and a bunch of stages I never thought I'd ever see again, so I'm more than satisfied as far as the roster is concerned already. (Especially given all the initial talk of the Switch Smash being a Smash 4 port with a "few" new characters. Well, it currently has over ten fighters that Smash 4 didn't, so I'd say those expectations are MORE than exceeded.) That's why I'm currently leaning on the box theory being legit. If Incineroar and Ken really are the only ones left? Cool, I've still got all of the previously cited stuff, the possibility of DLC, and another of my starter Pokemon picks immortalized as a Smash character. If there's more than that? Fantastic, the more the better and I can get SUPER excited over an unexpected reveal. The only completely new Fighter that's still on my wish list is Geno, anyway, and when I can say that the only character I'm still hoping to be in Smash Bros. is one who's only ever been important in a Mario spin-off from twenty years ago, I'd say that's pretty freaking good as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Entire Frozen and most of the Tangled cast confirmed to reprise for KH3 along with one reprisal from Pirates. No word on Mandy Moore or any of the Big Hero 6 cast, but James Woods isn't listed, so it's safe to say that this is only a selection.
  12. Iron Kenny CC14

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Pokemon gets the music spotlight this week with the ORAS Champion theme as done by Soshi Abe!
  13. Iron Kenny CC14

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    More small details straight from Disney, courtesy of Gamespot. Here's the most interesting ones: * Felix and Calhoun's role in the movie is to care for Sugar Rush's ousted citizens, basically getting a chance at parenthood in a way that doesn't make us question the mating logistics of digital characters. * The movie will go into both the positives AND negatives of the internet, comment sections included. * Sonic warns Ralph about how the internet is. Also, looks like I was right on the money when I said that this film is turning Ralph's final line from the first movie on its head: "The first movie wrapped up pretty nicely with Ralph's line, which is, 'If that kid likes me, how bad can I be?'" co-director Phil Johnston said. "Which, at the time we made it, felt like a very sweet sentiment. However, as we started poking around at that idea, it's actually a little bit dysfunctional that Ralph is defining himself based on how another person feels about him. And so we were like, 'Well, Ralph still has some work to do.'" "What is the worst place you could put someone who defines himself by how other people think of him? The internet," co-director Rich Moore added.
  14. Iron Kenny CC14

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    Imagine Dragons have revealed that they will be providing the sequel's end credits tune, Zero: Elaborating on the choice of the song, the self-esteem themes in the movie are brought back up: In “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” Ralph’s evolving friendship with fellow misfit Vanellope von Schweetz will face a few hurdles, and that struggle is reflected in “Zero.” One of the film’s directors, Rich Moore, said, “It’s a bold choice for an end-credit song because it’s about someone who feels like a zero, someone who hasn’t always felt worthy, someone who’s allowed his entire sense of self to rely on a single friendship. When that friendship is threatened, there’s a lot of insecurity.” Co-director Phil Johnston added, “We can all relate to that feeling. But the song tells us we’re not alone. They nailed the theme of the movie in a way that also makes you want to dance.” I am REALLY looking forward to the character stuff in this. It seems like they're focusing on the major importance of Ralph's last line in the original and just imagining some of the possible story beats makes me grin like an idiot.
  15. Iron Kenny CC14

    Mega Man

    The stylish skater Tundra Man is the semifinal Robot Master reveal!

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